Gone But Not Forgotten, Rest in Peace, In Loving Memory and Silently Sleeping

"Silently Sleeping", Louisa County Family Graveyards, Volume 4 is now available. It is in the same format as the first three volumes. The book is $30 plus $5 s&h.

Each volume contain photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and  locations of family graveyards in Louisa county. 

Volume 3 ("In Loving Memory"),and Volume 2 ("Rest in Peace"), Louisa County Family Graveyards,  are also available.  (each are $30 plus $5 s&h)

Make check payable and send to Pat Baber, 1105 Bethany Church Road, Bumpass 23024.   For more information contact  Pat Baber  pbaber@wildblue.net  or  Pattie Cooke ccooke2@verizon.net

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This index combines names from all four volumes of the books (Cemetery name preceeded by 'SS' ('Silently Sleeping') for Volume 4, 'ILM' ('In Loving Memory') for Volume 3, 'RIP' ('Rest in Peace'), for Volume 2 and GBNF for Volume 1). The names are from the authors visits to cemeteries as well as DEATHS BETWEEN 1896 AND 1912
If the Cemetery shows a letter followed by three digits, then the source is from a cemetery visit.
For the other, sources include family graveyards included within, Bible records and cemetery records from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) files, church cemetery records, and various family papers in possession of the authors.

