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Volume 31, Number 1, Spring 2000 (Pages 1 to 59)  
Prohibition Fever: 1893-19263Martha A. McIntire
1915 Directory of Louisa County8Doris Perkins Meredith
Spanish Lady Visits Louisa: 1918 Influenza Epidemic28Vickie Hopkins Southall
Quail School, 1922-192345Nancy Merle Agee
Then and Now48Eugenia T. Bumpass
Remembering the Great Depression52Grace Hannah Watkins
Did You Know???59Pattie Cooke
Volume 31, Number 2, Fall 2000 (Pages 60 to 116)  
Courthouse Renovation Program63 
Courthouse Rededication Address65Honorable Judge Harry L. Carrico
Reflections about the Courthouse69Honorable Dean P. Agee
Poindexter's Store75Pattie P. Cooke
Excerpts from H.R. Terrell's Addresses84Pattie P. Cooke
Memories of World War II, Joe Terrell's Store and Buckner School85Marilyn B. Corker
Memories of a World War II Soldier91Walter F. Scott
On the Home Front During World War II94Janet L. Cameron
The Harriet Branham Diary -- Nov. 6, 1861 to May 24, 186296Louis Mittleman, Jr.
Did You Know109From the Extension Service in Louisa County
Volume 32, Number 1, Spring 2001 (Pages 1 to 56)  
Poindexter3Pattie Cooke
The Harriet Branham Diary -- Nov. 6, 1861 to May 24, 186211Louis Mittleman, Jr.
Lawn Party at Forest Hill Church25Mattie M. Danne
Strong Family of Louisa and Hanover Counties: 1760-27Herma McAllister Deal
Post Offices of Louisa County, 1800-200136Grace Hannah Watkins
Establishment of Huon Post Office43LCHS Museum
Portraits in the Courthouse45Pattie Cooke
Tribute to Aleck Keane51Louis Mittelman
Kincanon Canning Company Contract53Doris Perkins Meredith
Did You Know?54 
In Memoriam56 
Volume 32, Number 2, Fall 2001 (Pages 59 to 112)  
The Formation of the Louisa County Historical Society - A Tribute to Porter C. Wright59John B. Gilmer
Fox Hunt of 187062William B. Goodwin
The Hendrick Plantation64William H. Kiblinger, compiled by Eugenia Bumpass
Buck Hill74Claudia Chisholm
The Gardner Sisters After the War78Jill Ramsey
Update on the Restoration of White Walnut (continued)94Michael B. Seaton
The Karl Harris Store in Bumpass, VA98Marilyn Byrd Corker
Hasher Family Bible101Bernard E. Watkins, Jr.
Volume 33, Number 1, Spring 2002 (Pages 1 to 42)  
Roots in Buckner3Ann Terrell Garrett
Public Colored School #9, February, 188619Alice Burrows
End of An Era: The Last Years of the Gardner Sisters21Jill Ramsey
Reflections of Easter of Bygone Years32Josephine D. Wertham
Gum Spring34R. Daniel Booton
Annual Report of the Board of School Commissioners for 186138The Central Virginian
Annual Report of the Superintendent of Schools for 186140The Central Virginian
Volume 33, Number 2, Fall 2002 (Pages 45 to 101)  
Roots in Buckner (continued) 45Ann Terrell Garrett
Excerpts From A Child of Northeastern Louisa County 51Captain John H. Garrett, Jr.
Good Road Convention at Louisa March 10, 1917 53Hervey Rosser Terrell
Letter from Robt. Hart to Hervey Terrell 62Captain John 11. Garrett, Jr.
