Marriages - Sorted by Husband

Marriages by Wife

Most of this data was taken from 'Index To Marriages - 1865-1941' (LDS Film # 0032217); Other data was obtained from earlier Marriage Books, and information submitted by other researchers. To approximate the year of marriage (for Marriages found in Book # 3), I have found the following correlation between page numbers and year: Page 3 = 1867; 30 = 1888; 40 = 1896; 58 = 1907; 75 = 1919; 85 = 1926; 90 = 1930; 103 = 1939

Husband Wife Book-Page-Line Date County Other
Abrahams, CharlesTisdale, Nancy Ann1-45-11/10/1828Louisa 
Adams, ThomasDickerson, Lucy 10/3/1798LouisaRichard Pope, Minister
Allegre, William T.Bibb, Frances 10/28/1819LouisaF= John Bibb Wit= James Bibb
Am[burn?], Orville R.Dunn, Hannah E.3-75-37 Louisa 
Anderson, BarrelotDickerson, Frances 4/10/1770Louisa 
Anderson, BenjaminJohnson, Sarah?-7-?9/5/1772LouisaBenjamin Anderson to Sarah Johnson, dau. David Johnson. Sur. William Jackson. wit. William Johnson and Ann Jackson. Benjamin is of Albemarle Co. married 7 Sept. by Rev. Douglas.
Anderson, HarrisonBoulware, Malinda 12/17/1868LouisaHe's b. Albemarle County, age 21, single ; She's
Anderson, Jos. R. Jr. (22), of RichmondMorris, Ann W. B. (21) 10/8/1873 son of Jos. R. & Sarah E. Anderson, dau. of Richd. O. & Julia M. Morris.
Anderson, RichardWaddy, Milley1-9010/23/1799LouisaF= William Waddy; sec/wit: Nicholas M. Anderson, W. Thompson, John Thompson, Jr.
Andrews, WilliamDickinson, Bolina 8/21/1820Louisadau. of James Dickinson, dec'd., guardian Pallison
Anthony, LewisHambleton, Polly W.19/4/1820Louisadau. David Hambleton; sec. Wm. V. M. Hambleton and
Arnett, DavidShackleford, Mary 10/28/1779Louisa 
Arnett, James A.Linney, Margaret 8/8/1791Louisa 
Arnett, James A.Burrus (Burroughs), Sarah 10/10/1783Louisa 
Arnett, LasleySmith, Frances 11/2/1792Louisa 
Arnett, WilliamCole, Melinda 12/14/1807Louisa 
Arnett, William R.McGehee, Mary Ann 8/1/1791Louisa 
Arnette, ZachariahBeadles, Nancy 9/8/1800Louisa 
Arnold, Thomas Hopkins, Sarah  11/8/1831Louisa (father: John HOPKINS). Witnessed by: William FOLER
Attkisson, Abney C. (35)Brooks, Susan (38) 10/21/1873 son of Jno. & Marinda Attkisson, dau. of Sabra & Elkanah Brooks.
Badgett, Joseph LilbornThurston, Brownie Cohart 12/29/1909Louisa 
Barrett, CharlesJohnson, Ann M.?-129-?4/19/1808LouisaCharles Barrett to Ann M. Johnson, daughter of Thomas Johnson, Sheriff, dec'. Sur. John W. Barrett. Wit. Thomas Johnson. Married 21 April by Rev Wm. Cook who says Ann Meriwether Johnson.
Beadles, JamesDaniel, Jane 5/29/1778Louisa 
Beadles, WilliamLipscomb, Susan 5/8/1809Louisa 
Beadles, William, Jr.Lipscomb, Marianna 10/10/1837Louisa 
Beaver, JohnJohnson, Betsey?-147-?5/21/1812LouisaJohn Beaver to Betsey Johnson, daughter of Thomas Johnson. Sur. Thomas Johnson, Jr. wit. Jean Johnson.
Bellamy, Abner H.Jones, Sarah M.474, 4949/17/1856LouisaElijah Jones, B.A. Parrish
Bellomy, JohnJones, Fanny1167/29/1805LouisaJames Bellomy (s)
Belvin, George W.Carneal, Mattie L. 6/21/1905Louisa 
Belvin, William H.J.Frank, Elizabeth 12/18/1889Louisa 
Bibb, BenjaminTate, Agnes1-508/3/1790Louisasec/wit:Uriah Tate, Jos. Poindexter
Bibb, JamesTrevillian, Susan T. 12/24/1845Louisa 
Bibb, JesseJones, Mildred19511/22/1822Louisa 
Bibb, JohnMcGehee, Sarah 10/23/1799Louisa 
Bickley, Bernie LeroyPearce, Mary Virginia 12/30/1933  
Bickley, CecilNuchols, Susanna 2/26/1989Louisa 
Bickley, Charles HumphreyHarlow, Bessie Boxley 2/10/1909Louisa 
Bickley, Edwin C.Poore, Prettie Eliza 1/13/1869Louisa 
Bickley, Edwin G.Wright, Ethel D. 9/29/1897Louisa 
Bickley, Elias W.Tisdale, Tomasia A.3-31-2910/24/1889Louisa 
Bickley, Elias WhiteTisdale, Tomasia American 10/24/1889Louisa 
Bickley, Floyd EdwardRuffner, Gladys Evelyn 11/18/1920Louisa 
Bickley, HumphreyCrews, Agnes 4/3/1799King William County 
Bickley, HumphreyWhite, Harriet N. 9/12/1833Louisa 
Bickley, Humphrey GilmoreHopkins, Adonia Q. 12/11/1876Louisa 
Bickley, James RussellMorris, Mary Lucy 12/28/1904Louisa 
Bickley, John EdwardWright, Minnie B. 12/30/1907Louisa 
Bickley, Lynwood WhiteCarter, Martha Beatrice 6/1/1933  
Bickley, Norman AlphonsoWatkins, Sarah Frances 4/27/1913Louisa 
Bickley, Norris LelandHopkins, Elsie M. 12/28/1933Louisa 
Bickley, Raymond WilsonGreen, Helen 11/1/1945Louisa 
Bickley, Robert BarrettRosson, Maureen H. 10/4/1923Louisa 
Bickley, Roger S.Melton, Cindy 4/15/1995Louisa 
Bickley, William MonroeWright, Martha Jane 11/23/1876Louisa 
Bickley, William MorrisSmith, Nellie Gray 2/27/1936Palmyra 
Bickley, William RoaneCarneal, Nora 1/27/1908Louisa 
Biggers, JohnFerguson, Mildred1-126/14/1771LouisaWit: John Maddeson, Sydnor Cosby
Biggers, Richard F.Wright, Sarah R.1-2771/20/1838LouisaF= Charles Wright, dec'd; sec/wit: Meriwether Wright; Sarah > 21
Blackburn, Williamson D. (21+)Jones, Susan C. (21+)265, 42210/8/1835LouisaJohn L. Jones (f), Robert Jones (s)
Bourn, Geo. W. (35)Armstrong, Mollie C. (20), of Hanover Co. 12/11/1871 son of Thos. & Mary L. Bourn, dau. of Zack & Martha Armstrong. A. B. Smith
Boxley, GeorgeBarkley, Catharine 10/9/1797LouisaSur. Patrick Barkely.
Boxley, John S.Barclay, Mary W. 4/14/1789LouisaSur. James Dickinson. Married 18 April by Rev. Wil
Boxley, Jos. J. (25)Fox, Roberta L., (21) 11/21/1871 son of James & Sally A Boxley, dau. of Ro. H. & Mary Ann Fox. A. E. Dickinson
Branham, AmbroseJohnson, Susanna S.?-62-?8/3/1793LouisaAmbrose Branham to Susanna S. Johnson. Sur. Benjamin Branham. Married 5 Sept. by Rev. John Lasley who says Susanna Slater Johnson.
Braurn, WilliamJohnson, Mary?-19-?1/7/1782LouisaWilliam Braurn to Mary Johnson. Sur. William Harris.
Brockman, JohnMerewether, Ann 5/31/1809Louisamins. Robert Jones.
Brockman, JohnEstes, Martha P. 12/21/1855LouisaJos. Estes, father. Sec. Benjamin H. Estes.
Brockman, JohnMerewether, Ann 5/30/1809LouisaSec. Garland Anderson
Brockman, JohnTrice, Mary 7/29/1818LouisaDabney Trice, Dec'd father, Sec. David Lipscomb, A
Brockman, JohnTrice, Mary 7/19/1818Louisaby Wm. Y. Hiter minister.
Brockman, JohnJenkins, Catharine 7/29/1825LouisaSec. Asa Brockman and Brockman Bell.
Brooks, Frank P.Mills, Sally S.3-33-1912/17/1890LouisaFrank P. Brooks to Sally S. Mills, he 25, she 27, he son Patrick P. and Mildred Brooks, dau. Andrew and Lucinda Mills.
Brooks, Jno. J.Duke, Lucy B.  LouisaShe's daughter of Thomas L. and Marsha F. Duke, ag
Brown, William JosephBickley, Lucy Margaret 4/27/1905Albemarle 
Broxton, Wm.Boulware, Victoria 4/18/1881LouisaWm. Broxton, age 19, single; Victoria Boulware age
Buck, James R.Rogers, Columbia W.310/11/1887LouisaJames R. Buck age 27, single, born Albemarle Count
Buck, William H.Butler, May 7/5/1841LouisaWilliam H. Buck (over 21) May Butler (over 21) da
Bullock, David R.Jones, Mary M.303, 43610/10/1842LouisaSamuel Jones, Elijah Jones (f)
Bullock, Robert N.Jones, Ann E.355, 4562/24/1852LouisaF.V. Winston (s) Ann’s father Gabriel
Bunch, AndersonCrawford, Barbara 2/23/1803Louisa 
Bunch, AnthonyBurnett / Barnett, Mary 6/28/1797Louisa 
Bunch, AnthonyBunch, Mary (Molly) 1/26/1787Louisa 
Bunch, CharlesBellamy (Bellomy), Mary 6/9/1792Louisa 
Bunch, DavidHughson, Mary O. (Polly) 12/11/1745Louisa 
Bunch, David P.Jones, Jane E.313, 43912/9/1844LouisaDavid Jones (f),Thomas B. Walker
Bunch, GeorgeSergeant (Sargent?), Sally 7/18/1788Louisa 
Bunch, Hilary Pouncey MDJones, Elizabeth 11/13/1834Louisa 
Bunch, Hilliary P.Jones, Elizabeth261, 42111/10/1834LouisaAnderson G. (f)
Bunch, JessePulliam, Elizabeth 1/24/1799Louisa 
Bunch, L(asley?)Hughson, Mary Jane 12/11/1845Louisa 
Bunch, Supra (Suprey)Sims, Nancy 4/30/1799Louisa 
Bunch, Suprey B.Bunch, Clarissa (Clarysy) 12/11/1811Louisa 
Bunch, WalterBunch, Dycie (Dicie) 9/15/1803Louisa 
Burris, John Jr.Nuckells, Lucinda 10/6/1817LouisaJohn & Mary Harris Burris
Burris, OvertonGarrett, Ann 11/12/1822LouisaJohn & Mary Harris Burris
Burton, David A.Bickley, Julia A. 4/30/1874Louisa 
Burton, EdmundButler, Jane 5/12/1819LouisaSur. James Poindexter.
Burton, Harry D.Robertson, Lillian M. 3-88-19 Louisa 
Butler, ElishaHarlow, Matilda 3/9/1829Louisa 
Butler, ElishaHarlow, Matilda 3/9/1829Louisadaughter Charles Harlow. sur. Charles Harlow.
Butler, George KellyHarlow, Frances Elizabeth 9/16/1908Louisa 
Butler, HezekiahHarlow, Susannah 3/9/1829Louisa 
Butler, HezekiahHarlow, Susanna 3/9/1829Louisadaughter of Charles Harlow. sur. Charles Harlow.
