Gone But Not Forgotten, Rest in Peace, In Loving Memory and Silently Sleeping

"Silently Sleeping", Louisa County Family Graveyards, Volume 4 is now available. It is in the same format as the first three volumes. The book is $30 plus $5 s&h.

Each volume contain photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and  locations of family graveyards in Louisa county. 

Volume 3 ("In Loving Memory"),and Volume 2 ("Rest in Peace"), Louisa County Family Graveyards,  are also available.  (each are $30 plus $5 s&h)

Make check payable and send to Pat Baber, 1105 Bethany Church Road, Bumpass 23024.   For more information contact  Pat Baber  pbaber@wildblue.net  or  Pattie Cooke ccooke2@verizon.net

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This index combines names from all four volumes of the books (Cemetery name preceeded by 'SS' ('Silently Sleeping') for Volume 4, 'ILM' ('In Loving Memory') for Volume 3, 'RIP' ('Rest in Peace'), for Volume 2 and GBNF for Volume 1). The names are from the authors visits to cemeteries as well as DEATHS BETWEEN 1896 AND 1912
If the Cemetery shows a letter followed by three digits, then the source is from a cemetery visit.
For the other, sources include family graveyards included within, Bible records and cemetery records from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) files, church cemetery records, and various family papers in possession of the authors.

