Louisa County, Va. Names in Deeds

Many thanks to Janice L. Abercrombie! She submitted over 2,500 Deed Abstracts, which produced almost 16,000 surname references!

Following the name, you will find the context (i.e. Grantor, Grantee, Witness, Neighbor)
Yes, I realize there are a few names that need to be reformatted!)

Quarles, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-62
Quarles, William & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: G-341
Quarles, Wm.; (Witness); Book/Page: I-139
Quesenburg, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-147
Quisenberry, Malcolm B.; (); Book/Page: 19-142
Quisenberry, Malcolm B.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 20-61
Quissenberry, Julian H. and Malcolm B.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 19-142
Raccoon branch, ; (Stream); Book/Page: L-533
Raglan, Sam; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-183
Ragland, Agness; (Neighbor); Book/Page: K-182
Ragland, Beverly; (); Book/Page: I-190
Ragland, Beverly; (); Book/Page: O-17
Ragland, Beverly; (); Book/Page: I-697
Ragland, Beverly; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-133
Ragland, Beverly; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-315
Ragland, Beverly And Wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: I-697
Ragland, Dudley; (Exor.); Book/Page: I-717
Ragland, Jno. R.; (); Book/Page: CC-202
Ragland, Jno. R.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-500
Ragland, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: H-86
Ragland, John; (Former Owner); Book/Page: B-313
Ragland, John; (); Book/Page: F-191
Ragland, John; (Parent); Book/Page: I-521
Ragland, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-98
Ragland, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: C-105
Ragland, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: I-717
Ragland, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-0
Ragland, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-168
Ragland, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: B-289
Ragland, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: C-210
Ragland, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: F-503
Ragland, John R.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: N-525
Ragland, John R.; (); Book/Page: N-351
Ragland, John R.; (); Book/Page: O-309
Ragland, John R.; (Grantor); Book/Page: P-466
Ragland, John R.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-23
Ragland, John R.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-6
Ragland, John R.; (); Book/Page: F-132
Ragland, John Roads; (); Book/Page: F-132
Ragland, Major; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-347
Ragland, Major Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-168
Ragland, Major Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-11
Ragland, Mary; (Spouse); Book/Page: I-521
Ragland, Nathaniel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-174
Ragland, Nathaniel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-127
Ragland, Nathaniel; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-53
Ragland, Nathaniel; (Witness); Book/Page: M-92
Ragland, Nathl.; (Grantee); Book/Page: K-321
Ragland, Rebecca; (); Book/Page: I-697
Ragland, Sam.; (); Book/Page: C1/2-0
Ragland, Saml.; (Witness); Book/Page: J-657
Ragland, Saml.; (); Book/Page: C1/2-66
Ragland, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-250
Ragland, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: N-464
Ragland, Samuel; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-0
Ragland, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-539
Ragland, Samuel; (Grantee); Book/Page: E?-0
Ragland, Samuel; (); Book/Page: G-238
Ragland, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-260
Ragland, Samuel; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-313
Ragland, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-11
Ragland, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-168
Ragland, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D 1/2-0
Ragland, Samuel; (Grantor); Book/Page: G-396
Ragland, Samuel; (Grantee); Book/Page: I-27
Ragland, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-717
Ragland, Samuel; (Mentioned); Book/Page: I-521
Ragland, Samuel; (); Book/Page: F-191
Ragland, Samuel; (); Book/Page: F-1
Ragland, Samuel; (Grantor); Book/Page: E-289
Ragland, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-442
Ragland, William; (); Book/Page: U-261
Ragland, William; (); Book/Page: P-524
Ragland, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: Z-547
Ragland, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: W-31
Ragland, William; (Mentioned); Book/Page: D-0
Ragland, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: L-419
Ragland, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: N-464
Ragland, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: W-498
Ragland, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: F-191
Ragland, William; (); Book/Page: S-55
Ragland, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-539
Ragland, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-33
Ragland, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-717
Ragland, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-58
Ragland, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Z-385
Ragland, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: AA-82
Ragland, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-231
Ragland, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: M-699
Ragland, William; (); Book/Page: E-16
Ragland, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: O-199
Ragland, William; (Witness); Book/Page: F-18
Ragland, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-253