Butler, James M.Roberts, Sallie E.2-M- Louisa 
Butler, James T.Roberts, Mable V.3-75-35 Louisa 
Butler, JohnTate, Mary1-1381/1/1810Louisasec/wit: David Hall, Nathaniel Tate
Butler, John L.Butler, Sallie B.3-12-2312/30/1879Louisahe 23 she 17, he son of Lewis H. and Lavinia Butle
Butler, PartrickWhite, Milley 5/1/1815Louisasur. Richard White. wit. John White. mins Claibour
Butler, William S.Kennedy, Sarah Jane3-17-2612/24/1877Louisahe 22 and she 20, both born Louisa, he son of Lewi
Byars, Elisha M.Tate, Nancy1-1948/12/1822LouisaF= Robert Tate, sec/wit: William Dickinson, William Southwork
Byars, John S.Terry, Martha 3/20/1809LouisaF=Stephen Terry, Wit=James Terry
Campbell, R. S.Mills, Fannie S.3-14-125/19/1875LouisaR. S. Campbell to Fannie S. Mills he 27, she 24, both single, he b. Caroline, she born Louisa, he son Cornelius and Emily Campbell, she dau. Andrew S. and S. D. Mills, he farmer, by C. P. Scott.
Carpenter, PleasantBiggers, Patsy1-10912/13/1803LouisaF= John Biggers, sec/wit: Jos. Carpenter
Carter, Aubrey HardenBickley, Florence Evelyn 1/11/1930Louisa 
Carter, Clarence HenryBrock, Blanche Lawrence 1/6/1917Louisa 
Carter, Gregory WarrenWampler, Catherine Sue 8/29/1969Richmond 
Carter, Henry WilliamGrubbs, Gertrude J. 3/26/1889Louisa 
Carter, Herbert Joseph MadisonMarks, Alice Virginia 3/14/1891Louisa 
Carter, Joseph M.Lubert, Maggie P. 8/28/1921Louisa 
Carter, JustinLunsden, Nannie 12/25/1922Louisa 
Carter, Leighton BarretBinns, Flora 12/10/1902Louisa 
Carter, Lewis M.Butler, Delilah Frances 7/16/1863Louisa 
Carter, MarshallSnider, Dorothy Azile 7/19/1939Louisa 
Carter, Mason W.Rogers, Mary E. 7/29/1929Louisa 
Carter, PeterBoulware, Maria 6/23/1867Louisaboth colored, no ages given, parents Winston and M
Carter, Richard WilsonPace, Sarah Alice 12/31/1872Louisa 
Carter, Robert HamiltonCarr, Maggie 5/12/1919Louisa 
Carter, William BroaddusReins, Myrtle I. 9/1/1909Louisa 
Carter, William HenryButler, Susie Mildred 3/7/1928Louisa 
Chewning, GeorgeBunch, Jane / Jean 5/29/1783Louisa 
Chewning, Jno.Tisdale., Nancy 9/18/1805LouisaSur. Shirley Tisdale. mar. by Rev. John Lasley.
Chewning, JohnTisdale, Nancy 9/18/1805Louisa 
Chewning, JohnTisdale, Nancey 9/18/1805LouisaSur. Shirley Tisdale. Married by Rev. John Lasley.
Chewning, RobertRiordan, Mary E. 3/13/1837LouisaSec. Meredith Fox.
Chewning, TandyTrevillian, Lucy S. 12/23/1845Louisa 
Chiles, FendolBeadles, Martha 9/30/1818Louisa 
Chiles, GarlandJohnson, Hannah Edwards?-114-?12/29/1804LouisaGarland Chiles to Hannah Edwards Johnson. Sur. Richard Johnson. Married 30 Dec. by Rev. John Lasley.
Christmas, ArchibaldRichardson, Jane?--?4/20/1816LouisaArchibald Christmas to Jane Richardson. [Jane Richardson was the daughter of John Richardson and sister of David Richardson]
Clark, AbsolomBunch, Emily 6/9/1828Louisa 
Clark, MicajahJohnson, Luranna?-3-?12/10/1770LouisaMicajah Clark to Luranna Johnson. Sur. James Pulliam.
Clark, Wilson B.Chewning, Elizabeth 6/16/1823Louisadau. of Reuben Chewning. sur. Albert G. Chewning.
Coates, Harold JeffersonMarks, Joyce Kaye 3/24/1990Louisa 
Coates, HenryBurris, Lucy 12/16/1818LouisaJohn & Mary Harris Burris
Cole, JohnGooch, Susan 10/8/1810Louisasur. Peter M. Daniel
Cole, William B.Tate, Mary1-2011/12/1824LouisaF= Francis Tate, sec/wit: Armistead Cole, Uriah Tate
Coleman, AlbertRobertson, Martha3-31-18 Louisa 
Coleman, Littleton L.Robertson, Mattie P.3-64-33 Louisa 
Cosby, AzegadWalton, Mary S. 12/8/1834Louisadau. John Walton sur. William J. Walton. sur. Wm.
Cosby, JamesDunn, Sarah B. 12/31/1827Louisa 
Cosby, ThomasWatkins, Elizabeth 4/19/1781Louisadau. of James Watkins. Sur. Samuel Cole. wit. Arch
Crawford, Lou?Tisdale, Eliza3-8-42 Louisa 
Crew, Albert SidneyHarlow, Louisa M. 12/20/1893Louisa 
Crew, Stephen L.Carter, Susan E. 2/14/1858Louisa 
Criswell, JamesBunch, Sarah 1/30/1819Louisa 
Cunningham, William E.Dunn, Emil? B.3-40-6 Louisa 
Dalton, RobertHughes, Suckey 12/28/1803LouisaW = William Hughes
Dalton, RobertHughes, Suckey1-11012/28/1803Louisasec/wit: William Hughes
Daniel, Peter M.Gooch, Ann P. 10/8/1810Louisasec/wit: Nicholas J. Poindexter
Daniel, Peter M.Gooch, Ann P. 10/8/1810Louisasur. Nicholas J. Poindexter
Daniel, Peter M. Jr.Thomson, Margaret E.1-34411/20/1850LouisaWm. Thomson is guardian and brother; 21 Nov 1850 mins: Jacob Manning, Protestant Episcopal
Davis, AbrahamJohnson, Ann?-13-?9/21/1779LouisaAbraham Davis to Ann Johnson. Sur. Archelaus Harris. Wit. Fanney Harris. Married 23 Sept. by Rev. Douglas who says Davies.
Davis, JohnJohnson, Elizabeth?-120-?2/11/1806LouisaJohn Davis to Elizabeth Johnson. Sur. Sanford R. Connelly. wit. John Lasley. married by Rev. John Lasley.
Davis, William W.Dickinson, Lucy Ann Overton 12/31/1832Louisadau. of James C. Dickinson. sur. Joseph S. Dickins
Deals, George O. (30) of Hanover Co.Parrish, Ellen F. (18) 12/17/1872 son of Wm. H. G. & Jane Deals, dau. of Elisha & Caroline Parrish. A. Bagby
Dervin, JesseWatkins, Ann 10/24/1814LouisaBenj. Watkins gives consent for Ann. Sur. John War
Dettor, John H.Trevilian, Mary E.2-D- Louisa 
Dickason, Higgason CosbyGraven, Nancy Ann 12/27/1796LouisaDau of Thomas Graven
Dickason, WilliamCrenshaw, Susan 8/13/1796Louisa 
Dickenson, James ColeSandidge, Mary 8/19/1801Louisa 
Dickenson, John J.Harris, Charolette 3/12/1810Louisadau. Nelson Harris
Dickenson, Roscow C.Harris, Emily 12/9/1822Louisadau. of Jesse Harris, dec'd. sur. James C. Dickens
Dickenson, WilliamCrawford, Jane 12/23/1805Louisa 
Dickerson, CharlesSandridge, Mary 2/8/1793Louisa 
Dickerson, ClaudiusMoon, Charlotte 11/10/1845Louisadau. of Jacob Moon, dec'd. sur. William A. Kuper.
Dickerson, ElijahSmith, Susannah 9/17/1788LouisaDouglas Reg.
Dickerson, JamesDickerson, Susannah (Susan) R. 3/21/1795Louisadau. of James Dickerson Sr.
Dickerson, ThomasMallory, Maria 12/13/1813Louisa 
Dickinson, Alfred E.McDonald, Sarah A. 1/14/1902Louisa 
Dickinson, CharlesSandidge, Nancy (Ann) 8/29/1790LouisaThomas Goodloe, Minister
Dickinson, CrosbyTerry, Nancy 4/15/1797LouisaWilliam Baskett, Minister
Dickinson, GarlandSnelson, Betsey 1/1/1798Louisa 
Dickinson, GeorgeYoung, Patty 9/6/1804Louisaalias MEADE. Henry MEADE, father Sec. & Wit. Charles COSBY, John PAGE, Jonathan GORDON p. 112 B.
Dickinson, James C.Sandidge, Marry 10/14/1800Louisadaughter of Joseph Sandidge. Sur. John Boxley. Wit
Dickinson, James T/FWaddy, Columbia1-29412/25/1840LouisaF= J. Cole Dickinson; F= William Waddy; sec/wit: Joseph Sandidge, Harwood Goodwin; James > 21
Dickinson, JohnSaureen, Catherine D. 2/25/1783Louisa 
Dickinson, RichardCrawford, Martha 8/21/1806Louisa 
Dickinson, WilliamMadison, Ann P. 1/26/1809Louisadaug. Of Ambrose Madison
Douglas, Jason B. (45), of Albemarle Co.Locker, Mary W. (38) 10/23/1873 son of Jno. B. & Mildred Douglas, dau. of Dabney Locker.
Draper, JohnGooch, Elizabeth 12/8/1795Louisasur. Thomas Gooch.
Duggins, PounceyHambleton, Elizabeth C.112/20/1824Louisadau. David Hambletonsec. Jefferson Duggins and O.C
Duke, ClevearsJohnson, Elizabeth Barber?-11-?10/12/1778LouisaClevears Duke to Elizabeth Barber Johnson. Sur. William Johnson.
Duke, EdmundDickenson, Lucy May 11/17/1794Louisa 
Duke, JamesBiggers, Nancy1-12412/26/1806Louisasec/wit: Pleasant Carpenter; Nancy > 21
Dunn, MartinTerry, Martha Patsey1-6-4/8/1793Louisa 
Dunn, Thomas RiversTisdale, Emily E. "Rose"3-3-361/1/1867Louisa 
Duval, Joseph F.Johnson, Eliza W.?-332-?9/11/1848LouisaJoseph F. Duval to Eliza W. Johnson, dau. of William Johnson. sur. William Johnson. mins. Stephen Eastin 28 Sept.
Duval, Joseph F.Johnson, Eliza W.?-332-?9/11/1848LouisaJoseph F. Duval to Eliza W. Johnson, dau. of William Johnson. Sur. William Johnson. mins. Stephen Eastin 28 Sept.
Duval, William J.Waddy, Catharine B.1-23610/12/1830LouisaF= Anthony Waddy; sec/wit: James W. Jennings; Catharine > 21
Eads, John N.Hambleton, Pinkie3-503/4/1903Louisadau. William and Lucy Hambleton to John N. Eads so
Eastham, DavidBunch, Elizabeth 11/18/1825Louisa 
Eastham, John B. (Dr.)Pettus, Anna E. 10/4/1858Louisa 
Eddes, Drury J.Bunch, Hannah 12/9/1830Louisa 
Eddings, BenjaminEtherton, Fanny 11/22/1808Louisamins. Wm. Mason (Baptist)
Edwards, DanielGooch, Uny 11/15/1808Louisasur. Rowland Gooch..
Edwards, GeorgeDickerson, Frances 7/22/1784LouisaDouglas Reg.
Edwards, JohnMcGehee, Nancy 1/9/1797Louisa 
Edwards, WilliamWalton, Anne 1/1/1780LouisaSur. Rebecca Edwards.
Emra?, MichaelJohnson, Sisley?-368-?10/8/1795LouisaMichael Emra? to Sisley Johnson . Married by Rev. John Lasley.
England, WilliamBunch, Rhoda 11/25/1790Louisa 
Estes, ThomasPorter, Nancy1-1683/10/1817LouisaF= James Porter; sec/wit: James Porter, married March 13
Evans, JohnJohnson, Rosanna?-140-?9/10/1810LouisaJohn Evans to Rosanna Johnson. Sur. David Dalton. Married 11 Sept. by Rev. John Lasley.
Faris, WilliamJohnston, Sally?-22-?11/24/1782LouisaWilliam Faris to Sally Johnston. Married by Rev. Wm. Douglas who says Johnson.
Farrar, James E.Waddy, Sally T/F1-3252/26/1847LouisaF= William Waddy; sec/wit: William Waddy, Jr.
