Gone But Not Forgotten, Rest in Peace, In Loving Memory and Silently Sleeping

"Silently Sleeping", Louisa County Family Graveyards, Volume 4 is now available. It is in the same format as the first three volumes. The book is $30 plus $5 s&h.

Each volume contain photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and  locations of family graveyards in Louisa county. 

Volume 3 ("In Loving Memory"),and Volume 2 ("Rest in Peace"), Louisa County Family Graveyards,  are also available.  (each are $30 plus $5 s&h)

Make check payable and send to Pat Baber, 1105 Bethany Church Road, Bumpass 23024.   For more information contact  Pat Baber  pbaber@wildblue.net  or  Pattie Cooke ccooke2@verizon.net

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This index combines names from all four volumes of the books (Cemetery name preceeded by 'SS' ('Silently Sleeping') for Volume 4, 'ILM' ('In Loving Memory') for Volume 3, 'RIP' ('Rest in Peace'), for Volume 2 and GBNF for Volume 1). The names are from the authors visits to cemeteries as well as DEATHS BETWEEN 1896 AND 1912
If the Cemetery shows a letter followed by three digits, then the source is from a cemetery visit.
For the other, sources include family graveyards included within, Bible records and cemetery records from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) files, church cemetery records, and various family papers in possession of the authors.

