Louisa County, Va. Names in Deeds

Many thanks to Janice L. Abercrombie! She submitted over 2,500 Deed Abstracts, which produced almost 16,000 surname references!

Following the name, you will find the context (i.e. Grantor, Grantee, Witness, Neighbor)
Yes, I realize there are a few names that need to be reformatted!)

Waddy, Anthony; (Neighbor); Book/Page: T-17
Waddy, Anthony; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 4-681
Waddy, Anthony; (Grantee); Book/Page: Y-179
Waddy, Anthony; (Witness); Book/Page: K-268
Waddy, Anthony; (Grantor); Book/Page: X-587
Waddy, Anthony; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-385
Waddy, Anthony; (Neighbor); Book/Page: S-123
Waddy, Anthony; (Grantor); Book/Page: R-468
Waddy, Benj.; (Witness); Book/Page: K-268
Waddy, Benja.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: V-327
Waddy, Benja.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-216
Waddy, Benja.; (Witness); Book/Page: Q-499
Waddy, Benjamin; (Witness); Book/Page: O-216
Waddy, Elizabeth; (Grantor); Book/Page: R-468
Waddy, Elizabeth; (Grantor); Book/Page: Y-179
Waddy, Elizabeth; (); Book/Page: R-7
Waddy, Elizabeth; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-587
Waddy, Francis; (Neighbor); Book/Page: T-17
Waddy, Garland; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-437
Waddy, Garland T.; (); Book/Page: DD-168
Waddy, Garland T.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: EE-427
Waddy, John; (); Book/Page: M-293
Waddy, John W.; (Witness); Book/Page: S-184
Waddy, Mary; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-309
Waddy, Sam.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-314
Waddy, Samuel; (); Book/Page: C-44
Waddy, Samuel; (Grantee); Book/Page: H-404
Waddy, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: H-409
Waddy, Samuel; (Grantee); Book/Page: I-691
Waddy, Samuel; (Witness); Book/Page: M-569
Waddy, Samuel; (); Book/Page: H-344
Waddy, Samuel; (Grantee); Book/Page: F-51
Waddy, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-314
Waddy, T.; (); Book/Page: GG-426
Waddy, T.; (); Book/Page: X-587
Waddy, W; (Witness); Book/Page: S-184
Waddy, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: F-27
Waddy, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: H-180
Waddy, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-82
Waddy, William; (Witness); Book/Page: E-39
Waddy, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: V-372
Waddy, William; (); Book/Page: O-491
Waddy, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Z-290
Waddy, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-385
Waddy, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: K-268
Waddy, William; (); Book/Page: S-221
Waddy, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: E-345
Waddy, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-550
Waddy, William; (Witness); Book/Page: Q-450
Waddy, Wm.; (Witness); Book/Page: E-39
Waddy, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 4-400
Waddy, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 5-529
Waddy, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 4-558
Waddy, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: W-192
Wade, Alexander; (Witness); Book/Page: O-368
Wade, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-94
Wade, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-683
Wade, Michael; (Neighbor); Book/Page: AA-37
Wade, Saml. p; (Grantor); Book/Page: X-86
Wade, Saml. p; (Witness); Book/Page: M-583
Wadkins, Isham; (Neighbor); Book/Page: F-51
Wadkins, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-116
Waldrop, Benjamin S. & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: X-201
Waldrop, Benjamin S. & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: DD-648
Waldrop, Christopher and Ellen D., his wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: AA-217
Waldrop, Elizabeth; (Grantor); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Elizabeth; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Elizabeth; (Grantor); Book/Page: X-356
Waldrop, Elizabeth; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-167
Waldrop, Elizabeth C.; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Frances; (Grantor); Book/Page: X-201
Waldrop, Francis; (Grantor); Book/Page: X-201
Waldrop, Francis; (Grantee); Book/Page: DD-303
Waldrop, Francis; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Francis; (); Book/Page: DD-0
Waldrop, Francis; (Neighbor); Book/Page: AA-422
Waldrop, Francis; (Neighbor); Book/Page: CC-117
Waldrop, Francis; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Z-20
Waldrop, Francis & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: O-386
Waldrop, Geo / Lev; (Grantor); Book/Page: CC-12
Waldrop, George; (Grantor); Book/Page: DD-303
Waldrop, Grace Y.; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Jane; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Jane; (Grantor); Book/Page: O-386
Waldrop, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-97
Waldrop, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: Q-347
Waldrop, John; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: P-306
Waldrop, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: U-243
Waldrop, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: T-210
Waldrop, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-179
Waldrop, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: T-17
Waldrop, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-537
Waldrop, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: P-309
