Gone But Not Forgotten, Rest in Peace and In Loving Memory

"In Loving Memory", Louisa County Family Graveyards, Volume 3 is now available. It is in the same format as volume one and two. The book is $30 plus $5 s&h.

Volume 2, "Rest in Peace", Louisa County Family Graveyards,  is also available.  These volumes contain photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and  locations of family graveyards in Louisa county.  The book is $30 plus $5 s&h

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This index combines names from all three volumes of the books (Cemetery name preceeded by RIP for Volume 2, 'Rest in Peace', and GBNF for Volume 1). The names are from the authors visits to cemeteries as well as DEATHS BETWEEN 1896 AND 1912
If the Cemetery shows a letter followed by three digits, then the source is from a cemetery visit.
For the other, sources include family graveyards included within, Bible records and cemetery records from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) files, church cemetery records, and various family papers in possession of the authors.

Last Name First Name Cemetery
HackettGeorge WytheGBNF, St. John's Chapel
HackettKitty PerkinsGBNF, St. John's Chapel
HackettMary P.RIP, R-010
HackettWirt HenryGBNF, St. John's Chapel
HackneyAlexanderILM, J-031
HackneyClarenceILM, J-031
HackneyMary E.ILM, J-031
HackneyMilton A.ILM, J-031
HadenWilfred D.RIP, H-027
HaileyGrover Cleveland IIIRIP, H-037
HaileyMarlyn WichmanRIP, H-037
HairfieldTroy ScottRIP, H-038
HairfieldVan MonroeRIP, H-038
HairfieldWilliam T. RIP, H-038
HairfieldWilliam T., Jr.RIP, H-038
HaleBetty RichardsonGBNF, S-020
HallAddie "Tump" Butler HarrisILM, H-049
HallAlda DalmonteRIP, W-026
HallCarrie HicksRIP, H-031
HallCharles R.ILM, B-050
HallElizabeth T.ILM, B-050
HallEllen F. KennonGBNF, D-009
HallHarry P.ILM, B-050
HallIda GrantGBNF, H-015
HallJames L. "Buddy"RIP, H-029
HallJohn L.GBNF, H-006
HallJohn L.GBNF, Hall H-006
HallJoseph T.GBNF, H-015
HallJosephineGBNF, H-015
HallLouisa JaneGBNF, D-009
HallLouiseRIP, W-026
HallMartha DoraRIP, H-032
HallMary ElizabethRIP, W-026
HallNellie GertrudeRIP, W-026
HallNicholas W.GBNF, D-009
HallOtho D. Jr.GBNF, Bethpage Christian Church
HallPatricia LouiseGBNF, H-015
HallPayton LeeRIP, H-032
HallReuben NelsonILM, B-050
HallRobert LeeRIP, H-029
HallVictor K.GBNF, D-009
HallWillie RichardRIP, H-032
HambletonAlexander C.RIP, H-030
HambletonGeorge P.ILM, H-053
HambletonHarryILM, H-053
HambletonJames D.ILM, H-053
HambletonMary EvelynRIP, S-033
HambletonVirginiaILM, H-053
HambletonWilliam J.RIP, S-033
HambletonWilliam N.ILM, H-053
HambletonWillie S.RIP, S-033
HamiltonA. G.RIP, H-030
HamiltonCalvin CoolidgeRIP, S-033
HamiltonEddie LeonRIP, H-030
HamiltonGertrude MichieGBNF, M-014
