Louisa County, Va. Names in Deeds

Many thanks to Janice L. Abercrombie! She submitted over 2,500 Deed Abstracts, which produced almost 16,000 surname references!

Following the name, you will find the context (i.e. Grantor, Grantee, Witness, Neighbor)
Yes, I realize there are a few names that need to be reformatted!)

Burrus, Nelson A.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: AA-170
Burrus, Overton; (Grantee); Book/Page: Z-339
Burrus, Overton; (); Book/Page: O-314
Burrus, Roger; (Grantor); Book/Page: M-86
Burrus, Roger; (Grantee); Book/Page: J-236
Burrus, Roger; (Grantee); Book/Page: G-429
Burrus, Thomas; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-306
Burrus, Thomas; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-334
Burrus, Thomas; (Grantee); Book/Page: B-269
Burrus, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-90
Burrus, Wm. T.; (); Book/Page: J-236
Burrus., George; (Neighbor); Book/Page: ?-0
Burruss, Henry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-314
Burruss, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-314
Burruss, Nelson A.; (); Book/Page: BB-33
Burton, Edmund; (Grantor); Book/Page: I-99
Burton, Edward; (); Book/Page: I-681
Burton, Edward; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-380
Burton, Mary; (Grantor); Book/Page: I-99
Burwell, D.S.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 11-320
Butler, Alex. F.; (); Book/Page: 18-45
Butler, Alexander; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 7-11
Butler, Andrew J.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 2-558
Butler, Angelina; (Grantor); Book/Page: CC-615
Butler, Angelina; (Grantor); Book/Page: 4-407
Butler, Ann; (Grantor); Book/Page: FF-532
Butler, Augustin; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-201
Butler, Augustin; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Augustin; (); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Augustin; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-58
Butler, Augustine; (Neighbor); Book/Page: HH-245
Butler, Austin; (); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Clayton C.; (); Book/Page: DD-654
Butler, D. T. and Angelina his wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: 13-14
Butler, David; (Grantee); Book/Page: Y-347
Butler, David T.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 2-390
Butler, David T.; (Grantor); Book/Page: CC-615
Butler, David T.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 4-407
Butler, David T.; (Grantee); Book/Page: FF-532
Butler, Elijah; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-88
Butler, Fanny; (Grantor); Book/Page: DD-654
Butler, H. M.; (); Book/Page: 18-45
Butler, Hezekiah; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-205
Butler, Hezekiah; (Grantor); Book/Page: S-152
Butler, Hezekiah; (); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Hezekiah; (Grantee); Book/Page: M-556
Butler, Hezekiah; (Grantor); Book/Page: N-146
Butler, Hezekiah; (); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Hezekiah; (Grantor); Book/Page: N-46
Butler, Hezekiah; (Grantor); Book/Page: M-58
Butler, James; (Neighbor); Book/Page: FF-537
Butler, Jane; (); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Jane; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-205
Butler, Jane; (); Book/Page: M-678
Butler, Jane; (); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Jane,; (Grantor); Book/Page: L-201
Butler, Jane,; (Grantor); Book/Page: L-205
Butler, John J.; (Grantee); Book/Page: CC-615
Butler, John J.; (Grantor); Book/Page: FF-532
Butler, John J.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: EE-101
Butler, John L.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 7-771
Butler, L. S.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 18-45
Butler, Lewis; (Neighbor); Book/Page: GG-253
Butler, Lewis; (Neighbor); Book/Page: HH-2
Butler, Lewis; (Grantee); Book/Page: DD-522
Butler, Lewis H.; (Grantor); Book/Page: GG-417
Butler, Lewis H.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 3-212
Butler, Lewis H.; (); Book/Page: DD-654
Butler, Lewis H.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 3-210
Butler, Lewis S.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 3-98
Butler, Mary; (Grantee); Book/Page: HH-30
Butler, Mary A.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 6-381
Butler, Mary A.; (); Book/Page: HH-245
Butler, Mary A. and Nancy Butler; (Grantee); Book/Page: HH-245
Butler, Milly,; (Grantor); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Mrs. Jane; (); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Nancy; (); Book/Page: HH-245
Butler, Nancy; (Grantee); Book/Page: U-82
Butler, Nathan; (Witness); Book/Page: G-168
Butler, Nathan; (); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Nathan; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-262
Butler, Nathan; (Grantee); Book/Page: H-315
Butler, Nathan; (Grantee); Book/Page: I-530
Butler, Nathan; (Grantor); Book/Page: L-205
Butler, Nathan; (Grantor); Book/Page: L-201
Butler, Nathan; (); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Patrick; (Grantor); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Patrick; (Grantor); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Peter; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-88
Butler, Polly; (); Book/Page: O-411
Butler, Robert L.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 4-407
Butler, S. O.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 33-152
Butler, S. O.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 26-15
