Gone But Not Forgotten, Rest in Peace, In Loving Memory and Silently Sleeping

"Silently Sleeping", Louisa County Family Graveyards, Volume 4 is now available. It is in the same format as the first three volumes. The book is $30 plus $5 s&h.

Each volume contain photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and  locations of family graveyards in Louisa county. 

Volume 3 ("In Loving Memory"),and Volume 2 ("Rest in Peace"), Louisa County Family Graveyards,  are also available.  (each are $30 plus $5 s&h)

Make check payable and send to Pat Baber, 1105 Bethany Church Road, Bumpass 23024.   For more information contact  Pat Baber  pbaber@wildblue.net  or  Pattie Cooke ccooke2@verizon.net

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This index combines names from all four volumes of the books (Cemetery name preceeded by 'SS' ('Silently Sleeping') for Volume 4, 'ILM' ('In Loving Memory') for Volume 3, 'RIP' ('Rest in Peace'), for Volume 2 and GBNF for Volume 1). The names are from the authors visits to cemeteries as well as DEATHS BETWEEN 1896 AND 1912
If the Cemetery shows a letter followed by three digits, then the source is from a cemetery visit.
For the other, sources include family graveyards included within, Bible records and cemetery records from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) files, church cemetery records, and various family papers in possession of the authors.