HamiltonHoward LeeILM, P-027
HamiltonLucy T.RIP, H-030
HamiltonMelvin MacGBNF, M-014
HamiltonRussell T.RIP, S-033
HancockAnn S.RIP, P-012
HangerJohn NewtonGBNF, W-004
HansbroughElijahGBNF, M-003
HardenbergMary Altmore JonesGBNF, P-005
HardenberghHenry H.GBNF, P-005
HardenberghJohn V., Jr.GBNF, P-005
HardenberghSarah JonesGBNF, Pendleton -Harris P-005
HardenberghSarah JonesGBNF, P-005
HardenburghElizabeth C.GBNF, P-005
HardinTheodore LucianGBNF, Bethany Christian Church
HargroveCharles T.GBNF, T-002
HargroveIda S.GBNF, T-002
HarlowAileen S.GBNF, H-009
HarlowAllen RichardILM, H-041
HarlowAndrew Bledsor "Dubbie"GBNF, H-009
HarlowAndrew M.GBNF, H-009
HarlowAnnis Judson WaldropILM, H-041
HarlowBernard ThomasGBNF, H-009
HarlowBradford HarrisonILM, H-041
HarlowChi ChiGBNF, H-009
HarlowEverette WarrenGBNF, H-009
HarlowGeorgeILM, H-045
HarlowHarry MasonGBNF, H-009
HarlowJames SamuelGBNF, K-002
HarlowJoseph MiltonILM, H-041
HarlowLaura BelleGBNF, K-002
HarlowLucy AndersonILM, S-047
HarlowLynn LewisGBNF, H-009
HarlowMabel C.GBNF, H-009
HarlowMargie JeanGBNF, H-009
HarlowMary J.RIP, H-024
HarlowMary MorrisRIP, M-022
HarlowMollyILM, S-047
HarlowMolly CrewILM, C-028
HarlowOlia AngelaILM, H-041
HarlowRebecca WhiteILM, S-047
HarlowRichardILM, S-047
HarlowRoasILM, H-045
HarlowRosanahRIP, H-024
HarlowSusan "Sook" GilbertILM, H-049
HarlowThomasRIP, H-024
HarlowThomas G.ILM, S-047
HarlowWilliam J.ILM, H-049
HarlowWilliam JamesRIP, M-022
HarloweInezGBNF, Mineral Bapt. Church
HarperAlberta N.RIP, H-021
HarperElwoodRIP, S-027
HarperFamilyRIP, H-033
HarperFlora L.RIP, H-021
HarperGeo.RIP, H-039
HarperJoe WillieRIP, H-021
HarperLouie ColemanRIP, H-032
HarperLulaRIP, H-032
HarperMasonRIP, S-027
HarperWillie J.RIP, H-021
HarrisAda FlorenceGBNF, G-007
HarrisAlberta J.GBNF, J-013
HarrisAnnie F.GBNF, H-001
HarrisAnnie M.GBNF, H-015
HarrisAshley L.RIP, H-026
HarrisCarrie P.RIP, H-026
HarrisCatharine SnelsonGBNF, P-005
HarrisCatherine L.RIP, P-017
HarrisCathrine L. GBNF, Wyndcroft
HarrisChristopher S.GBNF, P-005
HarrisClara LeeGBNF, W-008
HarrisClara LeeGBNF, Ware-Waller W-008
HarrisDavid PaulGBNF, P-005
HarrisDavid W.RIP, H-023
HarrisDavid W.ILM, H-023*
HarrisEarl S.GBNF, H-015
HarrisEdmonia VirginiaRIP, H-023
HarrisEdmonia VirginiaILM, H-023*
HarrisEmma May CloughGBNF, C-006
HarrisEmma P.GBNF, A-006
HarrisEmma P.RIP, P-017
HarrisErnest E.RIP, M-022
HarrisFannie C.GBNF, H-018
HarrisFannie E.ILM, H-051
HarrisFannie ParrishGBNF, P-003
HarrisFerdinand O.GBNF, P-005
HarrisFrank GarrettGBNF, W-008
HarrisFrank GarrettGBNF, Ware-Waller W-008
HarrisFred M.GBNF, H-001
HarrisFrederickGBNF, P-005
HarrisFrederick L.GBNF, P-005
HarrisFrederick O.RIP, P-017
HarrisG. W.RIP, H-020
HarrisGeorge B.RIP, H-036
HarrisGeorge WingfieldGBNF, private Cemetery Rte. 700
