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Volume 11, Number 1, Summer 1979 (Pages 3 to 47)  
Swift's Mill3Claudia Anderson Chisholm and Ellen G. Lillie
Early Quaker Families in Louisa7. Malcolm H. Harris
A Brief History Of Lasley United Methodist Church: 1780-197925Eugenia T. Bumpass
The First Generation of the Shelton Family in Louisa County32James Morris Bagby
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174638Kathleen R. Perkins
Harris and Hart Family Bible45Eugenia T. Bumpass
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary47Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Volume 11, Number 2, Winter 1979 (Pages 2 to 48)  
Byrd Mill2 
Tombstones12Anne Lewis Harris
Abstracts of Louisa Land Grants18Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Trevilian Family Bible22Helen P. Walman
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174630Kathleen R. Perkins
Boxley Family Bible36Griswold Boxley Hodge
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary39Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Volume 12, Number 1, Summer 1980 (Pages 2 to 46)  
Thomas and Ann Mills Jackson of Cub Creek and Their Descendants2Ellen G. Lillie
South Anna Baptist Church24A. Lisa Barker
Waddy's Mill34Kenneth Lancaster
Paulett Family Wills39 
The Harlow and Swift Family Bibles43Eugenia T. Bumpass
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174646Kathleen R. Perkins
Volume 12, Number 2, Winter 1980-81 (Pages 51 to 89)  
Brooke's Mill at "Mill Farm"51Kenneth Lancaster
Locust Grove and Macphela55Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174667Kathleen R. Perkins
Revolutionary Pension Claim of Peter Butler71 
Thomas and Ann Mills Jackson74Ellen G. Lillie
George Harris Cooke Bible87Eugenia T. Bumpass
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary89Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Volume 13, Number 1, Summer 1981 (Pages 1 to 48)  
William Overton Callis of Louisa County3Kenneth McCoy Lancaster
Origin of the Moss Family of Louisa County8James Morris Bagby
Louisa County Two Centuries Ago - 17819James Morris Bagby
Louisa County A Century Ago - 188112Kathleen Richardson Meredith
The Reverend William Douglas of Goochland and Louisa Counties15Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Humphrey Parrish Family Bible23James Morris Bagby
Winston Family Cemetery25Louis Leake Keane
Carpenter Family Vital Data26James Morris Bagby
Letter of Polly Overton to James Malcom Hart 185827Malcom Hart Harris
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174829Kathleen Richardson Meredith
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary39Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Genealogical Notes46 
New Members48 
Volume 13, Number 2, Winter 1981-1982 (Pages 51 to 99)  
Fredericksville Parish - The Early Years51Rosalie Edith Davis
Search For The Francis Jerdone Portrait - A Personal Account55Malcolm Hart Harris
Mt. Air - Pleasant View57Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Inventory of the Overton Papers62Malcolm Hart Harris
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174872Kathleen Richardson Meredith
A Thomas Family of Louisa County77James M. Bagby
Speech of William Callis Keane At Confederate Monument Dedication79Louis Leake Keane
Foster Family Bible81Lewis Vaughan Mills
New Members85 
Life Members - 198185 
Volume 14, Number 1, Summer 1982 (Pages 1 to 48)  
Letter of John Jerdone to Dr. Julian Keane - 18513Louis Leake Keane
Louisa County Two Centuries Ago - 17829James Morris Bagby
Louisa County A Century Ago - 188212Edmund Meredith
Inventory of the Overton Papers14Malcolm Hart Harris
Seargent, Philpotts-Walsh and Parrish Family Cemeteries30Louis Leake Keane
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174832Kathleen Richardson Meredith
Genealogical Notes44 
Museum Update47 
New Members48 
Volume 14, Number 2, Winter 1982-1983 (Pages 49 to 99)  
Editors Page50 
Francis Jerdone (1720-1771), Merchant and His Family51Malcolm Hart Harris
Byrd Mill - A Continued Story59Rosalie Edith Davis
Thomas Jefferson Letter to William Overton Callis63Louis Leake Keane
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174864Kathleen Richardson Meredith
Pottiesville Ledger71Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Inventory of the Overton Papers74Malcolm Hart Harris
Richardson Family Cemetery83Louis Leake Keane
Museum Update85 
New Members86 
Volume 15, Number 1, Summer 1983 (Pages 1 to 48)  
Mineral City Gold3Mary C. Goodling
A Tribute to J. Murry Vest11Mrs. J. Murry Hill
Pottiesville Ledger21Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Inventory of the Overton Papers26Malcolm Hart Harris
The Hunter Family31Janice Luck Abercrombie
Museum Update38Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Woodward Family Bible39Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174841Kathleen Richardson Meredith
Genealogical Notes45 
Receipts46Louis Leake Keane
New Members48 
Volume 15, Number 2, Winter 1983-1984 (Pages 49 to 96)  
Louisa's Pre-Revolutionary Sheriffs, 1742-1783 and Some Known Assistants51Col. John C. Bell
Woodville and Neighborhood63Pattie Pavlansky Cooke
Pottiesville Ledger67Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Louisa County Two Centuries Ago - 178371James Morris Bagby
Louisa County A Century Ago - 188373Edmund Meredith
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174875Kathleen R. Meredith
Inventory of the Overton Papers79Malcolm Hart Harris
Civil War Letter83Louis Leake Kean
New Members86 
Volume 16, Number 1, Summer 1984 (Pages 1 to 56)  
Autobiography of Pattie Ann Carter Dettor3Pattie Pavlansky Cooke
Civil War Letter11Louis Leake Kean
Medical Journal of Dr. Julian Kean12Kathleen Richardson Meredith
Civil War Letter19Malcolm Hart Harris
Inventory of the Overton Papers27Malcolm Hart Harris
Civil War Deaths31Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Cuzco33William Kiblinger
Pottiesville Ledger37Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174840Kathleen R. Meredith
Our Christmas Heritage45Hon. F. Ward Harkrader, Jr.
