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Volume 1, Number 1, June, 1969 (Pages 1 to 36)  
Editors' Page2 
The Genesis of Louisa County3Josephine Henderson Neal
D. Yancey's Map of Louisa County, 1804 .6 
Fredericksville Revisited7Henry Taylor
Vestrymen of Fredericksville Parish, 1742-176210James Morris Bagby
Louisa County Land Tax Book - 178211 
Pendleton Family Bible22Anne Pendleton Forrest
Bagby Family Bible24James Morris Bagby
Register of the Ancestors of Bickerton Winston25Thomas Johnson Henderson and Josephine Henderson Neal
Secretary's Report27 
Membership Roster30 
Volume 1, Number 2, December, 1969 (Pages 39 to 92)  
Boswell's Tavern39Kathleen Richardson Perkins
McGehee Family Record and notes42George H. S. King
A Prescription for Fever50 
Sheriff Joseph Bickley and the First Jail51Josephine Henderson Neal
The Louisa County Standard Measure55Porter C. Wright
Oakland Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions57Porter C. Wright
The Will of David Yancey72 
To Make 15 Gal's Small Beer74 
United States Census, 1850 - Louisa County75 
Secretary's Report90 
New Members91 
Volume 2, Number 1, June, 1970 (Pages 3 to 48)  
Princess Louisa: Louisa County's Royal Namesake3Milton Rubincam, F.A.S. G.
Providence Presbyterian Church- A Historic Landmark13Helen McCoy Hart
Moss Family Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions20Anne Lewis Harris
Letter to a Confederate Camp21 
Barret and Winston Family Bible24Nancy Chappelear Baird
A Descriptive Letterhead26 
Fox Prayer Book27George H. S. King
Shelton Family Bible29Nancy Chappelear Baird
United States Census, 1850 - Louisa County30 
New Members48 
Volume 2, Number 2, December 1970 (Pages 3 to 52)  
Bear Castle3Eugenia Trainham Bumpass and Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Dabney Carr8Edgar Wallace
Wills Not Fully Proven and Related Papers16George H. S. King
Oakland Academy19Porter C. Wright
Johnson Family Register23Thomas Johnson Henderson
Richardson Family Bible26James Morris Bagby
United States Census, 1850 - Louisa County28 
Secretary's Report51 
New Members52 
Volume 3, Number 1, June 1971 (Pages 3 to 52)  
Sunning Hill3Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Belfast Farm3Eugenia Trainham Bumpass
Louisa County and the Virginia Convention of 17887Ransom. B. True
Abstracts from Revolutionary War Pension Applications25 
Solomon Edwards25George H. S. King
Lewis Turner26James Morris Bagby
The Family Bible of Lucy Ann Doswell Meredith28James Morris Bagby
United States Census, 1850 - Louisa County31 
New Members52 
Volume 3, Number 2, December 1971 (Pages 55 to 91)  
Dunlore55Kathleen Richardson Perkins and Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Additional Information from the Family Register of Thomas Johnson of Roundabout Castle59 
Abstracts from Revolutionary War Pension Applications - James Shelton61James Morris Bagby
Letter of Robert R. Pierce to James M. Hart, 184365Porter C. Wright
Convention Travel Costs in 188467 
Contract for Constructing the 1818 Courthouse68Porter C. Wright
Garland Thomasson Family Bible72Frances E. Runaldue
United States Census, 1850 - Louisa County73 
Secretary's Report90 
New Members91 
Volume 4, Number 1, June 1972 (Pages 3 to 52)  
Thomas Anderson Hope Family Bible7Mary Hope Poole
John Overton Harris Family Bible10Ann Lewis Hope