Last Name First Name Cemetery
PackChesterILM, D-025
PageCharles HoraceGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
PalmerCharlotte SwiftRIP, S-029
PalmerCharlotte SwiftSS, S-029
ParhamJohn, Sr.SS, B-061
ParrishBirdie TylerGBNF, P-003
ParrishCharles F.GBNF, P-003
ParrishE. J.ILM, P-023
ParrishE. J.GBNF, Parrish Cemetery
ParrishElvira W.GBNF, P-003
ParrishElvira W.GBNF, Parrish P-001
ParrishGraceILM, P-023
ParrishH. J.GBNF, P-003
ParrishH. J.GBNF, Parrish P-001
ParrishInfantsRIP, M-021
ParrishJames HumphreyGBNF, P-003
ParrishLeonora J.ILM, P-023
ParrishLillian TylerGBNF, P-003
ParrishLucy Ann ParrishILM, G-021
ParrishM. E., MrsILM, P-023
ParrishMarion FrancesGBNF, P-003
ParrishMary H.GBNF, H-005
ParrishMrs. M. E.GBNF, Parrish Cemetery
ParrishN. P.ILM, P-023
ParrishNannie C.GBNF, C-005
ParrishRobert F.GBNF, T-013
ParrishRobert F.GBNF, Thomasson T-013
ParrishRobert T.GBNF, P-003
ParrishRoy E.GBNF, C-005
ParrishRoy I., Sr.GBNF, H-005
ParrishW. L.ILM, P-023
ParrishWillieILM, M-036
ParsonsMalinda A.RIP, P-018
ParsonsSamuel HopewellGBNF, Louisa Christian Church
ParsonsTaylor M.RIP, P-018
PateAlberta EdwardsRIP, P-021
PateBertha S.GBNF, P-001
PateBilly G.GBNF, P-004
PateCharliesSS, P-031
PateGeorge Richard "Tootsie"SS, P-031
PateInez ButlerGBNF, P-004
PateJohnSS, P-031
PateJohn ErnestRIP, P-021
PateJohn, Jr.SS, P-031
PateMann J.GBNF, P-001
PateMaude E.GBNF, P-001
PateMildred SS, P-031
PateStafford J.GBNF, P-001
PateSusie K.GBNF, P-004
PateW. RayGBNF, P-001
PateWillie O.GBNF, P-004
PateWilmer LeeGBNF, P-004
PattersonCoraSS, P-029
PattersonJames F.SS, P-029
PattersonJulia D. GoodwinSS, H-054
PattersonMamie C.RIP, C-015
PayneAnnie E. DabneyGBNF, D-012
PayneAnnie L.GBNF, W-007
PayneAva LewisSS, B-062
PayneBaby GirlSS, B-062
PayneCharlotte S.GBNF, D-012
PayneConnie ElizabethSS, B-062
PayneEmma B.SS, B-062
PayneErnest S.RIP, M-023
PayneG. WoodsonGBNF, D-012
PayneJoanna MorrisRIP, M-023
PayneJoseph B.RIP, P-016
PayneKevin L.SS, H-060
PayneMarha E.GBNF, Whitlock W-007
PayneMartha E.GBNF, W-007
PayneMary J.GBNF, Zion United Methodist Church
PayneRobert L.SS, B-062
PayneRobert L.GBNF, W-007
PayneRobert M.SS, B-062
PayneShawn L.SS, H-060
PayneSue V. GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
PayneWilliam EdwardRIP, M-023
PaytesHarvey HulbertRIP, H-032
PaytesJames E.RIP, H-032
PaytesSimel CalvanRIP, H-032
PeersMaria Catherine BowlesGBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
PeersWilson JamesGBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
PeeteViolaILM, C-025
PembertonJohn F.RIP, S-033
PendletonAnnie F.GBNF, P-005
PendletonBradfordGBNF, B-011
PendletonCatherine MaryGBNF, P-005
PendletonCharles GBNF, P-010
PendletonCharlotte RebeccaGBNF, P-005
PendletonColonel EdmundILM, P-024
PendletonDr. Edmund StrachanGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
PendletonDr. Lewis SmithGBNF, P-005
PendletonEdmund S.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
PendletonElizabeth KimbroughGBNF, Barrett B-011
PendletonElizabeth KimbroughGBNF, B-011
PendletonHenryGBNF, P-005
PendletonJane KimbroughILM, P-024
PendletonJohn B.GBNF, B-011
PendletonJohn E., Jr.ILM, J-026
PendletonJohn HenryGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
PendletonJoseph K.GBNF, P-005
PendletonLewis SmithILM, P-024
PendletonM., Dr.GBNF, B-011
PendletonMargaret GoodwinGBNF, G-004
PendletonP. B., Dr.ILM, P-024
PendletonPhillip BarbourILM, P-024
PendletonPhillip Barbour, JrILM, P-024
PendletonRaymond E.ILM, J-026
PendletonSallieGBNF, B-011
PendletonThomas ChandlerGBNF, B-011
PendletonThomas ChandlerGBNF, Barrett B-011
PendletonUnity Y. KimbroughILM, P-024
PendletonWilliam J.GBNF, P-005
PennellSusan CallisonGBNF, C-013
PerkinsA. N.RIP, M-030
PerkinsAddie A.ILM, C-031
PerkinsAlice D.ILM, C-030
PerkinsAlphonso Napoleon, Jr. RIP, M-030
PerkinsBabyILM, J-031
PerkinsCarrieILM, C-025
PerkinsCarrie HarrisRIP, P-020
PerkinsClay BowlesGBNF, P-009
PerkinsDanILM, J-031
PerkinsE. E.ILM, P-025
PerkinsEliza J. ThomsonILM, P-025
PerkinsEliza SaundersILM, L-013
PerkinsEugene W.ILM, M-040
PerkinsEverette R.ILM, M-040
PerkinsFlavillaILM, M-040
PerkinsH. J.RIP, B-024
PerkinsH. J. W.RIP, B-024
PerkinsH. J. W.GBNF, Boxley-McCandlish Cemetery
PerkinsHarriet L.RIP, M-030
PerkinsHattie B.ILM, M-040
PerkinsHawardILM, M-040
PerkinsHenrySS, P-033
PerkinsHenryRIP, B-024
PerkinsHiliaryRIP, B-024
PerkinsHutsGBNF, H-010
PerkinsI. Roberta MeredithRIP, M-030
PerkinsIda Z.ILM, P-025
PerkinsIlma DukeILM, M-040
PerkinsJennieRIP, P-020
PerkinsJennie E.SS, P-033
PerkinsJessie MarieRIP, P-020
PerkinsJohn BowlesGBNF, P-009
PerkinsJohn FestusILM, M-040
PerkinsKittyRIP, P-017
PerkinsLena G.GBNF, B-019
