Gone But Not Forgotten, Rest in Peace, In Loving Memory and Silently Sleeping

"Silently Sleeping", Louisa County Family Graveyards, Volume 4 is now available. It is in the same format as the first three volumes. The book is $30 plus $5 s&h.

Each volume contain photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and  locations of family graveyards in Louisa county. 

Volume 3 ("In Loving Memory"),and Volume 2 ("Rest in Peace"), Louisa County Family Graveyards,  are also available.  (each are $30 plus $5 s&h)

Make check payable and send to Pat Baber, 1105 Bethany Church Road, Bumpass 23024.   For more information contact  Pat Baber  pbaber@wildblue.net  or  Pattie Cooke ccooke2@verizon.net

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This index combines names from all four volumes of the books (Cemetery name preceeded by 'SS' ('Silently Sleeping') for Volume 4, 'ILM' ('In Loving Memory') for Volume 3, 'RIP' ('Rest in Peace'), for Volume 2 and GBNF for Volume 1). The names are from the authors visits to cemeteries as well as DEATHS BETWEEN 1896 AND 1912
If the Cemetery shows a letter followed by three digits, then the source is from a cemetery visit.
For the other, sources include family graveyards included within, Bible records and cemetery records from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) files, church cemetery records, and various family papers in possession of the authors.

