Gone But Not Forgotten, Rest in Peace, In Loving Memory and Silently Sleeping

"Silently Sleeping", Louisa County Family Graveyards, Volume 4 is now available. It is in the same format as the first three volumes. The book is $30 plus $5 s&h.

Each volume contain photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and  locations of family graveyards in Louisa county. 

Volume 3 ("In Loving Memory"),and Volume 2 ("Rest in Peace"), Louisa County Family Graveyards,  are also available.  (each are $30 plus $5 s&h)

Make check payable and send to Pat Baber, 1105 Bethany Church Road, Bumpass 23024.   For more information contact  Pat Baber  pbaber@wildblue.net  or  Pattie Cooke ccooke2@verizon.net

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Index of Names:   A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

This index combines names from all four volumes of the books (Cemetery name preceeded by 'SS' ('Silently Sleeping') for Volume 4, 'ILM' ('In Loving Memory') for Volume 3, 'RIP' ('Rest in Peace'), for Volume 2 and GBNF for Volume 1). The names are from the authors visits to cemeteries as well as DEATHS BETWEEN 1896 AND 1912
If the Cemetery shows a letter followed by three digits, then the source is from a cemetery visit.
For the other, sources include family graveyards included within, Bible records and cemetery records from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) files, church cemetery records, and various family papers in possession of the authors.

Last Name First Name Cemetery
BaberJohn EdwinGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BaberJoseph EdmondGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BaberKatie EllisGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BaberMary JosephineGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BaberThomas EdwardGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BaberThomas FultonGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BaberWise EverettGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BagbyCaius R.GBNF, B-002
Bagbyfamily membersGBNF, G-011
BagbyGordonGBNF, B-002
BagbyGordonGBNF, Bagby B-002
BagbyHarrisonGBNF, B-002
BagbyHarrisonGBNF, Bagby B-002
BagbyHester M.GBNF, Holly Grove Christian Church
BagbyJames MorrisGBNF, Parrish P-001
BagbyJames MorrisGBNF, P-003
BagbyJosiephineGBNF, B-002
BagbyMissouria M.GBNF, B-002
BagbyMrs. R. M.GBNF, Bagby B-002
BagbyMrs. R. M.GBNF, B-002
BagbyMrs. WmGBNF, B-002
BagbyRobert AmblerGBNF, B-002
BagbyRobert AmblerGBNF, Bagby B-002
BagbySydneyGBNF, Bagby B-002
BagbySydneyGBNF, B-002
BagbyWilliamGBNF, B-002
BakerClara & MarthaILM, U-030
BakerCora V.SS, T-038
BakerFrank FamilyILM, B-044
BakerHenrietta H.GBNF, Pendleton -Harris P-005
BakerHenry C.GBNF, C-009