HarrisHenryGBNF, M-003
HarrisInfant of JDH & PMHILM, H-042
HarrisJ. R.RIP, H-026
HarrisJames CalvinRIP, H-026
HarrisJames G.RIP, P-017
HarrisJames O.RIP, H-034
HarrisJames Oliver, Jr.RIP, H-034
HarrisJames R.RIP, H-026
HarrisJeremiah C.GBNF, H-018
HarrisJohn E.GBNF, A-006
HarrisJohn PaulRIP, H-035
HarrisJohn T.RIP, H-023
HarrisJohn T.ILM, H-023*
HarrisJohn ThomasRIP, H-023
HarrisJohn ThomasILM, H-023*
HarrisJulia CatherineGBNF, P-005
HarrisJulia Elizabeth WareGBNF, W-008
HarrisJulia Elizabeth WareGBNF, Ware-Waller W-008
HarrisKarl PhillipGBNF, E-001
HarrisKessie E.RIP, N-001
HarrisLeona GunnellGBNF, G-007
HarrisLewis PendletonGBNF, P-005
HarrisLillian B. NewmanRIP, H-023
HarrisLillian B. NewmanILM, H-023*
HarrisLucy J. ShackelfordRIP, H-020
HarrisM(ary) H.RIP, H-036
HarrisMaryILM, H-050
HarrisMary AnneGBNF, H-018
HarrisMary C.GBNF, K-006
HarrisMary E.GBNF, H-018
HarrisMary M.RIP, P-017
HarrisMary OvertonRIP, H-023
HarrisMary OvertonILM, H-023*
HarrisMary PollardGBNF, Harris H-018
HarrisMary PollardGBNF, H-018
HarrisMaude E.RIP, M-022
HarrisMorlious FitchRIP, H-026
HarrisMrs. EllenGBNF, P-005
HarrisN. W.GBNF, P-005
HarrisNathaniel ClaybrookGBNF, Pendleton -Harris P-005
HarrisNathaniel ClaybrookeGBNF, P-005
HarrisOctavia R.ILM, H-023*
HarrisOctavia R.RIP, H-023
HarrisRosa Virgilia PettitGBNF, P-005
HarrisRussell W.RIP, M-022
HarrisSallieRIP, H-034
HarrisSamuelGBNF, H-018
HarrisSarah HartGBNF, M-003
HarrisSarah L.GBNF, P-005
HarrisThomas HughesGBNF, Little River Baptist Church
HarrisVasco E.RIP, H-026
HarrisWilliam E.GBNF, H-015
HarrisWilliam FrancisGBNF, P-003
HarrisWilliam J.RIP, P-017
HarrisWilliam JudkinsILM, H-023*
HarrisWilliam JudkinsRIP, H-023
HarrisWm. H.GBNF, H-018
HarrisonGertrudeILM, L-009
HartBessie GoodwinGBNF, Goodwin G -008
HartH. CurtisGBNF, G-008
HartHelen McCoyGBNF, S-020
HartMaria G.GBNF, G-008
HartStephen Farrar, D. D. S.GBNF, S-020
HartleyAlese B.GBNF, B-020
HartleyHarry L., Jr.GBNF, B-020
HarveyLaura B.RIP, H-035
HasherGrahamGBNF, St. John's Chapel
HawleyIda A.GBNF, T-012
HawleyLillianGBNF, T-012
HawleyRobert LeeGBNF, T-012
HawleyRobert WillieGBNF, T-012
HaynesAnnie VARIP, H-022
HaynesArthur S.RIP, H-022
HaynesB. FranklinRIP, H-022
HaynesClydie S.RIP, H-022
HaynesGladys MabellRIP, H-022
HaynesLittle GirlRIP, H-022
HaynesMary LouiseRIP, H-022
HaynesSamuel SpencerRIP, H-022
HaynesWillard F.RIP, H-022
HaynesWinfree C.RIP, H-022
HeislerDeborah LeeGBNF, M-001
HellemsLeonard EivanILM, T-026
HellemsNina TalleyILM, T-026
HembreyDaniel FamilyILM, U-028
HendersonCarrollGBNF, H-011
HendersonCharleyGBNF, H-011
HendersonJulia E.RIP, D-021
HendersonLaurien DukeGBNF, H-011
HendersonMarshall Van BurenGBNF, H-011
HendersonRobert ILM, H-047
HendersonRobert EllisGBNF, J-008