Faudree, James C.Grubbs, Lula Anna 1/5/1911Louisa 
Flanagan, Stephen S.Roberts, Susan M.3-8-37 Louisa 
Fleeman, JohnGooch, Lovinah 12/9/1783LouisaSur. Rowland Gooch. p 24
Fleshman, Lawrence FieldingPoore, Nellie 1/15/1921Louisa 
Fleshman, Otis FranklinShealor, Lucy Estelle 4/16/1921Louisa 
Fleshman, William D.McDonald, Edna L. 12/16/1896Louisa 
Forsythe, JamesJones, Elizabeth110/2/1768LouisaEdward Jones (f)
Foster, David M.Griffin, Ann L.?-278-?2/26/1838LouisaDavid M. Foster son of John Foster to Ann L. Griffin, widow of Robert Griffin, daughter of Archibald Christmas.
Foster, JohnHarris, Molly 12/15/1788LouisaJohn Foster upwards 21 years, Nathaniel Harris aff
Foster, JohnHarris, Indianna G. 4/9/1860Louisa 
Foster, JohnWard, Agnes 2/1/1789LouisaWm. Ward father, Sec. John Ward, Wm. Armstrong, Th
Foster, John J.Talley, Martha 1/12/1855LouisaJohn C. Talley father, sec. Thomas Q. Sharp, Jr.
Foster, Roy P.Seay, Lizzie E.3-91-712/1/1930LouisaRoy P. Foster age 21, single, born Louisa co. addr
Foster, SimsTate, Agnes1-1871/8/1821LouisaF= Reuben Tate, sec/wit:Reuben Tate, Kessiah Tate; Agnes > 21
Fox, Robert H.Dickinson, Mary Ann?-333-?11/7/1848LouisaRobert H. Fox to Mary Ann Dickinson, dau. of Ralph S. Dickinson. Sur. Ralph Dickinson. mins. George W. S. Harper, Methodist Episcopal, married 13 Nov.
Fox, Robert H.Dickinson, Mary Ann?-333-?11/7/1848LouisaRobert H. Fox to Mary Ann Dickinson, dau. of Ralph S. Dickinson. sur. Ralph Dickinson. mins. George W. S. Harper, Methodist Episcopal, 13 Nov.
Franck, Charles DabneyHarlow, Ann Eliza 3/19/1892Louisa 
Garland, JohnGordon, Lucy 10/1/1790LouisaSur. Jonathan GORDON. Married by William DOUGLAS.
Garnett, Thomas J.Carpenter, Selina E. 1/13/1833Louisa 
Garrett, William, Jr.Johnson, Ann?-3-?12/8/1770LouisaWilliam Garrett, Jr. to Ann Johnson. Sur. Henry Garrett
Gentry, Robert H.Hambleton, Louisa Jane  Louisadau. David Hambleton sec. Wm. Sharp, Addeson Gentr
Gibson, WilliamTerry, Mary 11/25/1788LouisaM=Henriter Terry
Gilbert, ReubinJones, Jane154, 38912/10/1830LouisaThomas Jones (s)
Gillaspie, HiramBowles, Mary (Polly) 1/17/1828LouisaGillaspie from Fluvanna
Gillespie, David S.Riordan, Jane R. 2/13/1847LouisaSec. Claudius Dickinson.
Gillespie, David S.Hunter, Mary J. 1/5/1905LouisaWilliam Hunter father. Sec. John Hunter by Raymond
Gilliam, WilliamBarclay, Elizabeth 12/14/1790LouisaSur. James Dickinson. Married 23 Dec. by Rev. John
Gooch, DabneyDunn, Ruth Watson 6/11/1804Louisa 
Gooch, IsaacJohnson, Sarah3-14-208/29/1874LouisaJno. & Susan Ann Gooch; Isaac & Fanny Johnson; minster T. R. Hawkins
Gooch, LinerTurner, Rhoda 4/27/1780Louisa 
Gooch, ThomasTisdale, Patsy 1/14/1799Louisa 
Gooch, ThomasTisdale, Patsy 1/14/1799LouisaSur. John Tisdale.
Gooch, William DicksonTerry, Elizabeth 10/20/1802Louisa 
Goodman, Henry G.Quarles, Sallie Lee37/19/1875LouisaSallie Lee Quarles, he age 30, she age 27, both si
Goodwin, Andrew J.Jones, Harriet N (21+)475, 49411/1/1856LouisaR.M. Bullock
Goodwin, ArchibaldSandidge, Candace 9/13/1805Louisadau. of Joseph Sandidge. Sur. James C. Dickinson.
Goodwin, Edmund C.Waddy, Elizabeth1-1394/12/1810Louisasec/wit: Richard Anderson; Elizabeth > 21
Goodwin, Robert W.Waddy, Martha1-3017/22/1842LouisaF= Garland Waddy; sec/wit: Semple Goodwin, A. T. Waddy
Goodwin, SempleWaddy, Sarah D.1-28612/11/1839LouisaF= Garland Waddy; sec/wit: Garland T/F Waddy
Grady, WilliamLeonard, Mary 10/8/1793LouisaLewis Syms and Waddy Thomson, Jr.
Graves, RichardArnett, Sally (Sarah) 11/20/1780Louisa 
Grinstead, JasperGooch, Jemima 12/22/1802LouisaSur. John Fleeman. Married by Rev. Duke W. Hallam
Groom, WilliamButler, Patsey 9/9/1811LouisaSur. John Kennon, Sr., Married 12 Sept. by Rev. Jo
Grubbs, Francis B. (Frank)Jennings, Bettie M. 11/22/1885Louisa 
Grubbs, Frederick J.Newman, Sallie Ann 9/3/1857Louisa 
Grubbs, John B.Beadles, Mary K. 4/2/1828Louisa 
Grubbs, John MarshallWatlins, Mildred C. 11/16/1869Louisa 
Grubbs, Matthew G.Robertson, Angeline (Ann) 12/24/1839Louisa 
Grubbs, Robert WallerHollins, Dora E. 8/28/1887Louisa 
Gunter, JamesBrockman, Elizabeth D. 3/21/1836LouisaElizabeth D. Brockman, Robert N. Trice Guardian, J
Gunter, James N.Robertson, Susie3-36-37 Louisa 
Hall, AbsalomWatkins, Rachel 4/11/1796Louisadau. of Benjamin Watkins. Sur. Jesse Darwin. Wit.
Hall, Otho D.Harris, Sallie O.?--?5/8/1889LouisaOtho D. Hall to Sallie O. Harris, he 28, she 21, both single, he born Spotsylvania, she born Louisa, he lives Spots., she lives Louisa, he son Addison and Virginia Hall, she daughter Elias T. and Sarah E. Harris, married by Z. Parker Richardson.
Hall, Reginald F.Hambleton, Lillie A.3-822/26/1924Louisadau. Wm. J. and Willie A. Hambleton to Reginald F.
Hambleton, Alexander C., Jr.Tate, Georgianna3-574/9/1907Louisaon of Alexander and Lucy T. Hambleton dau. Chas an
Hambleton, DavidPoindexter, Elizabeth1-492/25/1790LouisaSec. Meredith Poindexter, wit. David Gardner.
Hambleton, George P.Siddons, Rosa3-35/22/1889LouisaGeorge P. Hambleton age 47, son of James and Nancy
Hambleton, James D.Hambleton, Cora3-386/21/1894Louisason of James P. and Virginian Hambleton b. Bellemo
Hambleton, James M.Corker, Nancy Maria110/2/1837Louisadau. of William Corker sec. Wm. G. Corker.
Hambleton, Kate C.Foster, Isaac E.3-344/17/1892LouisaKate C. Hambleton age 21 dau. Alexander C. and Luc
Hambleton, William J.Spicer, Mollie A.3-262/10/1885LouisaWilliam J. Hambleton, age 24 son of Alexander C. a
Hambleton, William V. M.Anthony, Mary R.  Louisadau. of Nathaniel Anthony sec. Lewis Anthony and N
Hamilton, Lee OctaviaSmith, Willie3-813/29/1923LouisaLee Octavia Hamilton dau. of Laurence M. and Sarah
Hamlin, Walter S.Dunn, Addie Lee3-58-1711/6/1907Louisa 
Harlow, Andrew M.Crew, Mabel Blanche 4/20/1910Louisa 
Harlow, EverettWhite, Bessie 3/2/1911Louisa 
Harlow, George L.Crew, Maggie L. 10/18/1913Louisa 
Harlow, Henry C.White, Annie Lee 2/26/1921Louisa 
Harlow, Porter B.Roberts, Bernard? E.3-85-33 Louisa 
Harlow, RobertBelvin, Ada V. 10/10/1895Louisa 
Harlow, Robert L.Crew, Mary S. 5/22/1887Louisa 
Harlow, SheltonButler, Sarah 3/18/1829Louisason of Charles Harlow daughter of Augustine Butler
Harlow, SheltonButler, Sarah 3/18/1829Louisa 
Harlow, ThomasButler, Rosanna 3/9/1829Louisadaughter Charles Harlow. Sur. Charles Harlow.
Harlow, Waldrop SheltonRosson, Minnie Grace 12/24/1923Louisa 
Harlow, William C.Bickley, Matilda 12/22/1832Louisa 
Harlow, William JamesMorris, Mary Magdelene 3/14/1922Louisa 
Harlow, William W.Ruffner, Mary F. 8/11/1928Louisa 
Harris, Barnet D.Trice, Isabella 6/6/1815LouisaIsabella Trice, Sur. Dabney Trice. Married by Rev.
Harris, Henry T.Mills, Leckie L.3-35-1110/26/1892LouisaHenry T. Harris to Leckie L. Mills he 28, she 19, both born Louisa, he son William Henry and Mary E. Harris, she dau. Jno. J. and Annie Mills, he dentist, by Jos. W. Reynolds.
Harris, James L.Jones, Jane E.47312/10/1855Louisa 
Harris, NathanByars, Martha 5/27/1788Louisa 
Harris, TyraButler, Patsey 12/6/1810Louisadau. of David Butler. Sur. William Butler. Tyra Ha
Harris, UriahJohnson, Alice?-127-?12/20/1807LouisaUriah Harris to Alice Johnson. Sur. John May.
Harris, Wm. H.Hambleton, Maria Ann16/28/1841Louisadau. David Hambleton sec. Addeson Genty, Wm N. Gen
Harris, Wm. H.Hamilton, Maria A.1-4327/1/1841Louisa 
Haston, SamuelTrevilian, Mary1-28- Louisa 
Hawkins, JohnDickinson, Mary Garland 1/28/1783Louisa 
Haywood, WilliamGarth, Patsey 12/11/1798Louisad/o David GARTH ; William s/o George HAYWOOD
Henderson, ChristopherBourn, Susanna 1/10/1798Louisad/o Elizabeth BOURN
Henderson, M. V.Duke, Laurene C.3-1711/20/1877LouisaLaurene C. Duke, age 28, daughter Thomas H. and Ma
Henderson, NathanThomson, Mary 10/8/1792Louisasur. James HENDRICK
Hendrick, JohnCarpenter, Susanna 1/24/1803Louisad/o Philip CARPENTER; sur. Pleasant CARPENTER
Hendrick, WilliamHenderson, Ann 12/19/1782Louisa 
Henessy, PeterRoute, Winney 12/8/1793Louisa 
Henley, RichardTisdale, Judith 4/7/1812Louisadaughter of Shirley Tisdale. Sur. ______. Married
Henley, RichardsonTisdale, Judith 4/7/1812Louisad/o Shirley TISDALE
Henly, RichardsonTisdale, Judith 4/7/1812Louisadau. Shirley Tisdale. m. by Rev. John Lasley.
Henson, BartlettPulliam, Lucy 12/25/1807Louisa 
Hester, Charles E.Tisdale, America G.3-40-19 Louisa 
Hester, JohnMaifield (Mayfield), Agnes 8/26/1779Louisa 
Hester, JohnBibb, Patsy 8/19/1801Louisasur. John BIBB
Hicks (Hix), GeorgeMcGehee, Lucy 2/11/1799Louisasur. John McGehee
Hicks, GeorgeMcGehee, Lucy 2/11/1799LouisaJohn McGehee witness.
Hicks, SolomanReynolds, Judy 1/16/1799Louisad/o William REYNOLDS ; Sur. David S. HICKS Soloman s/o David.
Higgason, BenjaminHollins, Jane T. 3/17/1812Louisaover 21 yrs. d/o Benjamin HOLLINS
Hines, Tarlton B.Jones, Rebecca L.217, 4078/13/1827LouisaElijah Jones (f) (s)
Hiter, James H.Sims, Susan D.31/26/1887LouisaJames H. Hiter age 21, single, born Louisa Co. son
Hoggard, AustinHambleton, Sally H.12/22/1813Louisadau. David Hambleton consent of Jesse Hoggard sec.