BakerLaura EstelleSS, T-038
BakerMartin CoreyILM, J-027
BakerMinnie E.GBNF, C-009
BaldwinFloyd O.GBNF, B-005
BaldwinVirginia C.GBNF, B-005
BaldwinWalter C.GBNF, B-005
BanksAnna BelleILM, J-026
BanksBettySS, M-047
BanksFamilySS, U-034
BanksJames "Jimmy"ILM, B-052
BanksJames EdgarILM, B-052
BanksJohn H.ILM, J-026
BanksJoseph DavidILM, B-052
BanksSarahILM, B-052
BanksStevenILM, B-052
BannisterEthel L.SS, B-061
BannisterIda V.SS, B-061
BannisterJames E.SS, B-061
BannisterLeonard F.SS, B-061
BannisterSamuel JamesSS, B-061
BannisterWilliam SS, B-061
BarkerHenrietta H.GBNF, P-005
BarlowJohn Z.SS, B-070
BarlowJohn ZebulonSS, B-069
BarnettDorothy BurrussGBNF, P-002
BarnettJoseph I.GBNF, P-002
BarneyAlice E.RIP, S-030
BarneyMelissa C.ILM, J-031
BarneySmyerRIP, S-030
BarneyTrini A.RIP, S-030
BarnhartJames AndrewILM, B-056
BarrMark StephenSS, D-039
BarretDr. R. L.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BarretJohnGBNF, B-011
BarretJohn WilliamILM, M-037
BarretMaryGBNF, B-011
BarretMary StrachanGBNF, B-011
BarretWilliam C.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BarrettDelores H.GBNF, H-012
BartonGraham L.RIP, B-028
BartonIda WalkerRIP, B-028
BartonMary E. BellomyRIP, B-028
BartonRobert FrancisRIP, B-028
BartonRuby ElizabethRIP, B-028
BartonThomas J.RIP, B-028
BartonWebster ClayRIP, B-028
BasketLouise BanksGBNF, Yanceyville Christian Church
BattaileFamilyILM, B-047
BattyLanny SouthworthRIP, S-028
BaughA. WingfieldGBNF, P-002
BaughAbner PleasantsGBNF, P-002
BaughDoris B.GBNF, P-002
BaughJames AlexanderGBNF, P-002
BaughJames AlexanderGBNF, Pleasants P-002
BaughMary Wingfield HarrisGBNF, P-002
BaughSophia PleasantsGBNF, P-002
BaughWilliam A.GBNF, P-002
BaughanCharles B.ILM, B-048
BaughanMary A.ILM, B-048
BaughanMatthew W. B.ILM, B-048
BausermanMatthew CharlesRIP, B-027
BausermanWarren S, Jr "Chip"RIP, B-027
BaxterTeddy W.GBNF, H-005
BeadlesAda SumnerGBNF, Louisa Christian Church
BeadlesWillilam FamilyILM, U-025
BealeFrank M. Jr.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BeckhamTheodore EdwardGBNF, Bethpage Christian Church
BeckleyRobert Lee, Jr.GBNF, S-004
BellVirgilia L.ILM, L-013
BellW. A.RIP, H-032
Belle MeadeGBNF, B-013
BelschesPatrickGBNF, B-004
BelvinFamily membersILM, B-042
BerrymanDoraSS, T-036
BerrymanWillieSS, T-036
BestJean JoyceILM, R-013
BiaseyCapitola V.RIP, H-025
BiaseyDorotheaRIP, H-025
BibbEdna K.RIP, B-030
BibbEugene S.GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BibbJames TaylorSS, B-063
BibbJohnRIP, B-030
BibbMargaret EdmoniaGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BibbMary E. GBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BibbMiriamGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BibbRobert T.RIP, B-030