Christmas Is a Time for Remembering 63Leona Woolfolk, intro by Josephine D. Werthan
The Native Americans of Louisa County 66Michael B. Seaton
Grandma Jo Remembers Her Childhood 73Jill Ramsey
Mr. Richard Shelton's Tour of Country Stores 88Pattie Cooke
Reflections on Railroading in Louisa County 90A.G. Johnson
Index 97 
Volume 34, Number 1, Spring 2003 (Pages 1 to 38)  
Letter from Susan Dabney Morris Watson, 1832 3Henry Taylor
The Native Americans of Louisa County 7Michael B. Seaton
A History of Williams/South Anna Baptist Church 14Eugenia Bumpass
History of Berea Baptist Church 35Anna Atkins Duffer
Volume 34, Number 2, Fall 2003 (Pages 45 to 66)  
Timberlake's Mill 45Dr Malcolm Harris
Scholar and Linguist Spends Sunset of Life in Louisa 47Lynn G. Guilford
Susan D. Watson's Application for Amnesty 49Henry Taylor
Letter of Joseph L. Wills, 1919 51Pattyie Cooke
Private Hadder's War 53C. Champion Bowles, Jr
A Letter from Louisa 59Jill Ramsey
Index 62 
Volume 35, Number 1, Spring 2004 (Pages 1 to 166)  
Portrait of an Old Confederate 1Jill Ramsey
The Hart Family Papers 8Kenneth Lancaster
Military Activity at Fredericks Hall During the War Between the States 18Col. Walbrook Davis Swank
The Battle of Trevilians, Miscellaneous Commentary 27W G. Ryckman
Mother's Race Across Battlefield Is Recalled 35Thomas A. Whitlock
Netherlands, House and Tavern 41 
A Tribute to J. Murry Vest 47Mrs. J Murry Hill
Monument Erected to a Faithful Slave 56Doniphan Purcell Howland
Louisa County, Virginia, Survivors of the Immortal Six Hundred 60Paul Murphy
Excerpts from the "Recollections" of R. T. W. Duke, Jr64 Doniphan Purcell Howland
Civil War Letters of John Barret Pendleton66Anne Pendleton Forrest
Letter from the Front 72David A. Kean & Margaret Kean Mulawa
Civil War Letter 75Louis Leake Kean
Civil War Letter 76Malcolm Hart Harris
Letter to A Confederate Camp 83 
Civil War Letter 86Louis Leake Kean
Letter from Mrs. Waters, the Mother of Six Union Soldiers 88Eugenia T Bumpass
Letter from William Wood to his Father Latane M. Wood91Frances Henson Atkins and Porter C. Wright
Letters of Maj. Gen. Alvin Coe Voris 93Mrs. Nancy C. Baird
Letters of Maj. Gen. Alvin Coe Voris (continued)98Mrs. Nancy C. Baird
Civil War Comrades 104Ms. Lizzie Brook Goodwin
Oakland Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions108Porter C. Wright
Civil War Deaths 123Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Another View of the War 125Janice L. Abercrombie
The Confederate Monument at Louisa, Virginia 128Porter C. Wright
What Louisa Did in the War Between the States137Dr. J William Jones
Speech of William Callis Kean at Confederate Monument Dedication 148Louis Leake Kean
Civil War Letters of John Taylor Anderson 151Pattie Pavlansky Cooke
Walker Correspondence February 1864 158Thomas A. Whitlock
David M. Hunter Letter 161Thomas A. Whitlock
A Soldier's Death 163Pattie Cooke
Brackett's 166George Nolting
Volume 35, Number 2, Fall 2004 (Pages 167 to 207)  
Louisa County Memorial Medical Service Center 167Marilyn Byrd Corker
Hill-Burton Act 170Marilyn Byrd Corker
A Personal Odyssey of Discovery 172Michael B. Seaton
Dr. Nan Cooke Carpenter 177Eugenia T Bumpass
The Restoration of the Crank Building 180 
Dedication; of the Crank Building Photos 183 
Free Union Gospel Church 186Evelina D. Thurston & C. Champion Bowles Jr.
