Louisa County, Va. Names in Deeds

Many thanks to Janice L. Abercrombie! She submitted over 2,500 Deed Abstracts, which produced almost 16,000 surname references!

Following the name, you will find the context (i.e. Grantor, Grantee, Witness, Neighbor)
Yes, I realize there are a few names that need to be reformatted!)

Thomasson, George; (); Book/Page: E-0
Thomasson, George; (Former Owner); Book/Page: C1/2-168
Thomasson, George; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-202
Thomasson, George; (Grantor); Book/Page: C-201
Thomasson, George; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-429
Thomasson, George, Sr.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: E-44
Thomasson, John; (); Book/Page: Y-154
Thomasson, John; (); Book/Page: E-0
Thomasson, John; (Child); Book/Page: C-201
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D 1/2-0
Thomasson, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: I-577
Thomasson, John; (); Book/Page: M-447
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: R-282
Thomasson, John; (); Book/Page: 5-52
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: S-123
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-309
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D-383
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: T-210
Thomasson, John; (); Book/Page: Q-227
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-427
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-120
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-537
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-325
Thomasson, John; (); Book/Page: Q-450
Thomasson, John; (); Book/Page: O-431
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 4-681
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-30917
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-347
Thomasson, John; (); Book/Page: P-368
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-278
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-216
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-216
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-193
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: R-5
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-192
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-383
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: E-44
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: CC-117
Thomasson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: GG-375
Thomasson, John P. & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: BB-429
Thomasson, John, Sr.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-195
Thomasson, Martha; (); Book/Page: S-397
Thomasson, Mordecai; (Neighbor); Book/Page: GG-375
Thomasson, Mordecai; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 4-681
Thomasson, Mordecai; (Neighbor); Book/Page: CC-117
Thomasson, Mordecai; (Neighbor); Book/Page: BB-200
Thomasson, Mordecai; (Grantor); Book/Page: 5-52
Thomasson, Mordecai; (); Book/Page: CC-122
Thomasson, Mordecai; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-587
Thomasson, Nancy; (Mentioned); Book/Page: I-577
Thomasson, Nancy C.; (); Book/Page: 5-52
Thomasson, Nancy C.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 5-305
Thomasson, Nancy C.; (); Book/Page: 4-681
Thomasson, Nathaniel; (Mentioned); Book/Page: I-577
Thomasson, Nathaniel; (); Book/Page: S-397
Thomasson, Nathl.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-139
Thomasson, Nelson; (Mentioned); Book/Page: I-577
Thomasson, Poindexter; (Mentioned); Book/Page: I-577
Thomasson, Polly; (); Book/Page: 5-52
Thomasson, Richard; (Mentioned); Book/Page: I-577
Thomasson, Richard; (Grantor); Book/Page: E-0
Thomasson, Richard; (Grantee); Book/Page: C-201
Thomasson, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-428
Thomasson, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-383
Thomasson, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D-383
Thomasson, Richard; (Grantor); Book/Page: E-44
Thomasson, Robert G.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 17-247
Thomasson, Samuel; (Spouse); Book/Page: I-577
Thomasson, Sarah; (Grantor); Book/Page: C1/2-168
Thomasson, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: I-577
Thomasson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: H-122
Thomasson, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: C1/2-168
Thomasson, William; (Child); Book/Page: C-201
Thomasson, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-166
Thomasson, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: H-109
Thomasson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: H-495
Thommason, Garland; (Grantee); Book/Page: S-406
Thompson, Andrew J.; (); Book/Page: Y-143
Thompson, Ann; (Witness); Book/Page: J-153
Thompson, Archibald W.; (Grantor); Book/Page: Y-143
Thompson, Charles; (Neighbor); Book/Page: E-261
Thompson, Charles; (Neighbor); Book/Page: V-480
Thompson, Charles; (); Book/Page: R-7
Thompson, Charles; (Grantor); Book/Page: AA-403
Thompson, Charles; (Witness); Book/Page: Q-659
Thompson, Charles; (Witness); Book/Page: J-633
Thompson, Charles; (); Book/Page: p-139
Thompson, Charles; (Witness); Book/Page: J-412
Thompson, Charles I.; (Grantee); Book/Page: CC-568
Thompson, Charles, Jr.; (); Book/Page: T-312
Thompson, Charles, Jr.; (Witness); Book/Page: 8-333
Thompson, Charles, Jr.; (Witness); Book/Page: Q-660
Thompson, Charles, Jr.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: R-468
Thompson, Charles, Jr.; (Grantor); Book/Page: R-5
Thompson, Charles, Jr.; (Grantor); Book/Page: Q-278
Thompson, Charles, Jr.; (); Book/Page: Q-257
Thompson, Charles, Jr.; (Witness); Book/Page: P-30917
Thompson, Charles, Jr.; (Grantee); Book/Page: O-174
