Gone But Not Forgotten, Rest in Peace, In Loving Memory and Silently Sleeping

"Silently Sleeping", Louisa County Family Graveyards, Volume 4 is now available. It is in the same format as the first three volumes. The book is $30 plus $5 s&h.

Each volume contain photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and  locations of family graveyards in Louisa county. 

Volume 3 ("In Loving Memory"),and Volume 2 ("Rest in Peace"), Louisa County Family Graveyards,  are also available.  (each are $30 plus $5 s&h)

Make check payable and send to Pat Baber, 1105 Bethany Church Road, Bumpass 23024.   For more information contact  Pat Baber  pbaber@wildblue.net  or  Pattie Cooke ccooke2@verizon.net

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This index combines names from all four volumes of the books (Cemetery name preceeded by 'SS' ('Silently Sleeping') for Volume 4, 'ILM' ('In Loving Memory') for Volume 3, 'RIP' ('Rest in Peace'), for Volume 2 and GBNF for Volume 1). The names are from the authors visits to cemeteries as well as DEATHS BETWEEN 1896 AND 1912
If the Cemetery shows a letter followed by three digits, then the source is from a cemetery visit.
For the other, sources include family graveyards included within, Bible records and cemetery records from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) files, church cemetery records, and various family papers in possession of the authors.

Last Name First Name Cemetery
SadowskiAnthony M.RIP, D-021
SadowskiHarriet DehnerRIP, D-021
SafelyEvelyn MayGBNF, Kiblinger K-001
SafleyEvelyn MayGBNF, K-001
SafleyGeorge E.GBNF, K-001
SafleyJames WilsonGBNF, K-001
Sallé Edith Hammond WinstonSS, W-048
Sallé Robert CuvierSS, W-048
SamuelGeorge M.GBNF, H-013
SamuelGeorge M.GBNF, Hiter H-013
SandersBenjamin W.ILM, S-059
SandersBickerton WinstonGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
SandersHiram Bolling, Capt.ILM, S-059
SandersNannie Q. WaldropILM, S-059
SandridgeEthel L. Henwood HarrisGBNF, H-014
SatterwhiteEthel V.ILM, D-035
SaundersFamilyRIP, S-026
SaundersJohn A.GBNF, Berea Bapt. Church
SaundersLewis L.GBNF, Berea Bapt. Church
SaundersOlivia J.GBNF, Berea Bapt. Church
SaundersVivian A.SS, A-020
SaundersVivian A.GBNF, Locust Grove Cemetery
SawyerElsie H.SS, H-056
SawyerMattie D.ILM, T-023
SchmitzFrancisGBNF, Immaculate Conception Catholic
SchoenthalAlice V. ButlerGBNF, Butler B-003
SchoenthalAlice V. ButlerGBNF, B-003
SchoolerBetty LouiseGBNF, T-006
SchoolerDewey ThomasGBNF, T-006
SchoolerMaude TerrellGBNF, T-006
SchoolerWillian Thos.GBNF, T-006
ScottAllen AndrewSS, S-064