HendersonRobert EllisGBNF, Johnson J-008
HenshawEarly R.GBNF, H-005
HenshawEliza M.GBNF, H-007
HenshawEmma D.ILM, S-046
HenshawErvin AllenGBNF, H-015
HenshawFannie F.GBNF, H-005
HenshawGladys SearlesGBNF, H-015
HenshawIda KerseyGBNF, H-007
HenshawMarie E.GBNF, L-001
HenshawMarvin W.GBNF, H-005
HenshawRobert L.GBNF, H-007
HenshawRosewellGBNF, L-001
HenshawWilliam E., Jr.GBNF, H-005
HensonA. RebeccaILM, H-048
HensonAnthony, Sr.GBNF, H-012
HensonBarbara AnnGBNF, H-012
HensonBartlet A.ILM, H-048
HensonCharles Samuel, IIIGBNF, H-012
HensonDavid M.ILM, H-048
HensonHarry B.GBNF, H-012
HensonJamesGBNF, H-012
HensonJames F.ILM, H-048
HensonJoe SamGBNF, H-012
HensonLucy E.GBNF, Berea Bapt. Church
HensonMarcia Grooms "Jo"ILM, G-021
HensonMary E.GBNF, H-012
HensonRebecca T.ILM, H-048
HensonRobertGBNF, H-012
HensonSamuel PuryearGBNF, Berea Bapt. Church
HensonThomas H.GBNF, H-012
HensonWalter, Jr.GBNF, H-012
HensonWilliam J., Sr.GBNF, H-012
HenwoodAlbert F.GBNF, H-014
HenwoodEmma FosterGBNF, H-014
HenwoodJames MaxmillanGBNF, H-014
HerringAltheaILM, J-031
HerringGeorge EdwardGBNF, H-002
HerringGeorge EdwardGBNF, Herring H-002
HerringHampdenGBNF, Herring H-002
HerringHampdenGBNF, H-002
HerringMary ElizabethGBNF, H-002
HerringMary ElizabethGBNF, Herring H-002
HerringMary LeeGBNF, H-002
HerringOscarGBNF, H-002
HerringRichard GardnerGBNF, H-002
HerringWilliam WilsonGBNF, H-002
HesterAlice L.GBNF, W-007
HesterElizabeth J.ILM, H-040
HesterHerbert M.GBNF, K-005
HesterInfantILM, J-024
HesterJ. S.RIP, G-017
HesterJno. B.GBNF, W-007
HesterJohn C.ILM, H-040
HesterLizzie M.GBNF, K-005
HesterLucyILM, L-009
HesterMillieILM, G-026
HesterRuby F.ILM, H-040
HesterVivan L.ILM, H-040
HesterWm. ThomasGBNF, K-003
HicksA. B.RIP, H-028
HicksCharlesRIP, H-028
HicksJ. B.RIP, H-028
HicksJohn WesleyRIP, H-031
HicksLaura DudleyRIP, H-031
HicksLudelia T.ILM, J-032
HicksMattie Holland "Honey"ILM, H-043
HicksTempleRIP, H-031
HicksThomas WesleyRIP, H-031
HierholzerJoseph A.GBNF, G-013
HillArthur LeeRIP, J-017
HillBenjamin LewisRIP, W-020
HillDaisy Rosina ColeGBNF, J-002
HillEdmonia VirginiaRIP, W-020
HillRuben C.ILM, H-047
HillSherelle KawanaRIP, W-013
HillmanGeo. L.RIP, T-020
HillmanSusie A.RIP, T-020
HiterHenry CliffordGBNF, H-013
HiterHugh DanielGBNF, Goodwin-Hiter G-009
HiterHugh DanielGBNF, G-009
HiterMattie M.GBNF, H-013
HiterMaude DanielGBNF, H-013
HiterPeter M.GBNF, H-013
HiterWillam Y., Rev.GBNF, G-009
HiterWilliam YoungGBNF, H-013
HixCatherine G.ILM, G-028
HixCecil E.ILM, G-028
HixPaul H.RIP, H-028
HoffmanJo Ann BramlettGBNF, L-003
HoggardM. S.ILM, H-044
HoggardM. S., MrsILM, H-044
HokeEverett L.ILM, H-046
HokeLelia PearlILM, H-046
HolladayEliza OvertonGBNF, B-011
HolladayElizabeth C.ILM, H-052
HolladayJanet C.ILM, H-052
HolladayJohn Z.GBNF, M-011