Thompson, Chas.; (Grantee); Book/Page: S-159
Thompson, Clifton; (Grantor); Book/Page: I-521
Thompson, David; (Trustee); Book/Page: T-389
Thompson, David; (Grantor); Book/Page: T-322
Thompson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-511
Thompson, Elias; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-663
Thompson, Fleming; (Attorney); Book/Page: Z-339
Thompson, Frances; (Grantor); Book/Page: N-359
Thompson, Frances; (); Book/Page: V-205
Thompson, Frances A.; (); Book/Page: Y-143
Thompson, Frances E.; (); Book/Page: CC-0
Thompson, Frances E.; (); Book/Page: Y-584
Thompson, Garland; (Grantor); Book/Page: S-397
Thompson, Garland; (Witness); Book/Page: J-633
Thompson, Garland; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-86
Thompson, George; (); Book/Page: H-166
Thompson, George; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-219
Thompson, George; (Neighbor); Book/Page: H-335
Thompson, George; (Witness); Book/Page: A-379
Thompson, George R.; (); Book/Page: Y-143
Thompson, Jno.; (Exor.); Book/Page: M-654
Thompson, John; (); Book/Page: O-249
Thompson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: F-160
Thompson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: E-134
Thompson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-173
Thompson, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-9
Thompson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-9
Thompson, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: I-301
Thompson, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: N-359
Thompson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-461
Thompson, John; (); Book/Page: I-659
Thompson, John; (); Book/Page: Y-584
Thompson, Mary; (Witness); Book/Page: O-249
Thompson, Mary J.; (Grantee); Book/Page: Y-143
Thompson, Matthew; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-714
Thompson, N.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: V-281
Thompson, Nathaniel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: V-167
Thompson, Nathaniel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-444
Thompson, Nathaniel; (Mentioned); Book/Page: V-474
Thompson, Nathaniel; (Grantee); Book/Page: P-5
Thompson, Nathaniel; (Grantee); Book/Page: Q-74
Thompson, Nathaniel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: T-215
Thompson, Nathaniel; (Grantee); Book/Page: Y-584
Thompson, Nathaniel; (Grantee); Book/Page: X-198
Thompson, Nathaniel; (Grantee); Book/Page: W-371
Thompson, Nathaniel; (Grantee); Book/Page: T-612
Thompson, Nathaniel; (Grantee); Book/Page: P-1
Thompson, Nathaniel; (); Book/Page: R-7
Thompson, Nathl.; (); Book/Page: Q-217
Thompson, Nathl.; (Witness); Book/Page: P-598
Thompson, Nathl.; (Witness); Book/Page: M-284
Thompson, Nathl.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: R-468
Thompson, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: N-271
Thompson, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-109
Thompson, Richard; (Witness); Book/Page: O-249
Thompson, Robert; (); Book/Page: Y-584
Thompson, Robert; (); Book/Page: P-163
Thompson, Robert; (Neighbor); Book/Page: R-282
Thompson, Robert; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-511
Thompson, Robert; (); Book/Page: P-368
Thompson, Robert; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-347
Thompson, Roger; (); Book/Page: G-219
Thompson, Roger; (Grantor); Book/Page: H-166
Thompson, Roger; (); Book/Page: A-133
Thompson, Rosa; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 18-207
Thompson, Samuel; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-285
Thompson, Samuel; (); Book/Page: J-153
Thompson, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-79
Thompson, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-511
Thompson, Samuel; (); Book/Page: J-153
Thompson, Sarah; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-515
Thompson, Temperance; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-285
Thompson, Thomas; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D 1/2-0
Thompson, Thomas; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-383
Thompson, Waddy; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-0
Thompson, Waddy; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-192
Thompson, Waddy; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-120
Thompson, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: X-470
Thompson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: G-392
Thompson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: N -276
Thompson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-285
Thompson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: D1/2-251
Thompson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-534
Thompson, William; (Admx); Book/Page: J-155
Thompson, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: N-359
Thompson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: H-134
Thompson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: I-301
Thompson, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: I-13
Thompson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: N-282
Thompson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-181
Thompson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-179
Thompson, William; (); Book/Page: X-433
Thompson, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: X-470
Thompson, William; (); Book/Page: T-322
Thompson, William L.; (); Book/Page: M-115
Thompson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: J-672
Thompson, Wm.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: X-470
Thompson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: O-428
Thompson, Wm.; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-515
