Gone But Not Forgotten, Rest in Peace, In Loving Memory and Silently Sleeping

"Silently Sleeping", Louisa County Family Graveyards, Volume 4 is now available. It is in the same format as the first three volumes. The book is $30 plus $5 s&h.

Each volume contain photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and  locations of family graveyards in Louisa county. 

Volume 3 ("In Loving Memory"),and Volume 2 ("Rest in Peace"), Louisa County Family Graveyards,  are also available.  (each are $30 plus $5 s&h)

Make check payable and send to Pat Baber, 1105 Bethany Church Road, Bumpass 23024.   For more information contact  Pat Baber  pbaber@wildblue.net  or  Pattie Cooke ccooke2@verizon.net

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This index combines names from all four volumes of the books (Cemetery name preceeded by 'SS' ('Silently Sleeping') for Volume 4, 'ILM' ('In Loving Memory') for Volume 3, 'RIP' ('Rest in Peace'), for Volume 2 and GBNF for Volume 1). The names are from the authors visits to cemeteries as well as DEATHS BETWEEN 1896 AND 1912
If the Cemetery shows a letter followed by three digits, then the source is from a cemetery visit.
For the other, sources include family graveyards included within, Bible records and cemetery records from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) files, church cemetery records, and various family papers in possession of the authors.

Last Name First Name Cemetery
WMGBNF, Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
WaddyA. H.RIP, W-015
WaddyAlice MeredithILM, W-039
WaddyAngella M.RIP, S-032
WaddyAnnieILM, W-039
WaddyAnthony T.ILM, W-033
WaddyBuckILM, W-039
WaddyFamilyRIP, W-016
WaddyFrank A., Jr.RIP, S-032
WaddyGeorge TylerGBNF, Elk Creek Baptist Church
WaddyHenry (Buster)SS, W-043
WaddyLouise E.RIP, W-024
WaddyPatsy B. HarrisSS, H-035
WaddySlavesRIP, W-014
WaddyVirgieSS, W-042
WaddyWilliamSS, H-035
WaddyWilliamSS, W-042
WaldropBickertonILM, W-027
WaldropEdloe C.ILM, B-041
WaldropJohn T.ILM, H-041
WaldropMaria L.ILM, S-059
WaldropMary A. BledsoeGBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
WaldropMary E. GillespieILM, H-041
WaldropMattieILM, W-027
WaldropNannie BickleyILM, B-041
WaldropRebecca A. PerkinsILM, H-041
WaldropRichard FrancesILM, H-041
WaldropRobert J.ILM, H-041
WaldropSallie A. JohnsonILM, H-041
WaldropThomas FosterILM, H-041
WaldropThomas G.SS, W-019
WaldropThomas G., Sr.RIP, W-019
WaldropVirgiliaILM, W-027
WaldropWilliam D.ILM, H-041
WaldropWilliam DavidILM, H-041
WalkerEmma B.ILM, J-031
WalkerJamesRIP, W-022
WalkerJohn W.GBNF, T-008
WalkerJulia A. BellamyRIP, B-028
WalkerKatie JaneGBNF, G-012
WalkerLewis A.RIP, B-028
WalkerLinda Fox HendersonGBNF, J-008
WalkerMartha E.SS, U-045
WalkerMildred SS, P-019
WalkerSusannah A.RIP, H-024
WalkerWilliam MaxwellGBNF, P-001
WallaceRIP, S-033
WallerA. GarnettGBNF, W-008
WallerAnna L.GBNF, W-008
WallerBernice E.RIP, W-013
WallerClarence L., Rev.RIP, W-013
WallerEdmundGBNF, Spicer Cemetery
WallerEdmundSS, S-068
WallerEdward PinckneyGBNF, Spicer Cemetery
WallerEdward PinckneySS, S-068
WallerEugene E.SS, W-050
WallerEula SpicerSS, S-068
WallerFountain D.GBNF, W-008
