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Volume 21, Number 1, Spring 1990 (Pages 1 to 144)  
Taverns of Tolersville, Virginia3William H. Kiblinger
Tolersville, P. O. to Mineral, Virginia15Janice Luck Abercrombie
Officers and Directors of Mineral City Mining, Manufacturing and Land Company24Pattie P. Cooke
Mineral City Tax List 1890-190028Janice Luck Abercrombie
1900 Census Mineral City, Virginia32Janice Luck Abercrombie
1910 Census Mineral Town, Virginia33Janice Luck Abercrombie
The Progress of Mineral, Virginia40The Central Virginian
Early Mineral43W. H. Boyle - The Central Virginian
Wm. Henry Adams46Janice Luck Abercrombie
Grace Curtis Adams Van Deursen Davis50Janice Luck Abercrombie
Pyrite Mining in Louisa County, Virginia52J. J. Porter
Arminius Chemical Company Records56Janice Luck Abercrombie
Postoffice and Postmasters58Louisa County Historical Society Museum
Walter L. Bishop59Janice Luck Abercrombie
Mineral Schools64Pattie P. Cooke
Commencement Program 192469Eugenia T. Bumpass
Fourth of July Celebration70Janice Luck Abercrombie
Mineral Hotel72Abercrombie and Kiblinger
Coleman Hotel74Janice Luck Abercrombie
Mineral Lodge 31 F.M. & A.M.76Hunter C. Perkinson
Churches of Mineral, Virginia79Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Mineral Town Minutes91Janice Luck Abercrombie
Mineral Volunteer Fire Department96Irene D. Luck
A Backward Glance98Eugenia T. Bumpass
Newspapers of Louisa County120Janice Luck Abercrombie
Military Personnel of Mineral, Virginia121Pattie P. Cooke
Business and Phone Directory of Mineral, Virginia125Pattie P. Cooke
Mayors of Mineral, Virginia126Janice Luck Abercrombie
Volume 21, Number 2, Winter 1990 (Pages 1 to 51)  
Cuckoo House1Mildred McLean Pendleton
History of Louisa County High School10Eugenia T. Bumpass, Alice E. Martin & Lucy B. Sale
Fifth Street School, Mineral, Virginia14William H. Kiblinger
Some Louisa County Teachers -188416Janice Luck Abercrombie
Clerks of the Court, Louisa County, Virginia20Pattie P. Cooke
Memories of Bygone Days28Eugenia T. Bumpass
The Carpenter Families of Elk Creek32Claudia A. Chisholm
Old Trinity Meeting House36William H. Kiblinger
Abstracts of Louisa Judgment Papers38Janice Luck Abercrombie
Volume 22, Number 1, Spring 1991 (Pages 1 to 52)  
Clerks of the Court, Louisa County, Virginia3Pattie P. Cooke
A Favorite Soldier of 177610Fannie Brooke Francisco Goodwin
The Village of Fredericks Hall, Virginia13Claudia A. Chisholm
Fredericks Hall, Virginia, Post Office16Claudia A. Chisholm
Bethpage Christian Church19Claudia A. Chisholm
War Between the States, Fredericks Hall22Col. Walbrook D. Swank
Patrick Henry, Burgess From Louisa County32Eugenia T. Bumpass
Fork Methodist Church Roll Book36From The Museum
Jackson Post Office40From the Museum
Old Timers - Pearl Mills Harris41Eugenia T. Bumpass
Abstracts of Louisa Judgment Papers45Janice L. Abercrombie
Volume 22, Number 2, Winter 1991 (Pages 54 to 113)  
Village of Fredericks Hall (Continued)55Claudia A. Chisholm
The Immortal Six Hundred73Paul Murphy
John Nelson, Addendum77Pattie Cooke & Judy Frayser
Along the Ellisville Road79James W. Wright
Articles of Agreement88Eugenia T. Bumpass
Sheriff Joseph Bickley, Jr. and the First Jail89Edna H. and James J. Bushnell
John Poindexter, Addendum93J. Quintus Massie and Pattie Cooke
Glimpse in the Past, Wilhelmina Mills Antley96Eugenia T. Bumpass
Susanna Smith Fox Wash, Pension Papers99Janice L. Abercrombie
Volume 23, Number 1, Spring 1992 (Pages 1 to 76)  
David Richardson of Louisa County3Janice L. Abercrombie
David Richardson's Almanac: How Accurate Was It?13Lawrence D. Kavanagh, Jr.
The Village of Fredericks Hall, Virginia22Claudia A. Chisholm
A Very Pretty Marriage41Mary E. Richardson
Along the Ellisville Road45James W. Wright, Jr.