ScottBabyGBNF, C-013
ScottBrandon W.ILM, J-027
ScottClives SS, P-034
ScottEarl L.SS, S-064
ScottFamilyILM, S-044
ScottFrankeySS, C-012
ScottGeorge EdwardSS, S-064
ScottHomerSS, S-064
ScottKenneth MasonGBNF, T-002
ScottTerry RichardSS, S-064
ScottWesley ScottRIP, S-042
ScottWilliam S.RIP, S-042
ScruggsCora G.GBNF, G-002
SeargeantChapmanGBNF, S-017
SeargeantFamilyILM, U-027
SeargeantUnknownILM, S-061
SeargentHenry L.GBNF, Seargent Cemetery
SeargentLou R.GBNF, Seargent Cemetery
SeargentWilliam L.GBNF, Seargent Cemetery
SearlesAlbert LeeGBNF, S-004
SearlesClarence EdgarGBNF, S-005
SearlesJulia EllenGBNF, S-005
SearlesMae StanleyGBNF, S-004
SearlesRobert LeeGBNF, S-005
SearlsClatie P.GBNF, L-001
SearlsEddsonal P.GBNF, L-001
SearlsEdith L.GBNF, L-001
SearlsRobert H.GBNF, S-004
SearlsThomas WesleyGBNF, L-001
SeayEudoniaRIP, H-022
SeidelMary S.SS, E-007
SelfCharles P.ILM, T-024
SelfEdna T.ILM, T-024
SensabaughEliabeth May FosterGBNF, F-001
SessomsDorothy QuarlesGBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
SessomsJulius Oswald Jr.GBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
SextonErnestGBNF, T-012
SextonNarciann Hawley TrainhamGBNF, T-012
SharpArthur B.ILM, L-008
SharpEddie Nelson, Jr.ILM, S-046
SharpFamilySS, S-065
SharpHoward BranchILM, S-046
SharpJames NelsonILM, S-046
SharpJessie PorterILM, S-046
SharpMary A.ILM, S-054
SharpMary E.ILM, L-008
SharpMolly J. ILM, S-045
SharpPeter T.ILM, S-045
SharpTemperanceSS, S-065
SharpWillie S.ILM, S-046
SharpeDavid A. RIP, P-018
SharpeDavid AlvinRIP, P-018
SharpeIda C. ButlerGBNF, B-020
SharpeJohn GardnerGBNF, T-004
SharpeLaura E.RIP, P-018
SharpeRosa BellGBNF, T-004
SheltonAdelia A.GBNF, S-018
SheltonAlice MaeRIP, S-030
SheltonAnne MeredithGBNF, S-010
SheltonCharlie O.RIP, S-030
SheltonClarence J.RIP, S-030
SheltonClaude T.GBNF, S-018
SheltonClaudia D.RIP, S-030
SheltonClive N.SS, S-070
SheltonD. R.GBNF, S-020
SheltonEffie G.GBNF, G-014
SheltonElizabethGBNF, W-004
SheltonEmily C.GBNF, S-018
SheltonEugene B.RIP, S-030
SheltonEugene DukeGBNF, S-010
SheltonEvie M.GBNF, S-010
SheltonF. A., Sr.GBNF, S-010
SheltonF. SimsGBNF, S-018
SheltonFrances A.SS, S-070
SheltonFrank A., Jr.GBNF, S-010
SheltonGarnett L.GBNF, S-010
SheltonGuyGBNF, J-013
SheltonHarry P.GBNF, S-018
SheltonHelen RoseGBNF, S-010
SheltonHenry T.SS, S-070
SheltonHerbert L.RIP, S-030
SheltonHorace LeeSS, L-016
SheltonJ. W.GBNF, S-018
SheltonJames A.SS, M-042
SheltonJames A.RIP, S-030
SheltonJames BlairGBNF, S-010
SheltonJames R.RIP, C-015
SheltonJas. B.GBNF, S-019
SheltonJohn B.GBNF, S-018
SheltonJohn EdwardGBNF, G-014