Thompson, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: B-39
Thompson, Wm.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: X-470
Thompson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: J-672
Thompson, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-86
Thompson, Wm.; (Grantor); Book/Page: Z-187
Thompson, Wm. L.; (); Book/Page: M-115
Thompson Price, Jr.; (Grantor); Book/Page: T-366
Thompson., Martin; (); Book/Page: I-26
Thomsason, Elias and Susannah his wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: Q-234
Thomsom, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-520
Thomson, Anderson; (Grantor); Book/Page: G-4
Thomson, Ann; (); Book/Page: E-0
Thomson, Ann; (); Book/Page: E-559
Thomson, Ann; (Neighbor); Book/Page: H-75
Thomson, Anthoney; (); Book/Page: F-38
Thomson, Anthony; (); Book/Page: D-0
Thomson, Archibald; (Neighbor); Book/Page: R-103
Thomson, Archibald; (Grantee); Book/Page: O-179
Thomson, Charles; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-138
Thomson, Clifton; (); Book/Page: E-0
Thomson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: E-134
Thomson, David; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-251
Thomson, David; (Grantor); Book/Page: F-38
Thomson, David; (); Book/Page: T-322
Thomson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: S-38
Thomson, George; (Neighbor); Book/Page: E-91
Thomson, George; (Witness); Book/Page: D-118
Thomson, George; (); Book/Page: D1/2-524
Thomson, George H.; (Grantor); Book/Page: CC-117
Thomson, George H.; (Grantee); Book/Page: BB-564
Thomson, George H.; (Grantee); Book/Page: BB-200
Thomson, George H.; (); Book/Page: FF-92
Thomson, George H.; (); Book/Page: CC-122
Thomson, George H.; (); Book/Page: DD-0
Thomson, George H.; (); Book/Page: BB-198
Thomson, Isbell; (Grantor); Book/Page: E-65
Thomson, John; (); Book/Page: E-94
Thomson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-173
Thomson, John; (); Book/Page: E-0
Thomson, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: I-16
Thomson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-235
Thomson, Jos., Jr; (Witness); Book/Page: K-268
Thomson, Joseph; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-65
Thomson, Joseph; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-520
Thomson, Joseph; (Grantor); Book/Page: D-91
Thomson, Lucy; (Grantor); Book/Page: K-268
Thomson, Margret; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-166
Thomson, Martin; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-714
Thomson, Mathew; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-0
Thomson, Rebecca; (); Book/Page: T-663
Thomson, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-90
Thomson, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-11
Thomson, Robert; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-99
Thomson, Samuel; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-160
Thomson, Samuel; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-153
Thomson, Samuel; (Parent); Book/Page: A-507
Thomson, Samuel; (Parent); Book/Page: D-91
Thomson, Samuel; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-349
Thomson, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: B-39
Thomson, Samuel; (); Book/Page: A-0
Thomson, Samuel; (Witness); Book/Page: J-35
Thomson, Samuel; (Witness); Book/Page: J-29
Thomson, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-141
Thomson, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-11
Thomson, Sarah; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-251
Thomson, Sarah; (Grantor); Book/Page: H-126
Thomson, Temperance; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-349
Thomson, Thomas; (); Book/Page: A-521
Thomson, Thomas; (); Book/Page: A-521
Thomson, Thomas; (Grantee); Book/Page: B-45
Thomson, Thomas; (); Book/Page: C-0
Thomson, Thomas; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-0
Thomson, Thomas; (Legatee); Book/Page: G-94
Thomson, Thomas; (); Book/Page: E-0
Thomson, Thomas; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-507
Thomson, Thomas; (); Book/Page: D1/2-54
Thomson, Thomas; (); Book/Page: E-0
Thomson, Thomas; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-310
Thomson, Thomas; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-428
THOMSON, THOMAS AND ANN THOMSON his wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: E-0
Thomson, Waddy; (Grantee); Book/Page: G-4
Thomson, Waddy; (Grantor); Book/Page: E-0
Thomson, Waddy; (Grantor); Book/Page: E-0
Thomson, Waddy; (Exor.); Book/Page: G-94
Thomson, Waddy; (Grantor); Book/Page: E-31
Thomson, William; (); Book/Page: H-97
Thomson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-275
Thomson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-310
Thomson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: C-28
Thomson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: C-54
Thomson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-520
Thomson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-546
Thomson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: D-91
Thomson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: D1/2-251
Thomson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-275
Thomson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: M-273
Thomson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: J-200
Thomson, William; (Attorney); Book/Page: I-521
Thomson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: M-273
Thomson, William; (); Book/Page: E-16
Thomson, William; (); Book/Page: E-559
Thomson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: H-75
Thomson, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: H-126

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