Last Name First Name Cemetery
TalleyAgathaSS, S-064
TalleyAmaryllis A.GBNF, T-010
TalleyAndrew J.RIP, S-033
TalleyAnnie PleasantsSS, T-039
TalleyAshton G.ILM, T-026
TalleyAudreyRIP, H-030
TalleyBettie E.SS, T-039
TalleyCary HunterRIP, S-027
TalleyClarence H.RIP, S-027
TalleyCora B.ILM, S-051
TalleyDavid FloydSS, T-036
TalleyEddie J.RIP, H-030
TalleyEmmett G.ILM, T-026
TalleyEmmett SydnorSS, T-039
TalleyEssieRIP, S-027
TalleyFlorence O.GBNF, T-016
TalleyFlorence O.GBNF, Talley T-016
TalleyGeorgeSS, S-064
TalleyHausie HicksRIP, G-016
TalleyHerman S.RIP, H-030
TalleyJames E.ILM, D-029
TalleyJohn S.RIP, S-027
TalleyJohn W.GBNF, Chisholm Cemetery
TalleyJohn W.SS, T-039
TalleyJoseph D.SS, B-062
TalleyLester U.GBNF, H-013
TalleyLewis J.SS, T-039
TalleyLouisa F. TurnerILM, T-026
TalleyLucilleRIP, S-027
TalleyLucy G.RIP, S-033
TalleyMaria L.GBNF, Talley T-016
TalleyMaria L.GBNF, T-016
TalleyMary B. LewisSS, B-062
TalleyMaud P.GBNF, T-016
TalleyNathan M.GBNF, T-016
TalleyRichard DabneySS, B-062
TalleyRichard M.SS, T-039
TalleyRichard W.SS, T-036
TalleyRobert C.ILM, T-026
TalleyRobert N.GBNF, T-010
TalleySadie M.GBNF, H-013
TalleyThelma H.SS, B-062
TalleyWilliam E.RIP, G-016
TalleyWilliam ThomasRIP, G-016
TallyLucy E.GBNF, T-003
TateAlice M.GBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
TateAnnie C.GBNF, T-004
TateBetty DaleGBNF, T-004
TateCalvin O.ILM, T-031
TateCamillusGBNF, T-004
TateDelaware JacksonGBNF, T-001
TateEmma B.GBNF, T-004
TateFloyd B.GBNF, T-004
TateFloyd L.GBNF, T-004
TateHelen C.GBNF, T-004
TateJoseph, Sr.RIP, T-017
TateLelia A.GBNF, F-004
TateMarie Antionette QuarlesSS, S-069
TateMary E.ILM, T-029
TateNancy L.RIP, T-017
TateNannie C.GBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
TateNelson N.GBNF, T-001
TateNelson N.GBNF, Tate T-001
TateR. L.GBNF, T-001
TateRebecca C.GBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
TateRebecca L..GBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
TateRichardGBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
TateWillie Ida S.GBNF, T-001
TaylorAnne FentonRIP, M-031
TaylorBetty HensonGBNF, H-012
TaylorCharles W.GBNF, Kennon K- 005
TaylorCharles W.GBNF, K-005
TaylorEdmund PendletonRIP, B-029
TaylorEstherGBNF, T-015
TaylorHenryRIP, B-029
TaylorHenry IIGBNF, Brackett's
TaylorHyslie, Sr.GBNF, J-013
TaylorJackGBNF, T-015
TaylorJack, Sr.GBNF, T-015
TaylorJames W.ILM, L-008
TaylorJames WatsonRIP, B-029
TaylorJohn Lampkin, Gen.RIP, M-031
TaylorLucy PennRIP, B-029
TaylorMaria L.GBNF, J-013
TaylorMary WatsonGBNF, Brackett's
TaylorMary Minor WatsonRIP, B-029
TaylorMary Minor WatsonGBNF, Brackett's
TaylorMary WatsonRIP, B-029
TaylorNancy MorrisRIP, B-029
TaylorTheodore A.GBNF, P-005
TaylorThomasILM, W-039
TaylorVirginia E. HensonSS, H-056
TempleLouise V.SS, T-037
TerrellAgness A.GBNF, T-014
TerrellAnnie ParrishGBNF, P-003
TerrellAphia R.GBNF, T-014
TerrellEverett CarrGBNF, P-003
TerrellHardy E., Jr.GBNF, H-012
TerrellJoseph C.GBNF, T-006
TerrellLula a. GBNF, Bethpage Christian Church
TerrellMarie H.GBNF, H-012
TerrellVirigniaGBNF, T-014
ThackerAllie HallGBNF, T-002
ThackerAlma B.GBNF, Thacker T-002
ThackerAlma B.GBNF, T-002
ThackerCarrieGBNF, T-012
ThackerCharles D.GBNF, T-002
ThackerCharles D.GBNF, Thacker T-002
ThackerE. S.GBNF, T-012
ThackerEarnest WoodieGBNF, T-012
ThackerEdwin N.GBNF, T-002
ThackerElmo W.GBNF, Thacker T-002
ThackerFannie AnnaGBNF, T-012
ThackerGlen EdwardGBNF, J-011
ThackerIllma ButlerGBNF, B-020
ThackerJ. C.GBNF, T-012
ThackerJ. W.GBNF, T-012
ThackerJoseph M.GBNF, T-002
ThackerLeonard E.GBNF, T-002
ThackerLillie R.GBNF, T-002
ThackerMartha ILM, T-031
ThackerMartha AnnGBNF, T-012
ThackerMary A.GBNF, T-012
ThackerMary E.GBNF, T-012
ThackerMaurice WayneGBNF, B-020
ThackerMinnie RuthGBNF, T-002
ThackerNannie ReenGBNF, T-012
ThackerRobert T.GBNF, T-002
ThackerW. J.ILM, T-031
ThackerWilliam JamesGBNF, B-020