Butler, S. W.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 3-294
Butler, S. W.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 13-383
Butler, Stephen W.; (); Book/Page: 2-558
Butler, Stephen W.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 3-645
Butler, Susan; (Grantor); Book/Page: 1-616
Butler, Susan H.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 1-616
Butler, Susanna; (Grantor); Book/Page: S-152
Butler, W. A.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 18-45
Butler, William; (); Book/Page: DD-654
Butler, William; (); Book/Page: HH-30
Butler, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-400
Butler, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-507
Butler, William D.; (Grantee); Book/Page: EE-101
Button, A. M.; (); Book/Page: 11-512
Button, A. M.; (); Book/Page: 11-512
Button, A. M.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 12-498
Byars, Elizabeth; (); Book/Page: F-72
Byars, Elizabeth; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-199
Byars, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: K-240
Byars, John; (); Book/Page: C-0
Byars, John; (); Book/Page: C1/2-0
Byars, Lovina; (); Book/Page: 5-580
Byrd, Henrietta; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-228
Byrd, Henrietta; (Neighbor); Book/Page: K-240
Byrd, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: P-228
Byrd, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: J-724
Byrd, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: K-240
Byrd, John Jr.; (Grantee); Book/Page: K-176
Byrd, Lucy; (Witness); Book/Page: L-159
Byrd, Lucy; (Grantor); Book/Page: EE-551
Byrd, Lucy; (Mentioned); Book/Page: V-589
Byrd, Mary; (Grantor); Book/Page: CC-660
Byrd, Nathaniel; (Grantor); Book/Page: N-463
Byrd, Nathaniel; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-459
Byrd, Nathaniel; (Relative); Book/Page: CC-660
Byrd, Nathaniel; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-459
Byrd, Pleasant; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-459
Byrd, Pleasant; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-459
Byrd, Richard; (Grantee); Book/Page: N-464
Byrd, Richard; (Grantor); Book/Page: P-539
Byrd, Richard; (Grantee); Book/Page: J-731
Byrd, Sarah; (Grantor); Book/Page: P-539
Byrd, Thomas; (Grantee); Book/Page: K-240
Byrd, Thomas; (Mentioned); Book/Page: Z-119
Byrd, Thomas; (Mentioned); Book/Page: V-589
Byrd, Thomas; (Grantee); Book/Page: P-228
Byrd, William M.; (Grantor); Book/Page: V-589
Byrd, William M.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: Z-119
Byrd, William M.; (Grantor); Book/Page: Z-339
Callis, Cleon; (Neighbor); Book/Page: K-91
Callis, William O.; (Grantee); Book/Page: G-252
Callis, William O.; (); Book/Page: K-118
Callis, Wm.; (Witness); Book/Page: J-657
Cammack, John C.; (); Book/Page: 2-165
Cammack, John C.; (); Book/Page: 5-163
Cammack, John C.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 2-457
Cammack, John C.; (Grantee); Book/Page: GG-259
Campbell, Edward; (); Book/Page: GG-259
Campbell, Edward; (); Book/Page: V-281
Campbell, F. L.; (); Book/Page: I-686
Campbell, F. L.; (); Book/Page: I-686
Campbell, Francis; (); Book/Page: G-123
Campbell, Joseph D.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: CC-234
Campbell, Sarah; (); Book/Page: GG-259
Campbell, William; (Witness); Book/Page: P-0
Cannon, David T.; (Witness); Book/Page: O-167
Canon, William; (); Book/Page: G-308
Captain Wm. V. M., Hambleton admor; (Grantee); Book/Page: DD-726
Carpenter, Anne; (Grantor); Book/Page: H-269
Carpenter, Clifton; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-109
Carpenter, James; (Witness); Book/Page: J-731
Carpenter, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-202
Carpenter, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: P-539
Carpenter, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-31
Carpenter, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-0
Carpenter, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-0
Carpenter, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: J-85
Carpenter, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: X-306
Carpenter, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-633
Carpenter, John; (); Book/Page: T-431
Carpenter, John B.; (Grantor); Book/Page: V-490
Carpenter, John B.; (Grantor); Book/Page: V-490
Carpenter, Jonathan; (); Book/Page: K-260
Carpenter, Jonathan; (Grantor); Book/Page: J-731
Carpenter, Jonathan; (Grantee); Book/Page: J?-0
Carpenter, Jonathan; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-507
Carpenter, Mary; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-109
Carpenter, Mary; (); Book/Page: T-504
Carpenter, Mary; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-307
Carpenter, Mary; (); Book/Page: J-85
Carpenter, Mary; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-490
Carpenter, Phillip; (); Book/Page: E-0
Carpenter, Phillip; (Grantor); Book/Page: H-269
Carpenter, Phillip; (Grantor); Book/Page: H-269
Carpenter, Phillip & Anne; (Grantor); Book/Page: H-269
Carpenter, R. C.; (); Book/Page: 6-99
Carpenter, Richard C.; (Witness); Book/Page: W-531
Carptener, James C.; (Grantor); Book/Page: W-261
Carr, Daniel F.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: N-5
Carr, David F.; (Grantor); Book/Page: N-5
Carr, Emily; (Grantor); Book/Page: N-5
Carr, Garland; (); Book/Page: H-203
Carr, Gideon; (Neighbor); Book/Page: B-259
Carr, James O.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 20-264
Carr, James O.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 18-484