BibbWilliam EmmetGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BickersTemperance A.RIP, B-031
BickersThomas OliverRIP, B-031
BickleyAdona H.GBNF, B-018
BickleyArthur LeeILM, B-041
BickleyClayborn MasonILM, B-039
BickleyDau. Of RobertILM, B-039
BickleyEdwinILM, B-041
BickleyElias J.ILM, B-039
BickleyElias WhiteILM, B-039
BickleyElizaILM, B-041
BickleyEula M.GBNF, B-019
BickleyHarriett WhiteILM, B-040
BickleyHumphrey ClevelandILM, B-041
BickleyHumphrey ClevelandILM, B-040
BickleyJosephILM, B-042
BickleyNorman A.GBNF, B-018
BickleyOra PerkinsGBNF, B-017
BickleyRichard E.GBNF, B-018
BickleySarah W.GBNF, B-018
BickleyTomasia TisdaleILM, B-039
BickleyWilliam DeWittGBNF, B-017
BickleyWilliam E.GBNF, B-019
BirckheadTawny MarieRIP, M-022
BlaydesFrances A.GBNF, Elk Creek Baptist Church
Blaydesilliam H.GBNF, Elk Creek Baptist Church
BoboGBNF, T-006
BoggsDora J.GBNF, J-002
BohannonWilliam H.RIP, B-032
BollingWilliamGBNF, Oakland Cemetery
BookerEstelle J.ILM, J-031
BostonEthel DudleyRIP, K-009
BowerRuth S.RIP, S-041
BowlerBoxleyRIP, B-023
BowlerElla LeeRIP, B-023
BowlerJamesRIP, B-023
BowlerRebecca VeresaRIP, B-023
BowlesAdelia A.SS, B-072
BowlesAlbert G.GBNF, B-001
BowlesAnna GertrudeGBNF, B-001
BowlesAnna RandallGBNF, B-001
BowlesAugustus K.ILM, B-035
BowlesAugustus K., Jr.ILM, B-035
BowlesAugustus KnightILM, B-035
BowlesBeatrice C.ILM, B-035
BowlesBetty B.ILM, B-035
BowlesBetty LewisILM, B-035
BowlesCarrol A.ILM, B-035
BowlesDorothy LloydGBNF, L-003
BowlesEdgarGBNF, P-009
BowlesEthel NoelGBNF, B-001
BowlesEva L.RIP, G-017
BowlesEvelyn M.GBNF, B-001
BowlesHenry LeeGBNF, B-001
BowlesIrma C.GBNF, B-001
BowlesJennie J.RIP, G-017
BowlesJohn RichardILM, B-035
BowlesJoseph A.SS, R-001
BowlesLester C.GBNF, B-001
BowlesLewis E.GBNF, B-001
BowlesLucy E.RIP, G-017
BowlesMartha Caroline RichardsonSS, R-001
BowlesMary HiggasonGBNF, P-009
BowlesMatthew ArcherILM, B-035
BowlesMattie WinstonILM, B-035
BowlesMyrtle G.GBNF, B-001
BowlesRobert L.GBNF, B-001
BowlesRobert LeeGBNF, B-001
BowlesRobert W.GBNF, B-001
BowlesSamuel BufordGBNF, L-003
BowlesT. G.RIP, G-017
BowlesWilliam T.RIP, G-017
BoxleyAnna N.SS, D-036
BoxleyAnnie McCandlishRIP, B-024
BoxleyCharlotte D.RIP, B-022
BoxleyDavid W.SS, D-036
BoxleyDavid WillsRIP, B-024
BoxleyEdward D.GBNF, P-006
BoxleyEdward D.GBNF, Pottie P- 006
BoxleyEthelyn GlasgowRIP, M-031
BoxleyFenton Bruce MansfieldRIP, M-031
BoxleyG. ClevelandGBNF, P-006
BoxleyHunter StuartGBNF, Bethpage Christian Church
BoxleyJames Garland Sr, Dr.RIP, M-031
BoxleyJohn W.SS, D-036
BoxleyJulia K.GBNF, P-006
BoxleyJulia K.GBNF, Pottie P- 006
BoxleyLavinia FirthRIP, M-031
BoxleyLindsay C.RIP, B-022
BoxleyMarguerite ColstonRIP, M-031
BoxleyMary ColeGBNF, P-006
BoxleyMary ColeGBNF, Pottie P- 006
BoxleyMinnie B.RIP, B-022
BoydEdwin J.GBNF, Boyd B-010