Ragland, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: G-260
Ragland, William; (); Book/Page: P-417
Ragland, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: CC-394
Ragland, William; (); Book/Page: CC-152
Ragland, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-442
Ragland, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: P-173
Ragland, William; (); Book/Page: CC-156
Ragland, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-58
Ragland, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: U-261
Ragland, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: R-476
Ragland, Wm.; (); Book/Page: L-61
Ragland, Wm.; (); Book/Page: O-298
Ragland, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-231
Ragland, Wm.; (Grantor); Book/Page: M-699
Ragland, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-58
Ragland, Wm.; (); Book/Page: Q-542
Ragland, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Z-294
Ragland, Wm.; (Grantee); Book/Page: P-173
Ragland, Wm.; (Grantee); Book/Page: U-256
Ragland, Wm. and David Watson.; (Grantee); Book/Page: O-298
Ragland, Wm. N.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: CC-368
Ramsey, Daniel; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-463
Randolph, Edmd.; (); Book/Page: Q-491
Randolph, Edmund; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-657
Ratcliff, Thomas H.; (); Book/Page: K-300
Rawling, Peyton J.; (Grantee); Book/Page: O-382
Rawlins, Peyton J.; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-435
Rawlins, Peyton J.; (); Book/Page: M-22
Rawlins, Peyton J.; (); Book/Page: O-428
Rawlund, John R. and Lydia Ann; (Grantee); Book/Page: GG-791
Ray, Andrew; (Neighbor); Book/Page: B-209
Ray, Elkanah; (); Book/Page: F-127
Rayes, Andrew; (Neighbor); Book/Page: B-209
Redman, Laurence; (Witness); Book/Page: A-13
Redman, Laurence; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-377
Redman, Laurence; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-127
Redman, Laurence; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-15
Redman, Lawrence; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-502
Reed, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: GG-375
Reed, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: GG-561
Reed, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: GG-607
Reed, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: GG-561
Rennolds, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: AA-403
Rennolds, William; (); Book/Page: T-517
Rennolds, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: FF-324
Reynolds, Joseph; (Grantor); Book/Page: Q-453
Reynolds, Reuben; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-547
Reynolds, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: CC-293
Reynolds, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: FF-496
Reynolds, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: FF-523
Reynolds, William; (); Book/Page: 19-297
Reynolds, Wm.; (Grantee); Book/Page: FF-496
Rhodes, John Q.; (); Book/Page: 51-603
Rhodes, John Q.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 47-243
Rhodes, John Q., Jr.; (); Book/Page: 51-603
Rhodes, John Q., Jr.; (); Book/Page: 47-243
Rice, Charles; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-372
Rice, Charles; (); Book/Page: A-514
Rice, Hezekiah; (Neighbor); Book/Page: E-145
Rice, Jane; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-362
Rice, John; (); Book/Page: D1/2-165
Rice, John; (Witness); Book/Page: C-44
Rice, John; (); Book/Page: B-0
Rice, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-94
Rice, John; (Witness); Book/Page: B-0
Rice, John; (); Book/Page: D-0
Rice, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: C1/2-68
Rice, Saml.; (); Book/Page: A-116
Rice, Thomas; (); Book/Page: A-393
Rice, Thomas; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-449
Rice, Thomas; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-116
Rice, Thomas; (Mentioned); Book/Page: C-92
Rice, William; (); Book/Page: A-0
Rice, William; (Witness); Book/Page: B-0
Rice, William; (); Book/Page: B-0
Rice, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-511
Rice, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-362
Richards, Ann; (Witness); Book/Page: N-10
Richardson, A. J.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 137-451
Richardson, Benjamin F.; (); Book/Page: X-492
Richardson, Betty; (Mentioned); Book/Page: D 1/2-0
Richardson, David; (); Book/Page: F-564
Richardson, David; (Grantor); Book/Page: BB-28
Richardson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: T-579
Richardson, David; (Witness); Book/Page: CC-431
Richardson, David; (Mentioned); Book/Page: D 1/2-0
Richardson, David; (); Book/Page: T-597
Richardson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-326
Richardson, David; (Witness); Book/Page: Q-400
Richardson, David; (Witness); Book/Page: P-498
Richardson, David; (Witness); Book/Page: X-423
Richardson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: C1/2-122
Richardson, David; (Witness); Book/Page: Q-423
Richardson, David; (Witness); Book/Page: T-148
Richardson, David; (); Book/Page: R-323
Richardson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-340
Richardson, David; (); Book/Page: R-468
Richardson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-9
Richardson, David; (); Book/Page: Z-355
Richardson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-423
Richardson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-537
Richardson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-201
Richardson, David; (Grantee); Book/Page: U-615
Richardson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-324
Richardson, David; (Witness); Book/Page: K-268
Richardson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-415