SheltonJohn HenryILM, B-055
SheltonJohnette W.GBNF, S-018
SheltonJustina S.GBNF, S-010
SheltonLoula HollinsGBNF, S-010
SheltonMae J.GBNF, S-018
SheltonMargaret C.GBNF, S-020
SheltonMargie F.SS, L-016
SheltonMartha L. SwannGBNF, S-020
SheltonMary M., Mrs.GBNF, J-013
SheltonMelvin G.RIP, S-030
SheltonParker R.GBNF, S-010
SheltonR. J., M.D.GBNF, S-011
SheltonReginaRIP, S-030
SheltonRo. J., Lieut.GBNF, S-018
SheltonRobert L.RIP, S-030
SheltonRuby M.GBNF, S-010
SheltonSallie K.ILM, T-030
SheltonSamuel J.RIP, S-030
SheltonSarah H.SS, D-040
SheltonSarah K.SS, M-042
SheltonSunshineRIP, S-030
SheltonT.SS, S-067
SheltonTemple DoswellSS, S-070
SheltonThomas GBNF, S-020
SheltonThomas FowlerGBNF, S-010
SheltonThomas J.GBNF, G-014
SheltonThos. J.SS, S-070
SheltonUnknownGBNF, S-021
SheltonUnnamed infantsGBNF, S-018
SheltonVictoriaGBNF, S-020
SheltonWilliam Henry Sr.RIP, S-030
SheltonWilliam MeredithGBNF, S-010
SheltonWilliam RandolphGBNF, S-010
SheltonWilliam W.GBNF, S-018
SheltonWoodrowRIP, S-030
SheltonZelma AdeliaGBNF, S-010
SheridanHugh SherwoodGBNF, C-006
SheridanJeffrey DeanGBNF, C-006
SheridanJoan HammondGBNF, M-012
SheridanJohn FrancisGBNF, M-012
SheridanParker C.GBNF, C-006
ShifflettEllisSS, P-019
ShiflettCurtis M., Sr.GBNF, S-008
ShiflettDanielGBNF, S-008
ShiflettDavid W.GBNF, S-008
ShiflettMary E.GBNF, S-008
ShipmanRandolph P.ILM, S-056
ShippAnnieRIP, S-038
ShippBabyRIP, S-038
ShippGeorge W.RIP, S-038
ShippHenry L.RIP, S-038
ShippLaura B.RIP, S-038
ShippLillian M.RIP, S-038
ShippMary F.RIP, S-038
ShippRobert E.RIP, S-038
ShippSarahRIP, S-038
ShippSusie I.RIP, S-038
ShippWillie A.RIP, S-038
ShullCatherine VirginiaRIP, J-024
SiddonsAlma MaudeGBNF, H-001
SiddonsAlma MaudeGBNF, Harris H-001
SiddonsJames D.GBNF, H-007
SiddonsVirginia HarrisGBNF, H-001
SiegBillyGBNF, Mineral Bapt. Church
SilgevinckErnest J., Sr.ILM, S-053
SilgevinckMamie F.ILM, S-053
SimmonsAda T.ILM, W-031
SimmsEthalinda Y.GBNF, S-014
SimmsEva HunterGBNF, S-014
SimmsEvelyn VirginiaGBNF, S-014
SimmsJessie LewisGBNF, S-014
SimmsLucy A.SS, S-062
SimmsNancy B.SS, B-061
SimmsNolie MayGBNF, S-014
SimmsWm. LewisGBNF, S-014
SimonsFamilyRIP, U-012
SimpsonLouisa BledsoeGBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
SimsAndrew JacksonRIP, S-039
SimsBenjamin H.GBNF, S-013
SimsBessie L.GBNF, A-006
SimsChastine B.RIP, S-023
SimsE. WingfieldRIP, S-023
SimsEdmonia Frances FowlkesGBNF, S-013
SimsEdward NewelRIP, S-023
SimsEliza BakerRIP, S-023
SimsElton A., Dr.ILM, W-038
SimsEunice S.ILM, W-038
SimsFlorence M.RIP, S-023
SimsFrederick H., Dr.GBNF, K-006
SimsFrederick WilmerSS, W-048