Waller John H.SS, W-050
WallerLeslie D.GBNF, W-008
WallerLillie LouiseGBNF, W-008
WallerMary S.SS, W-050
WallerRichard D.GBNF, Ware-Waller W-008
WallerRichard D.GBNF, W-008
WallerSallie InezSS, S-068
WalshJ. M.GBNF, P-011
WalshJ. M.GBNF, Philpott Cemetery P-011
WaltonAmosSS, P-019
WaltonAndrew WashingtonGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
WaltonBaby BoySS, P-019
WaltonBessieRIP, M-027
WaltonEtta PerrySS, P-019
WaltonFannie J.RIP, M-027
WaltonIveryRIP, P-019
WaltonIverySS, P-019
WaltonJames B.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
WaltonJohn M.RIP, M-027
WaltonLydia Ann TurnerGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
WaltonNelson L.RIP, M-027
WaltonSusan AdiceILM, W-038
WaltonSusan E.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
WaltonThomas J.RIP, M-027
WaltonThomas Joseph, Jr.RIP, M-027
WaltonTomSS, P-019
WaltonVergieSS, P-019
WaltonVirginia B.RIP, M-027
WardDorothy SwinkRIP, W-023
WardJames T.RIP, W-023
WardJoanne BakerRIP, W-023
WardMary HallRIP, W-023
WardOliver E.RIP, W-023
WardRussell E., Sr.RIP, W-023
WareAndrew W.GBNF, W-008
WareClaude E.GBNF, W-012
WareConstance GammonGBNF, W-012
WareFlorenceGBNF, W-012
WareFranklin KnightGBNF, W-012
WareGeroge E.GBNF, W-008
WareH. E.GBNF, W-012
WareInfantGBNF, W-008
WareJohnRIP, S-030
WareJulia FarrarGBNF, W-012
WareLeonidas O.GBNF, W-012
WareLevy C. GBNF, W-008
WareLevy C., Jr.GBNF, W-008
WareListon AlphonsoGBNF, W-012
WareLoula GarthGBNF, W-012
WareM. E.GBNF, W-012
WareMarthaRIP, S-030
WareMartha C.GBNF, W-008
WareMarvin E.GBNF, W-012
WareMattie R.GBNF, W-008
WareMildred ColeGBNF, W-012
WareNathan A.GBNF, W-008
WareNathan E. "Eddie"GBNF, W-008
WareR. A. H.GBNF, W-012
WareR. AlphonsoGBNF, W-012
WareR. O.GBNF, W-012
WareRobert A.GBNF, W-012
WareRobert N.GBNF, W-012
WareUnknownGBNF, W-008
WareVirginia McGeheeGBNF, W-008
WareWilliamRIP, S-030
WareWm. FarrarGBNF, W-012
WarrenJames H.RIP, G-017
WashEmma JaneSS, W-051
WashFannieSS, W-051
WashSusan F.SS, W-051
WashingtonAlexanderRIP, W-024
WashingtonClarence J.RIP, W-024
WashingtonGeneral GeorgeSS, A-018
WashingtonGeorge H.RIP, W-024
WashingtonMargaret C.SS, A-018
WashingtonPearlRIP, W-024
WashingtonWilliam H.RIP, W-024
WatkinsB. E.ILM, W-031
WatkinsCornelia VirginiaGBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
WatkinsD'Alibard ElginILM, W-030
WatkinsDorotheaGBNF, P-005
WatkinsFrankGBNF, W-003
WatkinsJ. C.GBNF, R-003
WatkinsMary S. TimberlakeILM, W-030
WatkinsVirgilGBNF, W-003
WatsonAnneGBNF, W-004
WatsonDavidRIP, B-029
WatsonDavidRIP, B-029
WatsonElizabeth MorrisRIP, B-029
WatsonElizabeth Shelton MorrisRIP, B-029
WatsonJamesRIP, B-029
WatsonJamesRIP, B-029
WatsonJamesGBNF, W-004
WatsonJulia M.GBNF, St. John's Chapel
WatsonMartha MinorRIP, B-029
WatsonMary LouisaRIP, B-029
WatsonNancy MorrisRIP, B-029
WatsonNancy MorrisGBNF, Brackett's
WatsonSally MinorRIP, B-029
WatsonSusan Dabney MorrisRIP, B-029
WatsonThomas N.GBNF, W-004
WatsonThomas SheltonRIP, B-029
WatsonVirginiaRIP, B-029
WebnerFrank E.RIP, W-018
WebnerGertrude H.RIP, W-018
WebnerH. John T.RIP, W-018
WebnerMary R. S.RIP, W-018
WestAliceGBNF, W-011
WestAndrew BurnetteRIP, S-039