3 Straw Hats - 3 Worthy Robbers12 
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary13Claudia Anderson Chisholm
The Manuscript Return of the Census of 180021Ransom B. True
New Members52 
Volume 4, Number 2, December 1972 (Pages 54 to 100)  
North Bend54 
A Brief History Of Bethpage Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church 1840 - 1970*57Charles W. Turner
Bethpage Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions63Claudia Anderson Chisholm
James D. Wheeler Family Bible66Martha Eheart King
From A Jail To A Museum69Porter C. Wright
A Tour Through The Society's Museum75 
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary81Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Secretary's Report99 
New Members100 
Volume 5, Number 1, Summer 1973 (Pages 3 to 52)  
The Formation Of Goldmine Baptist Church3J. Quintus Massie
The Census of 1782 and 1785: Defective Yet Useful and Fascinating6Ransom B. True
A Letter To "Mr. President"29Porter C. Wright
Louisa County Places Insured By The Mutual Assurance Society, 1802-181630James M. Bagby
Thomas Swift and John C. Goodwin Family Bibles31Irma Jones Goodwin
Several Family Cemeteries: Bibb, Rennolds, Carpenter, Waddy35Claudia Anderson Chisholm
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary37Claudia Anderson Chisholm
New Members52 
Volume 5, Number 2, Winter 1973-74 (Pages 3 to 48)  
Oaksby Plantation3Mary Frances Lovern
Will of Elizabeth Terrell of Hanover County, Virginia, 18327 
A Lawyer's Opinion Concerning The Estate of Mrs. Ann Mills, 18049 
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary11Claudia Anderson Chisholm
John Porter: An Old Revolutionary Soldier22Porter C. Wright
Revolutionary War Service of John Thomasson23Porter C. Wright
The Richard C. Carpenter Family Bible25Estelle Stokley Walker Carpenter
Letters From William Wood to his Father, Latane M. Wood29Frances Henson Atkins and Porter C. Wright
The Marriage Register of the Reverend L. A. Cutler31 
Tombstone Inscriptions in the Family Cemetery at Belle Isle40Frank Boxley
Letters from Dr. Benjamin Morris Francisco, Son of Peter Francisco to Mr. Dandridge Spotswood, Petersburg, Virginia41Sadie Francisco Cosby and Porter C. Wright
Louisa County Places Insured By The Mutual Assurance Society, 1802-181644James M. Bagby
The Secretary's Report47 
New Members48 
Volume 6, Number 1, Summer 1974 (Pages 3 to 48)  
Preserving The Society's Historical Collections3Douglas W. Tanner
Grey Gables7Douglas H. Dabney
The Carroll Family Cemetery9Douglas H. Dabney
Harris, Holliday, and Nelson Family Cemeteries10Anne Lewis Harris
Horace Bramham Bibb Family Bible11Mary L. Turner
Revolutionary War Pension Record of Joel Walton13Margaret A. Shelton
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary16Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Louisa County Road Orders 1742-174823Nathaniel Mason Pawlett
Civil War Letters of John Barret Pendleton34Anne Pendleton Forrest
Land Patents in Louisa County40Ransom True
New Members47 
In Memoriam48 
Volume 6, Number 2, Winter 1974-75 (Pages 51 to 92)  
Fork Baptist Church51Ella Stephens and Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Swift and Terrell Family Cemeteries56Ann Lewis Harris
"Poor Deluded Wretches!" The Slave Insurrection of 181657William H. B. Thomas
The Lewis and Hill Family Bible64William Francis Harriss, Jr.