Waldrop, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-167
Waldrop, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: P-30917
Waldrop, John; (); Book/Page: Z-20
Waldrop, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: Q-347
Waldrop, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: AA-217
Waldrop, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: Q-423
Waldrop, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-427
Waldrop, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-325
Waldrop, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: Q-423
Waldrop, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: T-296
Waldrop, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-587
Waldrop, John & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: O-386
Waldrop, John & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: N-495
Waldrop, John & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, John & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: P-325
Waldrop, John & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: T-210
Waldrop, John & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: N-486
Waldrop, John P. F.; (Grantor); Book/Page: X-201
Waldrop, Lucy; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Mary; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Mary; (Grantor); Book/Page: T-210
Waldrop, Mary E.; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Richard; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Roxanna C.; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Samual; (Grantor); Book/Page: E-231
Waldrop, Samuel; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Samuel; (Grantee); Book/Page: D 1/2-278
Waldrop, Samuel; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-195
Waldrop, Samuel B.; (Grantee); Book/Page: O-321
Waldrop, Samuel B.; (Grantor); Book/Page: Q-347
Waldrop, Samuel B. & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: O-386
Waldrop, Samuel B. & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: Q-9
Waldrop, Samuel B. & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: Q-3
Waldrop, Samuel B. & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: Q-347
Waldrop, Samuel J.; (Grantee); Book/Page: M-365
Waldrop, Samuel J.; (Grantee); Book/Page: M-353
Waldrop, Sarah; (Grantor); Book/Page: Q-347
Waldrop, Spotswood G.; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Susan; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Thomas; (Legatee); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, Thomas; (Grantor); Book/Page: P-5
Waldrop, Thomas; (); Book/Page: W-262
Waldrop, Thomas; (); Book/Page: X-201
Waldrop, Thomas; (Grantor); Book/Page: W-263
Waldrop, Thomas; (); Book/Page: O-508
Waldrop, Thomas; (Grantee); Book/Page: DD-295
Waldrop, Thomas; (Grantee); Book/Page: W-263
Waldrop, Thomas; (); Book/Page: CC-434
Waldrop, Thomas & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: O-508
Waldrop, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-423
Waldrop, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: O-386
Waldrop, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: O-386
Waldrop, William; (Spouse); Book/Page: Y-326
Waldrop, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: O-386
Waldrop, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: O-386
Waldrop, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-615
Waldrop, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: R-323
Waldrop, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: U-220
Waldrop, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-415
Waldrop, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-201
Waldrop, William N.; (); Book/Page: X-325
Waldrop, William N.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-537
Waldrop, William N.; (); Book/Page: S-50
Waldrop, William N.; (); Book/Page: U-243
Waldrop, William N.; (Witness); Book/Page: Q-423
Waldrop, William N.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: T-17
Waldrop, William N.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-167
Waldrop, William N.; (Grantor); Book/Page: X-356
Waldrop, William N.; (Grantor); Book/Page: BB-178
Waldrope, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: T-296
Waldrope, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-427
Waldrope, Thomas; (); Book/Page: O-508
Waldrope, Thomas; (); Book/Page: W-262
Waldrope, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: R-323
Waldrope, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-615
Walker, Dr. Thomas; (); Book/Page: D-0
Walker, Francis; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-116
Walker, J. N.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 26-58
Walker, Jesse; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-305
Walker, Jesse; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-289
Walker, John N.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 23-394
Walker, John N.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 23-43
Walker, John N.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 23-42
Walker, John N.; (); Book/Page: 24-174
Walker, John S.; (Grantor); Book/Page: W-427
Walker, John W.; (Relative); Book/Page: AA-173
Walker, John W.; (); Book/Page: AA-173
Walker, Joseph; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-522
Walker, Joseph; (Grantor); Book/Page: C1/2-38
Walker, Joseph; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Z-445
Walker, Margaret; (Grantor); Book/Page: G-162
Walker, Martha Ann Hughson; (Relative); Book/Page: AA-173