Richardson, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: S-43
Richardson, David; (); Book/Page: Q-200
Richardson, Elizabeth; (Neighbor); Book/Page: ?-384
Richardson, Isham; (Grantor); Book/Page: D 1/2-367
Richardson, Isham; (); Book/Page: C1/2-13
Richardson, Isham; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-355
Richardson, James; (Witness); Book/Page: F-160
Richardson, James C.; (Grantee); Book/Page: M-692
Richardson, John; (); Book/Page: F-564
Richardson, John; (); Book/Page: EE-108
Richardson, John; (); Book/Page: F-0
Richardson, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-311
Richardson, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-9
Richardson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-360
Richardson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-360
Richardson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: V-460
Richardson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-360
Richardson, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-9
Richardson, John; (); Book/Page: 4-146
Richardson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: H-391
Richardson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: CC-234
Richardson, John; (); Book/Page: X-492
Richardson, La?die & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: D 1/2-346
Richardson, Landie; (Grantor); Book/Page: H-37
Richardson, Lavinia; (); Book/Page: Q-200
Richardson, Mary; (Grantor); Book/Page: D 1/2-367
Richardson, Mary; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-355
Richardson, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: F-589
Richardson, Richard; (Grantee); Book/Page: F-525
Richardson, Samuel; (); Book/Page: J-270
Richardson, Samuel; (Neighbor); Book/Page: F-247
Richardson, Susan; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 61-125
Richardson, Susan; (); Book/Page: 32-604
Richardson, William; (); Book/Page: G-44
Richardson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-583
Richardson, William; (); Book/Page: F-480
Richmond, John; (); Book/Page: E-0
Richmond, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-51
Richmond, Virginia; (Location); Book/Page: 7-16
Riddle, Matthew; (Grantee); Book/Page: H-411
Right, Bartelot and Sarah his wife,; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-255
Riodian, Layfette; (Grantor); Book/Page: DD-168
Riodian, Layfette; (Grantor); Book/Page: DD-194
Riordan, Jane R.; (); Book/Page: Z-445
Riordan, Jane R.; (); Book/Page: Z-446
Riordan, Jane R.; (Grantee); Book/Page: AA-170
Riordan, Jane R.; (); Book/Page: AA-239
Riordan, Jane R.; (Grantor); Book/Page: X-526
Riordan, Jane R.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: AA-414
Riordan, Lafayette; (); Book/Page: AA-239
Riordan, Lafayette W.; (Grantee); Book/Page: AA-414
Riordan, Lafayette W.; (); Book/Page: AA-239
Rittenhouse, Henry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-164
Rittenhouse, Susannah; (Neighbor); Book/Page: K-146
Roach, J.; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-0
Roach, James; (Neighbor); Book/Page: B-142
Roach, James; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-0
Roach, James; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-0
Roach, James; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-79
Roach, James; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-222
Roach, James; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-90
Roach, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-265
Roads, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-526
Roads, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: A-526
Roads, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: F-132
Roaling Rd., ; (Road); Book/Page: C1/2-146
Roberson, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: GG-73
Roberson, Thomas; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-152
Robert, John, Ann, Suzannah, Kitty and S; (Grantee); Book/Page: H-207
Roberts, Elizabeth; (); Book/Page: GG-259
Roberts, Jacob W.; (Grantee); Book/Page: DD-648
Roberts, James; (Trustee); Book/Page: T-389
Roberts, James; (); Book/Page: M-146
Roberts, James D., Sr.; (Witness); Book/Page: W-263
Roberts, James D., Sr.; (Witness); Book/Page: W-262
Roberts, Jeremiah; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-561
Roberts, Jeremiah; (Neighbor); Book/Page: S-274
Roberts, Jeremiah; (Grantor); Book/Page: K-229
Roberts, Jeremiah; (Witness); Book/Page: W-262
Roberts, Jeremiah A.; (Witness); Book/Page: W-263
Roberts, Jerry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-556
Roberts, Jerry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-556
Roberts, Jerry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-556
Roberts, Lennie; (Grantee); Book/Page: 21-478
Roberts, Lennie; (Grantor); Book/Page: 77-307
Roberts, Richard; (Former Owner); Book/Page: W-8
Roberts, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 37-312
Roberts, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 37-312
Roberts, Richard T.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-306
Roberts, Richard T.; (); Book/Page: GG-259
Roberts, Richard T.; (); Book/Page: CC-434
Roberts, Sarah W.; (); Book/Page: GG-298
Roberts, T. R.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 4-27
Robertson, Arthur; (); Book/Page: X-306
Robertson, James; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-645
Robertson, James; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-465
Robertson, Judith; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-175
Robertson, Lewis D.; (); Book/Page: AA-173
Robertson, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-465
Robertson, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-645
Robinson, Harry; (Witness); Book/Page: D1/2-33

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