PerkinsLeonRIP, M-030
PerkinsLeroy BurnetteRIP, P-020
PerkinsMaryILM, J-031
PerkinsMary Elizabeth BowlesGBNF, P-009
PerkinsMary J.RIP, B-024
PerkinsNannie F.RIP, P-017
PerkinsNatilia C.GBNF, P-009
PerkinsOvid A.GBNF, P-009
PerkinsPatty GordonGBNF, St. John's Chapel
PerkinsPeter WadeRIP, P-020
PerkinsR ElmoreSS, P-038
PerkinsR. A.ILM, P-025
PerkinsR. ElmoreGBNF, Perkins
PerkinsRebecca JaneGBNF, Berea Bapt. Church
PerkinsRobertRIP, P-017
PerkinsRobert ConstantineGBNF, St. John's Chapel
PerkinsRobert D.GBNF, B-019
PerkinsRobert M.RIP, M-030
PerkinsSarah AgnesRIP, M-030
PerkinsStephen OvertonGBNF, P-009
PerkinsWilliam OvertonSS, P-035
PerkinsWilliam ShepherdILM, M-040
PerkinsWilliam Shepherd, Jr.ILM, M-040
PerryAleckSS, P-019
PerryBob, 2nd wife ofSS, P-019
PerryBob, father ofSS, P-019
PerryBob, mother ofSS, P-019
PerryDramieSS, P-019
PerryEarl J.RIP, H-028
PerryElmerRIP, P-019
PerryElmerSS, P-019
PerryEmma ButlerRIP, W-022
PerryFrankSS, P-019
PerryGeorge R., Sr.RIP, P-019
PerryGeorge R., Sr.SS, P-019
PerryGeorge W.GBNF, A-006
PerryJ. L.RIP, H-028
PerryJames M.RIP, P-019
PerryJames M.SS, P-019
PerryJessie, father ofSS, P-019
PerryJohn W.RIP, H-028
PerryLula RIP, P-019
PerryLulaSS, P-019
PerryMartha Ann SS, P-019
PerryMary J. ArmstrongGBNF, A-006
PerryRubySS, P-019
PerryU. G.RIP, H-028
PerryWilliam E.GBNF, A-006
PettusBarbaraRIP, P-012
PettusEudora O.RIP, P-012
PettusJames G.RIP, P-012
PettusLeroy JamesILM, F-003
PhilipsElizabeth L.RIP, O-003
PhillipsJames H.GBNF, Pendleton -Harris P-005
PhillipsJames H.GBNF, P-005
PhillipsLucy JaneGBNF, G-007
PhillipsMary L.GBNF, Pendleton -Harris P-005
PhillipsMary L.GBNF, P-005
PhillipsWilliam H.GBNF, P-005
PhilpottsJ. C.GBNF, P-011
PhilpottsJ. G.GBNF, Philpott Cemetery
PhilpottsR. E.GBNF, P-011
PhilpottsSara W.GBNF, Philpott Cemetery
PhilpottsSarah W.GBNF, P-011
PinkstonVirginia DehnerRIP, D-021
PinkstonWilliam EugeneRIP, D-021
Pleasant M A SS, L-016
PleasantsAbner G.GBNF, P-002
PleasantsAbner J.GBNF, P-002
PleasantsAlexander G. RIP, B-022
PleasantsAlexander G., JrRIP, B-022
PleasantsAnn ElizaGBNF, P-002
PleasantsBurley H.ILM, P-026
PleasantsClarence M.ILM, P-026
PleasantsDavid RoyRIP, B-022
PleasantsElinor A.SS, A-020
PleasantsEliza BurtonGBNF, P-002
PleasantsErnest MaddoxGBNF, P-002
PleasantsEstelle B.RIP, B-022
PleasantsEthel LloydGBNF, L-003
PleasantsFrances B.ILM, P-026
PleasantsHenry MacILM, P-026
PleasantsHugh C.ILM, P-026
PleasantsInfant GirlGBNF, P-002
PleasantsIrene M.SS, A-020
PleasantsJohn HamdenGBNF, P-002
PleasantsJoseph G.ILM, P-026
PleasantsKate G.ILM, P-026
PleasantsMargeret JonesGBNF, P-002
PleasantsMaude M.ILM, P-026
PleasantsOctavia V.SS, A-020
PleasantsSylvester W.GBNF, L-003
PleasantsThomas JerdonGBNF, P-002
PleasantsVictor K.ILM, P-026
PleasantsVirginia C.GBNF, P-002
PoindexterAlexanderSS, P-034
PoindexterAlfonzerSS, P-034
PoindexterBettie F.RIP, P-014
PoindexterC. E., MrsRIP, P-013
PoindexterCharles EdgarRIP, P-013
PoindexterFamilyRIP, P-015
PoindexterGeorge WillardRIP, E-003
PoindexterHerbertSS, P-034
PoindexterJames R.RIP, P-014
PoindexterJosephSS, P-034
PoindexterMartha D.RIP, P-014
PoindexterMiletus RobertRIP, E-003
PoindexterMiltonSS, P-034
PoindexterSusan EllenRIP, E-003
PoindexterSusie E.SS, P-034
PoindexterThomasILM, P-028
PoindexterWilliam T.RIP, P-014
PolandGrace R.GBNF, A-001
Poor HouseSS, P-030
PooreEarl W.ILM, P-027
PooreHelen H.ILM, P-027
PooreJames E.ILM, R-013
PooreLauren Gray ILM, P-027
PooreMinnieILM, R-013
PooreWilliam L.ILM, F-002
PopeJohn W.SS, L-016
PopeLucySS, P-036
PopeNathaniel , Capt.SS, P-036
PorterJames E.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
PorterJesse J.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
PorterVictoriaSS, P-032
PottieCharles (Dr.)GBNF, P-006
PottieE. J. (Mrs.)GBNF, P-006
PottieFannieGBNF, P-006
PottieGeorge GBNF, P-006
PottieGeorge E.GBNF, P-006
PottieIsabellaGBNF, P-006
PottieMaryGBNF, P-006
PottieSallie JordanGBNF, P-006
PottieWilliamGBNF, P-006
PowellEdward O.GBNF, M-014
PowellErnest R.GBNF, S-002
PowellHawes Fitz-herbertGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
PowellSallie W. SheltonGBNF, S-011
PreeceAlmaGBNF, P-005
PreeceJane Phillips (Mrs.)GBNF, P-005
Presley(Dog)GBNF, H-016
PriceEmmaILM, P-022
PriceGeo.ILM, P-022
PriceJoel W.GBNF, P-007
PriceLaura M.GBNF, P-007
ProffittElizabeth ThomassonGBNF, P-008
ProffittMartha FrancesGBNF, P-008
ProffittMary AnnGBNF, P-008
ProffittMary HubbardGBNF, P-008
ProffittMordecai FlemmingGBNF, P-008
ProffittPearl H.GBNF, P-008
ProffittWilliam F.GBNF, P-008
ProffittWillis W.GBNF, P-008
PruittH., Jr.GBNF, S-008
PruittHarmon J.GBNF, S-008
PurringtonFamilySS, P-037
PutnamInfantILM, V-003