ThackerWilliam MalvaGBNF, T-012
ThackerWillie LeeGBNF, T-012
ThanielJacksonILM, T-028
TharpeKempGBNF, J-013
TharpeMable J.GBNF, J-013
ThomasClyde E.GBNF, K-002
ThomasEddie W.GBNF, T-005
ThomasJames C.GBNF, T-005
ThomasJohn HesterGBNF, Kiblinger K-003
ThomasJohn HesterGBNF, K-003
ThomasJohn M. T. Sr.GBNF, Louisa Christian Church
ThomasLaymon L.GBNF, K-002
ThomasLubertia Thomas LewisGBNF, T-005
ThomasSadie ButlerGBNF, K-003
ThomasSarah C.GBNF, K-003
ThomasW. ElishaGBNF, T-007
ThomasWilliam HenryGBNF, K-003
ThomasWilliam HenryGBNF, Kiblinger K-003
ThomassonDallieGBNF, Thomasson T-013
ThomassonDallie WashGBNF, T-013
ThomassonHattieGBNF, T-013
ThomassonJames EdwardGBNF, T-013
ThomassonNancy CarpenterGBNF, P-008
ThomassonNancy CarpenterGBNF, Proffitt P-008
ThomassonRobert G.GBNF, Thomasson T-013
ThomassonRobert G.GBNF, T-013
ThompsonAnnie G.GBNF, G-002
ThompsonEthelSS, T-035
ThompsonFamilySS, T-033
ThompsonFrancis WilliamILM, J-030
ThompsonG. M.RIP, T-020
ThompsonGarlandILM, J-030
ThompsonHerbertSS, T-035
ThompsonLudie A.GBNF, J-014
ThompsonSarah A.GBNF, P-006
ThompsonSarah J.ILM, J-030
ThompsonSarah J. (Mrs.)GBNF, P-006
ThompsonVirginiaILM, J-030
ThorntonKhadijaILM, J-031
ThurstonClaytonRIP, V-001
ThurstonDorothy J.RIP, V-001
ThurstonE. W.RIP, S-033
ThurstonElla GreyRIP, S-033
ThurstonWinifred V.RIP, V-001
TimberlakeBessie SamuelGBNF, Louisa Christian Church
TimberlakeHarrisonILM, T-025
TimberlakeMary W.ILM, W-031
TimberlakeOctaviusILM, W-031
TimberlakeOwen M.ILM, W-031
TimberlakeVirginia TriceGBNF, Louisa Christian Church
TisdaleCharles H.ILM, T-022
TisdaleHardeniaGBNF, D-008
TisdaleTheodosia P.ILM, T-022
ToddJohnSS, T-041
TolerRobertGBNF, Louisa Christian Church
TowseyChloe ColbertGBNF, T-011
TowseyEdna E.RIP, T-019
TowseyGilbert RayGBNF, T-011
TowseyJoseph RogersGBNF, T-011
TowseyLucie WhittenGBNF, Towsey T-011
TowseyLucie WhittenGBNF, T-011
TowseyMary S.RIP, T-019
TowseyRichard ThomasGBNF, T-011
TowseyThomas BarrettGBNF, T-011
TowseyTommie P.RIP, T-019
TrainhamG. F.GBNF, Immaculate Conception Catholic
TrainhamJames WoodGBNF, T-012
TrainhamMaryGBNF, Immaculate Conception Catholic
TrainhamPearlSS, T-032
TrainhamRosiaGBNF, Immaculate Conception Catholic
TrainumElias S.ILM, T-024
TrainumLucetia F.ILM, T-024
TriceA. GarrettSS, G-034
TriceAnderson PowellGBNF, Louisa Christian Church
TriceCatherineGBNF, B-014
TriceClarence C.SS, T-038
TriceElizabeth BakerSS, T-038
TriceFamilySS, T-034
TriceFamilyILM, U-022
TriceGeorgeILM, T-030
TriceLucille BaughGBNF, P-002
TriceMackILM, T-030
TriceMargaret A.GBNF, Bethpage Christian Church
TriceMollieILM, T-030
TriceNannie KuperSS, G-034
TriceOllie HooverGBNF, J-014
TricePhillip W.SS, T-040
TriceRichard A.GBNF, B-014
TriceRobertILM, T-030
TriceRoySS, T-035
TriceSylvester N.GBNF, J-014
TriceVirginia H.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
TriceWillie A. GarrettGBNF, B-014
TrotmanLucy Nelson GardnerGBNF, G-005
TruehartDownlison E.GBNF, T-015
TruehartLeslie B.GBNF, T-015
TullohJames W.RIP, H-032
TullohSusan C.RIP, H-032
TunerCarmella G. TisdaleILM, T-023
TurnerAtwood WashRIP, W-017
TurnerAtwood WashSS, W-017
TurnerCharles CliftonRIP, W-017
TurnerCharles CliftonSS, W-017
TurnerFannie BaconRIP, W-017
TurnerFannie BaconSS, W-017
TurnerGeorgeILM, T-027
TurnerGeorge, Capt.RIP, T-021
TurnerGriffith S.ILM, T-023
TurnerHattie G. BickleyILM, T-023
TurnerJames W.ILM, T-023
TurnerJohn W.ILM, W-038
TurnerJoseph S.GBNF, Turner T-009
TurnerJoseph S.GBNF, T-009
TurnerMattie E.ILM, T-023
TurnerMax DelanoRIP, T-018
TurnerMildred A.RIP, T-018
TurnerSusan RebekahSS, W-017
TurnerWinston M.ILM, T-023
TylerSallie BelleGBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
TylerThomas F.GBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
TylerThomas R.GBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
TyreeSamuel FranklinSS, T-042