New Members56 
Volume 16, Number 2, Winter 1984-1985 (Pages 57 to 102)  
Letter From Home59Vernon C. Page
Gillespie Family63Vernon C. Page and Janice Luck Abercrombie
Louisa County A Century Ago66Edmund E. Meredith
Pottiesville Ledger67Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Register of Graves, Louisa Christian Church70R. Milton Atkins
Inventory of the Overton Papers74Malcolm Hart Harris
Medical Journal of Dr. Julian Kean77Kathleen Richardson Meredith
Genealogical Notes83 
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174885Kathleen Richardson Meredith
New Members90 
Volume 17, Number 1, Summer 1985 (Pages 1 to 56)  
Letter from Dr. A. C. Isbell3Eugenia T. Bumpass
Minutes of the Town of Louisa, 18735Kate Besley
Pottiesville Ledger12Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Letter from Belle Anderson15Pattie Pavlansky Cooke
Medical Journal of Dr. Julian Kean17Kathleen Richardson Meredith
Inventory of the Overton Papers24Malcolm Hart Harris
Letter from Henry Hart29Eugenia T. Bumpass
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174831Kathleen Richardson Meredith
Letter from Carey Barker37Eugenia T. Bumpass
Letter from George Lumsden38Harry Lumsden
Museum Update39 
Secretary's Report40 
New Members43 
Volume 17, Number 2, Spring 1986 (Winter 1985-1986) (Pages 45 to 96)  
Wellington Gordon47Pattie Cook
The Rough & Ready Iron Furnace51 
Pottiesville Ledger54Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Nathaniel Anderson Smith59Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174867Kathleen R. Meredith
Ice & Frost Snow69Janice Abercrombie
Maria, A Woman of Mystery71Eugenia T. Bumpass and Quintus Massie
Letters of W. H. Goodwin74Quintus Massie
Time Table Virginia Central Railroad78Eugenia T. Bumpass
Historical Information Sources80Harry Lumsden
Genealogical Notes82 
New Members85 
Volume 18, Spring 1987 (Pages 1 to 48)  
The Wooing of Mordecai Cook3Nan Cooke Carpenter
Editor's Note6 
Suits of Indian Joe, Nan, Betty and Indian Bartlett7Janice Abercrombie
Civil War Letters11Pattie Pavlansky Cooke
Early Depots and Agents of the Louisa Railroad19William H. Kiblinger
The Rough and Ready Turnout20William H. Kiblinger
The Victoria Furnace to Tolersville24William H. Kiblinger
Louisa County A Cebntury Ago - 188627Edmund E. Meredith
General Directory29Pattie Pavlansky Cooke
The Case of Aggy, June 10th 188634Janice L. Abercrombie
New Members38 
Volume 19, Number 1, Spring 1988 (Pages 1 to 52)  
Wills Memorial Chapel of Trevilians, Virginia4Eugenia T. Bumpass
Another View of the War11Janice L. Abercrombie
The Victoria Furnace15William H. Kiblinger
The Hohnson Stones19Nathaniel Mason Pawlett
The Schoolmaster25Pattie Cooke
Garland Thompson Waddy31Claudia A. Chisholm
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174837Janice L. Abercrombie
Louisa Telephone Co. Chartered 189845Louis L. Kean
1880 Census Louisa County, VA47William H. Kiblinger
Notes to Society Members50 
Volume 19, Number 2, Fall 1988 (Pages 53 to 116)  
Museum Update52Pattie Cook
The Louisa County Key Orphans55Marcus M. Key
Louisa County, Virginia, 183563Pattie Cooke and William H. Kiblinger
Peter and Posy70Louis L. Keane
The Louisa County Seal71Eugenia T. Bumpass
Victoria Iron Furnace73William H. Kiblinger
Letters of Maj. Gen. Alvin Coe Voris81Nancy C. Baird
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174886Janice L. Abercrombie
Hiter Family Bible93Quintus Massie
Abstracts of Louisa Judgment Papers95Janice L. Abercrombie
Volume 20, Number 1, Spring 1989 (Pages 1 to 58)  
The Louisa County Key Orphans3Marcus M. Key & Jonathan B. Butcher
The Smith Family of Yanceyville Mill11Rodney A. Johnson, Jr. & Janice L. Abercrombie
Malachi Ware20Claudia A. Chisholm
The Three Notc'd Road Revisited26Nathaniel Mason Pawlett
Home of Carter and Pattie Cooke29Pattie Cooke
Scarrotts Meeting House33William Kiblinger
Diary Kept by Sarah Ann Quarles Chandler35Eugenia T. Bumpass
The Crenshaw Sulphur Mines, 1871 - 192046William Kiblinger
The Lucas Family Cemetery49Quintus Massie
Letters of Maj. Gen. Alvin Coe Voris51Nancy C. Baird
Volume 20, Number 2, Fall 1989 (Pages 59 to 117)  
The Carpenter Families of Elk Creek59Claudia Chisholm
Early Days of Louisa71Pattie Cooke
Revolutionary Soldiers 178276Janice L. Abercrombie
Masonry in Virginia and Louisa County77Harvey L. Fleshman
Worshipful Masters of Day Lodge No. 5879Pattie Cooke
Letter from Austin W. Cosby82Janice L. Abercrombie
The Fourth and Present Courthouse83Pattie Cooke
Civil War Comrades86Lizzie Brooke Goodwin
Abstracts of Louisa Judgment Papers90Janice L. Abercrombie
The Hope Family of Louisa County98Janice L. Abercrombie

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