BoydEdwin J.GBNF, B-010
BoydFamilyILM, W-028
BoydJames L.GBNF, B-009
BoydJoseph C.SS, T-040
BoydL. L.GBNF, B-008
BoydMartha M.GBNF, B-010
BoydMartha M.GBNF, Boyd B-010
BoydPocahontas WareGBNF, Zion United Methodist Church
BoydRobert H.GBNF, B-009
BoydSadie F.SS, T-040
BoydVera P.GBNF, Boyd B-009
BoydVera P.GBNF, B-009
BoydWilliam B. M. D.GBNF, Parrish P-001
BoydWilliam B., M.D.GBNF, P-003
BradleyMoses JamesSS, L-016
BradshawCharles R.RIP, B-025
BradshawGrace P.GBNF, D-015
BradshawHenry S.RIP, B-025
BraxtonFannieILM, B-045
BraxtonMelvinILM, B-045
BreathedDavid R. S.GBNF, S-020
BreathedEleanor A.GBNF, S-020
BredemeierOlivia Hicks BourneRIP, H-031
BridoxIsabelleGBNF, J-003
BrightwellRobertie ChildressSS, C-038
BrockCarey LeeRIP, S-033
BrockmanLucyILM, B-049
BrockmanWilliamILM, B-049
BronaughJudith HartGBNF, Q-001
BronaughThomasGBNF, Q-001
BrookingFamilyILM, B-060
BrooksAnnILM, A-016
BrooksAnnabelle C.GBNF, C-013
BrooksCharles HenryILM, B-055
BrooksCharlie BoyGBNF, F-003
BrooksClaudeGBNF, H-005
BrooksCozie D.GBNF, B-021
BrooksEdith L.GBNF, B-006
BrooksElla PerkinsGBNF, B-021
BrooksEmma L.GBNF, B-006
BrooksErnest LeslieGBNF, O-001
BrooksFrank PriceSS, B-071
BrooksGladys OliverGBNF, O-001
BrooksHarrySS, B-071
BrooksHarry L.GBNF, B-006
BrooksHorace R.GBNF, O-001
BrooksIda HollinsGBNF, Holly Grove Christian Church
BrooksJamesGBNF, K-002
BrooksJane CarterSS, C-012
BrooksJessie C.ILM, C-031
BrooksL. V., Mrs.SS, D-042
BrooksLeighton LinwoodSS, B-065
BrooksLetitia A.SS, M-048
BrooksMaryGBNF, K-002
BrooksMary G.GBNF, L-003
BrooksNathaniel G.GBNF, B-006
BrooksSally L.SS, B-071
BrooksSusie F.GBNF, A-003
BrooksThomas JeffersonSS, C-012
BrooksWalter A.ILM, B-057
BrooksWilliam BertieGBNF, A-003
BrooksWilliam BiasGBNF, B-021
BrooksWilliam E.SS, M-048
BrooksWysesGBNF, B-006
BroomeMarie Louise SandersILM, S-059
BrowerJoyce J.ILM, J-032
BrowerWilliam A., Sr.ILM, J-032
BrownAda TullohSS, B-062
BrownDorothySS, B-066
BrownEdith E.GBNF, D-005
BrownGeorge E.SS, B-062
BrownHannahILM, L-009
BrownHarry T.SS, B-066
BrownIsabellILM, L-009
BrownJoeSS, B-062
BrownJohn T., Sr.SS, B-062
BrownJulia F.RIP, P-020
BrownMamieRIP, J-023
BrownMarion J.GBNF, T-015
BrownMary E. McGeheeSS, B-062
BrownRosa L. MrsRIP, B-026
BrownTimothySS, B-062
BrownVanhopeGBNF, T-015
BrownWilliam C.ILM, L-009
BrownWoodrowILM, L-009
BruceB. B.ILM, B-043
BruceMary AnnILM, B-043
BruceMattie WrightILM, B-043
BruceSamuel E.ILM, B-043
BruceWilliam L.ILM, B-043
BruckePaul UleyateILM, B-043
BryantMackILM, G-025
BryantReiter OrenSS, B-062
BryantWm HerbertSS, B-062
BuckBettie A.ILM, B-053
BuckColumbia RogersSS, B-067
BuckEliza T.ILM, B-053
BuckElizabeth AllenSS, B-068
BuckEverettSS, B-067
BuckFlorence LillianILM, B-053
BuckJames RandolphSS, B-067
BuckJohn S.ILM, B-053