Last Name First Name Cemetery
JacksonRIP, B-032
JacksonAdelaide L.GBNF, J-010
JacksonAlexanderSS, F-006
JacksonAlexander, Sr.GBNF, J-013
JacksonAnthony LeeGBNF, J-013
JacksonArlene D.ILM, D-028
JacksonBelomyGBNF, J-013
JacksonBessie D.GBNF, M-013
JacksonCarolyn LeeILM, J-027
JacksonCarroll V., Jr.GBNF, J-012
JacksonCarroll VernonGBNF, J-012
JacksonCedric ILM, J-029
JacksonCharlesSS, F-006
JacksonCharlesILM, J-033
JacksonCharles E.GBNF, J-001
JacksonCharles H.GBNF, J-010
JacksonCharlieGBNF, J-003
JacksonChristopher, Jr.GBNF, J-013
JacksonChristopher, Sr.GBNF, J-013
JacksonCurd G.RIP, H-034
JacksonCurtis LarryGBNF, J-006
JacksonDaisy L.GBNF, J-006
JacksonDorisGBNF, M-013
JacksonEarnest C.ILM, J-028
JacksonEleanorILM, B-052
JacksonEliasILM, J-027
JacksonElizabethSS, F-006
JacksonFannie C.RIP, C-015
JacksonFrancis B.GBNF, J-001
JacksonFrankGBNF, J-014
JacksonFredericaGBNF, J-013
JacksonG.GBNF, J-013
JacksonGolden T.GBNF, T-005
JacksonHelen MarthanaGBNF, J-014
JacksonHenry C.GBNF, M-013
JacksonHighterGBNF, J-013
JacksonIda J.GBNF, J-012
JacksonIsabellGBNF, J-013
JacksonJ. E.GBNF, Louisa Christian Church
JacksonJames HenryGBNF, M-013
JacksonJames Nelson, Jr.ILM, D-028
JacksonJanet CarrollGBNF, J-012
JacksonJosephILM, J-027
JacksonJoseph C.GBNF, J-009
JacksonJoseph R.GBNF, M-013
JacksonLaura D.ILM, D-025
JacksonLawlessGBNF, M-013
JacksonLelia M.GBNF, J-009
JacksonLenaGBNF, J-006
JacksonLillie W.GBNF, J-013
JacksonLucyRIP, J-023
JacksonManning T., Sr.GBNF, J-010
JacksonMariaGBNF, J-014
JacksonMary A.ILM, J-034
JacksonMary E.GBNF, J-003
JacksonMildred A. HillGBNF, J-012
JacksonMuriel L.GBNF, J-013
JacksonOtha LeonGBNF, J-006
JacksonPatrick H.ILM, J-027
JacksonPhillip S., Jr.GBNF, J-013
JacksonPhillip S., Sr.GBNF, J-013
JacksonPrestonGBNF, J-003
JacksonR. L.GBNF, Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
JacksonRachel FlorenceGBNF, J-013
JacksonRaymond T.GBNF, J-004
JacksonRobertILM, W-039
JacksonRobert L.GBNF, J-013
JacksonRosa GBNF, J-013
JacksonRosa B.ILM, J-027
JacksonRosa IsabellaGBNF, J-013
JacksonRose C.GBNF, J-003
JacksonRoy L.GBNF, T-005
JacksonSarah BanksILM, B-052
JacksonShedrick O.GBNF, J-009
JacksonSpergion H.GBNF, J-010
JacksonStephen W.RIP, S-042
JacksonSue A.GBNF, J-013
JacksonSusan AnneGBNF, J-012
JacksonThomasILM, J-027
JacksonThomas E. "Buck"ILM, B-052
JacksonTomRIP, J-023
JacksonVictor AlfredGBNF, J-013
JacksonViola RobinsonGBNF, J-013
JacksonVirgie L.ILM, J-028
JacksonVivianILM, J-027
JacksonWalterGBNF, J-013
JacksonWalter JeffersonGBNF, M-013
JacksonWilliamGBNF, J-014
JacksonWilliam FrankGBNF, J-014
JacksonWilliam H.GBNF, J-006
JeffersonJohnnieILM, J-026
JeffersonJunious D.RIP, J-017
JeffriesCynthia L.GBNF, J-013
JerdoneFrancisILM, J-030
JerdoneFrancisILM, J-030
JerdoneJamesILM, J-030
JerdoneJamesILM, J-030
JerdoneJohnILM, J-030
JerdoneMaria Ann GlanvilleILM, J-030
JerdoneMaryILM, J-030
JerdoneSarahILM, J-030
JerryInfant ofILM, J-031
JinnettBetty Lou BowlesILM, L-015
JinnettJohn Robert, IIIILM, L-015
JohnsonAnnie C.RIP, J-015
JohnsonAnnie CosbyILM, B-050
JohnsonArinILM, J-031
JohnsonArin W.ILM, J-031
JohnsonAudrey R. ColeGBNF, J-002
JohnsonBernard AllenRIP, J-024
JohnsonBertieGBNF, J-007
JohnsonBertie (Roberta)RIP, J-020
JohnsonBettieILM, L-009
JohnsonCamila RIP, B-032
JohnsonCarl EdwardRIP, J-022
JohnsonCaroline A.GBNF, M-011
JohnsonCharles D.ILM, J-025
JohnsonClevelandSS, L-016
JohnsonCliftonRIP, H-032
JohnsonClydeGBNF, J-011
JohnsonCollie L.SS, J-039
JohnsonCora JonesRIP, J-024
JohnsonCurtisILM, J-031
JohnsonDavidILM, J-031
JohnsonDorthy M.RIP, Y-001
JohnsonElva L.ILM, L-009
JohnsonElvira P. PerkinsILM, H-047
JohnsonEmma E.ILM, J-031
JohnsonEthel RaglandGBNF, M-014
JohnsonEvaRIP, J-015
JohnsonFamily ILM, J-035
JohnsonFrances Ann GunnellGBNF, G-007
JohnsonFranklin GBNF, D-012
JohnsonFreemanRIP, J-024
JohnsonGeorge H.SS, J-039
JohnsonHerbert H.ILM, J-031
JohnsonHooverILM, J-031
JohnsonHoward L.GBNF, M-014
JohnsonJackson Lee "Bab"SS, J-037
JohnsonJamesILM, J-031
JohnsonJames A.RIP, J-015
JohnsonJoan E.SS, D-039
JohnsonJohn AlvinRIP, J-015
JohnsonJohn CalvinRIP, J-024
JohnsonJohn F.SS, J-036
JohnsonJohn J.RIP, Y-001
JohnsonJohn W.RIP, J-022
JohnsonJosephSS, J-038
JohnsonJoshua LeeSS, J-038
JohnsonJunior LeeILM, J-031
JohnsonKatherine M.GBNF, J-002
JohnsonLaura J.RIP, H-021
JohnsonLeland E.RIP, H-021