SimsHardenia CosbyRIP, S-023
SimsHarry W.GBNF, Sims S-002
SimsHarry W., Sr.GBNF, S-002
SimsJohn H.GBNF, K-006
SimsJohn H.GBNF, Kimbrough K-006
SimsLou Ella DurvinRIP, S-039
SimsLucy WinstonSS, W-048
SimsLuther VivianGBNF, S-002
SimsLydia A.ILM, W-038
SimsMarcia FrancesGBNF, A-006
SimsMaria Louisa KimbroughGBNF, K-006
SimsMartha KimbroughSS, W-048
SimsMyrtle T.GBNF, S-002
SimsOliver C.SS, S-066
SimsPatrick JacksonILM, S-058
SimsRobert VivionGBNF, A-006
SimsUnknownGBNF, S-003
SimsV. A. L.RIP, S-023
SimsVirginina A. SwiftGBNF, S-013
SimsW. A.GBNF, A-006
SimsWilliam HunterGBNF, S-014
SimsWm. H.RIP, S-023
SinclairEdwardSS, B-061
SlagleElizabeth W.ILM, S-048
SlagleGeorge W.ILM, S-048
SlavesWinstonGBNF, W-001
SledgeSarah E.ILM, B-057
SmileyAnne Conway BaughGBNF, P-002
SmileyKenneth SterlingGBNF, P-002
SmithAlonzo T.RIP, S-040
SmithAlphonso V.GBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
SmithAmandaRIP, S-032
SmithAndrewILM, J-031
SmithAndromache CosbyILM, C-027
SmithAnnie M.RIP, S-027
SmithArtie G.SS, S-069
SmithArtimisia S.SS, S-069
SmithAubrey M.RIP, S-040
SmithBroddas H.ILM, S-047
SmithButlerILM, S-050
SmithCammie TalleyRIP, S-040
SmithCharlieILM, S-057
SmithCliftonILM, J-026
SmithClifton EarlILM, S-056
SmithClifton, Jr.ILM, S-050
SmithCora Mayo StanleyGBNF, S-006
SmithDaughterILM, S-047
SmithDorothy ParkerRIP, S-040
SmithE. C.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
SmithE. F.ILM, S-047
SmithEdward C.ILM, E-005
SmithEdward ThomasGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
SmithElizabeth GunnellGBNF, G-007
SmithElmore WarrenSS, B-066
SmithEmmittILM, E-006
SmithF. W.GBNF, S-016
SmithFamilyILM, S-049
SmithFrank PrestonGBNF, S-016
SmithGarrett MeriwetherILM, M-037
SmithGeorgeRIP, S-032
SmithGeorgiaRIP, S-041
SmithGretaGBNF, S-006
SmithH. CliftonILM, S-056
SmithHazelILM, S-057
SmithHoraceILM, S-057
Smithinfant sonGBNF, Jones J-005
SmithInfant son of Wm L. & BessieGBNF, J-005
SmithIsaac W.ILM, S-047
SmithJ. P. FamilyRIP, S-032
SmithJamesILM, S-057
SmithJamesILM, S-050
SmithJames A., Sr.RIP, S-041
SmithJesseILM, S-050
SmithJesse P.RIP, S-032
SmithJohn B.SS, S-063
SmithJohn GoodwinGBNF, S-016
SmithJohn M.RIP, S-040
SmithJohn OregonILM, S-056
SmithJoseph S.ILM, S-051
SmithJosephineILM, S-057
SmithJudith AliceRIP, S-040
SmithKaren E.ILM, E-005
SmithKateILM, S-050
SmithKathlene H.ILM, S-056
SmithL. J.SS, S-069
SmithL. Mildred BanksGBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
SmithLanzyILM, C-027
SmithLaura H.RIP, S-040
SmithLena D.ILM, D-029
SmithLenbeeILM, S-050
SmithLeonidas J.SS, S-069