A Diary of Thomas Anderson Hope55Mary H. Poole and Eugenia T. Bumpass
Clerks of the Court, Louisa County67Pattie P. Cooke
Mills Family Bible75Mary E. Richardson
Volume 23, Number 2, Fall 1992 (Pages 77 to 134)  
The Village of Fredericks Hall (Continued)77Claudia A. Chisholm
Boxley Family Bible95Doris Pleasants Diggs
Researching Free Blacks in Louisa County, Virginia97J. Quintus Massie
Revolutionary War Pension Application of Sam Hill99Eugenia T. Bumpass
Roster of Slaves Bought by Matthew Anderson100Eugenia T. Bumpass
Jackson School District Ledger 1871-1887101Pattie P. Cooke
Little River Baptist Church108Frank Boxley, Jr.
Volume 24, Number 1, Spring 1993 (Pages 1 to 54)  
Cabinet Makers of Louisa County1Eugenia T. Bumpass
Louisa County Ads16James Waltorz Wright
Clerks of the Louisa Court17Pattie P. Cooke
The Story of Lucy Langston23Quintas Massie
Little River Baptist Church30 
Village of Fredericks Hall31Claudia A. Chisholm
Along the Ellisville Road45James Walton Wright
Volume 24, Number 2, Winter 1993 (Pages 55 to 109)  
A Few Thoughts on Saving Paper55J. Quintus Massie
Boxley- McCandlish and Pleasants Cemeteries60Eugenia T. Bumpass
A Petition to the General Assembly61Eugenia T. Bun~pass
The Village of Fredericks Hall (continued)63Claudia A. Chishol~n
William Cecil Elam73James Walton Wnght
Letter from Mrs. Waters, Mother of Six Union Soldiers84Eugenia T. Bumpass
The Town of Louisa87Patti P. Cooke
Ledger Book Dr. John Fleming Hope92Eugenia T. Bumpass
Volume 25, Number 1, Spring 1994 (Pages 1 to 54)  
Bibb Store in the Old Days1Edward H. Turner
Langston Hughes - His Louisa Heritage3Ann Avery Hunter
The Civilian Conservation Corps in Louisa County7Eugenia T. Bumpass
The Village of Fredericks Hall - Locust Grove15Claudia A. Chisholm
1825 List of License Issued26Janice L. Abercrombie
Private Schools in Louisa County 1845-187927James W. Wright
J. H. Andrew's Letter: An Account of the Depression33Mary Ellen Andews Ekblad
David Morris Hunter - Addendum35Pattie P. Cooke
William Cecil Elam and William Mahone38James Walton Wright
Dr. Frank Harris, The Traveling Dentist51Eugenia T. Bumpass
Volume 25, Number 2, Winter 1994 (Pages 55 to 120)  
The Meeting House Called Bethany55W. Reid Ware
The Education of Charles J. Daniel59J. Quintus Massie
Louisa County Native Recalls D-Day62William Francis Harris, Jr.
The Village of Fredericks Hall66Claudia A. Chisholm
William Cecil Elam and William Mahone79James Walton Wright, Jr.
Patrick Belsches, 18th Century Entrepreneur95Eugenia T. Bumpass
The History of Quail Home Demonstration Club99Josephine Henderson Neal
Volume 26, Number 1, Spring 1995 (Pages 1 to 56)  
The Timberlake Affair3Jill Ramsey
The Nathaniel Hughson Family Bible8Ann Grubbs Joyce
The Renovation of White Walnut10Mike and Judy Seaton
Journalistic Journeys to the Past19James Walton Wright, Jr.
Thomas M. Fowler's Contract for Will30Eugenia T. Bumpass
The Village of Fredericks Hall34Claudia A. Chisholm
Last Will & Testament of Michael Ailstock41Odell McGuire
Volume 26, Number 2, Fall 1995 (Pages 59 to 116)  
Folk Housing Revisited59Alison Bell and James Deetz
Peter Mickleborough Daniel72J. Quintus Massie and Becky M. Dale
Letter Book of Dr. Henry W. Holman77Pattie Cook
The Hermitage and the Barret Family80Jane Pendleton Wootton, M.D.
The Marriage Contract87Jill Ramsey
The Village of Fredericks Hall*96Claudia A. Chisholm
Letters by Thomas Jefferson and Major John Winston103James Walton Wright, Jr.