Last Name First Name Cemetery
DabneyAndrew B.RIP, D-018
DabneyCharles E.ILM, D-028
DabneyCharles, Jr.GBNF, D-012
DabneyElizabeth CatherineGBNF, D-012
DabneyElizabeth PriceGBNF, D-012
DabneyElizabeth ThorntonGBNF, D-012
DabneyFamilyRIP, D-017
DabneyFrancisGBNF, D-012
DabneyHester C.RIP, C-015
DabneyJane MeriwetherGBNF, D-012
DabneyJaney H.GBNF, D-012
DabneyLetha A.ILM, D-028
DabneyLucy A.GBNF, M-013
DabneyMary LewisILM, D-028
DabneyMary R.ILM, D-028
DabneyOtis L. Jr.GBNF, Zion United Methodist Church
DabneyOtis WinfredILM, D-028
DabneyRalph A.GBNF, M-013
DabneyRalph E.ILM, D-028
DabneyRichardGBNF, D-012
DabneySamuelGBNF, D-012
DabneySolmon R.RIP, C-015
DabneyWilliam JamesGBNF, M-013
DaighPamela Glen ByrneSS, D-043
DaileyCatherine H.GBNF, D-015
DaileyGrace L.GBNF, D-015
DaileyHaywood W.GBNF, D-015
DaileyWalter H.GBNF, D-015
DaileyWarren F.GBNF, D-015
DaleAvery, Jr.GBNF, B-005
DaleJo Ann K.GBNF, B-005
DaltonBeverly JeanGBNF, D-001
DaltonCharlene AlisonILM, P-027
DaltonFamilyILM, C-029
DaltonRobert B.GBNF, D-001
DaltonS. H. Jr.GBNF, Forest Hill Bapt. Church
DaltonStuart Lee, Sr.GBNF, D-001
DandridgeEdwardGBNF, T-015
DandridgeJack TaftGBNF, T-015
DandridgeMary LeeGBNF, T-015
DanielAnn P. GoochRIP, D-023
DanielDavid M.RIP, D-023
DanielDouglas S.RIP, D-022
DanielElsie ToddRIP, D-023
DanielEva BelvinRIP, D-022
DanielFrank V.ILM, D-031
DanielGuy PennieRIP, D-022
DanielHenry MarshallGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
DanielHenry StapletonRIP, D-022
DanielJ. L.ILM, D-031
DanielMargaret E.RIP, D-023
DanielMartha EdmoniaRIP, D-022
DanielMason P.RIP, D-022
DanielNannie HughsonRIP, D-023
DanielPeter EllisRIP, D-023
DanielPeter M. RIP, D-023
DanielPeter M., Capt.RIP, D-023
DanielRaleigh T.RIP, D-023
DanielRuth GillespieRIP, D-022
DanielTravis A.RIP, D-023
DanielVirginia L.ILM, D-031
DanielWilliam J.ILM, D-031
DanielWm.GBNF, D-013
DanneC., Jr.GBNF, D-007
DanneCharles, Sr.GBNF, D-007
DanneCharlie, IIIGBNF, D-007
DanneEmilie F.GBNF, D-007
DanneM. E.GBNF, D-007
DanneMattie MayGBNF, D-007
DanneWilliam ScottGBNF, Danne Cemetery D-007
DanneWilliam ScottGBNF, D-007
DarnellAllie NewmonRIP, H-032
DarrJoyce S.GBNF, S-014
DarrThomas F.GBNF, S-014
DavisAlexander D.ILM, D-027
DavisAlonzaGBNF, D-010
DavisCammie B.SS, H-061
DavisCarrieGBNF, D-010
DavisCecil AlexanderILM, D-027
DavisClydeRIP, B-027
DavisDaisyILM, B-035
DavisDajon M.GBNF, J-003
DavisDoris B.RIP, B-027
DavisEarl LeonardILM, D-027
DavisFamilyILM, U-026
DavisFannieGBNF, Sims S-003
DavisFannieGBNF, A-006
DavisFlorenceGBNF, J-003
DavisHattie MayGBNF, H-007
DavisIda MurraySS, D-038
DavisJ. M.GBNF, D-006
DavisJackson M.ILM, B-035
DavisJames EveretteILM, D-027
DavisJimmie R.GBNF, D-006
DavisJohn E.GBNF, D-006
DavisJohn HughILM, D-035
DavisJohn W.ILM, S-046
DavisLouis EdwardILM, D-027
DavisMamie C.SS, D-042
DavisMartha E.GBNF, Sims S-003
DavisMartha E.GBNF, A-006
DavisMary E. "Piggie"GBNF, B-002
DavisMinnie TerrellILM, D-027
DavisR. W. SS, P-019
DavisR. W.RIP, P-019
DavisRaymond T.SS, D-042
DavisReubenSS, U-035
DavisRobertSS, D-038
DavisRussell F.GBNF, B-002
DavisS. EllisILM, B-035
DavisThomasGBNF, Holly Grove Christian Church
DavisVictoriaGBNF, D-010
DavisWallace JetsonILM, D-027
DavisWarner, familyRIP, D-019
DavisWilbur H.ILM, D-027
DavisWilliam M.ILM, D-027
DayAnnie BelleGBNF, D-002
DayCharles L.GBNF, D-002
DeaneBernice A.SS, A-020
DeaneDonald K.SS, A-020
DeaneTheresa Nicole "Nikki"SS, A-020
DehnerAriminta BaughnRIP, D-021
DehnerDaniel WoodrowRIP, D-021
DehnerGeorge DanielRIP, D-021
DehnerJaniet IssacRIP, D-021
DehnerRoy WayneRIP, D-021
DehnerVirginia HorsleyRIP, D-021
DellJohnathan MichaelSS, D-039
DemyersDiron PietroRIP, Y-001
DemyersJimmy C.RIP, Y-001
DemyersTimmy C.RIP, Y-001
DennisMary QuarlesRIP, S-030
DentonAndrewSS, D-041
DentonEllenSS, D-041
DentonEmma SS, D-041
DentonIsabella HargroveSS, D-041
DentonJamesSS, D-041
DentonJohnSS, D-041
DentonKateSS, D-041
DentonMarySS, D-041