Last Name First Name Cemetery
CallisonBabyGBNF, C-013
CallisonJ. A.GBNF, Callison C-013
CallisonJ. A.GBNF, C-013
CallisonJ. W.GBNF, C-013
CallisonNora M.GBNF, C-013
CallisonRoyGBNF, C-013
CallisonWilliam T.GBNF, C-013
CammackGeorge GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
CampbellEleanor LloydGBNF, L-003
CampbellFrancis L.GBNF, C-008
CampbellMinnie B. CoffeyGBNF, Louisa Christian Church
CampbellVirginiaRIP, C-016
CampbellWilliam T.ILM, J-031
CarltonCharles Milton, Sr.GBNF, T-006
CarltonE. Judith SmithGBNF, T-006
CarlyleSonja C.GBNF, J-013
CarnealClaudia A.SS, A-020
CarnealRobert L.SS, A-020
CarpenterInfantGBNF, H-002
CarrollJames O.RIP, C-018
CarrollMaryRIP, C-018
CarrollSarah ElizabethGBNF, Louisa Christian Church
CarrollUnknownRIP, C-018
CarterAnna Dean SmithSS, C-012
CarterCharlesSS, C-012
CarterCharles H.GBNF, C-012
CarterCharles H.SS, C-012
CarterCharles H.GBNF, Carter C-012
CarterFamilyILM, H-050
CarterInfantGBNF, C-011
CarterJames T.SS, C-012
CarterJennie O'Neal GBNF, C-012
CarterJennie O'NealSS, C-012
CarterJennie O'NealGBNF, Carter C-012
CarterLeonard V.GBNF, C-012
CarterLeonard V.SS, C-012
CarterLucy SS, B-061
CarterMaggie C.GBNF, H-009
CarterMarlonILM, M-034
CarterMartha AnnGBNF, Bible record
CarterMartha Ann GentrySS, C-012
CarterMartha L.ILM, M-034
CarterOrmand D.GBNF, C-012
CarterOrmand D.SS, C-012
CarterPocahantasGBNF, Carter C-012
CarterPocahantas JaneSS, C-012
CarterPocahantas JaneGBNF, C-012
CarterRichard HenrySS, C-012
CarterRichard W.GBNF, C-011
CarterRobert DanielSS, C-012
CarterRobert H.GBNF, H-009
CarterRuth H.ILM, M-034
CarterSonyaILM, M-034
CarterStapleton G.SS, C-012
CarterStapleton G.GBNF, C-012
CarterStapleton G. GBNF, Carter C-012
CarterVasco T.GBNF, G-006
CarterVaughn LeeSS, B-061
CarterWilliam EnousILM, M-034
CarterWilliam MadisonSS, C-012
CarterWilliam ScottSS, C-012
CaryEleanor JosephineGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
CashEdward LeonardGBNF, H-014
CashHelen L.GBNF, H-014
ChambersElizabeth GBNF, B-014
ChambersEmma L.RIP, V-001
ChambersJohn R.RIP, V-001
ChappleVirginiaGBNF, R-006
ChesterBarbara JacksonGBNF, J-013
ChewningAlpheus J.RIP, C-020
ChewningFrank ThumaILM, W-005*
ChewningFrank ThumaGBNF, W-005
ChewningHoraceILM, W-005*
ChewningHorace C.GBNF, W-005
ChewningKate C.RIP, C-020
ChewningKate FamilyILM, U-027
ChewningMollie ILM, W-005*
ChewningMollie B.GBNF, W-005
ChewningReuben T.RIP, C-020
ChewningSallie J.RIP, C-020
ChickFamilyRIP, C-019
ChickIra VirgilGBNF, C-004
ChildressJoe E.SS, C-038
ChildressLottie ParsonsILM, C-024
ChildressNannie PayneSS, C-038
ChildressOrris EmersonGBNF, T-004
ChildressWilliam HenryILM, C-024
ChildressWilliam J.SS, C-038
ChildsCarolyn J.RIP, W-024
ChilesVirginia Day MansfieldRIP, M-031
ChisholmAngelineRIP, H-035
ChisholmAngeline H.SS, H-035
ChisholmEdward VirginiusSS, C-037
ChisholmEdward VirginiusSS, C-037
ChisholmElla Virginia CosbySS, C-037
ChisholmNathaniel HarveyRIP, H-035
ChisholmNathaniel HarveySS, H-035
ChoudryMarie B.ILM, H-043
ChristianEddie A.ILM, T-031
ChristianEdmund TurnerILM, T-031
ChristianEmma Mae BrooksGBNF, Holly Grove Christian Church
ChristianHerbert H.SS, A-018
ChristianSadie MasonILM, T-031
ChristmasAmy SwiftGBNF, Duke D-003
ChristmasAmy SwiftGBNF, D-003
ChristmasLeeILM, C-026
ChristmasReid R.ILM, C-025
ChristmasWilliamGBNF, D-003
ClareKenneth S.GBNF, B-002
ClareLois N.GBNF, B-002
ClarkAnnie BurnsGBNF, Immaculate Conception Catholic
ClarkeAnna P.RIP, M-030
ClarkeJohn W.RIP, M-030
ClarkeRandolph T.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
ClementsFrank L.GBNF, G-012
ClevlandDora SmithRIP, J-023
CloughAddice E.GBNF, C-007
CloughBessieGBNF, C-007
CloughBuckGBNF, C-007
CloughCarrie R.GBNF, C-007
CloughCosie J.GBNF, C-007
CloughEmma L.GBNF, C-006
CloughHallie G.GBNF, C-007
CloughJohn Robert, Sr.GBNF, C-002
CloughJohn VivianILM, P-023
CloughJoyce NicholasGBNF, C-002
CloughLucy GBNF, C-007