Hollins, William C.Lipscomb, Sarah F. 1/12/1857Louisa 
Hooper, GeorgeJones, Louisa A.258,4203/10/1834LouisaElijah Jones (f)
Hope, Richard H.Bunch, Mary (Polly) 12/21/1819Louisa 
Hopkins, William LouisBickley, Mary Elizabeth 6/12/1907Louisa 
Houchins, Thomas J.Bickley, Bessie Gertrude 12/23/1902Louisa 
Huffman, William FrancisDunn, Natalie Elizabeth3-103-2512/16/1939Louisa 
Hughes, JohnMeriwether, Ann 6/9/1783LouisaF= William Meriwether
Hughes, JosephHolland, Mary 11/2/1767Louisa 
Hughes, William H.Brooks, Martha 4/8/1811Louisa 
Hughson , Aubrey (28)Sanders, Bettie (22) 10/28/1873 son of Jno. N. & Sallie Hughson,
Hughson, Ellis G.Bunch, Dorcas 10/7/1818Louisa 
Hughson, John N.Unknown, Sarah E. 12/21/1841Louisa 
Hughson, SamuelTrevillian, Mary 3/25/1816Louisa 
Hughson, WilliamRoberts, Eleanor A.3-32-30 Louisa 
Hughson, WilliamHenley, Judith 7/5/1815Louisasur. John Poindexter, Jr. m. by Rev. Calbourne Wal
Hullum (Hallums), Duke WilliamMcGehee, Martha (Patsy) 12/27/1798Louisa 
Humphrey, Russell ConwayMarks, Janice Saye 6/6/1986Louisa 
Hunt, John W.Tisdale, Lucy Frances 12/3/1889Louisa 
Hunter, ForrestJohnson, Janey?-66-?1/8/1794LouisaForrest Hunter to Janey Johnson, dau. Elizabeth Johnson. Sur. Nuckolds [Nuckolls] Johnson. Married 12 Jan. by Rev. Richard Pope.
Jackson, TaylorRobertson, Francis Elizabeth3-7-17 Louisa 
Jackson, WatsonRobertson, Bettie3-4-27 Louisa 
Jackson, WilliamJohnson, Ann?-7-?6/14/1773LouisaWilliam Jackson to Ann Johnson, dau. of David Johnson. Sur. William Rice.
Jennings, Robert D.Thompson, Mary A. (21) 12/11/1848Louisadaughter of Richard A. Thompson. Sur. James W. Jennings. Mins. Stephen Easten married 12 Dec
Jennings, Thomas H.Jones, Aramintha J.4831/9/1860Louisa 
Johnson, CharlesRobertson, Lizzie3-71-17 Louisa 
Johnson, CollinsPoindexter., Mary 1/14/1818Louisasur. Nicholas J. Poindexter.
Johnson, David W.Tisdale, Mary Ann1-46-2/11/1828Louisa 
Johnson, DavyHambleton, Queen Victoria3-816/13/1923Louisadau. of Laurence and Sarah Hambleton to Davy Johns
Johnson, FrancisMitchell, Barbara Hamilton?-63-?9/27/1793LouisaFrancis Johnson to Barbara Hamilton Mitchell, dau. of Thomas Mitchell. Sur. James Poindexter.
Johnson, Francis, Jr.Pendleton, Catharine R.?-200-?12/1/1823LouisaDr. Francis Johnson, Jr. to Catharine R. Pendleton age 21 brother and guardian E. Pendleton. sur. Thomas W. Pendleton. wit. A. H. Johnson. mins. Wm. Y. Hiter. 2 Dec.
Johnson, GeorgeRobertson, Carrie L.3-65-37 Louisa 
Johnson, GeorgeRowe, Jane?-27-?10/20/1784LouisaGeorge Johnson to Jane Rowe. Sur Abraham Davis, Wit. William Henderson. Married 22 Oct. by Rev. Douglas.
Johnson, George H.Hunter, Elizabeth?-118-?12/9/1805LouisaGeorge H. Johnson to Elizabeth Hunter, over 21 . Sur. Richard Johnson.
Johnson, Henry A.Michie, Ann?-25-?1/19/1784LouisaHenry A. Johnson to Ann Michie. Sur. John Poindexter, J. Married 20 Jan. by Rev. Douglas.
Johnson, JamesClarkson, Elizabeth?-10-?1/28/1778LouisaJames Johnson to Elizabeth Clarkson. sur Ansellem Clarkson. Married by Rev. Douglas
Johnson, JamesJohnson, Keziah?-50-?4/24/1790LouisaJames Johnson to Keziah Johnson upwards of 21 years, dau. David Johnson, dec'd. Sur. Joseph Isbell. wit. John Johnson and Richard Johnson.
Johnson, JamesBettesworth, Sarah?-23-?5/15/1783LouisaJames Johnson to Sarah Bettesworth [Butterworth] by Rev. Douglas.
Johnson, JohnDaniel, Mary M.?-77-?9/5/1796LouisaJohn Johnson to Mary M. Daniel dau of Mary Daniel. Sur. Josiah Davis. wit. Ann Daniel and Sarah Daniel.
Johnson, JohnGibson, Theodosia?-98-?7/11/1801LouisaJohn Johnson to Theodosia Gibson. Sarah Gibson give consent for Theodosia. Sur. Deamond Harris. wit. Martin Sharp. Married by Rev. Richard Ferguson.
Johnson, John B.Thomson, Elizabeth?-78-?12/6/1796LouisaJohn B. Johnson to Elizabeth Thomson, dau. of Edward Thomson. Sur. John Thomson. wit. Richard Johnson and George Johnson, Jr. married by Rev. John Lasley.
Johnson, JosephFreeman, Sarah?-45-?6/24/1789LouisaJoseph Johnson to Sarah Freeman. Sur. John Freeman.
Johnson, Joseph F.Hoggard, Delilah?-113-?12/8/1804LouisaJoseph F. Johnson to Delilah Hoggard dau. of Jesse Hoggard. Sur. Andrew Kean. Wit. Nathaniel Snelson, Martin Sharp and William Sharp, Jr.
Johnson, LewisWinn, Frances?-75-?3/14/1796LouisaLewis Johnson to Frances Winn. Sur. John Badget. Wit. John Winn Married by Rev. Martin Walton.
Johnson, LewisGarland, Barbary?-38-?1/4/1788LouisaLewis Johnson to Barbary Garland, 21 years, dau. of Elizabeth Garland. Sur. John Lane. Married 5 Jan. by Rev. Douglas.
Johnson, LewisJohnson, Massie?-30-?11/29/1785LouisaLewis Johnson to Massie Johnson dau. of James Johnson. Sur. Peter Crawford. wit. John Crawford.
Johnson, MatthewPorter, Betsey?-75-?3/2/1796LouisaMatthew Johnson to Betsey Porter, dau. Ebbin Porter. Sur. James Porter. wit. John Bibb. Married 3 March by Rev. John Lasley.
Johnson, Murford S.Mills, Mamie E.3-42-276/7/1898LouisaMurford S. Johnson to Mamie E. Mills, he 34, she 28, he single, she widow, he b. Spots., she Louisa, he son Thaddius T. and Caroline A. Johnson, she dau. W. and Ella Cave.
Johnson, NuckoldsPerkins, Susannah?-59-?10/16/1792LouisaNuckolds Johnson to Susannah Perkins. Sur. John Purkins.
Johnson, NuckoldsPerkins, Susannah 10/16/1792Louisasur. John Perkins.
Johnson, PhillipWhite, Elizabeth?--?2/13/1786LouisaPhillip Johnson to Elizabeth White. Sur. William White.
Johnson, RichardThacker, Susanna?-122-?11/12/1806LouisaRichard Johnson (Q) to Susanna Thacker, dau. of Mary Thacker. Sur. John Overton.
Johnson, RichardSmith, Ann?-6-?9/30/1772LouisaRichard Johnson to Ann Smith. John Hawkins gives consent for each party. Sur. William Smith and Alexander Parker. Wit. Battaile Muse, Samuel Clayton, Jr. and George Slaughter.
Johnson, RichardHunter, Lucy?-22-?2/21/1783LouisaRichard Johnson to Lucy Hunter. Sur. George Hunter.
Johnson, RichardGarrett, Susanna?-2-?3/2/1770LouisaRichard Johnson to Susanna Garrett. Sur. John Poindexter.
Johnson, ThomasJohnson, Nancey?-91-?11/19/1799LouisaThomas Johnson to Nancey Johnson. Sur. William Johnson. Married 20 Nov. by Rev. Richard Pope.
Johnson, ThomasMcDaniel, Jane?-120-?2/4/1806LouisaThomas Johnson to Jane McDaniel. Sur. John McDaniel. Married by Rev. John b. Magruder of Methodist Episcopal Church.
Johnson, ThomasPoindexter, Sally?-106-?4/11/1803LouisaThomas Johnson to Sally Poindexter. Sur. Thomas Poindexter. married 14 April by Rev. John Lasley.
Johnson, ThomasPrice, Nancey?-88-?2/25/1799LouisaThomas Johnson to Nancey Price, dau. John Price. Sur. Jesse Perkins. wit. David Johnson. William Johnson is brother and guardian of Thomas. Married 26 Feb. by Rev. Richard Pope.
Johnson, Thomas LoydRobertson, Bessie Lee3-105-5 Louisa 
Johnson, WilliamClayton, Anne?-1-?11/7/1768LouisaWilliam Johnson to Anne Clayton. Sur. William Garrett, Jr.
Johnson, WilliamBeck, Brankey?-93-?2/10/1800LouisaWilliam Johnson to Brankey Beck. Sur. Stanley Johnson. Married by Rev. Duke W. Hullum
Johnson, WilliamSeargeant, Hardenia E.?-357-?9/20/1853LouisaWilliam Johnson to Hardenia E. Seargeant (over 21). sur. Tandy T. Seargeant.
Johnson, WilliamSeargeant, Eliza?-162-?10/14/1816LouisaWilliam Johnson to Eliza Seargeant. Sur. John Seargeant. mins. Claibourne Walton married 17 Oct. [Probably wife number 1]
Johnson, WilliamSnelson, Catharine?-142-?12/26/1810LouisaWilliam Johnson to Catharine Snelson, dau. of Nathaniel Snelson. Sur. Francis Waldrop.
Johnson, WilliamSmith, Christian?-64-?12/20/1793LouisaWilliam Johnson to Christian Smith, dau. William Smith, bondsman and surety. Wit. Ann M. Smith and Elizabeth Young Smith. Married by Rev. Martin Walton.
Johnson, William F.Dabney, Mary J.?-311-?4/22/1844LouisaWilliam F. Johnson to Mary J. Dabney, dau. of Col. Charles Dabney. sur. James E. Farrar. wit. James M. Hart.
Johnson, William R.Johnson, Sarah M.?-514-?11/22/1859LouisaWilliam R. Johnson born Hanover County living Goochland Co. son of John and Nancy F. Johnson to Sarah M. Johnson dau. of James T. and Ann Johnson.