DentonWilliam A. "Buck"SS, D-041
DesperAnnRIP, J-023
DesperGracieRIP, J-023
DesperJohnILM, D-032
DesperJosephineILM, D-029
DesperMary MorrisILM, D-032
DesperRaymondILM, D-029
DickenSpencer H.ILM, D-034
DickersonElvira M.GBNF, T-004
DickersonFrederick W.GBNF, T-004
DickersonHowardILM, D-025
DickersonHugh M.GBNF, A-009
DickersonJohnILM, D-025
DickersonM. J.GBNF, A-009
DickersonSallie A.GBNF, A-009
DickersonVirginia C.RIP, B-025
DickinsonBlanche WareGBNF, Ware-Waller W-008
DickinsonBlanche WareGBNF, W-008
DickinsonCharles MartinILM, S-056
DickinsonCleopatria C.RIP, N-001
DickinsonElizabeth L.SS, D-036
DickinsonEmilySS, D-037
DickinsonEvelina MansfieldSS, D-037
DickinsonHelen MayGBNF, Mt. Pleasant United Methodist
DickinsonIsabel S.ILM, S-056
DickinsonJ. Cole, Capt.SS, D-036
DickinsonJames, Sr.SS, D-036
DickinsonJohn F.ILM, S-056
DickinsonJohn M.SS, D-036
DickinsonJudith HarrisGBNF, M-003
DickinsonLizzie WareGBNF, W-008
DickinsonLouiseSS, D-037
DickinsonMarySS, D-036
DickinsonMarySS, D-036
DickinsonMary LeeSS, D-037
DickinsonNeal E.ILM, S-056
DickinsonRalphSS, D-037
DickinsonRobert PollardGBNF, Mt. Pleasant United Methodist
DickinsonWinniefredGBNF, Berea Bapt. Church
DiggsAdelia P.GBNF, D-014
DiggsAmandaILM, D-026
DiggsAndrew ILM, D-025
DiggsAndrew WilliamILM, D-025
DiggsElishaILM, D-026
DiggsElishaILM, D-025
DiggsEliza KenneyILM, D-025
DiggsInfant sonGBNF, D-014
DiggsJames, Jr.ILM, D-025
DiggsJames, Sr.ILM, D-025
DiggsJohn T.GBNF, D-014
DiggsJohnny J.GBNF, Diggs D-014
DiggsJohnny J.GBNF, D-014
DiggsLucy A.ILM, D-025
DiggsMartha A.ILM, D-030
DiggsMartin V., Jr.GBNF, D-005
DiggsMartin VanGBNF, D-005
DiggsMarva B.GBNF, D-005
DiggsNellie M.GBNF, D-005
DiggsRoy L.ILM, D-025
DiggsThomas M.ILM, D-030
DiggsWilliamILM, D-025
DonaldWilliam Gordon, Jr.GBNF, H-001
DoranJnoRIP, H-039
DouglassSuzetteRIP, B-023
DowellC. P.GBNF, Beulah Baptist Church
DowellNancy F.GBNF, Beulah Baptist Church
DowneyLinda FoxGBNF, J-008
DriscollFred L.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
DriscollMary L.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
DugginsAnna B.GBNF, B-002
DugginsAnna B.GBNF, Bagby B-002
DugginsL. J.GBNF, H-011
DugginsMrs. L. H.GBNF, H-011
DukeAmy CosbyGBNF, D-004
DukeAmy SwiftGBNF, D-003
DukeAmy SwiftGBNF, Duke D-003
DukeAnnie HillGBNF, D-011
DukeBurnley BoydGBNF, Melton M- 012
DukeBurnley BoydGBNF, M-012
DukeCharlotte A.GBNF, Melton M- 012
DukeCharlotte A.GBNF, M-012
DukeCleavers ChisholmGBNF, D-004
DukeDorathea L.GBNF, D-011
DukeDorathea L.GBNF, Duke D-011
DukeElizabeth SwiftGBNF, D-004
DukeGeo. W.GBNF, D-011
DukeHardin BurnleyGBNF, D-004
DukeHardin LunsfordGBNF, D-003
DukeHardin LunsfordGBNF, D-004
DukeHarriet Richardson WaldropGBNF, D-004
DukeJabezSS, D-040
DukeJamesGBNF, D-004
DukeJohn Andrew, Sr.GBNF, D-004
DukeKeziah BurnleyGBNF, D-004
DukeL. A.GBNF, H-008
DukeLeanoraGBNF, D-011
DukeLewis GBNF, D-011
DukeLucy Overton RiceGBNF, D-003
DukeMartha Brown ChristmasGBNF, D-003
DukeRosa RiceGBNF, D-004
DunawayGeorge TurnerILM, T-023
DunawayMatilda Francis TurnerILM, T-023
DunawayRuthILM, T-023
DunawayWilliam HenryILM, T-023
DunawayWilliam T.RIP, D-016
DuncanElizabeth EdloeRIP, D-020
DuncanJay C.ILM, D-033
DuncanRandy E.ILM, D-033
DuncanRebecca BaconRIP, D-020
DuncanRobertRIP, D-020
DuncanRobert Alexander RIP, D-020
DuncanRobert Alexander IIRIP, D-020
DunfordMadalin C.GBNF, S-006
DunivanJohn H.GBNF, Bethpage Christian Church
DunkumDavid A.GBNF, D-009
DunkumDavid A.GBNF, Dunkum D-009
DunkumDavid AsaGBNF, Dunkum D-009
DunkumDavid AsaGBNF, D-009
DunkumMattie G.GBNF, D-009
DunkumMattie G.GBNF, Dunkum D-009
DunnJane SalmonGBNF, D-008
DunnMartha "Patsy" TerryGBNF, D-008
DunnRobert EmeryGBNF, D-008
DunnThomas RiversGBNF, D-008
DunvainJohn BrackGBNF, T-012
DunvainWill AtwoodGBNF, T-012
DurhamMaryGBNF, T-012
DurvinMary GunnellGBNF, G-007
DykeOllie SearlesGBNF, S-005
DymacekCarol MorrisonGBNF, F-001
DymacekRobert Joseph, Jr.GBNF, F-001