HolladaySally K.GBNF, B-011
HolladaySarahGBNF, Gilboa Christian Church
HolladayWilliam Mc C.ILM, H-052
HollandJulia W.ILM, H-043
HollandMittie SueILM, W-030
HollandRoyRIP, W-024
HollandThomas W.ILM, H-043
HollandWalker WilsonILM, W-030
HollinsBettieGBNF, W-012
HollinsGeorge T.GBNF, W-012
HollinsJannie E.GBNF, Gammon G-014
HollinsJannie E.GBNF, G-014
HollinsJohn R.GBNF, G-014
HollinsJohn R.GBNF, W-012
HollinsLizzie M.GBNF, Gammon G-014
HollinsLizzie M.GBNF, G-014
HollinsRichardRIP, M-029
HollinsSarah A.GBNF, W-012
HollinsSarah A.GBNF, G-014
HollinsW. C.GBNF, W-012
HolmesMary J.GBNF, J-002
HookerAnnie E.GBNF, C-001
HookerAshbyRIP, H-019
HookerCornelRIP, H-019
HookerDorotheaRIP, H-019
HookerElla M.RIP, H-019
HookerFloyd A.RIP, W-013
HookerJacobRIP, H-019
HookerMalcolm D.GBNF, C-001
HookerMatt M.RIP, H-019
HookerThomas LeroyGBNF, C-001
HookerW. M.RIP, Y-001
HookerWilliam JohnGBNF, C-001
HopeAndrew RichardsonGBNF, H-003
HopeAndrew RichardsonGBNF, Hope H-003
HopeAngela ThorntonGBNF, H-008
HopeCornelia Thornton GrayGBNF, H-008
HopeDavid B.GBNF, H-003
HopeDr. John F.GBNF, Hope H-008
HopeElizabeth RichardsonGBNF, H-003
HopeJohn F., Dr.GBNF, H-008
HopeLaviniaGBNF, H-003
HopeLucy BollingGBNF, H-003
HopeMatthew A.GBNF, H-003
HopeMatthew A., Jr.GBNF, H-003
HopeThomas A.GBNF, H-003
HopkinsL. J. GBNF, H-017
HopkinsMary EllaGBNF, H-017
HopkinsMeredith AlphonsoGBNF, H-017
HopkinsMeredith AlphonsoGBNF, Hopkins H-017
HouchensEmmit O.GBNF, H-016
HouchensKaren A.RIP, W-013
HouchensLouey M.GBNF, H-016
HouchensMattieILM, J-029
HouchensNora AliceGBNF, H-016
HouchensOthaniel M.GBNF, H-016
HouchensOtis "Dick"GBNF, B-007
HowardBabyGBNF, H-014
HowardCharles H.RIP, H-025
HowardCharles Henry, Jr.RIP, H-025
HowardClaude E.ILM, B-036
HowardConstance D.ILM, B-036
HowardMattie H.RIP, H-025
HowardSamuel CarrollRIP, H-025
HowlandInez BaileyGBNF, H-004
HowlandReynolds BoakGBNF, H-004
HoyeEsther MitchellGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
HubertElwood J.RIP, J-022
HubertLouise J.RIP, J-022
HughesDora FantGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
HughesMarcia FranciscoILM, F-003
HughesRobertGBNF, P-007
HughsonEugeneGBNF, St. John's Chapel
HumesDeitra C.ILM, J-027
HumphreyClifton EugeneGBNF, B-019
HumphreysFamilyILM, U-018
HumphriesC. E.RIP, G-017
HuntTerry A.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
HunterGeorgeGBNF, H-010
HunterJane P(endleton)GBNF, P-005
HunterMaryGBNF, H-010
HunterMary C.RIP, K-009
HunterMauriceGBNF, B-014
Hunterohn Jr.GBNF, Louisa Christian Church
HunterRoberta TriceGBNF, B-014
HunterRussell L., RevILM, L-009
HunterVirginia MarionGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
HutchinsBillie DanielRIP, W-013
HutchinsLola WinstonRIP, W-013
HutchinsSheila G.ILM, S-055