Gone But Not Forgotten, Rest in Peace, In Loving Memory and Silently Sleeping

"Silently Sleeping", Louisa County Family Graveyards, Volume 4 is now available. It is in the same format as the first three volumes. The book is $30 plus $5 s&h.

Each volume contain photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and  locations of family graveyards in Louisa county. 

Volume 3 ("In Loving Memory"),and Volume 2 ("Rest in Peace"), Louisa County Family Graveyards,  are also available.  (each are $30 plus $5 s&h)

Make check payable and send to Pat Baber, 1105 Bethany Church Road, Bumpass 23024.   For more information contact  Pat Baber  pbaber@wildblue.net  or  Pattie Cooke ccooke2@verizon.net

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This index combines names from all four volumes of the books (Cemetery name preceeded by 'SS' ('Silently Sleeping') for Volume 4, 'ILM' ('In Loving Memory') for Volume 3, 'RIP' ('Rest in Peace'), for Volume 2 and GBNF for Volume 1). The names are from the authors visits to cemeteries as well as DEATHS BETWEEN 1896 AND 1912
If the Cemetery shows a letter followed by three digits, then the source is from a cemetery visit.
For the other, sources include family graveyards included within, Bible records and cemetery records from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) files, church cemetery records, and various family papers in possession of the authors.

Last Name First Name Cemetery
Ma*R. LeeRIP, H-021
MadisonFamilyRIP, M-020
Maggie (Dog)ILM, W-033
MagruderGeorge SheltonRIP, B-029
MagruderJames WatsonRIP, B-029
MagruderJohn HillaryRIP, B-029
MahanesLucy C.GBNF, S-008
MalloryAlton ParkerGBNF, Bethany Christian Church
MalloryCalvin C.SS, M-044
MalloryClarence A., Jr.RIP, W-013
MalloryDelaware E.GBNF, C-001
MalloryFrances E.SS, M-044
MalloryJames Matthew, Sr.SS, M-044
MalloryJohn ThomasGBNF, Diggs D-014
MalloryJohn ThomasGBNF, D-014
MalloryJohn W.GBNF, Bethany Christian Church
MalloryJoseph M.SS, M-044
MalloryNannie E.GBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
MalloryRobert B.SS, M-044
MansfieldAnn Bruce TaylorRIP, M-031
MansfieldEdward S.GBNF, Beulah Baptist Church
MansfieldMary BakerRIP, M-026
MansfieldPattie FarrarRIP, M-026
MansfieldRobert F.RIP, M-026
MansfieldWilliam DayRIP, M-031
MappVictoria McCoy GBNF, S-020
MarksAndrew, Infant ofILM, B-042
MarksClevie W.ILM, M-035
MarksGertrude SmithILM, M-035
MarksHenry S.ILM, M-035
MarksKilburnie B.ILM, M-035
MarksLula E.ILM, M-035
MarksMary A.ILM, M-035
MarksMary E.ILM, M-035
MarksRosebell H.ILM, M-035
MarksSarah A.ILM, M-035
MarksThomas W.ILM, M-035
MarksWilliam H.ILM, M-035