Land Patents in Louisa County66Ransom True
Revolutionary War Pension Record of Dudley Digges, Sr74Porter C. Wright
Disappearing Louisa County Landmarks78William H. B. Thomas
Louisa County Road Orders 1742-174881Nathaniel Mason Pawlett
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary92Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Volume 7, Number 1, Summer 1975 (Pages 3 to 48)  
The Battle Of Trevilians, Miscellaneous Commentary3W. G. Ryckman
Westview11Constance Godsey Lane and Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Chantilly Cemetery and Pettus Cemetery14Ann Lewis Harris
Octagon Meeting House17Porter C. Wright
The Louisa Economy in the Years 1765-181219Ransom True
Abstracts of Losses During The Revolution32 
The Family Bible of James Murray Hill and the Hansbrough, Todd, and Daniel Families33Eugenia T. Bumpass
Revolutionary War Pension Record of Samuel Wharton36Kathleen Richardson Perkins
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary41Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Volume 7, Number 2, Winter 1975 (Pages 50 to 91)  
The Louisa Railroad50Dr. Charles W. Turner
Chataigne's Classified Business Directory of Louisa County, 1884-8556Mrs. Shelby W. Arritt
Pottiesville66Kathleen Perkins
St. John's Church Cemetery70Ann Lewis Harris
Letter of J. C. Harris to Mary Ann Harris, 185173Malcolm Hart Harris
Genealogical Notes75 
The Louisa Economy in the Years 1765-181277Ransom B. True
Bible of Lewis Wood Robinson86Martha E. King
Shepherd Bible87Martha E. King
Revolutionary War Pension Record of Henry Hines88Claudia Anderson Chisholm
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary91Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Volume 8, Number 1, Summer 1976 (Pages 2 to 47)  
Patrick Henry, Jr.2Eugenia T. Bumpass
Some Obituaries From Richmond Enquirer8Claudia Anderson Chisholm
A Revolutionary Tavern11Minnie Lee McGehee
Parson John Todd of Louisa County and his Family17Mrs. Wilson G. Todd
Revolutionary Soldiers of Louisa County, Continued25Anne Lewis Harriss
Genealogical Notes34 
Revolutionary War Pension Record of John Willis36Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Louisa Economy in the Years 1765-181240Ransom B. True
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary47Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Volume 8, Number 2, Winter 1976 (Pages 50? to 100?)  
The Will of John Williamson55 
The Revolution in Louisa County61 
Revolutionary Soldiers of Louisa County72 
The Three Notch'd Road79 
A Vignette -- Farrar family story81 
Genealogical Notes85 
The Will of Robert Wingfield86 
Revolutionary War Pension Record of Thomas Bailey88 
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary(1889)91 
Volume 9, Number 1, Summer 1977 (Pages 3 to 47)  
The Confederate Monument at Louisa, Virginia3Porter C. Wright
Happy Valley25Kathleen R. Perkins
Thomas Ballard Smith, Gentleman27Dr. M. H. Harris
The Thomas Waldrop Family Bible31Eugenia T. Bumpass
The Revolutionary Pension Records of the David Bullocks of Louisa County34 
A Brief Sketch: Mt Pleasant United Methodist Church38Rev. E. Benjamin Barbour
The Dabney Cemetery41Anne Lewis Harris
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174643Kathleen Perkins and Claudia Anderson Chisholm
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary47Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Volume 9, Number 2, Winter 1977-1978 (Pages 54 to 93)  
Elk Creek Baptist Church54Ellen G. Lillie
John Michie and James Watson, Immigrants62Phyloise Crank Hart
Robert Armistead and His Home "Serenity Hall:74Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174682Kathleen Perkins
Francisco and Pettus Family Bible85Eugenia T. Bumpass
Revolutionary Pension Records of Benjamin, Henry, and Thomas Bibb89 
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary93Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Volume 10, Number 1, Summer 1978 (Pages 2 to 44)  
Wyndcroft2Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Quarles, Wilson and Sims Family Bibles11Eugenia T. Bumpass
Abstracts of Louisa Land Grants16Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Revolutionary Pension Records of William and Thomas Wash23Kathleen Perkins
Abstracts of Law Order Book 1742-174626Kathleen Perkins
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary34Claudia Anderson Chisholm
Folly Hill44Ellen G. Lillie
Volume 10, Number 2, Winter 1978-1979 (Pages 55 to 96)  
Richmond Terrell of St. Martins Parrish55Claudia Anderson Chisholm and Ellen G. Lillie
Gilboa Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)66Lisa Barker
Revolutionary Pension Records and Genealogical Notes of John Parker75Mary Louisa B. Todd
Abstracts of Louisa Land Grants80Claudia Anderson Chisholm
The Quakers and Their Meeting Houses85Dr. Malcolm H. Harris
Winston, Meade, and Goodwin Family Bibles92Lizzie Brooke Goodwin
The Reverend L. J. Haley's Diary96Claudia Anderson Chisholm

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