Jones, AndersonBunch, Nancy1252/9/1807LouisaAnthony Bunch (s)
Jones, AndersonBunch, Nancy3822/12/1807LouisaJohn Lesley (m)
Jones, AndrewWright, Lucy A.5071/15/1859LouisaLucy’s parents: William & Demaras Wright
Jones, Andrew E.Wright, Lucie A. 1/5/1859Louisa 
Jones, Andrew E. (25)Wright, Lucie A. (20)4821/15/1859LouisaThomas (s) Andrew’s parents were Thomas & Judith
Jones, BernardRobertson, Clara3-93-16 Louisa 
Jones, CallomCarpenter, Louisa189, 3988/24/1821LouisaGarland M Carpenter (s) Louisa’s father Jonathan Carpenter
Jones, DruryMoss, Rebecca179, 39411/1/1797LouisaReuben Cowhers (f) and (s)
Jones, Edward D.Johnson, Susan 1/26/1850LouisaWilliam O Payne (s) Susan’s parents:Thomas & Nancy Johnson
Jones, FerdinandGoodwin, Mildred B.2979/20/1841LouisaCharley J. Goodwin (s) Mildred’s (f) John C. Goodwin
Jones, GabrielWinston, Sarah Ann220, 4101/14/1828LouisaJohn T. Quarles Sarah’s (f) Joseph Winston
Jones, Henry W.Walker, Betty A.351, 4682/14/1852LouisaJohn A. Walker (s) Betty’s (f) William Walker
Jones, James E.Mills, Fannie C.3-55-234/11/1906LouisaJames E. Jones to Fannie C. Mills he 29 she 31, both single, he born Louisa son Jas. E. and Ella C. Jones, she born Louisa dau. Jno. J. and Annie C. Mills, he clerk C & O, by D. E. Hanna
Jones, LlewellinAnderson, Mary480, 49910/22/1792LouisaW.W. Sharp (f)
Jones, NelsonRobertson, Bertha3-69-26 Louisa 
Jones, Orsamus P.Armstrong, Nancy B.30811/20/1843LouisaRobert F. Armstrong (f) Robert Armstrong
Jones, Pettus B.Gentry, Harriet E.255, 4188/24/1833LouisaTemple Gentry (f) William Simms (s)
Jones, SamuelDesper, Lucy171, 39310/13/1817LouisaWilliam Dnerson (s) Isham Desper (f) James Desper (s)
Jones, Thomas S.Bunch, Judith 11/11/1816Louisa 
Kiblinger, Geo. E.Butler, Maggie May3-56-1711/7/1906Louisahe 29 years and she 26 years, he born Rockingham c
Kilgour, Jno. (27)Gibson, Mary (34). 10/9/1873 son of Loyd & Martha Kilgour,
Kimbrough, JosephYancey, Elizabeth 1/6/1785Louisadaughter Charles Yancey sur. John Poindexter Jr. w
Kuper, WilliamDickinson, Mary L. 7/25/1840Louisadau. of James C. Dickinson. Sur. James Cole Dickin
Lacy, JesseJohnson, Mary?-15-?9/6/1774LouisaJesse Lacy to Mary Johnson. Married by Rev. Wm. Douglas.
Lacy, JesseJohnson, Mary?-15-?9/6/1774LouisaJesse Lacy to Mary Johnson. Married by Rev. Wm. Douglas.
Lancaster, JohnDunn, Amanda M.2-L-10/14/1850Louisa 
Landrum, JamesWatkins, Peneay 5/15/1788LouisaSur. Isham Watkins. James was 21 years of age July
Lassiter, Henry W.Tate, Mary1-2087/18/1825Louisasec/wit: Austin Tate
Lemay, DavidJohnson, Elizabeth H.?-102-?9/13/1802LouisaDavid Lemay to Elizabeth H. Johnson. Sur. Richard Johnson. Married by Rev. Richard Pope.
Levy, HymanPorter, Mary Spiller1-3276/14/1847LouisaF= James D. Porter; sec/wit: James D. Porter
Lewis, LinwoodRobertson, Ida3-56-17 Louisa 
Lewis, ThomasRobertson, Martha3-18-35 Louisa 
Lipscomb, BarnabasBiggers, Polly1-1102/2/1804LouisaF= Miles Biggers, sec/wit: William Thomson, William Biggers
Lipscomb, WaddyBeadles, Leticia 11/16/1808Louisa 
Lloyd, Arthur Bernard (Bunny)Grubbs, Mary Elizabeth 12/20/1906Louisa 
Lloyd, WilliamTrevillian, Elizabeth1-45-1/7/1827Louisa 
Locker, Baldwin (Bauldin)Carpenter, Ann F. 5/7/1835Louisa 
Locker, Jacob M. (28)Brooks, Sallie A. (27) 12/26/1872 son of Dabney & Susan Locker, dau. of Thos. J. & Jane C. Brooks. E. P. Hawkins
Loving, Geo. W., (30), of Albemarle Co.Nelson, Ida (19) 11/29/1871 son of Richd. D. & Isabella K. Loving, dau. of Andrew J. Nelson. L. J. Haley
Loyall, ThomasWalton, Frances 11/10/1817Louisadau. of John Walton. Sur. John Walton
Luck, AugustineButler, Elizabeth 8/16/1813Louisaabove 21 years of age. Sur. Garland Yancey. Wit. R
Lumpkin, Thomas J.Porter, Lydia W.1-4833/12/1860Louisa 
Lumsden, GeorgeJones, Pamelia182, 39612/23/1819LouisaElijah Jones (f) Henry Lumsden (f)
Marks, Henry SolomonHarlow, Sarah Ann 4/30/1865Louisa 
Marks, RussellLloyd, Brenda 10/19/1957Louisa 
Marks, William HenryWaldrop, Mary Elizabeth 1/9/1896Louisa 
Marks, William HenrySmith, Gertrude Pendleton 6/6/1936Louisa 
Martin, Jesse (Jack) JamesThurston, Lillian Beatrice 1/12/1926Louisa 
Martin, Thomas IvanhoGrubbs, Minnie 12/11/1912Louisa 
Mason, MelvinCarter, Bernice Lorraine 9/8/1945Louisa 
Mason, Samuel W.Thomas, Harriet M.  LouisaSamuel W. Mason (above 21 years); Harriet M. Thoma
Mason, Stephen ThomsonArmistead, Mary1-234/30/1783LouisaSec. Robt. Armistead.
Massey, A. W.Smith, L. M. 10/21/1858LouisaGroom: 24 yrs. 8 mos, single, farmer, born Spots.
Matthews, Edwardis, Martha Johnson. Edward?-363-?1/13/1791LouisaEdward Matthews to Martha Johnson. Edward is of Goochland Co. and Martha is of Fluvanna County. married by Rev. John Lasley.
May, Philip P. (27)Trevilian, Sallie A. (27) 10/11/1873 son of Jno. S. & Margaret May, dau. of Chas. G. Trevilian.
May, Phillip P.Trevilian, Sallie A.3-11-39 Louisa 
McAllister, JamesGooch, Mary 3/10/1809Louisasur. Overton Gooch. Wit: Susan Gooch and Polly c.
McAllister, NathanielJohnson, Martha?-49-?3/22/1790LouisaNathaniel McAllister to Martha Johnson. Sur. Abraham Davis. wit. Ann Davis. Married by Rev. Douglas.
McDaniel, BenjaminHughes, Susannah 6/23/1799LouisaWit= William and Alse Faris
McDonald, FieldingHarlow, Mary Jane 3/9/1865Louisa 
McGary, Henry A.Mills, Susan C.3-2-343/27/1866LouisaHenry A. McGary to Susan C. Mills, he 27, she 25 both single, he b. Spots. she b. Louisa, he son Jesse and Lucie McGary, she dau. Wade and Mariah Mills, he farmer, by S. J. Healey.
McGehee, Andrew J.Hambleton, Mary J. D. 10/27/1855Louisawit. A.G. McGehee and A.C. Hambleton.
McGehee, EdwardLumsden, Frances 8/23/1781Louisa 
McGehee, JohnStewart, Mary 1/24/1775Louisawith consent of George Pottie with whom she lives,
McGehee, Philip J.Hambleton, Mary A.3-316/6/1889LouisaMary A. Hambleton age 20, daughter Alexander C. an
McGehee, SamuelTate, Nancy1-432/9/1789Louisasec/wit: Zinnie Tate
McGehee, SamuelTate, Nancy (Ann) 2/12/1789Louisa 
McGehee, WilliamShirley, Barsheba (Bathseba) 3/9/1808Louisa 
McGehee, WilliamBurrus, Mary 12/24/1799Louisa 
McGehee, WilliamBibb, Nancy 1/9/1797Louisa 
McGehee, William S.Johnson, Elizabeth C.?-335-?2/27/1849LouisaWilliam S. McGehee to Elizabeth C. Johnson, dau. of George Johnson, dec'd., mother Lucy Johnson. sur. George W. Christmas.
McGehee, William W.Hughson, Elizabeth 11/20/1838Louisa 
Mead, HenryDickerson, Elizabeth 4/9/1798LouisaMarried by Rev. Jeremiah CHANDLER. Ministers’ Returns p. 371
Mead, HenryYoung, Frances 5/3/1781Louisa 
Mead, WilliamGarland, Sarah 3/30/1790Louisadaughter of Elizabeth GARLAND. Sur. Jonathan GORDON. Married by Rev. John WALLER. p. 50
Meade, FieldingThacker, Mary 7/24/1809LouisaSur. James HANCOCK p. 136 B.
Meade, HenryDickerson, Joannah 4/7/1798Louisadaughter of Rosanah DICKERSON. Sur. George DICKERSON. Witness Thornton MEADE p. 84 B
Meade, ThorntonGarland, Mary 1/18/1788LouisaElizabeth GARLAND, mother, Sur. William MEADE. Witness by John LANE Married January 24 by Rev. William DOUGLAS. p. 39
Meed , HenryDickinson, Elizabeth 4/9/1798LouisaJeremiah Chandler, Minister
Meed, JohnMichie, Elizabeth 3/27/1784LouisaGeorge MICHIE, guardian Sur. Henry A. JOHNSON. Wit. Henry BIBB and Minor MEAD. Married by Rev. William DOUGLAS. p. 25
Melton, ThomasMcGehee, Lydia 11/8/1794Louisa 
Michie, MatthewMeade, Sarah 8/25/1812LouisaLudwell BRANHAM is her guardian. p. 111 B.
Michie, MatthewMeade, Nancey 3/12/1804LouisaSec. & Wit. John MICHIE p. 111 B.
Michie, PatrickJohnson, Dorothy?-70-?1/6/1795LouisaPatrick Michie to Dorothy Johnson, dau. of Thomas Johnson, Minor., Sur. James Poindexter, wit. George Poindexter.
Miller, Robert H.Johnson, Agness S.?-488-?5/25/1854LouisaRobert H. Miller to Agness S. Johnson, dau. William F. Johnson. Sur. Annie M. Johnson. wit. Oswald L. Parsons.
Mills, Alex. W.Dickinson, Oteria F.3--359/16/1876LouisaAlex. W. Mills to Oteria F. Dickinson, he 50 and single, she 32 and widowed, he b. Hanover, she born Louisa, he son Wade and Maria Mills, she dau. Austin and Sarah Yeamans, he merchant, by Ro. A. Armstead.
Mills, Eli M.Burrus, Florence L.3-31-227/31/1889LouisaEli M. Mills to Florence L. Burrus he 25, she 16, he son William and Catharine J. Mills, she dau. Overton and Nannie Burrus, he farmer.
Mills, Geo. E.Foster, Lavinnia M.3--132/19/1878LouisaGeo. E. Mills to Lavinnia M. Foster, he 30 she 25, both single, he b. Hanover son of Jno. W. & E. Q. Mills, she dau. Meredith Foster, he farmer by Saml. Meredith.
Mills, Jas. W.Wheeler, Millie3-2-303/13/1866LouisaJas. W. Mills to Millie Wheeler, he single, age 30, she single, age 22, he b. Albemarle, she b. Louisa. he son of Wm. R. and Martha E. Mills. She dau Jas. D. and Anne E Wheeler. he teacher by P. C. Hoge.
Mills, Paddison B.Davis, Lena R.3-18-3111/14/1878LouisaPaddison B. Mills to Lena R. Davis, he 35 and single, she 30 single, he son Andrew L. and Susanna D. Mills, she dau. Jos. A. Davis.
Mills, Richmond L.Foster, Terassa3-34-1712/30/1891LouisaRichmond L. Mills to Terassa Foster he 23, she 23, he son C. H. Mills & [blank], she dau. John Foster and [bland], by r. H. Alfred.
Mills, Robert O.Foster, Ellen Ann?-517-?3/18/1861LouisaRobert O. Mills (age 23) son of Wade and Maria Mills, to Ellen Ann Foster (age 20) dau. of David M. and Ann L. Foster. sur. Smith a. Foster by Rev. B. M. Buckner.
Mills, RonaldShook, Caroline3-23-34/20/1882LouisaRonald Mills to Caroline Shook, he 57, she 48, he widowed, she single, both born Richmond, He son Nicholas and Sarah P. Mills, she dau. Jacob and Maria Shook, he farmer by P. Donahoe.
Mills, W. E.Cave, Mary E.3-32-489/10/1889LouisaW. E. Mills to Mary E. Cave he 27, she 20, he born Orange , she born Spots, he son Thomas M. and Mary s. Mills, she dau. Lindsay W. And Ella A. Cave, he engineer by P. A. Cave.
Mills, William J.Yeamans, Fannie?-513-?11/14/1859LouisaWilliam J. Mills (age 37) widower, son of Wade and Maria Mills to Fannie Yeamans, age 49, b. Hanover Co. married at Joseph E. Youngs.