MarksWilliam Henry, Jr.ILM, M-035
MartinAngel JoseILM, J-031
MartinDora C.GBNF, C-006
MartinEliza F.ILM, M-036
MartinElizabeth R.GBNF, M-005
MartinElla J.RIP, J-021
MartinHugh R.GBNF, M-005
MartinInfant of George & SadieGBNF, M-005
MartinOla Carr JonesILM, J-024
MartinOtis FendallGBNF, M-005
MartinRalph T.ILM, M-036
MartinThomas E.GBNF, M-005
MartinVirgil E.GBNF, M-005
MassieWilliam CorbanGBNF, M-010
MatkinsWilliam Roy, Jr.GBNF, M-002
MatthewsAnnie Easton SmithILM, E-005
MatthewsPercy P.GBNF, A-001
MaupinCatharine PendletonILM, W-028
MawyerGeorge LeeRIP, H-021
MawyerGeorge Lee, Jr.RIP, H-021
MayFamilyILM, M-039
MayPhillip Pendleton, Dr.GBNF, M-004
MaySallie Ann TrevilianGBNF, M-004
MaynardMarthaGBNF, M-019
MayoWillie R.GBNF, S-012
McAfeeAnnetta HicksILM, J-032
McAllisterAnnie T.RIP, M-032
McAllisterHenry A.RIP, M-032
McAllisterJoseph LinwoodRIP, M-032
McAllisterMissouri C.RIP, M-032
McArthurHaydenRIP, H-019
McCandlishCharles S.RIP, B-024
McCandlishElizabeth R.RIP, B-024
McCandlishH.RIP, B-024
McCandlishHilaryGBNF, Boxley-McCandlish Cemetery
McCandlishJuliaGBNF, Boxley-McCandlish Cemetery
McCandlishJuliaRIP, B-024
McCandlishJulia F.RIP, B-024
McCandlishMartha C.GBNF, Boxley-McCandlish Cemetery
McCandlishMartha G.RIP, B-024
McCandlishWilliamRIP, B-024
McCandlishWilliamGBNF, Boxley-McCandlish Cemetery
McCandlishWm. FloydRIP, B-024
McCarthyEvelina D.SS, D-037
McCauleyMarySS, P-019
McClainEvelynRIP, T-018
McCoyH. P. R., Rev.GBNF, S-020
McCoyJean Pace MortonGBNF, S-020
McCoyLucy SheltonGBNF, S-020
McCoyWilliam Kenneth, M. D.GBNF, S-020
McDonaldCatherine G.RIP, M-025
McDonaldCatherine S. SimmsGBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
McDonaldFielding RIP, M-025
McDonaldLott H.GBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
McDonaldPattie AnnSS, M-046
McDonaldPorter AmblerRIP, M-025
McGeheeBlancheGBNF, Louisa Christian Church
McGeheeC. V.ILM, M-037
McGeheeClivius E.GBNF, M-009
McGeheeFamilyILM, U-014
McGeheeFrances E.GBNF, M-009
McGeheeGarrett C.RIP, T-020
McGeheeGeorge A.GBNF, M-009
McGeheeGeorge G.GBNF, Berea Bapt. Church
McGeheeGeorge V.ILM, M-037
McGeheeGeorgia AnnaRIP, T-020
McGeheeHeadley C.GBNF, M-009
McGeheeJames P.GBNF, Louisa Christian Church
McGeheeNathaniel M.GBNF, M-012
McGheeAshby W.GBNF, T-011
McGheeCalvin T., Sr.GBNF, M-007
McGheeE. T.GBNF, M-008
McGheeHarry L.GBNF, T-011
McGheeInez WellsGBNF, M-007
McGheeLewis AshbyGBNF, T-011
McGheeMattie BiaseyGBNF, M-008
McGheeMena O.GBNF, T-011
McGheeOtho V., Sr.GBNF, M-008
McGheeRitaGBNF, M-008
McGuffinWilda C. Henwood LambGBNF, H-014
McIntireRobert CarlyleGBNF, W-004
McKeathonClaude E.ILM, E-005
McKinneyJean F.GBNF, M-001