Walker, Milley; (Grantor); Book/Page: J-289
Walker, Peter; (); Book/Page: D1/2-0
Walker, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D-0
Walker, Richard; (Witness); Book/Page: A-0
Walker, Thomas; (); Book/Page: A-520
Walker, Thomas; (); Book/Page: D-0
Walker, Thomas; (); Book/Page: A-203
Walker, Thomas; (); Book/Page: A-268
Walker, Thomas B.; (); Book/Page: Y-5
Walker, William; (Attorney); Book/Page: K-171
Walker, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-162
Walker, William; (Attorney); Book/Page: K-182
Walker, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: K-146
Walker, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-7
Walker, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: K-226
Walker, William; (); Book/Page: W-277
Walker, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-355
Walker, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-197
Walker, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: K-229
Walker, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-569
Walker, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-314
Walker, Wm.; (Grantor); Book/Page: G-162
Walker, Wm.; (Grantor); Book/Page: J-289
Walker, Wm.; (); Book/Page: E-188
Walkers, Milley; (Grantor); Book/Page: J-290
Waller, Elizabeth M.; (Grantee); Book/Page: U-467
Waller, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-583
Waller, John; (); Book/Page: E-16
Waller, John; (); Book/Page: F-353
Waller, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-585
Waller, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-260
Waller, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: P-295
Waller, John; (Witness); Book/Page: J?-0
Waller, John; (); Book/Page: B-330
Waller, John; (); Book/Page: E-210
Waller, John; (); Book/Page: A-411
Waller, Rev. John; (); Book/Page: E-16
Walton, Alice M.; (); Book/Page: 65-471
Walton, Andrew G.; (Grantee); Book/Page: X-33
Walton, Andrew W.; (Grantor); Book/Page: GG-259
Walton, Andrew W.; (); Book/Page: HH-568
Walton, Andrew W.; (); Book/Page: HH-2
Walton, Ann; (Grantee); Book/Page: M-597
Walton, Anne; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-511
Walton, Barbara; (Grantor); Book/Page: K-181
Walton, Barbara; (); Book/Page: L-51
Walton, Benjamin J.; (); Book/Page: CC-58
Walton, Clabourn; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-33
Walton, Claiborn; (); Book/Page: P-100
Walton, Claibourn; (Trustee); Book/Page: M-133
Walton, Claibourn; (); Book/Page: M-146
Walton, Dorothy Ann; (); Book/Page: M-597
Walton, E. E.; (Witness); Book/Page: 9-221
Walton, Edward; (Grantor); Book/Page: C-143
Walton, Eliza; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-511
Walton, Elizabeth; (Grantor); Book/Page: J-466
Walton, Elizabeth; (Grantee); Book/Page: J-468
Walton, Elizabeth; (Grantee); Book/Page: CC-58
Walton, Elizabeth; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-511
Walton, Emma; (); Book/Page: 6-354
Walton, Emma E.; (); Book/Page: 7-443
Walton, Emma E.; (); Book/Page: 9-578
Walton, Emma E.; (); Book/Page: 12-43
Walton, Emma E.; (); Book/Page: 6-99
Walton, Emma E.; (); Book/Page: 7-445
Walton, Emma E.; (); Book/Page: 9-35
Walton, Erasmus; (Grantee); Book/Page: T-501
Walton, Garland; (Grantee); Book/Page: N-356
Walton, Geo.; (Grantee); Book/Page: D1/2-362
Walton, Geo.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-511
Walton, George; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-511
Walton, George E. M.; (Grantor); Book/Page: GG-259
Walton, George E. M.; (Grantee); Book/Page: CC-216
Walton, H. H.; (); Book/Page: 51-603
Walton, H. H.; (); Book/Page: 47-243
Walton, H. H.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 46-382
Walton, H. H.; (); Book/Page: 46-598
Walton, H. H.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 58-163
Walton, H. H.; (); Book/Page: 65-471
Walton, H.H.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 64-342
Walton, H.H.; (); Book/Page: 133-244
Walton, H.H.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 64-358
Walton, H.H.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 58-163
Walton, H.H.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 66-2
Walton, James; (); Book/Page: CC-143
Walton, James; (); Book/Page: 7-445
Walton, James B.; (); Book/Page: GG-259
Walton, Jesse; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-511
Walton, Jno.; (Grantee); Book/Page: M-402
Walton, Joel; (); Book/Page: M-115
Walton, Joel; (); Book/Page: M-115
Walton, Joel; (); Book/Page: J-324
Walton, Joel; (Grantee); Book/Page: M-182
Walton, Joel; (); Book/Page: M-182
Walton, Joel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-412
Walton, Joel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: T-579
Walton, Joel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-512
Walton, Joel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-466
Walton, Joel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: N-356
Walton, Joel; (); Book/Page: J-471
Walton, Joel; (); Book/Page: M-606
Walton, Joel; (Grantor); Book/Page: J-472
Walton, Joel; (Grantor); Book/Page: L-215
Walton, Joel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-405
Walton, Joel L.; (); Book/Page: CC-58
Walton, Joel W.; (); Book/Page: 9-578
Walton, Joel W.; (); Book/Page: 6-99
Walton, Joel W.; (); Book/Page: 9-35
Walton, Joel W.; (); Book/Page: 7-445
Walton, Joel W.; (); Book/Page: 12-43
Walton, Joel W.; (Relative); Book/Page: 9-221
Walton, Joel W.; (); Book/Page: 7-443
Walton, Joel W.; (); Book/Page: 6-354
Walton, John; (); Book/Page: BB-304

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