Mills, William J.Harris, Lavinia T.3-31-107/11/1843LouisaWilliam J. Mills, son of Wade Mills to Lavinia T. Harris, daughter of William W. Harris. sur. William W. Harris.
Mills, Wm. J.Harris, Lavinia T.?-307-?7/11/1843LouisaWm. J. Mills, son of Wade Mills, to Lavinia T. Harris, dau. of Wm. W. Harris. sur. William W. Harris.
Minnis, JohnBunch, Nancy C. 10/1/1827Louisa 
Mitchell, ArchelausTerry, Patsey 12/26/1795LouisaF=Thomas Terry
Modena, Thos. F. (22)Thomas, Emily S. (22), of Albemarle Co. 12/22/1872 son of Francis N. & Lacrotia Modena, dau. of David M. & Catherine B. Thomas. Chas. Quarles
Moore, John S.Harlow, Matilda C. 4/1/1889Louisa 
Moreman, ZachariahJohnson, Elizabeth?--?12/31/1773LouisaZachariah Moreman to Elizabeth Johnson. Sur. William Davis.
Moreman, ZachariahJohnson, Elizabeth?--?12/31/1773LouisaZachariah Moreman to Elizabeth Johnson. Sur. William Davis.
Moritmore, OliverMorris, Ethel May4-2791/31/1965LouisaHamilton son of Lawrence Mortimore Hamilton and Lo
Morris, Charles FillmoreHuff, Mary Lee 3/12/1910Louisa 
Morris, GeorgeBigger, Sally1-237/21/1783Louisacons = William Bigger; sec/wit: James Bigger
Morris, Is.Dickerson, Ann 12/23/1783Louisa 
Morris, JakeCrew, Susan 7/31/1915Louisa 
Morris, SamuelBigger, Martha1-568/27/1791Louisasec/wit: John Maddison
Moss, ForesterHarris, Nancy B. 11/18/1816LouisaForester Moss (over 21) of Goochland dau. of Ann H
Moss, FrancisRiordan, Frances Ann 11/9/1839Louisamother Jane R. Riordan. Sec. Overton H. Pettus and
Moss, JamesBickley, Katherine Phedema 5/27/1915Louisa 
Munday, JohnBurris, Elizabeth 1/20/1808LouisaJohn & Mary Harris Burris
Nelson, JamesGooch, Elizabeth 11/9/1796Louisadaughter of Stephen Gooch who consents and is sure
Nelson, WilliamTate, Matilda1-1016/16/1902LouisaF= James Tate; sec/wit: Cornelius Gooch
Nelson, William G. T.Waddy, Andromache1-3166/20/1845LouisaF= William Waddy, sec/wit: William Waddy, Jr.
Netherland, James A.Trevilian, Mattie J.3-16-16 Louisa 
Newman, RobertCarpenter, Lavina 12/24/1824Louisa 
Newman, Robert J.Robertson, Susie J.3-8-28 Louisa 
Newman, Robert JeterGarnett, Mary C. 11/17/1856Louisa 
Nolan, Zachariah Whitton, Elizabeth  12/24/1838Louisa (over 21 years of age, father: John WHITTON). Witnessed: George KENNOR, John CRAMPSEY Sr., William CRAMPSEY.
Nucholls, RichardWalton, Temperance 9/14/1789Louisasur. Robert Barrett. 1 Nov. by Rev. John Waller.
Nuckalls, AlexanderBurris, Ann 11/17/1817LouisaJohn & Mary Harris Burris
Overton, Baccus W.Robertson, Caurn[?]ie3-42-22 Louisa 
Overton, RichardJohnson, Salley?-96-?12/22/1800LouisaRichard Overton to Salley Johnson. Sur. William G. Poindexter. Married by Rev. Richard Pope.
Overton, RichardJohnson, Salley?-96-?12/22/1800LouisaRichard Overton to Salley Johnson. Sur. William G. Poindexter. Married by Rev. Richard Pope.
Parish, ParkTisdale, Elizabeth 12/28/1792LouisaSur. Joel Parrish. Wit. John Allen.
Park, Daniel StuartStanley, Dorothy Sue 4/30/1989Richmond 
Parrish, ParkTisdale, Elizabeth 12/28/1792Louisa 
Parrish, ParksTisdale, Elizabeth 12/28/1792LouisaSur. Joel Parrish. wit. John Allen
Payne, Malvern W.Tisdale, Nannie M.3-40-31 Louisa 
Pendleton, EugenePendleton, Bettie B.3-20-359/9/1880LouisaEugene Pendleton age 29, single born Louisa, son o
Pendleton, John B.Meredith, Sallie A.1-50512/14/1858LouisaJohn B. Pendleton age 28, son of Mad. and E. K. Pe
Perkins, KennethBickley, Claudia Ann 6/19/1977Louisa 
Perkins, PowhattanJohnson, Elizabeth M.?-271-?12/5/1836LouisaPowhattan Perkins to Elizabeth M. Johnson, dau. Thomas Johnson, sur. John Hunter, mins. Uriah Higgason. 6 Dec.
Perkins, SamuelJohnson, Jean?-25-?2/21/1784LouisaSamuel Perkins to Jean Johnson, dau. of Richard Johnson. Sur. Charles Thomas. wit. Richard Johnson, Jarriot Wilkerson and John Price. Samuel Perkins is son of John Perkins.
Perry, Thomas W. (36) (widower)Luck, Anne D. (19), of Spotsylvania Co. 11/14/1871 son of Wm. & Eliza C. Perry, dau. of Ro. G. & Frances Luck. Min. Saml. Harris.
Pettit, William Jr.Crank, Frances (Franky) 12/17/1793Louisa 
Phillips, RichardWaddy, Elizabeth1-3011/15/1785Louisasec/wit: William Phillips
Plant., MatthewHambleton, Mourning12/17/1787Louisadaughter of Sarah Hambleton
Poindexter, JohnJohnson, Elizabeth Thornton?-18-?12/17/1781LouisaJohn Poindexter to Elizabeth Thornton Johnson. Sur. Jesse Paulett
Poindexter, JosephArnett, Frances 7/14/1785Louisa 
Poindexter, WilliamMcGehee, Polly 8/24/1791Louisa 
Poindexter, WilliamPorter, Catharine1-18112/7/1819LouisaF= James Porter; sec/wit: James Porter
Poindexter, William L.Tisdale, Bettie F.3-22-32 Louisa 
Poore, James EdwardBickley, Mildred Analiza 2/7/1905Louisa 
Poore, Romulas Edward GPerry, Phedema 3/5/1905Louisa 
Porter, James Sr.Terry, Catharine1-3252/8/1847Louisasec/wit: Thomas R. Dunn
Porter, JosephDaniel, Susanna E.1-23011/27/1829LouisaFather = James Porter; Father = Capt. Peter M. Daniel; sec/wit: James D. Porter, Rebecca Porter, Thomas Gooch, Wm. T. Tisdale.
Porter, WilliamJohnson, Sarah?-20-?6/19/1782LouisaWilliam Porter to Sarah Johnson. Sur. James Barnet. Married 20 June by Rev. Douglas.
Powell, DonaldStanley, Charlotte Faye 8/1/1997Hanover Co 
Powell, George A.Boulware, Ira Abbie 12/29/1873LouisaHe's , age 40, widower; She's age 34, both colored
Powers, DavidLaurence, Elizabeth 7/18/1775Louisamarried by Rev. William Douglas. The Douglas Regis
Proffit, WillisAtkins, Martha E. 4/22/1854LouisaWilliam B. Atkins father, Richard Bishop Security.
Profitt, Willis M.Thomasson, Betty Cook 10/26/1856LouisaMordicai Thomasson father, security Fannie R. Thom
Quarles, PeterWaddy, Mary Elizabeth1-1984/14/1823Louisasec/wit: William Waddy
Quarles, WilliamJohnson, Lucy?-65-?12/12/2010LouisaWilliam Quarles to Lucy Johnson. Sur. Joseph Winston.
Ratliff, Thomas H.Johnson, Lucy?-96-?12/3/1800LouisaThomas H. Ratliff to Lucy Johnson, dau. of Lucy Johnson. Sur. Richard Jones. wit. Ursula Estis [Estes] married 4 Dec. by Rev. John Lasley.
Reynolds, John ThorntonWatkins, Polly 2/5/1812Louisadau. of Thornton Gibson. Sur. Reuben Reynolds. Wit
Riordan, Fayette W.Boxley, Mary P. 2/10/1847Louisamother Drucellia Boxley. Sec. Timoleon G. Trice, J
Roberts, Abbott EarleyRichardson, Virginia Katherine3-102-38 Louisa 
Roberts, Benjamin R.Sims, Susan A.3-24-31 Louisa 
Roberts, Charles E.Johnson, Octavia C.3-43-17 Louisa 
Roberts, James D.Pleasants, Marcie A.2-R- Louisa 
Roberts, James H.Campbell, Mary L.3-3-12 Louisa 
Roberts, James S.Gibson, Catharine A.3-38-13 Louisa 
Roberts, Jeremiah A.White, Elizabeth L. M.2-R- Louisa 
Roberts, Jno. E. (25)Cooke, Nannie E. (17) 10/2/1873 son of Joseph & Elizabeth C. Roberts, dau. of Johnson & Mary S. Cooke.
Roberts, John A.Hughson, Martha C.1-121- Louisa 
Roberts, John E.Cocke, Mariel E.3-11-36 Louisa 
Roberts, John R.Hughson, Martha J.2-R- Louisa 
Roberts, Richard ClintonCa?, Susan Francis3-100-6 Louisa 
Roberts, Richard J.Dummah[?]e, Louisa E.3-10-06 Louisa 
Roberts, Richard T.Walton, Elizabeth W.1-48- Louisa 
Roberts, ThomasEstes, Mary G.3-25-29 Louisa 
Roberts, Walter S.Rogers, Lula3-44-38 Louisa 
Roberts, William JamesRoberts, Pattie Wade3-67-31 Louisa 
Roberts, William P.Tisdale, Bettie W.3-35-36 Louisa 
Robertson, AlbertPrice, Lydia3-7-25 Louisa 
Robertson, AndersonBrown, Nannie3-40-27 Louisa 
Robertson, BenjieGreen, Fanny3-10-25 Louisa 
Robertson, BurnetteBeal, Annie3-83-35 Louisa 
Robertson, Cosby M.Johnson, Willie L.R.3-64-40 Louisa 
Robertson, DavidMichie, Marie B.3-93-16 Louisa 
Robertson, David H.Sanders, Alice L.3-27-42 Louisa 
Robertson, FlemingNelson, Jane3-30-09 Louisa 
Robertson, FrankBrockman, Lucy3-11-24 Louisa 
Robertson, JamesRyan, Nancy1-80- Louisa 
Robertson, JamesUnderwood, Sarah A.3-71-41 Louisa 
Robertson, James H.Coleman, Mary Ann3-19-11 Louisa 
Robertson, John R.Ryon, Martha W.2-R- Louisa 
Robertson, MartinMorton, Sarah1-12- Louisa 
Robertson, MonroeMosley, Mary3-3-13 Louisa 
Robertson, NelsonHope, Rhoda3-3-11 Louisa 
Robertson, PeterDanacott, Martha3-1-42 Louisa 
Robertson, Richard L.Loving, Annie E.3-34-13 Louisa 
Robertson, Richard M.Newman, Lucie W.3-18-26 Louisa 
Robertson, Richard O.Poor, Mamie S.3-63-25 Louisa 
Robertson, RobertKinner?, Sarah3-33-42 Louisa 
Robertson, Robert L.Jackson, Carrie L.3-73-28 Louisa 
Robertson, Romulas JohnsonRoberts, Margaret 6/9/1948Louisa 
Robertson, SpearClarke, Alice3-20-17 Louisa 
Robertson, ThompsonRobinson, Mary3-32-38 Louisa 
Robertson, William H.Johnson, Eddie V.3-42-6 1-2 Louisa 
Robertson, William J.Perkins, Anna D.3-38-5 Louisa 
Rock, Ernest L.Roberts, Viola O.3-47-38 Louisa 
Rodgers, Arthur NelsonCarter, Eleanor Gertrude 2/26/1949Richmond 
Rogers, John W.Hooper, Madeline M.3-2-242/17/1866LouisaJohn W. Rogers, age 30, single, born King George C
Ronquest, Wm. P. (27) of Hanover Co.Parsons, Maggie A. (19) 11/22/1871 son of Peter & Susan Ronquest, dau. of Liddall & Sarah A. Parsons.