McKinneyJoseph B.GBNF, M-001
McKinneyKimiko KiyookaGBNF, M-001
McKinneyMargaret V.GBNF, M-001
McKinneyMark BryanGBNF, M-001
McKinneyMelvin TunstallGBNF, M-001
McKinneyRobert D.GBNF, M-001
McKinneySadie May BradburyGBNF, M-001
McKinneyWalter E.GBNF, M-001
McKinneyWayne Alvin PeeroyGBNF, M-001
McLaneJames E.RIP, M-025
McMillanRuth Sims QuisenberryRIP, M-024
MeadeWilliam T., Cap't.GBNF, M-016
MeltonAlfred FranklinGBNF, M-012
MeltonAnn E.GBNF, M-012
MeltonAnn T.GBNF, M-012
MeltonElishaGBNF, M-012
MeltonEugeneGBNF, M-012
MeltonLouisa M.GBNF, M-012
MeltonMary AnnGBNF, M-012
MeltonWillard C.ILM, E-005
MeredithAlice B.SS, M-047
MeredithCharles D.RIP, M-028
MeredithCharles QuarlesRIP, M-030
MeredithCharlotte Irving PerkinsRIP, M-030
MeredithChesterILM, W-039
MeredithIndianna L. HarrisRIP, M-030
MeredithJames T.RIP, M-029
MeredithMaryILM, W-039
MeredithMay WinnRIP, M-028
MeredithNannie Ivy BurnleyILM, G-019
MeredithNannie W.RIP, M-027
MeredithRobertRIP, M-030
MeredithRobertRIP, M-030
MeredithSue DukeGBNF, D-004
MeredithThomas G.RIP, M-027
MeredithVictoria C.RIP, M-030
MeredithWilliam BarrettILM, G-019
MeredithZ. H.RIP, M-030
MichieBush RodRIP, M-033
MichieBushrod J., Jr.RIP, M-033
MichieGeorgeGBNF, M-014
MichieJ. C., Rev.GBNF, M-014
MichieJames LewisSS, T-040
MichieMariaGBNF, M-014
MichieRichard C.GBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
MichieSusanRIP, M-033
MichieVashtiILM, H-041
MickensMinnieGBNF, R-006
MilerEmma R.GBNF, M-013
MilerHarvey E.GBNF, M-013
MilhadoAlma SchoolerGBNF, T-006
MilhadoWayne DouglasGBNF, T-006
MilhadoWayne OrlandoGBNF, T-006
MillerEmmaGBNF, C-009
MillerThomasGBNF, C-009
MillsAlexander W.ILM, M-040
MillsAnnie M.ILM, M-040
MillsJohn J. ILM, M-040
MillsJohn J. Jr.GBNF, Meadowbrook Farm
MillsJohn J., Jr.ILM, M-040
MillsOteria F. YeamansILM, M-040
MillsS. D.SS, M-045
MillsWilliamILM, M-040
MinorAdamILM, M-034
MinorAlecGBNF, G-003
MinorBaby GirlGBNF, M-018
MinorBen B.GBNF, M-018
MinorCharlesILM, M-034
MinorEllaSS, M-042
MinorElnoraGBNF, M-017
MinorEthel G.ILM, G-021
MinorFloydGBNF, M-017
MinorGarritGBNF, M-011
MinorGeraldineGBNF, M-018
MinorHardeniaGBNF, G-003
MinorIndiaILM, M-034
MinorJamesILM, M-034
MinorJessie, Sr.ILM, M-034
MinorJohn BledsoeGBNF, M-018
MinorJohn J.ILM, G-021
MinorLancelot, Jr.SS, W-048
MinorLewisGBNF, G-003
MinorMarthaGBNF, G-003
MinorMaryGBNF, G-003
MinorMary Overton TerrellGBNF, M-011
MinorMinnieGBNF, M-018
MinorRosa E.ILM, M-034
MinorRuth V.ILM, M-034
MinorSarah A. WinstonSS, W-048
MinorSharleneILM, M-034
MinorThomas WilliamILM, M-034
MinorTomGBNF, M-018
MinorWilliamGBNF, M-018
MinorWillie 1919RIP, J-018
MinorWillie 1920RIP, J-018
MinorZachILM, M-034