BuckSallie WillieSS, B-068
BuckSlavesILM, B-054
BuckWalterILM, B-053
BucknerBetty C.GBNF, B-014
BucknerMary AnnGBNF, B-014
BullockAnnGBNF, G-003
BullockGranvilleSS, W-048
BullockJohnGBNF, G-003
BullockLucy D.ILM, J-031
BullockMary Caroline WinstonSS, W-048
BumpassC. W., Sr.ILM, B-059
BumpassEarle MillardILM, B-059
BumpassInfant sonGBNF, P-003
BumpassJohn T., Jr.GBNF, B-016
BumpassMary R.GBNF, B-016
BumpassPauline CelesteILM, B-059
BunchSamuelGBNF, B-007
BurnleyCharles N.ILM, B-058
BurnleyGeorge GardnerILM, G-019
BurnleyHenryILM, B-058
BurnleyJamesILM, G-019
BurnleyMaria L.ILM, B-058
BurnleyMarthaILM, B-058
BurnleyPolly GardnerILM, G-019
BurnleyPolly GoodwinILM, G-019
BurrellLee F.SS, B-070
BurrussAndrewILM, B-036
BurrussEllisRIP, R-012
BurrussEstelleRIP, R-012
BurrussHerman G., Sr.GBNF, H-012
BurrussJames H.ILM, B-036
BurrussJuliaILM, B-036
BurrussLeo C.GBNF, P-002
BurrussLucyGBNF, H-012
BurrussMary G.ILM, B-036
BurrussMelvinILM, B-036
BurrussPeachyGBNF, H-012
BurtonDaniel FamilyILM, B-037
BurtonGustavus P.GBNF, P-002
BusickFamilyRIP, U-010
BusterAlice S.GBNF, S-006
ButlerArchibald estateSS, U-045
ButlerBeulahGBNF, B-003
ButlerCharles HenryILM, B-046
ButlerDaisy LeeGBNF, B-003
ButlerElizabeth ElmaGBNF, B-020
ButlerErma G.GBNF, B-020
ButlerFranklin J.GBNF, B-003
ButlerGeorge W.ILM, B-046
ButlerHarriet VirginiaILM, B-046
ButlerHenry K.GBNF, K-003
ButlerHenry LewisGBNF, Simms S-014
ButlerIsaac M.GBNF, B-020
ButlerJames GarlandGBNF, B-003
ButlerJohn EdwardSS, H-063
ButlerJohn RandolphGBNF, B-003
ButlerJulia H.GBNF, K-003
ButlerLavinia L.GBNF, S-014
ButlerLavinia L.GBNF, Simms S-014
ButlerLewis A.GBNF, K-003
ButlerLewis HenryGBNF, S-014
ButlerLutie E.GBNF, B-003
ButlerM. Christine J.GBNF, B-003
ButlerMamie Irene ShealorGBNF, K-003
ButlerMary AnneGBNF, B-020
ButlerMildredILM, H-049
ButlerPearlILM, H-049
ButlerSallyRIP, W-022
ButlerSally B.GBNF, S-014
ButlerSarah Jane KennedyGBNF, K-003
ButlerThomas FrederickILM, B-038
ButlerVirgie C.ILM, B-038
ButlerW. S.GBNF, K-003
ButlerWalter "Kay" KiernanGBNF, B-020
ButlerWalter R.RIP, W-022
ButlerWillardILM, H-049
ButlerWilliam B., Jr.GBNF, L-003
ButlerWilliam W.GBNF, B-020
ByarsJemimaILM, J-030
ByarsLucy P.GBNF, W-007
ByersC. H.GBNF, B-015
ByersCarlton J.GBNF, B-015
ByersEdward L.ILM, B-051
ByersFrances WestGBNF, B-012
ByersHerman AllenGBNF, B-015
ByersJohn FranklinGBNF, B-012
ByersJohn W.ILM, B-051
ByersJulie A.ILM, B-051
ByersLillianGBNF, B-015
ByersMary R.ILM, B-051
ByersPaul S.GBNF, B-012
ByersPearl RigsbyGBNF, B-015
ByersRebecca M.GBNF, B-015
ByersRobert L.RIP, B-033
ByersRobin L.GBNF, B-012
ByersThomas C.GBNF, B-012
ByersWilliam R.ILM, B-051
ByiersJohnGBNF, A-006
ByiersRosa LeeRIP, B-033
ByrdKatie HenshawGBNF, H-005
ByrneFrancis H.SS, D-043
ByrneMary H. GlenSS, D-043