WestAriana Maria ChilesILM, W-005
WestDorothy I.ILM, W-005
WestDorothy MinorGBNF, W-011
WestEmma WillsILM, W-005
WestFamily membersGBNF, W-010
WestFrances Thornton IIILM, W-005
WestFrancis T., IIIILM, W-005
WestFrancis ThorntonILM, W-005
WestFrancis ThorntonILM, W-005
WestJames R.RIP, C-015
WestJohn WinfreeILM, W-005
WestLillian MartinILM, W-005
WestMartha LyleILM, W-005
WestPrimus W.ILM, T-030
WestRosalie SimsRIP, S-039
WestThomas MartinILM, W-005
WestTimothy E.GBNF, H-015
WhartonSamuel SS, W-045
WhiteAlex ReidRIP, W-024
WhiteAlexander G.ILM, W-028
WhiteAlice GroomesILM, G-021
WhiteClarenceRIP, W-024
WhiteClarence StanleyILM, W-037
WhiteGeorgia EllenRIP, W-024
WhiteJames H.ILM, W-037
WhiteJames R.RIP, W-024
WhiteJesse C.RIP, W-024
WhiteLizzie C.ILM, C-031
WhiteMartha G.RIP, M-021
WhiteMattie S.ILM, W-037
WhiteMellie W.ILM, W-037
WhiteMoses, Mr. & Mrs.ILM, W-035
WhiteRobert E.GBNF, First Baptist Church
WhiteRuth H.RIP, H-039
WhiteTom E. W.ILM, W-037
WhiterJosephILM, W-034
WhitlockC. D.RIP, A-012
WhitlockFrances CarnahanRIP, W-026
WhitlockJesse A.RIP, W-026
WhitlockJohn H.GBNF, W-007
WhitlockL. J. MrsRIP, A-012
WhitlockSusan J.GBNF, W-007
WickerBertie SimsGBNF, G-007
WickerEdgar FranklinGBNF, G-007
WickerElliott CarringtonGBNF, G-007
WickerIndi Anna GunnellGBNF, G-007
WilbertM.GBNF, Immaculate Conception Catholic
WilbertWGBNF, Immaculate Conception Catholic
WilkersonAlbert S. J.ILM, B-043
WilkersonLuther J.ILM, J-025
WilkinsonRev. John R.GBNF,
WilliamsAnn Elizabeth SwiftRIP, S-029
WilliamsAnne Elizabeth SwiftSS, S-029
WilliamsAnnie W.RIP, W-021
WilliamsCharles InscoGBNF, S-020
WilliamsEliza M.GBNF, Zion United Methodist Church
WilliamsElsie H. S.GBNF, S-020
WilliamsGabrielSS, W-040
WilliamsGeorgeRIP, C-017
WilliamsHoward T.SS, W-041
WilliamsJacob M. F.GBNF, Zion United Methodist Church
WilliamsJohnSS, W-041
WilliamsJohn J.SS, W-041
WilliamsKateSS, W-041
WilliamsKate HarlowGBNF, H-009
WilliamsLaura AnnSS, W-041
WilliamsLouisa SS, W-040
WilliamsMary J.ILM, J-027
WilliamsSenora F.RIP, J-023
WillisMattie LyleILM, W-005
WilloughbyFannie Mariah BunchGBNF, B-007
WilloughbyJ. E.GBNF, B-007
WilloughbyJames A.GBNF, B-007
WilloughbyJohn S.GBNF, B-007
WilloughbyM. A.RIP, G-016
WilloughbyMattie L.GBNF, B-007
WilloughbyMintie S.GBNF, B-007
WilloughbySpurgeonGBNF, B-007
WillsAgnes McClungILM, W-005
WillsFrederick P.ILM, W-005
WillsG. BeverlyGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
WillsJames L., M.D.ILM, W-005
WillsWillisILM, W-005
WilsonF. B. MrsRIP, B-026
WilsonJohnILM, T-022
WilsonLucy BoydGBNF, P-003
WilsonMollie WareGBNF, W-008
WiltseSarah Rose HudsonGBNF, G-007
WiltshireBaby BoyRIP, P-017
WiltshireBaby Boy GBNF, Wyndcroft
WiltshireChristineGBNF, Wyndcroft
WiltshireEarl R.RIP, P-017
WiltshireEarl R. GBNF, Wyndcroft
WiltshireGraysonRIP, P-017
WiltshireM. ChristineRIP, P-017
WiltshireRaymondRIP, P-017
WiltshireRaymondGBNF, Wyndcroft
WiltshireViolaRIP, P-017
WiltshireViolaGBNF, Wyndcroft
WindleFamilyILM, W-036
WingfieldFamilySS, W-046
WinstonAlice BickertonSS, W-048
WinstonB. T.GBNF, M-016
WinstonBen F.GBNF, W-002
WinstonBen F.GBNF, D-002
WinstonBertie B.RIP, W-013
WinstonBrooke G.GBNF, G-015
WinstonC. K.RIP, W-013