SmithLeonidas S.GBNF, S-006
SmithLewis M.ILM, J-026
SmithLewis S.ILM, J-026
SmithLillie SchoolerGBNF, T-006
SmithLima BelleRIP, S-027
SmithLois InezILM, S-047
SmithLouisa V.ILM, S-051
SmithLouise V.ILM, J-026
SmithLovell GoodwinGBNF, Smith S-016
SmithLovell GoodwinGBNF, S-016
SmithLucy Winston SimsSS, W-048
SmithLula M.RIP, S-041
SmithM. C.RIP, S-027
SmithMarcellus F.RIP, S-040
SmithMartha E.RIP, S-041
SmithMartha SimsGBNF, A-006
SmithMaryILM, E-005
SmithMary AnnGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
SmithMiles C.RIP, S-041
SmithMiles T.RIP, S-041
SmithOthoILM, S-057
SmithOtho NeilILM, S-056
SmithPeter B.ILM, S-047
SmithRalphILM, E-005
SmithRaymondILM, S-057
SmithRaymond A.RIP, S-041
SmithRichard ElmoreSS, B-066
SmithRichard L., Jr.ILM, E-005
SmithRichard Lloyd, Sr.ILM, E-005
SmithRobert Clyde, Sr.RIP, S-040
SmithRose B.ILM, J-031
SmithSadie BrownSS, B-066
SmithSamuel A.RIP, S-041
SmithShedrickGBNF, Jackson J-009
SmithShedrick GBNF, J-009
SmithSnoopyGBNF, S-006
SmithThomas J.RIP, S-027
SmithThomas M., Sr.ILM, S-056
SmithTiny BusterGBNF, S-006
SmithViolet D.ILM, S-056
SmithVivian D.SS, B-066
SmithW. F.RIP, S-027
SmithWillard FranklinGBNF, T-006
SmithWilliamILM, S-051
SmookBarbara B. LipscombGBNF, H-007
SmookJohn ThomasGBNF, H-007
SmookSharon K. BohneGBNF, H-007
SneadMary T.GBNF, Q-001
SneadOscar L. GBNF, Quisenberry Q-001
SneadOscar L.GBNF, Q-001
SneadWillie BerniceRIP, S-025
SnellingsArthur L.GBNF, T-006
SnellingsC. Mattie PerryGBNF, S-001
SnellingsCharles MelvinGBNF, S-001
SnellingsHilda P.GBNF, S-001
SnellingsLittie S.GBNF, T-006
SnelsonBaby BoyRIP, S-034
SnelsonElla FielderRIP, S-034
SnelsonMabel V.RIP, S-034
SnelsonSherard F.RIP, S-034
SnelsonWesley HoneymanRIP, S-034
SouthworthAlonzoRIP, S-028
SouthworthHarryRIP, S-028
SouthworthVirginia OrangeRIP, S-028
SouthworthWalter F.RIP, S-028
SpencerSolomon S.GBNF, Zion United Methodist Church
SpicerAnnie AleaseGBNF, K-003
SpicerAnnie ButlerGBNF, K-003
SpicerBarbara E.RIP, S-033
SpicerBenjamin BuchananSS, S-068
SpicerCharles ClintonGBNF, K-003
SpicerElijah HanesSS, S-068
SpicerEudora B.RIP, S-024
SpicerFannieGBNF, D-014
SpicerJohn L.RIP, S-024
SpicerJohn WesleyGBNF, K-003
SpicerThomas B.RIP, S-024
SpicerW. S.RIP, S-033
SpicerWilliam EdwardSS, S-068
SpotswoodAvis L.RIP, M-022
SpotswoodC. RamonRIP, M-022
SpotswoodEleanora JacksonGBNF, J-013
SpotswoodEmma VirginiaRIP, M-022
SprouleCatharineGBNF, P-005
SprouseBlanche GregoryGBNF, G-012
SprouseBobbie C.ILM, T-031
SprouseChessie L.ILM, T-031
SprouseEulie L. (Ulysses)ILM, T-031
SprouseH. L.ILM, T-031
SprouseLucy A.ILM, T-031