Tanglewood, The Grasberger Place105Eugenia Bumpass
Volume 27, Number 1, Spring 1996 (Pages 1 to 54)  
George McDuffie Blake, 1859-19443Ann Cottrell Free
Widow's Petition for a Pension19Janice L. Abercrombie
Saint James: From Mission to Church22Pattie Cook
Yancey Bros. vs The County of Louisa27James Walton Wright, Jr.
The May Place29Eugenia I: Bumpass
Census of Louisa County Teachers, 189334Frank T West
Fleshman Family Cemetery36Ann G. Joyce
The Village of Fredericks Hall, Brookeville*37Claudia A. Chisholm
The McGehee Family Record48Janice L. Abercrombie
Louisa Weekly Reader51Pattie Cooke
Crank-Collins Memorial Endowment53Mary E. Richardson
Volume 27, Number 2, Fall 1996 (Pages 55 to 114)  
Historic Sites Archaeology in Louisa County57Alison Bell
Spring Hill: The Rigsby House71Eugenia T. Bumpass
Secondary Education in Virginia, 1870-188676James W. Wright
Tracking the Estes Family82J. Quintus Massie
The Village of Frederick Hall* (continued)86Claudia A. Chisholm
Three Dickinson Family Bibles97Jill Ramsey
Volume 28, Number 1, Spring 1997 (Pages 1 to 55)  
Farming and Gardening in the Green Springs3Martha A. McIntire
Grace Freewill Baptist Church10Joyce Palmer
The Chewnings of Green Springs, Louisa County13Sam Towler
The History of Mt. Garland Baptist Church23Ms. Hortense Gordon Lewis
Portrait of an Old Confederate25Jill Ramsey
The Village of Fredericks Hall - Hart's Shop33Claudia A. Chisholm
The George Lumsdens of Louisa County38Alice L. Brown
Medical and Surgical History of the Civil War50Nancy C. Baird
Volume 28, Number 2, Fall 1996 (Pages 56 to 116)  
Sarah Michie of Sedgy Creek55Phyloise Crank Hunt
Valentine's Mill69Eugenia T. Bumpass
The Hart Family Papers72Kenneth Lancaster
The History of First Baptist Church, Louisa, Va.83Mrs. Christine P. Thomasson
The Village of Fredericks Hall - Palo Alto and Garlands85Claudia A. Chisholm
A 19th Century Girlhood94Jill Ramsey
John Chew Cammack101Pattie Cook
Volume 29, Number 1, Spring 1998 (Pages 1 to 59)  
Porter Clay Wright3Pattie Cook
The History of the Town of Louisa Speech, 19735Porter Clay Wright
Charter of the Town of Louisa, Va.11Pattie Cook
The Town of Louisa, Virginia13Pattie Cook
History of the Louisa County Post Office28Porter Clay Wright
Louisa Telephone Company32Porter Clay Wright
Patrick Henry in the Town of Louisa34Pattie Cook
Tavern Owners and the Town of Louisa36Pattie Cook
A History of the First Baptist Church, Louisa, Virginia42Christine Thomasson
Christian Church is Organized at Louisa Courthouse44R. Milton Atkins
Memorial Baptist Church of Louisa, Virginia47Reverend Jerry Riggins
Louisa Presbyterian Church of Louisa, Virginia49Mrs. Albert Clyde Marshall and Mrs. Laurel D. Marshall
St. James Episcopal Church of Louisa, Virginia52Pattie Cook
History of the Louisa United Methodist Church54from Louisa United Methodist Church
Louisa Baptist Church56Reverend David Cole
Volume 29, Number 2, Fall 1998 (Pages 60 to 116)  
Dr. Wiley Anderson, Architect for the Courthouse63Courtesy of Scottsville Museum Newsletter, No. 7
The Leigh Family of Louisa, Va.65Lucy Whitlock and Robert Milton Atkins
Walking Tour of the Town of Louisa67Pattie Cook
Louisa Weekly Record101 
Louisa County Directory Circa 1894102Pattie Cook
Volume 30, Number 1, Spring 1999 (Pages 1 to 56)  
Descendants of John Jenkins, Sr.3 
The Fights at Louisa Courthouse and Trevillion [sic]17A personal Memoir of Captain John Bauskett, Co. B, 6th S.C. Cavalry
Trevilian!29Jerry Meyers
Background to the Massie Brother Farming Operations during the Depression51Quintus Massie
Volume 30, Number 2, Fall 1999 (Pages 57 to 96)  
The Air Crash at Trevilians, Virginia59Ed Bimler
Making Sorghum62Beckie Massie Dale
The Family of Benjamin Bibb, Jr.66Susan A. Henderson
Memorandum Book of A. M. Perkins81Jan Stark
In Memoriam88Eugenia T. Bumpass

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