WinstonCharles M.GBNF, G-015
WinstonClaudie O.RIP, W-013
WinstonDelanor R.RIP, W-013
WinstonDemaris Aletha CampbellSS, W-048
WinstonDennis S.GBNF, D-002
WinstonDennis S.GBNF, W-002
WinstonEdith Hammond SS, W-048
WinstonEdna B.RIP, W-013
WinstonEdward GordonGBNF, Winston Cemetery
WinstonEdward GordonSS, W-048
WinstonEmma M.GBNF, A-001
WinstonHalsie J.GBNF, M-013
WinstonHarold P.RIP, W-013
WinstonHarry B.GBNF, A-001
WinstonHelenGBNF, M-016
WinstonJames B.RIP, W-013
WinstonJames Capt.GBNF, W-001
WinstonJames E.SS, W-048
WinstonJames R.RIP, W-013
WinstonJohn HastingsSS, W-048
WinstonJonathan M.RIP, W-013
WinstonLewis K.RIP, W-013
WinstonLucy PayneSS, W-048
WinstonLula LeeRIP, W-013
WinstonMaryGBNF, M-016
WinstonMary Day ChilesGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
WinstonMattie RIP, C-015
WinstonMattie F.GBNF, W-002
WinstonMattie F.GBNF, D-002
WinstonMorris C., Jr.RIP, W-013
WinstonMorris C., Jr.RIP, W-013
WinstonNannie B.GBNF, M-016
WinstonNannie B.GBNF, Meade M-016
WinstonNat B.ILM, W-032
WinstonP. T.ILM, W-032
WinstonRobert B.GBNF, S-012
WinstonRosabelle MargaretILM, W-032
WinstonSallie M. ILM, P-024
WinstonSallie M. BullockGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
WinstonSamuel E.RIP, W-013
WinstonSarah MarksGBNF, W-001
WinstonThomas BakerGBNF, M-016
WinstonThomas Scott SS, W-048
WinstonThomas Scott, Jr.SS, W-048
WinstonUnknownGBNF, W-009
WinstonWilliam A.GBNF, Winston Cemetery
WinstonWilliam A.SS, W-048
WinstonWilliam A.GBNF, Malvern
WinstonWilliam A.SS, W-048
WinstonWilliam HastingsSS, W-048
WinstonWilliam HastingsGBNF, Winston Cemetery
WinstonWm GranvilleSS, W-048
WoodBaby BoySS, R-018
WoodCalvin ArthurILM, G-028
Wood-kieGBNF, C-013
WoodLaura G.GBNF, G-002
WoodRobertGBNF, G-002
WooddyT. B.RIP, G-017
WoodfinLueILM, S-050
WoodsonJohn W.GBNF, J-013
WoodwardJamesSS, W-041
WoodwardLucy E.ILM, S-052
WoodwardPearlSS, W-041
WoodwardVirginia S.ILM, S-052
WoolfolkAbner HarrisGBNF, P-005
WoolfolkArchibald O.GBNF, P-005
WoolfolkBessieSS, W-044
WoolfolkCharles E.ILM, J-027
WoolfolkDavid L.SS, W-044
WoolfolkJulia HarrisSS, W-044
WoolfolkJulia KathleenSS, W-044
WoolfolkNathaniel Wm.SS, W-044
WoolfolkRobert W.GBNF, Mineral Bapt. Church
WoolfolkThomas H.SS, W-044
WoolfreyGeorge B.RIP, H-038
WrightAnnie PorterGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
WrightEdwin C.RIP, W-021
WrightEva CatherineRIP, W-021
WrightGeorge L.RIP, W-021
WrightGertrude Belle SeargeantRIP, W-025
WrightGranville T.RIP, W-025
WrightHenry C.RIP, W-021
WrightHenry WhitfieldRIP, W-025
WrightIrene T.RIP, W-021
WrightJennie W.RIP, W-021
WrightKatie E.RIP, W-021
WrightMary LeeRIP, W-021
WrightMildred CrankRIP, W-025
WrightMrs.GBNF, W-006
WrightNannie W.GBNF, Boyd B-010
WrightNannie W.GBNF, B-010
WrightnknownGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
WrightNoahILM, C-028
WrightOscar LelandILM, W-030
WrightReid L.RIP, W-021
WrightRichard V.GBNF, H-001
WrightRobertILM, W-029
WrightW. EdwardILM, B-043
WrightWesley DanielGBNF, Beulah Baptist Church
WyattAnnaGBNF, C-001
WyattAnnaGBNF, Coleman C-001
WyattCharles H.GBNF, C-001
WyattDean AllenGBNF, S-004
WyattStephen A.GBNF, C-001
WynnFamily membersSS, W-049