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INDENTURES: Copy for W. Biggers (familial connection remains to be investigated) Sales and conveyance of land: Indenture dated 30 Oct 1802 Edward Howard and his wife Frances Howard, she releasing her dowry right to a tract of land in Fluvanna County which he and she sell to a Charles Hunter for 100 pounds for 100 acres. 1. Beginning on George Howards line and the three Chopt Road hence with the, Road to Mrs. Preddys line. N. Thirty nine E one hundred and twenty poles N 55 West Ples to a fine on Littlebery Wm Preddy line N 989 Poles to Pointerson George Howard line s 3 East one hundred and twenty poles to the beginning. Location of the tract difficult to decipher. Voluntary apprenticeship between Miles S. Biggers, Son of David Biggers, and Arthur Mann, cabinet maker. 3 years. Can’t fornicate, marry, play cards or roll dice. Agreement whereby Hugh Harrison and William White choose John Bibb, David Biggers, and Wm Thompson or Stephen Gooch to value a piece of land. Date 27 April 1791.


Biggers, Bigger, Biggar, Bikker
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William Biggers Wife: Martha Pollard b abt 1725 Children: John Biggers m Mildred Ferguson June, 1779 in Louisa county James Biggers Sarah “Sally m Georg Morris, July 1783 in Louisa Mary Biggers David Biggers b 1754 in Louisa, d 1804 in Louisa at age 50 Will probated 09 July 1804 David Biggar appt. Lt. in the Virginia Militia 9 day of July 1787 Document on hand m Elizabeth Ferguson b 1725 married about 1775 Macon Biggers Eleanor Biggers Terry

David Biggers b 1754 in Louisa, d 1804 in Louisa at age 50, Lt. in the Virginia Militia in 1787 Certificate of his appointment on hand. Decription and map of his land in Louisa, Virginia consisting of 116 acres which is described as near the Thomson’s Meeting House. Document dated Dec 20, 1791 on hand.

Indenture between William White and his wife Caty White and David Biggers heirs dated 12 Oct 1812. Signed Wm White and Catharina White of the county of Louisa. Mr. and Mrs. White were purchasing from the heirs of David Biggers his land. Those heirs included Polly Watkins, Miles S. Biggers and Wm Biggers. The land was sold for fifty pounds. Borders mentioned include Claytons Store and roads leading to Gold Mine Bridge, and Hickory Creek Bridge. Bounded by lands of Wm. Linney, John Biggers , and John Thomson

Wife: Elizabeth Ferguson b 1725, married about 1775, Estate appraisal by Joseph Duke, William Linney, and John Biggers What follows was taken from a biography written about the Biggers family and remains unproven by this line of descendants, though there remain many documents to examine.

William A. Biggers b 05 May 1776? 1788 (?) Mary “Polly” Biggers b abt 1779 Ferguson Bigger b 02 March 1781 Miles Spotswood Biggers b 1786 in Louisa Indenture: Miles S. Biggers, son of David Biggers of Louisa becomes a voluntary apprentice to Arthur Mann, cabinet maker “to learn his art and trade” beginning the 28 day of April, 1801, formalized with an indenture agreement of three years in which it is specified Miles S. Biggers is due 10 pounds a year to buy clothes. It is stated he shall not commit fornication nor contract matrimony within the said term…(Original on hand)

Entires from two Biggers family bibles belonging to, Nancy A. Biggers and Emily A. Biggers Leake daughter of William and Nancy, held by the descendants of Florence Faye Biggers Beck

William Biggers of Union Mills, Fluvanna County b Oct 1788 Wife: Nancy A. Biggers Children of William and Nancy Mary Bigger b 1 Feb 1831 John Ferguson Biggers b 15 Sep 1833 d 16 Feb 1902 (Hamilton F. Biggers in Cobham received a Western Union telegram which reads “your brother John died this morning, come on the first train, Lucy Bigger, Thayer, West Virgini. Original telegram on hand) Emily A. Biggers b 15 May 1836 Emily notes in her bible, Cobham, Albemarle Co. Biggers m George W. Leake 28 Dec 1842

Louisa E. Biggers b 15 Oct 1838 (?) d 23 Nov 1876, age 38 m George W. Leake was his wife in Feb 1857

James A. Biggers b 01 Dec 1839 in Fluvanna County May have had a wife named Anna (Feb, 1857) Enlisted and registered in the C.S.A. 22 July 1861 in Charlottesville Albemarle county by Capt. J. B. Magruder. James was 33 years old, blue eyes, light hair, 5’6”. Served in Co H, 57 Virginia. Killed in battle of Malverne’s Hill 1 Jul 1862 Document to that effect on hand

George R. Biggers b 28 Jun 1843 m Mary Ella ( ) Biggers b 6 June 1855 Entry, though difficult to read would seem to be the daughter of George and Mary Ella Biggers: Lelia Ella Biggers b 7 Nov 1870 (?) 1876

Hamilton Franklin Biggers b 5 or 6 Dec 1845 m Cora Belle Sanders Hamilton and Cora together had four children:

Frank Sanders Biggers b 9 Dec 1887, Summers County, West Virginia m Anna Lela Dorsey, Aug 913 in Nicholas, West Virginia Lela was b 1893 in Nicholas Coutny, West, Va d 27 Aug 1930, Richwood, Nicholas, West Virginia; second he married Mary L. Champe b 1910 on 7 Nov 1931 in Fayetteville, West Virginia. No issue from either marriage

Lillie Blanche Biggers b Feb 1885 Summers County, West Virginia d 1964

m Reigart Hamilton Arbogast of Union Mills, Fluvanna County on at Grace Episcopal Church in Keswick. Married by rector F. L. Robinson of the Edgeworth Farm Robinsons. Blanche was 30 years old. No issue from this marriage

Florence Fay (Faye) Biggers b 12 Dec 1889; d 21 Mar 1966 m Robert Snead Beck 14 July 1915, son of Andrew Broadus Beck and Mary Margaret Browning. Together Faye and Robert had six children.

William David Biggers b 12 Dec 1846, d 9 Jan 1865 in Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond from pleurisy while in the service of the C.S.A. He was in Company D, 23rd Virginia Infantry in which he enlisted on 23 May 1861 engaging thereafter in at least eleven battles. He entered as a private and died with the rank of Lt.. Confirmation of his promotin to Ensign from the Confederate States of America on hand.