JohnsonLeona A.GBNF, J-002
JohnsonLinda JoyceILM, J-031
JohnsonLorellRIP, J-015
JohnsonLouise C.SS, J-039
JohnsonLoura MoodyGBNF, M-019
JohnsonLucille B.RIP, J-022
JohnsonLucy WinstonSS, J-037
JohnsonLulu Y.RIP, Y-001
JohnsonM. S.GBNF, M-011
JohnsonMackGBNF, J-011
Johnson MadonnaSS, J-039
JohnsonMahalyGBNF, M-017
JohnsonMartha D.ILM, J-025
JohnsonMartha Jane HammSS, J-038
JohnsonMaryRIP, J-015
JohnsonMary C.GBNF, Berea Bapt. Church
JohnsonMary J. DabneyGBNF, D-012
JohnsonMary LSS, J-039
JohnsonMattie M. HowardRIP, H-025
JohnsonMcKinley E.ILM, J-031
JohnsonMellitus WoodRIP, J-024
JohnsonMinnie LowryRIP, J-024
JohnsonMitchell J. H.ILM, J-031
JohnsonMollieSS, J-037
JohnsonNadineILM, J-031
JohnsonNedRIP, J-018
JohnsonNewton M.GBNF, J-002
JohnsonOlivia L. HaynesRIP, B-032
JohnsonPatrick Henry A.GBNF, J-002
JohnsonPatsySS, J-039
JohnsonPaul S.RIP, J-015
JohnsonPearlie BourneRIP, M-022
JohnsonPlanet IreneGBNF, J-002
JohnsonReginalILM, J-031
JohnsonReginaldSS, T-040
JohnsonReginald S.ILM, J-031
JohnsonRenvil B.GBNF, J-002
JohnsonReuben ILM, H-047
JohnsonRichard T.SS, J-039
JohnsonRobert S.RIP, J-022
JohnsonRoberta RichardsRIP, J-015
JohnsonRuth BowlerRIP, B-023
JohnsonS.RIP, M-022
JohnsonSandraRIP, J-015
JohnsonSarah E.RIP, B-032
JohnsonSarah E.GBNF, M-011
JohnsonSolomonILM, J-031
JohnsonSusan EllenRIP, J-015
JohnsonSusan H. W.RIP, H-032
JohnsonSusan JonesRIP, J-024
JohnsonSylvester A.ILM, J-031
JohnsonT. T.GBNF, M-011
JohnsonTenaRIP, S-042
JohnsonThaddeus T.GBNF, Sunning Hill M-011
JohnsonThomasGBNF, J-008
JohnsonVirgie LeeILM, J-031
JohnsonWalter I.SS, D-039
JohnsonWilliamILM, L-009
JohnsonWilliamILM, L-009
JohnsonWilliam AlfredGBNF, J-002
JohnsonWilliam H.RIP, J-024
JohnsonWilliam L.RIP, J-022
JohnsonWilliam N.ILM, H-047
JohnsonWilliam ThomasSS, J-037
JohnsonWilliam WesleyRIP, J-015
JohnsonWillieGBNF, M-011
JohnsonWillie ClevelandSS, J-038
JohnsonWinstonRIP, B-032
JonesAlberta T.SS, G-033
JonesAnnie DuretteGBNF, J-005
JonesAnnie LillianGBNF, J-005
JonesBabyILM, J-031
JonesBertha MaeGBNF, J-005
JonesBetty J.ILM, J-031
JonesBradley GilmoreGBNF, J-005
JonesBradley Gilmore, Jr.GBNF, J-005
JonesCalvin W.RIP, J-016
JonesCaroline Virginia NucholsGBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
JonesCharles E.RIP, J-019
JonesCharles H.RIP, J-019
JonesCharles L. GBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
JonesCharles L. (Col.)GBNF, P-005
JonesCynthiaSS, G-033
JonesDorothy VirginiaGBNF, J-005
JonesEdna E.GBNF, J-005
JonesEdna EarlGBNF, Jones J-005
JonesEmma L.RIP, J-019
JonesEverett BurtonGBNF, J-005
JonesFerdinandGBNF, G-004
JonesFitzhugh DanielRIP, W-013
JonesFreddie D.GBNF, J-004
JonesFreddie D.RIP, W-013
JonesGeorge Q., Sr.SS, G-033
JonesHenry W.RIP, J-016
JonesIrma ElizabethGBNF, J-005
JonesJames H. IIIGBNF, J-004
JonesJames H. JrGBNF, J-004
JonesJohn C.GBNF, G-004
JonesJoseph McKinleyGBNF, J-005
JonesLangdon G.RIP, H-024
JonesLawrence EdwardGBNF, J-005
JonesLily N.RIP, W-013
JonesLucy ErnestineGBNF, J-004
JonesMaggie SylvesterILM, J-024
JonesMargaret L.GBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
JonesMarjorie MadelineGBNF, J-005
JonesMartha A. S. RIP, J-019
JonesMary AltmoreGBNF, Pendleton -Harris P-005
JonesMary E.GBNF, Zion United Methodist Church
JonesMary ElizabethSS, G-033
JonesMary J.GBNF, J-013
JonesMattie K.RIP, J-016
JonesMaude LacyILM, J-024
JonesMollie F.GBNF, Salem United Methodist Church
JonesMollie LoisILM, J-024
JonesNona LeeILM, N-006
JonesNora L.GBNF, J-004
JonesOrethaGBNF, J-005
JonesOrethaGBNF, Jones J-005
JonesQueen VictoriaSS, G-033
JonesRachel VirginiaILM, J-024
JonesRosa LeeGBNF, J-005
JonesRosalie DurretteGBNF, J-005
JonesRosalie DurretteGBNF, J-005
JonesRuth C.RIP, T-018
JonesRuth S. FettyGBNF, S-004
JonesSarah Eastham HowardILM, J-024
JonesSilas T.SS, G-033
JonesSilas W., Sr.SS, G-033
JonesSileshia A.SS, G-033
JonesSylvester JamesILM, J-024
JonesThelma L.SS, H-056
JonesVirgil FamilyILM, U-017
JonesWalton SimeonGBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
JonesWilfred J.RIP, J-016
JordanFreddie JamesRIP, R-012
JordanGeorge W.RIP, J-021
JordanGeorgia A.ILM, J-032
JordanJohn W.ILM, J-032
JordanJoseph S.RIP, J-021
JordanLavinia HughsonRIP, J-021
JordanLillianRIP, J-021
JordanLucy PayneRIP, J-021
JordanMabel J.RIP, R-012
Junior(Dog)GBNF, H-016