SprouseMaudILM, T-031
StaffordElizabeth AllhiserRIP, S-033
StaffordElliott R.RIP, S-033
StallingsGoldie R.RIP, W-013
StallingsLula MattealRIP, W-013
StanleyAllen Earl, Jr.GBNF, S-004
StanleyAllie MaeGBNF, S-004
StanleyBonnie L.GBNF, S-004
StanleyCharles R.GBNF, A-004
StanleyDaisy L.GBNF, S-004
StanleyElmira S.GBNF, S-004
StanleyFannie P.RIP, S-036
StanleyGrantGBNF, S-004
StanleyHarold G.GBNF, A-006
StanleyJeffrey Wayne, Jr.GBNF, S-004
StanleyJohn GeorgeGBNF, S-004
StanleyJohn H.GBNF, S-004
StanleyJoyce TateGBNF, S-004
StanleyLee S.GBNF, S-004
StanleyLillian AnnRIP, M-032
StanleyPaul DanielGBNF, S-004
StanleyRobert S.SS, S-069
StanleySamuel T.RIP, S-036
StanleyVirgie S.GBNF, S-004
StanleyWillie AnnGBNF, S-004
StanleyWinnie ClaytonGBNF, S-004
StephensM. D.ILM, S-052
StephensW. L.ILM, S-052
StewartC. H.GBNF, S-012
StewartEugeneGBNF, S-012
StewartOather HarrisGBNF, S-012
StewartPearl LenaGBNF, S-012
StewartRalph B., Sr.ILM, L-010
StewartRuth A.ILM, L-010
StillsWardelGBNF, M-013
StillwellL. A.RIP, S-037
StokesBarbara Carneal CoxSS, A-020
StokesChristopher MerleSS, A-020
StrachanJames MadisonGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
StraughanSusie EtnaGBNF, W-008
StricklenJohn B.SS, M-046
StricklenLidia AnnSS, M-046
StrongAda LeeRIP, S-031
StrongAnnie B.GBNF, G-001
StrongBertha A.ILM, S-055
StrongCorneliusRIP, S-031
StrongCynthia GailILM, G-028
StrongElsie MaeILM, S-055
StrongErnestRIP, S-031
StrongFredILM, S-055
StrongHenry E.GBNF, G-001
StrongNat T.ILM, C-032
StrongNehemiah D.ILM, S-055
StrongNorman JacksonILM, C-032
StrongPaulILM, S-055
StrongRobertRIP, S-031
StrongUnknownGBNF, S-009
StrongXenophon P.ILM, S-055
StudeventMarquerite V.RIP, V-001
StudeventWalter C.RIP, V-001
SurberLelia Indi AnnaGBNF, G-007
SwannSamuel A.GBNF, S-020
SwiftAlmaRIP, S-029
SwiftAnn E.RIP, S-029
SwiftAnne E.SS, S-029
SwiftBlancheRIP, S-029
SwiftCharlie J.GBNF, S-015
SwiftCordelia A.RIP, S-035
SwiftDavidRIP, S-035
SwiftDavid GBNF, S-022
SwiftDavid O.GBNF, S-022
SwiftEliza M.SS, S-029
SwiftEliza M.RIP, S-029
SwiftEliza SimsRIP, S-023
SwiftIrma B.GBNF, S-022
SwiftJames A.GBNF, S-015
SwiftJoseph A.RIP, S-029
SwiftJoseph A.SS, S-029
SwiftJudithILM, S-060
SwiftLaura H.RIP, S-029
SwiftLaura H.SS, S-029
SwiftLuther R.SS, S-029
SwiftLuther RiceRIP, S-023
SwiftLuther RiceRIP, S-029
SwiftMary W.RIP, S-035
SwiftMaudeRIP, S-029
SwiftRichard T.SS, S-029
SwiftRichard T.RIP, S-029
SwiftRobertSS, S-029
SwiftRobertRIP, S-029
SwiftStuart C.GBNF, S-022
SwiftThomasia OvertonSS, S-029
SwiftTimoth T., ElderILM, S-060
SwiftWorther T.RIP, S-035
SwinkSamuelRIP, W-023