MitchellIsabellaILM, J-030
MizellLillie DugginsGBNF, H-011
MoloyWilliam C.SS, M-048
MoodyArgustaGBNF, M-019
MoodyArthurGBNF, M-019
MoodyBessie M.GBNF, J-002
MoodyChester A.GBNF, M-019
MoodyEliza A.GBNF, M-019
MoodyErma E.GBNF, M-019
MoodyEverett S., Sr.SS, M-043
MoodyGeorge P.GBNF, M-019
MoodyGustavia "Gussie"SS, M-043
MoodyInfant boyGBNF, M-019
MoodyIsabelle C.SS, M-043
MoodyJohn R., Sr.fGBNF, J-002
MoodyLila L.GBNF, M-019
MoodyLuther RoscoeSS, M-043
MoodyRebeckahGBNF, M-019
MoodyRockwell K.GBNF, M-019
MoodySilas J.SS, M-043
MoodyWallace AlexanderGBNF, M-019
MoodyWilliam H.GBNF, M-019
MooreBlanche ArnettGBNF, A-007
MooreH. C.GBNF, K-004
MooreH. C.GBNF, Kennedy K-004
MooreLouise J.ILM, J-031
MorganCharles H.GBNF, First Baptist Church
MorrisRIP, M-022
MorrisAlbertRIP, M-022
MorrisAlbert LasterRIP, M-022
MorrisAndrew J.RIP, M-023
MorrisAnne C.GBNF, M-006
MorrisElizabeth W. AllenRIP, M-023
MorrisEloiseSS, M-015
MorrisFrancesRIP, M-023
MorrisGeorge D.ILM, M-038
MorrisGeorge M.ILM, M-038
MorrisIsabellaRIP, M-023
MorrisJames E.SS, M-015
MorrisJames E., RevGBNF, M-015
MorrisJames Maury GBNF, M-015
MorrisJames Maury, Dr.GBNF, M-006
MorrisJohnRIP, M-023
MorrisJohn HenryRIP, M-022
MorrisJohn RichardRIP, M-023
MorrisJoseph H.GBNF, Beulah Baptist Church
MorrisJulian C.RIP, C-017
MorrisKate WrightGBNF, Beulah Baptist Church
MorrisLillie M.RIP, M-022
MorrisLizzie R.RIP, M-022
MorrisLouise ChurchillGBNF, St. John's Chapel
MorrisLucy WalkerRIP, M-023
MorrisMaria AllenRIP, M-023
MorrisMartha B.RIP, M-022
MorrisMartha R.GBNF, M-015
MorrisMartha R.SS, M-015
MorrisMary D.RIP, M-022
MorrisMary F. CarpenterGBNF, Zion United Methodist Church
MorrisOlivia B.ILM, M-038
MorrisRichard G.RIP, M-023
MorrisRichard O.GBNF, St. John's Chapel
MorrisRicHard R.RIP, M-023
MorrisVaster A.RIP, M-022
MorrisVereleSS, M-015
MorrisWilliam A. Jr.GBNF, Zion United Methodist Church
MorrisWilliam C.RIP, M-023
MorrisWilliam N.RIP, M-023
MossEdna W.GBNF, W-012
MossEdward J.GBNF, W-012
MossEdward Jordan "Ned"GBNF, W-012
MossElise QuisenberryRIP, S-023
MossElla R.GBNF, P-006
MossElla R.GBNF, Pottie P- 006
MossF. A.RIP, M-021
MossFrances JaneRIP, M-021
MossJulia A.RIP, M-021
MossJulia A.GBNF, Moss Cemetery
MossKatie E.GBNF, Pottie P- 006
MossKatie E.GBNF, P-006
MossMartha F.RIP, H-036
MossMary BaptistILM, J-030
MossMelvinaRIP, M-021
MossR. F.RIP, M-021
MossRobert E.GBNF, P-006
MossRobert E.GBNF, Pottie P- 006
MossRobert F.GBNF, P-006
MossThomas OvertonRIP, M-021
MullanSusie S.ILM, S-051
MullanW. GirlewILM, S-051
MyersCindy (dog)GBNF, E-001
MyersMissy (dog)GBNF, E-001
MyersMorris E.GBNF, E-001
MyersMozella BowlerRIP, B-023
MyersPenny (dog)GBNF, E-001