Carr, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-285
Carr, John; (Witness); Book/Page: N-188
Carr, John; (); Book/Page: H-203
Carr, Mary; (); Book/Page: A-411
Carr, O.; (); Book/Page: 18-484
Carr, Thomas; (Grantee); Book/Page: H-203
Carr, Thomas; (); Book/Page: B-330
Carr, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-411
Carr, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-0
Carr, William; (); Book/Page: N-0
Carr, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-505
Carr, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-411
Carr, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-61
Carr, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: D-0
Carr, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: D-0
Carroll, Pleasant; (Grantor); Book/Page: O-350
Carson, Rubin; (Grantee); Book/Page: J-258
Carson, William C.; (Grantor); Book/Page: W-4
Carter, Edward; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-128
Carter, George P. and Fannie L. his wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: 34-307
Carter, Richard; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-207
Carter, Salley; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-128
Carter, Thos.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-61
Carter, Thos.; (); Book/Page: M-695
Carter, William J.; (Grantee); Book/Page: FF-417
Carter, William S.; (); Book/Page: CC-202
Carter, William S.; (Grantor); Book/Page: HH-476
Carter, William S.; (); Book/Page: FF-510
Carter, William S.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: HH-141
Carter, William S.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: HH-139
Carver, Archabald and Hannah his wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-0
Carver, Archebald; (); Book/Page: A-0
Carver, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: DD-47
Cason, John M.; (); Book/Page: W-236
Cason, William C.; (Grantor); Book/Page: W-489
Chamberlayne, Richard; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-292
Chamberlayne, Richard; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-292
Chamberlayne, William; (); Book/Page: B-292
Chamberlayne, William; (); Book/Page: A-292
Chamberlayne's Creek, ; (Stream); Book/Page: B-24
Chamberlayns, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-130
Chambers, Harden; (Neighbor); Book/Page: CC-615
Chambers, James; (Neighbor); Book/Page: N-67
Chambers, Thomas; (); Book/Page: A-0
Chambers, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-130
Chandler, Leroy; (Grantee); Book/Page: O-400
Chandler, Leroy; (); Book/Page: Q-187
Chandler, Leroy; (Witness); Book/Page: P-547
Chandler, Leroy; (); Book/Page: Q-100
Chandler, Leroy; (Witness); Book/Page: Q-187
Chandler, Leroy; (Neighbor); Book/Page: V-224
Chandler, Sarah Ann; (); Book/Page: V-224
Chaney, Floyd; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 20-0
Chapman, Aaron; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-250
Chapman, James E.; (Grantee); Book/Page: BB-334
Chapman, Jane; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-409
Chapman, Jane; (Former Owner); Book/Page: D-182
Chapman, Richard; (); Book/Page: J-48
Chapman, Richard; (); Book/Page: E-364
Chapman, Richard; (Relative); Book/Page: A-409
Chapman, Richard; (Grantor); Book/Page: D-182
Charles Donald, Jr. and Sarah his wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-472
Chase, James; (); Book/Page: E-0
Chew, John; (); Book/Page: C-0
Chewining, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: M-556
Chewining, Nancy; (Grantor); Book/Page: M-556
Chewning, Albert; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-174
Chewning, Albert G.; (Grantor); Book/Page: Z-385
Chewning, Albert G.; (); Book/Page: Z-386
Chewning, Albert G.; (); Book/Page: W-498
Chewning, Albert G.; (); Book/Page: W-522
Chewning, Albert G.; (Grantor); Book/Page: Y-174
Chewning, Ann; (Grantor); Book/Page: K-321
Chewning, Capt. Reuben; (Neighbor); Book/Page: W-498
Chewning, Francis B.; (); Book/Page: W-522
Chewning, Francis B.; (); Book/Page: W-498
Chewning, Garland; (); Book/Page: M-569
Chewning, Garland; (Neighbor); Book/Page: DD-248
Chewning, Geo.; (Witness); Book/Page: CC-465
Chewning, George; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-359
Chewning, George; (); Book/Page: I-380
Chewning, Henry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Z-294
Chewning, Henry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-174
Chewning, Henry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: BB-46
Chewning, Henry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: CC-80
Chewning, Henry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Z-385
Chewning, Henry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: W-414
Chewning, James; (); Book/Page: FF-432
Chewning, James D.; (); Book/Page: W-498
Chewning, James D.; (); Book/Page: W-522
Chewning, James D.; (Grantor); Book/Page: Z-294
Chewning, James D.; (Grantor); Book/Page: CC-465
Chewning, James D.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: W-414
Chewning, Jane; (); Book/Page: K-45
Chewning, Jane; (); Book/Page: M-112
Chewning, Jemima; (Grantor); Book/Page: L-561
Chewning, Jesse; (); Book/Page: J-69
Chewning, Jesse; (Grantor); Book/Page: I-380
Chewning, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: M-556
Chewning, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: M-556
Chewning, John & Nancy; (Grantor); Book/Page: M-556
Chewning, Joseph; (); Book/Page: I-686

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