Louisa County Historical Society Table of Contents

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Volume 41, Number 1, Spring 2010 (Pages 1 to 60)  
Restoration of Duke House3Raymond Minter
Introduction to the Fredericks Hall Plantation Papers 17Janice Luck Abercrombie
Ledger from the Fredericks Hail Plantation Records 23Janice Luck Abercrombie
G. C. McGehee Family Bible31Thomas A. Whitlock
Louisa County Subscribers to the First American Edition of Nicholson' s Encyclopedia34James M. Bagby
Meredith Family Letters35Minor Weisiger
Louisa County Troops Called to Assist North Carolina, 177640Janice L. Abercrombie
Personal Property Estate Sale – An 1823 Community Event41James M. Bagby
Legislative Petitions from Louisa County 1774-186547James M. Bagby
Winters' Woes--Significant Snowfalls of the Past Seven Decades57Pat Wilson
Volume 41, Number 2, Fall 2010 (Pages 63 to 120)  
Considering Clara Garland's Contribution to the History of Garlandtown63Kristin Renee Hicks
Getting from Here to There: A Route Through Louisa County in 191277Conley L. Edwards
John C. Goodwin Family Bible85Janice Luck Abercrombie
Civil War Letters of Maj. David Watson 89John Jeri Purcell, Maren Smith
Legislative Petitions from Louisa County 1774-186599James M Bagby
Meredith Family Letters107Minor Weisiger
Volume 42, Number 1, Spring 2011 (Pages 1 to 65)  
The Post in Louisa County3Thomas P. Myers
John Brockman: Union Soldier from Louisa County: the Status of a Black Soldier in the Union Army 29Durwood Willis
William Cooke Family Bible Registry 43Mary Jo Cooke Baskerville
Civil War Letters of Maj. David Watson47John Jeri Purcell, Maren Smith
1840 Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary War Service52Janice Luck Abercrombie
Diary of John Henry Vest, 1838-186353Connie Hill Granger
Volume 42, Number 2, Fall 2011 (Pages 66 to 140)  
John Henry Buck: Virginia Millwright67William W Reynolds
Length and Breadth of Louisa County82 
Distribution of Public Salt in Louisa County During the American Revolution83Maria Wornom Rippe
Corduroy97Doniphan Purcell Howland
A Correction108John Jerl Purcell, Maren Smith
Civil War Letters of Major David Watson109 
Legislative Petitions from Louisa County117James M Bagby
Richness of Chancery Suit Records: A Case Study Based on Trice Family Suits129James M Bagby
Volume 43, Number 1, Spring 2012 (Pages 1 to 58)  
Ellen Glasgow and Louisa County3Welford Dunaway Taylor
Freedmen's Bureau Field Office Records for Louisa County15Kristin Renee Hicks
War of 1812 Bounty Land Warrants33Janice Luck Abercrombie
Civil War Letters of Maj. David Watson41John Jerl Purcell, Maren Smith
Legislative Petitions from Louisa County 1774-186551James M Bagby
Volume 43, Number 2, Fall 2012 (Pages 60 to 123)  
Henry Box Brown's Youth in Louisa County61Jeffrey Ruggles
Louisa Archaeology68Thomas P. Myers
Civil War Letters of Maj. David Watson (continued from Vol. 43, No. 1)88John Jerl Purcess & Maren Smith
Louisa County Voting Results for the Presidential and Congressional Election in 191297James M. Bagby
Legislative Petitions from Louisa County 1774-1865 (continued from Vol. 43, No 1)99James M. Bagby
Another Perkins-Bowles Marriage105Mary Lou (Bagby) Hopkins
Wills (Circuit Court) 1810-1828, Louisa County109Cheryl Henshaw
Volume 44, Number 1, Spring 2013 (Pages 1 to 71)  
Spanish Reales: The Earliest Historic Artifacts from Louisa County5Thomas P. Myers
Louisa County Wills (Circuit Court) 1810-182820Transcribed by Cheryl Henshaw
Memoirs of Brooke Smith of Brownwood, Texas21Brooke Smith, Transcribed by Thomas Whitlock
Civil War Letters of Maj. David Watson (continued from Vol. 43, No. 2)35John Jerl Purcess & Maren Smith
Legislative Petitions from Louisa County 1774-1865 (continued from Vol. 43, No. 2)53James M. Bagby
Volume 44, Number 2, Fall 2013 (Pages 73 to 170)  
Overcoming the Brick Wall of Slavery73Natonne Elaine Kemp
Letter of Polly Overton to James Malcolm Hart, 185885Contributed by Malcolm Hart Harris, M.D.
Polly's Letter89Marian Harrison Novak
On the Wear of Archaeological Coins111Thomas P. Myers
Civil War Letters of Maj. David Watson (continued from Vol. 44, No. 1)113John Jerl Purcess & Maren Smith
Civil War Map On-line145 
Wills (Circuit Court) 1810-1828, Louisa County147Cheryl Henshaw
Volume 45, Number 1, Spring 2014 (Pages 1 to 103)  
The Name of a Slave1Marian Harrison Novak
1,400 Mouths to Feed: Two Determined Sisters Who Toiled to Preserve a Virginia Plantation in the Early 20th Century27Catherine Ann Taylor
Civil War Letters of Maj. David Watson (continued from Vol. 44, No. 2)42John Jerl Purcess & Maren Smith
The Mann Families of Louisa County, Virginia, 1773 to 178964David T. Mann
Volume 45, Number 2, Fall 2014 (Pages 106 to 168)  
Climbing My Louisa Family Tree: A Quest Never Ending106Evan Stent
The Library of a Virginia Planter121Thomas P. Myers
Land Office Warrants Issued for Service in the French and Indian War. 140Abstracted by Barbara Vines Little, Transcribed by Thomas Whitlock
Volume 46, Number 1, Spring 2015 (Pages 1 to 79)  
The Story of Roundabout2Josephine Henderson Neal
A Letter from Bracketts in 18228Intro by Thomas P. Myers, transcribed by Michael Seaton
African-American Schools of Louisa County18Elaine Taylor
Narrative of Louisa County Schools28Zelda Carter Morton
The 1927 Phone Book35Thomas P. Myers
Apprenticing Sarah Martin's Bastard Children42Intro by Thomas P. Myers, transcribed by Thomas Whitlock
Practical Politics in Louisa County, 188249Thomas P. Myers
Louisa County Entries in the 1854 State Fair58Thomas P. Myers
Fish66Charles S. Jones
Wills (Circuit Court) 1810-1828, Louisa County68Cheryl Henshaw
Volume 46, Number 2, Fall 2015 (Pages 75 to 143)  
Saving Prospect Hill Plantation, 1969-197475James Gallagher
Louisa Enters the Automobile Age90Thomas P. Myers
Visionaries of Louisa County - 180 years ago105Bob Harvey
You've Heard of the Jerdone Castle, but Who was Francis Jerdone?106Chris Peterson
John Z. Holladay, Louisa's Rising Star108Thomas P. Myers
A list of Free Negros, & Mulattoes in the District of Louisa118[Nathan H] Crawford, Transcribed by Cheryl Henshaw
The Days in May 1864 When the Civil War Came to the Lake Anna Region120Chris Peterson
Improved Machinery vs. Common Labor123James W. Murrell
L.R.'s Queries to the American Farmer in 1847126 
From Will Book 1, 1747-1749131Cheryl Henshaw