Gone But Not Forgotten, Rest in Peace, In Loving Memory and Silently Sleeping

"Silently Sleeping", Louisa County Family Graveyards, Volume 4 is now available. It is in the same format as the first three volumes. The book is $30 plus $5 s&h.

Each volume contain photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and  locations of family graveyards in Louisa county. 

Volume 3 ("In Loving Memory"),and Volume 2 ("Rest in Peace"), Louisa County Family Graveyards,  are also available.  (each are $30 plus $5 s&h)

Make check payable and send to Pat Baber, 1105 Bethany Church Road, Bumpass 23024.   For more information contact  Pat Baber  pbaber@wildblue.net  or  Pattie Cooke ccooke2@verizon.net

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This index combines names from all four volumes of the books (Cemetery name preceeded by 'SS' ('Silently Sleeping') for Volume 4, 'ILM' ('In Loving Memory') for Volume 3, 'RIP' ('Rest in Peace'), for Volume 2 and GBNF for Volume 1). The names are from the authors visits to cemeteries as well as DEATHS BETWEEN 1896 AND 1912
If the Cemetery shows a letter followed by three digits, then the source is from a cemetery visit.
For the other, sources include family graveyards included within, Bible records and cemetery records from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) files, church cemetery records, and various family papers in possession of the authors.

Last Name First Name Cemetery
KJ. P.GBNF, Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
KS. A.GBNF, Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
KanneyOlie MorrisRIP, M-022
KeanAda W.GBNF, K-007
KeanAlice Bickerton WinstonRIP, K-009
Keanarbara Overton WinstonRIP, K-009
KeanCarrie S.RIP, K-009
KeanChloe M. T.GBNF, Attonce
KeanChloe M. T.RIP, K-009
KeanFannie MinorGBNF, K-007
KeanJames LeitchGBNF, Kean K-007
KeanJames LeitchGBNF, K-007
KeanJulianRIP, K-009
KeanKate S.GBNF, K-007
KeanLeonora L.GBNF, K-007
KeanLouis LeakeRIP, K-009
KeanLucy B.GBNF, K-007
KeanMargaret Overton HartRIP, K-009
KeanMarion AlexanderRIP, K-009
KeanMary E.RIP, K-009
KeanOtho GrattanRIP, K-009
KeanRichard Morris GravesGBNF, K-007
KeanWilliam CallisRIP, K-009
KeanWilliam CallisGBNF, Attonce
KeanWilliam CallisRIP, K-009
KeatonIrene HicksRIP, H-031
KeeneSarah E.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
KeesaerEmma MedoraGBNF, Talley T-010
KeesaerEmma MedoraGBNF, T-010
KendallBessie MassieGBNF, M-010
KendallJohn FrancisGBNF, M-010
KennedyCapitola BowlesGBNF, K-004
KennedyH. R.GBNF, K-004
KennedyInfant daughterGBNF, K-004
KennedyJohn HenryGBNF, K-004
KennedyMary AliceGBNF, K-004
KennedyMary AliceGBNF, Kennedy K-004
KennedyS. J.GBNF, K-004
KenneyAnna A.ILM, M-034
KenneyArthurSS, M-044
KennonCharles IrvingGBNF, K-005
KennonFamilyILM, C-029
KennonHiram J.GBNF, K-005
KennonJinks S.GBNF, K-005
KennonJoseph FranklinGBNF, K-005
KennonLucy Jane GibstonGBNF, K-005
KennonMaude S.GBNF, K-005
KennonUnknownGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
Kent Sallie HollandILM, B-050
KentHenry ThompsonGBNF, Louisa Christian Church
KentJohn CutlerILM, B-050
KentKatherine S.GBNF, Beulah Baptist Church
KentLillian W.GBNF, Beulah Baptist Church
KentRobert M.GBNF, Louisa Christian Church
KerleyJ. A.RIP, J-015
KerseyStanberryRIP, H-034
KeysPeggy A.SS, H-056
KiblingerGeorgeGBNF, K-003
KiblingerHenry HiramGBNF, K-001
KiblingerL. E.GBNF, K-001
KiblingerMaggie B.GBNF, K-003
KiblingerSarah Elizabeth GBNF, K-003
KiblingerW. C.GBNF, K-001
KiblingerW. C.GBNF, Kiblinger K-001
KimbroughCharles Y.GBNF, K-006
KimbroughCharles Y.GBNF, K-006
KimbroughMariaGBNF, Malvern
KimbroughMariaGBNF, Winston Cemetery
KimbroughMaria LouisaGBNF, Kimbrough K-006
KingAnne Elizabeth MorrisRIP, M-023
KingBobbyGBNF, B-005
KingCharles E. "Butch"RIP, S-035
KingGordon M., Jr.GBNF, B-005
KingJoseph NathanielGBNF, S-012
KingMariah VanceILM, W-005
KingNaomi B.GBNF, B-005
KingOscar J.GBNF, Salem United Methodist Church
KingPeggy D.ILM, D-028
KingRachel A.ILM, J-026
KingThomas L.ILM, J-026
KinneyMyrtleGBNF, J-011
KlymJurij, Sr.SS, K-010
KnappCharles J.GBNF, K-002
KnappHattie M.GBNF, K-002
KnightonAnnie Mae BeckleyGBNF, S-004
KnightonEverett TaylorGBNF, K-008
KnightonJoeRIP, W-026
KramerLeatha D.GBNF, A-001
KuperFrederick HollisSS, D-036
KuperGeorge Albert WellingtonSS, G-034
KuperJulia D. GoodwinSS, G-034
KuperMary Louise DickinsonSS, D-036
KuperW. A.SS, D-036
KuperWellingtonSS, G-034