Chataigne’s Virginia Gazetteer, Louisa County 1888-1889 194Frank B. Boxley
Volume 36, Fall 2005 (Pages 1 to 86)  
A Louisa Icon 1C. Champion Bowles
Buffalo Soldiers 4Judy Seaton
Did You Know? 7C. Champion Bowles
Dr. Nan Cooke Carpenter 8Eugenia T Bumpass
Peter Crawford List 13Pattie Cooke
Free Union Gospel Church15Evelima Thurston and C. Champion Bowles
Colonel Bartlett A. Henson 22Pattie Cooke
History of Louisa County Airport/Freeman Field 24James Bell
Lasley United Methodist Church 31Eddie Hottinger
Lasley Ladies Aid Society Ledger 34Pattie Cooke
Mineral Milling Co., Louisa Electric and Power Co., Mineral Crystal Ice, Co42Janice L. Abercrombie
The Profile of a Go-Getter 55Eugenia T Bumpass
Louisa Monument to the Confederate Dead: 100th Anniversary Rededication Ceremony 72Judy Seaton
Volume 37, Number 1, Spring 2006 (Pages 37 to 50)  
Activities of a Historical Society Intern1Stefanie Wallace
G O L D 19Michael Gillespie
Katrina Aftermath 27David L. Stone
Gas Tax32W.A.C. Pettit donated papers
Lawrence Family Oral History 33Gordon B. Lawrence
Memories of Louisa High School (1927-1938) 35Mary "E" Wright Mills Richardson
Moving Bethany Christian Church 43 
Volume 37, Number 2, Fall 2006 (Pages 51 to 108)  
A Letter to "Mr. President" 51Porter C. Wright
From a jail to a Museum 53Porter C. Wright
Louisa County Standard Measure 59Porter C. Wright
Memories of Porter C. Wright 65 
The New Home of LCHS70 
Secretary's Report 72 
Selected Documents 85W.A.C. Pettit donated papers
Volume 38, Number 1, Spring 2007 (Pages 1 to 56)  
The Doles Family History 1Linda K. Queen
Martha Long Gates Moss 12Charles H. Gates
Latouche Island Mining Venture 14Charles H. Gates
Agreement Between Alice Hanger and H. C. Long 24Louisa County Historical Society Archives
Tobacco Spitting Contest 26The Central Virginian
March Court Day 27 
The Education of Quintus 31Jabez Quintus Massie
Provenance of the Sargeant-Pettit House 34John B. Gilmer
Trevilians Post Office 35Louisa County Historical Society Archives
Louisa's First High School44Louisa County Historical Society Archives
Kiskiack: The Henry Lee House, Yorktown, VA and Jamestown 200746Doniphan Purcell Howland
Volume 38, Number 2, Fall 2007 (Pages 57 to 136)  
The Doles Family History 57Linda K. Queen
Early Louisa County Rail and Highway Contractors73Standard F. Lanford
Good Things to Eat and How to Prepare Them 84Louisa County Historical Society Archives
Two Letters88Louisa County Historical Society Archives
1915 Directory of Louisa County 91Louisa County Historical Society Archives
Index 113 
Volume 39, Number 1, Spring 2008 (Pages 1 to 42)  
1915 Directory of Louisa County (cont.)1Louisa County Historical Society Archives
The Rediscovery of Green Springs Depot19J. K. Brandau
Post Civil War Economics Rejuvenation and the General Store: Louisa County 1867-190125Durwood H. Willis
A Tail Clamp34Brooke Goodwin Winston
Thinking of Days Gone By35Lawrence A. Shumake
Retiring, Retiring42Judy Seaton
Volume 39, Number 2, Fall 2008 (Pages 43 to 93)  
Live Cannonballs Destroyed43Michael B. Seaton
The Sargeant Museum44Michael B. Seaton
Before Pictures49 
Preview of the Museum50 
The Office and Archival Room58Michael Seaton, Chair
Native Peoples59Michael Seaton, Chair
Louisa After the Revolutionary War63Michael Seaton, Chair
Civil War67Michael Seaton, Chair
Education72Elaine Taylor, Chair
Government77Doniphan Purcell Howland, Chair
Transportation83Willie Gentry, Chair
Index 91 
Volume 40, Number 1, Spring 2009 (Pages 1 to 54)  
Postcards1Noel G. Harrison
The Belvins, Francks, and Poindexters of Louisa County4Lisa M. Ritter
Fort Mineral13Janice Abercrombie
Walton Letters18Tom Walton
The Pen39J. K. Brandau
Tidbits47Archival Volunteers
Volume 40, Number 2, Fall 2009 (Pages 55 to 108)  
Update and Correction for The Belvins, Francks, and Poindexters of Louisa County55Lisa M. Ritter
Gone West from Louisa56Willie Gentry, Stan Lanford, Bernice Kube
Sarah Jennings Will63Janice Abercrombie
Double Count: An Ancestor Listed Twice in the 1880 Census 69Natonne Elaine Kemp
The Story of Winston Hall80Josephine Neal
Roundabout Meeting House89Bernice Houchins
Turner's Mill92Cliff Wallow
Letters from W.A.C. Pettit96LCHS Archives

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