CloughPreston ThomasGBNF, C-007
CloughRichard O.GBNF, C-007
CloughThomas C., Jr.GBNF, C-006
CloughThomas C., Sr.GBNF, C-006
CloughWalterGBNF, C-007
CloughWilliam J.GBNF, C-005
CoatsHarold JeffersonILM, M-035
CobbsFannie D. GBNF, North East Creek, Rte. 33
CobbsFannie D.SS, C-036
CobbsJ. W. GBNF, North East Creek, Rte. 33
CobbsJ. W.SS, C-036
CobbsThomas SheltonSS, C-036
CockeCharles TurnerGBNF, Bethany Christian Church
CockeEulah G.RIP, T-021
CockeInfantGBNF, C-010
CockeJohn HartwellGBNF, Cocke C-010
CockeJohn HartwellGBNF, C-010
CockeLouise HarrisGBNF, C-010
CockeM. V.RIP, T-021
CockeMaryGBNF, C-010
CockeSallie CockeGBNF, C-010
CockeW. P.GBNF, Turners Mill Road Cemetery
CockeW. P.RIP, T-021
CockeWilmer B.RIP, T-021
CocoGBNF, T-006
ColemanBessie H.GBNF, C-001
ColemanEdward F.SS, H-054
ColemanJohn G.SS, C-035
ColemanMarthaRIP, C-017
ColemanMartha PettusILM, F-003
ColemanNelsonRIP, C-017
ColemanOliviaGBNF, J-006
ColemanRichard NelsonSS, C-035
ColemanSarah JerdoneILM, J-030
ColemanWilliam S.GBNF, C-001
ColemanWilliam S.GBNF, C-001
Coles Paul M.RIP, C-015
ColesAugustusRIP, C-015
ColesBabyRIP, C-015
ColesBeatrice W.RIP, C-015
ColesDavid N.RIP, C-015
ColesDorothy B.RIP, C-015
ColesLeonard N.RIP, C-015
ColesSylvester L.RIP, C-015
ColesThauneal A.RIP, C-015
ColesWilliam A.RIP, C-015
ColesWilliam NelsonRIP, C-015
ComfortVerna MaeSS, P-034
ComptonAudry BeatriceSS, C-034
ComptonBernice HiterGBNF, H-013
ComptonIshmael ClydeSS, C-034
ComptonM. L. SS, C-034
ComptonMelven ThomasSS, C-034
ComptonRaymon ElwoodSS, C-034
ConnerMary JaneSS, W-041
CookBertha May JohnsonSS, A-020
CookBias N.ILM, C-023
CookColeman LewisILM, C-023
CookDaniel M.ILM, C-023
CookEmma BellILM, C-023
CookLeslie WilliamILM, C-023
CookLillian K.ILM, C-023
CookNannieILM, C-023
CookOllie LeonaILM, C-023
CookRobert H.ILM, C-023
CookWilbert ClydeILM, C-023
CookWilbert Clyde, Jr.ILM, C-023
CookeAnn E.RIP, C-021
CookeDonald CampILM, B-035
CookeEnnisRIP, C-021
CookeGeorge W.RIP, C-021
CookeHunterRIP, C-021
CookeJudith GathrightILM, B-035
CookeLittleberry HaleyGBNF, Little River Baptist Church
CookeManlyRIP, C-021
CookeMartha B.RIP, W-020
CookeMary M.RIP, W-020
CookeOur BabyGBNF, Little River Baptist Church
CookeS. E.GBNF, W-005
CookeS. E.ILM, W-005*
CookeSallie D.GBNF, Little River Baptist Church
CookeSallie F.GBNF, Cooke Cemetery
CookeSallie F. A.RIP, C-021
CookeWilliam H.GBNF, Wills Memorial Church W-005
CookeWilliam H.ILM, W-005*
CookeWilliam H.GBNF, W-005
CooterILM, D-033
Cooter (Dog)ILM, D-033
CorkerAlice B.GBNF, C-009
CorkerAlice HenwoodGBNF, H-014
CorkerJoseph W.GBNF, C-003
CorkerSarah S.GBNF, C-003
CorkerWilliam D.GBNF, C-009
CorleyJohn BerkleyGBNF, B-020
CorleyJoyce AnnGBNF, B-020
CorleyWalter ScottGBNF, B-020
CorrHenry W.SS, C-036
CorrMary Mollie PeacheySS, C-036
CorrThomasSS, B-064
CosbyAnnie BurnsILM, C-027
CosbyCordelia BurnetteILM, C-027
CosbyGeorgeGBNF, C-014
CosbyGeorge E.GBNF, Cosby C-014
CosbyJohn Overton, Sr.ILM, C-027
CosbyLucy WaddyILM, C-027
CosbyMariah LouiseILM, C-027
CosbyMinnie G.ILM, C-032
CosbySarah WingfieldILM, C-027
CosbyThomas H.ILM, C-032
CousinsAnna Griswold BoxleyRIP, M-031
CowheardMargarettRIP, C-022
CowherdBarbara Overton KeanRIP, K-009
CrankJ. R. ILM, C-030
CrankR. EdgarILM, C-030
CrankSusan M.ILM, C-030
CrawfordAnnie E.ILM, C-031
CrawfordFamilyILM, C-029
CrawfordHenry W. ILM, C-031
CrawfordMary LouiseILM, C-031
CrawfordSarahGBNF, T-007
CrebbsAnn BickersGBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
CrebbsJohn C.GBNF, Mechanicville Baptist Church
CrewAlbertILM, C-028
CrewElla NoraGBNF, H-009
CrewJames V. M.ILM, C-028
CrewLouisaILM, C-028
CrewMeria "Aunt May"ILM, C-028
CrewOscarILM, C-028
CrewRobert Lee "Bob"ILM, C-028
CrewStephenILM, C-028
CrewSusan CarterILM, C-028
CrewWilliamILM, C-028
CullenMary AnnGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
CurtisMargaret F.GBNF, S-002
CutrightHurley M.GBNF, Beulah Baptist Church