Roseberry, AlexanderLipscomb, Lucy 9/24/1792Louisa 
Rosson, Edward K.Bickley, Birdie Mae 1/7/1925Louisa 
Rosson, Ernest G.Dunn, Marie3-85-126/22/1926Richmond 
Rosson, Forrest HowellBickley, Ann Byrd 8/29/1907Louisa 
Rudinger, Albert E.Dunn, Emily L.3-90-102/27/1930Richmond 
Ruffner, James A.Dunn, Virginia3-88-12 Louisa 
Rutherford, WilliamLawrence, Elizabeth 11/11/1808LouisaSur. John F. Parish. Married 22 November by Rev. L
Ryals, John W.Humphrey, Juliet M. 1/19/1842Louisa 
Sandidge, JosephWright, Elizabeth 2/11/1782LouisaSur. James Byars. Married 14 Feb. by Rev. William
Sanner, Josiah C.Porter, Rebecca C.1-2076/7/1825LouisaF= James Porter; sec/wit: James Porter, Elisa Trevillion, mins: Geo. Morris
Seargeant, JohnTrice, Frances 1/23/1788LouisaFrances Trice, 21 years of age 15 Nov. 1787, dau.
Seargeant, Wm. C.Butler, L.3-56-1911/21/1906Louisahe 41 she 20, both born Louisa. He son of Tandy T.
Seay, Walter L.Smith, Lottie May30-3-667/15/1912LouisaWalter L. Seay, age 19, single, born Louisa Co., a
Sharp, MartinHambleton, Elizabeth1-?8/23/1785Louisadau. Sarah Hambleton sec. William Sharp.
Sharp, William W.Jones, Louisa C.215,4071/29/1827LouisaAnderson G Jones (f)
Sims, David Jr.Dickerson, Elizabeth 2/13/1779Louisa 
Sims, Geo. A.Hambleton, Isabella11/23/1850Louisadau Wm. V. M. Hambleton son of Wm. F. Sims sec. He
Sims, JamesWalton, Elizabeth 10/23/1827Louisadau. of John Walton; sur. Charles Johnson, wit. Ja
Sims, John M.Whitlock, Emily Jane1-3302/14/1848LouisaRev. Bartholomew Whitlock, father. Sec. Bartholome
Smith, CharlesJohnson, Nancy?-24-?11/17/1783LouisaCharles Smith to Nancy Johnson. Sur. James Barnett. married 20 Nov. by Rev. Douglas.
Smith, CharlesRoberts, Fannie G.3-71-20 Louisa 
Smith, Edwin L.Walton, Mary Ann1-3029/19/1842LouisaWilliam Walton, father. Sec. John Hunter. George W
Smith, Elias D.Seay, Willie A.7-3-2210/6/1887LouisaElias D. Smith age 21, single, born Louisa, son of
Smith, GeorgeWaddy, Elizabeth1-11412/27/1804Louisasec/wit: Samuel Waddy, Jr.; Elizabeth > 21
Smith, Henry S.Sims, Mary F.7-3-111/9/1873LouisaHenry S. Smith age 20, single, born Louisa, addres
Smith, MickeRobertson, Sally3-8-24 Louisa 
Smith, Miles B.Morris, Bettie19-3-4610/10/1900LouisaMiles B. Smith age 24, single, born Louisa co., ad
Smith, Thomas J.Carr:, Mildred Jester38-3-5910/7/1908LouisaThomas J. Smith, age 38, widower, born Louisa, min
Snow, Richard D.Sanner, Maryeto1-34810/23/1851LouisaF= Josiah C. Sanner; wit/sec: Lewis W. Landrum, Robert Dalton, mins: Geo. W. S. Harper
Spicer, Rice H.Tisdale, Ellen 4/1/1837Louisa 
Stanley, Bruce WayneStanley, Deborah Dale 2/14/1986Henrico 
Stanley, StrangemanWatkins, Patsey 9/8/1802Louisadau. of Benjamin Watkins. Sur. Jehu Walton. Wit. G
Stanley, William AlexanderCarter, Dorothy Lorene 8/14/1948Louisa 
Stewart, JohnGooch, Mary 1/14/1811Louisasur. Rowland Gooch, Jr.
Swift, JamesHambleton, Nancy R.  Louisadau. Wm. V. M. Hambleton sec. Thos. Swift and Thos
Talley, Cary J.Thompson, Susan G.12511/6/1855Louisadaughter of Richard A. Thompson. Sur. Richard A. Thompson
Talley, Jas. L.Hamilton, Jennie3-874/12/1928LouisaJennie Hamilton age 18 dau Laurence and Sarah Hami
Talley, JohnTisdale, Elizabeth L.1-42-2/8/1826Louisa 
Talley, John ColeTisdale., Elizabeth L. 2/8/1826Louisa7 Feb. 1815
Tally, JohnTisdale, Elizabeth 2/10/1826Louisaby Wm. Y. Hiter.
Tate, JamesWalton, Amelia D. 12/10/1828Louisadau. John Walton m. James Tate (over 21). sur. Nat
Tate, UriahWade, Ann C.1-1985/12/1823Louisasec/wit: Nathan Tate, Charles B. Brame; Ann is widow of Sam. P. Wade
Tate, UriahGraves, Elizabeth1-610/12/1772LouisaF= Rice Graves, sec/wit=Enos Tate, Richard Graves, Robert Tate
Terry, CalvinSanner, Frances A.1-47212/23/1854Louisa 
Terry, Champness B.Dunn, Nancy Welch 4/14/1812Louisa 
Terry, StephenGooch, Rhoda 11/27/1811Louisadaughter of John Gooch. sur. Gideon Gooch. Wit. Ja
Terry, WilliamGooch, Elizabeth 3/15/1804Louisadaughter of John Gooch. sur. William Gooch.
Terry, William MorrisCrank, Elizabeth 12/17/1806Louisa 
Thomas, ArchibaldSeay, Sally 12/5/1812Louisasecurity Thomas Seay.
Thomas, George H.Robertson, Belle3-60-27 Louisa 
Thomas, James M. (26)Harper, Bettie (24) 12/17/1872 son of John & Ann Eliza Thomas, dau. of Geo. & Sarah Harper. Jas. O. Moss min.
Thomas, WilliamWoodall, Patsy 10/17/1797Louisasur. Charles WOODALL
Thomas, WrightHatton, Polly 9/10/1812Louisa 
Thomason, ByarsWhite, Sarah 4/15/1784Louisasur. John WITE JR.
Thomason, GarlandTisdale, Jane O.1-59-3/16/1825Louisa 
Thomason, JohnCook, Frances 12/23/1780Louisa21 yr. Sur. Samuel THOMASSON sister of William COOKE
Thomason, RichardTerry, Sarah 4/25/1786Louisasur. Samuel THOMASSON wit: Stephen TERRY & Henrietta TERRY.
Thomasson, EliasHarris, Mary 7/28/1774Louisasur Samuel THOMASSON
Thomasson, EliasHarris, Susannah 12/24/1812Louisasur. John P. THOMASSON married by Rev. WILLIAM COOKE
Thomasson, GerogeLipscomb, Dianah 10/24/1814Louisa 
Thomasson, JohnNuckolds, Elizabeth 5/8/1799Louisam. by Rev WILLIAM COOKE
Thomasson, Jr., JohnHancock, Nancy 9/20/1806Louisaover 21
Thomasson, Jr., SamuelMcGehee, Liddia 12/14/1783Louisad/o William MC GEHEE sur. Samuel THOMASSON, SR.
Thomasson, NathanielWood, Martha 12/18/1773Louisasur Samuel THOMASSON & David WOOD
Thomasson, WilliamHix, Unity 4/18/1786Louisasur. Samuel THOMASSON
Thompson, JohnGooch, Polly 11/18/1805Louisasur. Stephen Gooch. Married by Rev. Richard Fergus
Thompson, RichardJackson, Jane A.2111/14/1826Louisadaughter of William Jackson, Sr. Sec. Charles N. Christmas. Mins. William Y. Hiter married 26 Jan.
Thompson, Richard A.Hambleton, Susan V.1266/2/1856Louisaconsent of Wm. V. M. Hambleton. Sur. Alexander C. Hambleton. Wit. George A. Sims.
Thompson, William J. (31)Sims, Catherine S. J. (21)13212/6/1858Louisason of Richard A. and Jane A. Thompson, daughter of Richard and Henrietta Sims
Thompson., Richard A.Hambleton, Susan V.16/2/1856Louisaby consent of Wm. M. Hambleton, sec. Alexander C.
Thurston, John William ThomasGrubbs, Frances (Fanny) Lewis 8/25/1887Louisa 
Thurston, William H.Butler, Eliza 1/6/1858Louisa 
Timberlake, William J.Watkins, Emily A. 2/8/1830Louisadau. John D. Watkins, sur. John D. Watkins.
Tisdale, Andrew J.Partlow, Bettie S.3-46-21 Louisa 
Tisdale, Andrew J.Matthews, Mary S. 12/18/1855Louisa 
Tisdale, Andrew J.Matthews, Mary S.2-T-12/8/1855Louisa 
Tisdale, Charles HumphreyHarper, America A.2-T-12/28/1852Louisa 
Tisdale, Chastine G.Payne, Doshie E.3-42-409/28/1898Louisa 
Tisdale, David, Jr.Travillion, Maria D.1-34-10/2/1821Louisa 
Tisdale, David, Sr.Young, Elizabeth L. 1/14/1805Louisa 
Tisdale, Geo.Harris, Jane 12/9/1816Louisadau. Nathan Harris. sur. Edward Harris. mins. Wm.
Tisdale, GeorgeHarris, Jane1-28-12/9/1816Louisa 
Tisdale, GeorgeGrant, Daisy3-73-19 Louisa 
Tisdale, GeorgeWinston, Eliza H. 12/17/1816Louisaby Wm. Y. Hiter.
Tisdale, JamesLipscomb, Fanny 12/13/1802Louisa 
Tisdale, JamesWashington, Lena3-66-17 Louisa 
Tisdale, JohnJohnson, Frances?-137-?12/15/1809LouisaJohn Tisdale to Frances Johnson over 21 years. Sur. Nuckolls Johnson. married 18 Dec. by Rev. John Lasley.
Tisdale, JohnJohnson, Francis1-24-12/15/1809Louisa 
Tisdale, JohnJohnson, Frances 12/15/1809LouisaFrances Johnson over 21 years of age. Sur. Nuckold
Tisdale, Lemuel M.Robertson, Elizabeth2-F-T12/15/1853Louisa 
Tisdale, MosesWhite, Bettie3-42-2 Louisa 
Tisdale, MosesFrancisco, Rosa3-36-35 Louisa 
Tisdale, RobertBeadles, Sally 1/14/1799Louisa 
Tisdale, ShirleyTerrell, Ursula 12/24/1770Louisa 
Tisdale, TerrellParrish, Susanna 8/5/1800Louisa 
Tisdale, TerrellParrish., Susanna 8/5/1800LouisaSur. Joel Parrish.
Tisdale, WilliamMorris, Polly1-6311/20/1793LouisaConsent of Sam. Morris; wit/sec: Shirley Tisdale, Henry Tisdale
Tisdale, WilliamMorris, Polley 11/20/1793LouisaSam Morris gives consent for Polley. Sur. Shirley
Tisdale, WilliamMorris, Polly1-6-11/20/1793Louisa 
Tisdale, WilliamPorter, Lydia W.1-2272/11/1829LouisaF= James Porter; sec/wit: Garland Thompson, Joseph D. Porter
Tisdale, William S.Smith, Huldah S.1-28010/29/1838LouisaGuardian = William F. Toler; sec/wit: Walter P. Cole, Thomas N. Trice, Robert Gooch
Townley, BucknerBigger, Frances P.1-1933/25/1822LouisaF= John Bigger, sec/wit: Granville Bullock, Nancy F. Duke
Tredway, Moses EdwardDunn, Susan Nora3-30-2812/20/1888Louisa 
Trevilian, Charles G.Vest, Nancy2-T- Louisa 
Trevillian, Charles G.Williams, Mary E. 7/18/1848Louisa 
Trice, Alfred W.Farr, Deanna V. 10/4/1857Louisa 
Trice, AndersonSandidge, Martha 12/20/1805Louisadau. of Joseph Sandidge. Sur. James Trice. Wit. Lu
Trice, DabneyLispcomb, Fanny 8/16/1796LouisaSec. John Lipscomb.
Trice, DabneyThomasson, Unity Smith 2/11/1809LouisaUnity Thomason mother and guardian. Sec. Aaron Arn
Trice, JohnSmith, Patty 9/9/1783LouisaSur. Nathan Smith. Married by Rev. William Douglas
Trice, John L.Dickinson, Adelia H.1-2272/18/1829LouisaSec. Charles M. Dickinson and G. C. Dickinson by R
Trice, Mercer R.Proffit, Emma W.3-259/2/1884LouisaMercer R. Trice, age 26, single, born Louisa, mine
Trice, Robert N.Gunter, Elizabeth Ann 1/8/1834LouisaElizabeth Ann Gunter; John Gunter, Dec'd father; s
Trice, Timolian G.Waddy, Mildred1-22511/10/1828LouisaF= John Waddy, dec'd; sec/wit:William Jackson, Jr.
Trice, WilliamWatkins, Mary 5/9/1786LouisaSur. Isham Watkins.
Trice, WilliamWallace, Elizabeth 3/8/1814Louisasec. John Day.
Trice, William, Jr.Nelson, Ann 8/16/1790LouisaSur. James Trice. Married by Rev. William Douglas.
Turner, AgrippaBunch, Deuaris / Demaris 10/21/1828Louisa 
Turner, JamesGooch, Mary 2/27/1792Louisasur. John Fleeman p 58
Turner, James H, (26)Walton, Mollie E. (21) 11/16/1871 son of Wm. H. & B. A. Turner, dau. of Wm. G. & Sarah A. Walton. L. J. Haley performed wedding.
Turner, James M.Walton, Mary B. 11/1/1831Louisaboth over 21, dau. of John Walton. sur. Nelson S.
Turner, WilliamPorter, Mary D.1-1898/9/1821LouisaF= James Porter; sec/wit: James Porter
Turner, William M.Tisdale, Camilla G.3-39-37 Louisa 
Turner, Winston I.Bickley, Hattie Garland 4/2/1916Louisa 
Valentine, ChristopherChewning, Malinda A. 2/3/1834LouisaMalinda A. Chewning (over 21) daughter of Reuben C
Vass, Phillip VincentMead, Susannah 12/28/1780Louisaunder age. Mary VASS, mother of husband. Security & witnesses: Richard SANDIDGE, Price VASS, Rachel VASS, Mary VASS, William MEAD, Jonathon GORDON, Minor MEAD.
Vaughan, Benj. F. (30) of Hanover Co.Carpenter. Lucy D. (21) 12/1/1872 son of Jos. & Cath. Vaughan dau. of Caius M. & Margaret E. Carpenter.
Vest, JohnHughson, Nancy 12/24/1849Louisa 
Waddy, AnthonyBurnley, Elizabeth1-1984/9/1823LouisaF= James Burnley; sec/wit: Abner Burnley, Garland T. Waddy
Waddy, AnthonySmith, Elizabeth1-896/10/1799Louisasec/wit: William Smith
Waddy, Garland T.Pleasants, Sophia A.1-2485/8/1832LouisaF= Jordan Pleasants; sec/wit: J. W. Anderson, J. C. Pleasants
Waddy, JohnCobbs, Jane1-24/28/1770Louisasec/wit: Waddy Thompson; note in margin "dau. Of Samuel Cobbs, see W.B. 2, pg 267"
Waddy, John A.Harris, Jamima B.1-5141/17/1860LouisaF= William & Patsy Waddy; F= Abner N. & Lucy Harris; John = 28; Jamima = 27
Waddy, Samuel Jr.Kimbrough, Patsey Homes1-10810/21/1803LouisaF= Robert Kimbrough; sec/wit: William Garrett, William Smith
Wady, JohnWaddy, Mary1-393/6/1788LouisaF= Samuel Waddy; sec/wit: William Phillips, John Bickley
Waldop, EdlowBickley, Nannie W. 9/19/1935Louisa 
Waldrope, FrancisJohnson, Susanna S.?-125-?7/24/1807LouisaFrancis Waldrope to Susanna S. Johnson. Sur. William Johnson. wit. Joseph F. Johnson.
Walker, David S.Jones, Mary Jane2332/15/1830LouisaElizabeth B. Jones, Anderson G. Jones (f)
Walker, David S.Jones, Jane4062/19/1830Louisa 
Walker, William P.Jones, Caroline B.342, 4441/30/1850LouisaWilliam P. Bunch, Hiram Sanders, (w Caroline’s father David Jones
Waller, John Whitton, Mary H.  11/26/1812Louisa (over 21), mother: Mary WHITTON; Witnessed by: William WHITTON.
Walton, Erasmus H.Roberts, Sarah W.1-51- Louisa 
Walton, GarlandSharp, Mary O. 6/17/1812LouisaMary O. Sharp (under 21) dau. Robert Sharp. Sur. W
Walton, JohnSmith, Nancy 12/10/1792LouisaSur. William Smith by Rev. Martin Walton
Walton, MartinJohnson, Elizabeth?-40-?4/15/1788LouisaMartin Walton to Elizabeth Johnson. Sur. Christopher Johnson. Married by Rev. Reuben Ford.
Walton, MartinJohnson, Elizabeth 4/15/1788Louisasur. Christopher Johnson. by Rev. Reuben Ford.
Walton, MeredithSharp, Ann 6/4/1799Louisadau. William Sharp; sur. Robert Sharp. wit. Willia
Walton, MeredithSharp, Ann 6/4/1799Louisadau. William Sharp. sur. Robert Sharp. wit. Willia
Walton, Norborne N.Johnson, Frances A.?-310-?2/7/1844LouisaNorborne N. Walton to Frances A. Johnson, daughter of William Johnson. sur. William Johnson.
Walton, WilliamWarren, Patsy 12/31/1802LouisaSur. Bartholomew Warren.
Walton, William J.Walton, Susan Jane 5/11/1840Louisadau. of William S. Walton. sur. William S. Walton.
Ward, JohnHambleton, Sarah13/18/1783Louisasec. Hickason Cosby.
Ware, Geo. E. (24)McGehee, Jennie C. (22) 12/22/1871 son of Nathan A.& Martha C. Ware, dau. Garrett C. & Elizabeth McGehee. Min. L. J. Haley
Wash, Edwin C.Walton, Susan F.?-515-?1/28/1861LouisaEdwin C. Wash (age 28), son of Josephus and Eliza A. Wash, to Susan F. Walton (age 16), daughter of Norborne and Frances Walton. consent of William Johnson, grandfather. minister Samuel Harris, Baptist.
Watkins, StephenHughson, Elizabeth 1/4/1804LouisaF=John Hughson Wit=James Hughson
West, James E.Johnson, Mary M?-497-?5/18/1857LouisaJames E. West of Richmond to Mary M Johnson, dau. of William D. Johnson. sur. Thomas B. Johnson.
Wheeler, John, Sr.Tisdale, Mary Marcy 1/1/1759Louisa 
Wheeler, NathanielTisdale, Nancey 12/22/1801Louisadaughter of John Tisdale. Sur. David Tisdale.
Wheeler, NathanielTisdale, Nancy 12/22/1801Louisa 
White, ChapmanButler, Nancy 6/22/1837LouisaNancy Butler (over 21) dau. of Nathan Butler, dec'
White, ClarmerBickley, Mary Lee 12/6/1933Louisa 
White, JamesBickley, Elizabeth Ellen 4/1/1854Louisa 
White, JohnTisdale, Bettie3-68-3 Louisa 
White, MosesRoberts, Mattie R.3-25-15 Louisa 
Whitlock, BartholomewDickerson, Martha S.1-1949/11/1822LouisaGriffith C. Dickerson, brother., Sec. Griffith C.
Whitlock, J. L.Robertson, Mary W.3-48-16 Louisa 
Whitlock, Jno. H.Butler, Susan Jane3-5-2012/19/1861Louisahe 25 and she 19, both born Louisa. he son of Jess
Whitson, AbrahamWaddy, Mildred1-1971/23/1823LouisaF= Samuel Waddy; sec/wit: Thomas Waddy
Whitton, John Arnold, Mary  5/3/1832Louisa (over 21). Witnessed: Samuel O. NELSON, Thomas GARDNER, Henry TYLER.
Whitton, John McGehee, Mary 2/3/1773Louisa(father: Wm McGEHEE). Witnessed by: William DAVIS
Whitton, Joseph L. Whitlock, Huldah L.  8/28/1849Louisa (21 yrs of age, father: Jesse WHITLOCK), Witnessed: Zachariah NOLAN. Minister: William CRAWFORD.
Wilkerson, GeorgeDickerson, Martha 6/7/1788LouisaJohn Waller, Minister
Williams, James (21+)Jones, Mary D. (21+)329, 44412/21/1847LouisaJames D. Jones, David Jones (f)
Willoughby, John S.Grubbs, Mattie L. 9/22/1881Louisa 
Willoughby, Walter M.Bunch, Marina Frances (Fanny) 6/9/1857Louisa 
Wills, JohnBarclay, Lucy M. 11/9/1791Louisadau. of James and Mary R. Dickerson. Sur. Lipscomb
Wilson, JohnTisdale, Alice Annie3-79-37 Louisa 
Wily, JohnJohnson, Jane?-9-?2/28/1775LouisaJohn Wily to Jane Johnson, dau. of William Johnson. Sur. Henry Garrett. John Wily is also written John Willey and Jane is written Jean.
Winston, AlexanderRobertson, Rob[?]tt3-8-21 Louisa 
Winston, AnthonyTate, Uphan1-103/7/1776Louisasec/wit: Joseph Street
Winston, Edward LeakeGrubbs, Gracie Ellen 12/13/1930Louisa 
Winston, JohnJohnson, Mary?-16-?12/4/1780LouisaJohn Winston to Mary Johnson, daughter Thomas Johnson. Sur. Anderson Thomson.
Winston, John HudsonMills, Mary Aston3-64-54/12/1911LouisaJohn Hudson Winston to Mary Aston Mills he 23 she 24, he son Nathaniel W. and Nannie W. Winston, she dau. Charles M. and Anne E. Mills, he farmer, by Chas. C. Davis.
Winston, JosephJohnson, Rebecca?-52-?11/15/1790LouisaJoseph Winston to Rebecca Johnson, dau. of Thomas Johnson, Sr.. Sur. Harry Lawrence.
Wood, Edmund P.Carpenter, Mary Jane 12/4/1841Louisa 
Wood, Ira ClintonRoberts, Mattie A.3-??-37 Louisa 
Wood, JamesJohnson, Sary?-39-?1/16/1788LouisaJames Wood to Sary Johnson, dau. of Matthew Johnson. Sur. William Bibb. Wit. John Bibb and Joseph Johnson. married 18 Jan. by Rev. John Lasley who says Sarah.
Wood, John W.Bickley, Louisa A. 1/22/1867Louisa 
Wood, ThomasGooch, Louisa 3/30/1815Louisadaughter of Stephen Gooch. sur. Peter M. Daniel. W
Woodson, ReneJohnson, Martha?-9-?2/1/1775LouisaRene Woodson to Martha Johnson, dau. David Johnson. Sur. William Johnson. Married 2 Feb. by Rev. Douglas who says Rene Woodson is of Albemarle.
Woolfolk, JosephBickley, Nelda Inez 1/1/1955Louisa 
Wright, James F.Bickley, Mary A. 2/17/1905Louisa 
Wright, JosephGooch, Elizabeth 7/14/1790LouisaSur. Claibourne Gooch. Married by Rev. William Dou
Wright, W. WynnhamMills, Annie Ola3-51-259/3/1903LouisaW. Wynnham Wright to Annie Ola Mills, he 22, she 22, both single, he born Richmond, son of Jas. P. and Carrie Lee Wright, she dau. Jno. J. and Annie M. Mills, he in insurance, by R. L. Wingfield.
Wright, William RobertBickley, Mertie P. 11/24/1909Louisa 
Yancey, GarlandButler, Polly 2/10/1812Louisadaughter of David Butler. Sur. Robert H. Yancey. W
Yancey, RichardWalton, Mary 12/30/1796Louisadau. Mary Walton, Sr. who is her guardian Sur. Ric
Yarborough, JohnDickason, Mary 7/19/1785Louisa 
Young, JamesJohnson, Elizabeth?-17-?8/7/1797LouisaJames Young to Elizabeth Johnson, dau. Richard Johnson. Sur. William Johnson, brother of the bride. Wit. George Johnson, Jr.