Louisa County, Va. Names in Deeds

Many thanks to Janice L. Abercrombie! She submitted over 2,500 Deed Abstracts, which produced almost 16,000 surname references!

Following the name, you will find the context (i.e. Grantor, Grantee, Witness, Neighbor)
Yes, I realize there are a few names that need to be reformatted!)

Johnson, William; (); Book/Page: C1/2-0
Johnson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-121
Johnson, William; (); Book/Page: M-447
Johnson, William; (); Book/Page: B-284
Johnson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: G-363
Johnson, William; (Witness); Book/Page: J-527
Johnson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-165
Johnson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Z-290
Johnson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-0
Johnson, William; (); Book/Page: D1/2-454
Johnson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 21-315
Johnson, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: Q-550
Johnson, William; (); Book/Page: B-161
Johnson, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: Q-550
Johnson, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: P-368
Johnson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-170
Johnson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-347
Johnson, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: AA-403
Johnson, William; (); Book/Page: B-0
Johnson, William D.; (); Book/Page: Z-455
Johnson, William D.; (); Book/Page: GG-120
Johnson, William D.; (); Book/Page: FF-110
Johnson, William D.; (); Book/Page: GG-122
Johnson, William D.; (); Book/Page: GG-121
Johnson, William D.; (); Book/Page: GG-121
Johnson, William D.; (); Book/Page: GG-121
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: BB-306
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: BB-497
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: BB-304
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: Z-30
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: Z-171
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: Z-30
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: 7-430
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: X-303
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: P-100
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: AA-183
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: EE-22
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: X-319
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: X-373
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: DD-576
Johnson, William F.; (); Book/Page: V-503
Johnson, William F.; (Witness); Book/Page: O-411
Johnson, William G.; (); Book/Page: CC-202
Johnson, William G.; (); Book/Page: I-362
Johnson, William J.; (); Book/Page: EE-630
Johnson, William Q.; (); Book/Page: Y-333
Johnson, William Quarles; (Grantor); Book/Page: Chanc-0
Johnson, Wm.; (Witness); Book/Page: B-161
Johnson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: I-686
Johnson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: G-368
Johnson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: E-364
Johnson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: J-672
Johnson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: Y-333
Johnson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: G-308
Johnson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: G-393
Johnson, Wm.; (Mentioned); Book/Page: A-0
Johnson, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: B-0
Johnson, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-127
Johnson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: G-308
Johnson, Wm.; (); Book/Page: J-672
Johnson, Wm.; (Grantor); Book/Page: G-393
Johnson, Wm. J.; (); Book/Page: EE-662
Johnson, Wm. Q.; (); Book/Page: Z-106
Johnston, Andrew M.; (); Book/Page: R-105
Johnston, Henry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-575
Johnston, Malinda E.; (); Book/Page: EE-630
Johnston, Martha A.; (); Book/Page: CC-143
Johnston, Robert; (); Book/Page: D-0
Johnston, Thomas; (); Book/Page: J-570
Johnston, W. J.; (); Book/Page: EE-630
Johnston, William J.; (); Book/Page: GG-120
Johnston, William J.; (); Book/Page: EE-629
Johnston, William J.; (); Book/Page: EE-630
Joice, Henry; (); Book/Page: F-491
Jones, Alice E.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 15-521
Jones, Ann; (Neighbor); Book/Page: C1/2-68
Jones, Annie S.; (); Book/Page: 10-351
Jones, B. G.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 26-282
Jones, B. G.; (); Book/Page: 30-501
Jones, Basil; (Grantor); Book/Page: CC-396
Jones, Benjamin; (); Book/Page: AA-183
Jones, Catherine; (Neighbor); Book/Page: C-42
Jones, Charles N.; (Grantor); Book/Page: T-462
Jones, Charles S.; (); Book/Page: EE-427
Jones, Charles S.; (Witness); Book/Page: W-43
Jones, Charles S.; (); Book/Page: W-19
Jones, Charles S.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: V-557
Jones, Charles S.; (); Book/Page: V-534
Jones, Col.; (); Book/Page: A-0
Jones, David; (Grantee); Book/Page: J-206
Jones, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: J-289
Jones, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: G-162
Jones, David; (Neighbor); Book/Page: K-146
Jones, David; (Witness); Book/Page: W-525
Jones, David; (Grantee); Book/Page: Y-5
Jones, David G.; (Grantor); Book/Page: L-305
Jones, David G.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-7
Jones, David G.; (Grantee); Book/Page: L-569
Jones, Edward; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-9
Jones, Edward; (Grantee); Book/Page: D1/2-196
Jones, Edward; (Grantee); Book/Page: B-159
Jones, Elijah; (); Book/Page: Z-106
Jones, Elisha; (Trustee); Book/Page: T-389
Jones, Elizabeth; (Grantor); Book/Page: L-400
Jones, Elizabeth; (); Book/Page: L-507
Jones, Ella C.; (); Book/Page: 5-1
Jones, F. W.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: X-541
Jones, Ferdinand; (Grantor); Book/Page: EE-427
Jones, Frances B.; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-107
Jones, Frances W.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-557
Jones, Francis W.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: CC-117
Jones, Francis W.; (); Book/Page: DD-78
Jones, Francis W.; (); Book/Page: DD-85
Jones, G.; (Grantee); Book/Page: M-314
Jones, G.; (); Book/Page: L-305
Jones, G.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-82
Jones, Gibson; (); Book/Page: D1/2-301
Jones, Henry W.; (Grantor); Book/Page: FF-423
Jones, Henry W.; (); Book/Page: FF-510
Jones, J. E.; (); Book/Page: 5-0
Jones, James; (Grantor); Book/Page: H-28
Jones, James; (Grantee); Book/Page: E-192
Jones, James E.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 5-406
Jones, James E.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 7-706
Jones, James E.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 5-498
Jones, James E.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 5-1
Jones, James E.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 5-484
Jones, James E.; (); Book/Page: 11-308
Jones, James E.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 5-68
Jones, James T.; (Witness); Book/Page: L-125
Jones, James T.; (); Book/Page: 5-0
Jones, James T.; (Witness); Book/Page: L-128
Jones, Jane; (Grantor); Book/Page: L-305
Jones, John; (Witness); Book/Page: B-142
Jones, John; (Witness); Book/Page: B-319
Jones, John; (); Book/Page: C-208
Jones, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: B-289
Jones, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: H-34
Jones, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: D1/2-107
Jones, John; (); Book/Page: C1/2-80
Jones, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: B-0
Jones, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: B-26
Jones, John; (); Book/Page: B-253
Jones, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: A-503
Jones, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-159
Jones, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: C-41
Jones, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: J-713
Jones, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: C-42
Jones, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: H-411
Jones, John; (Witness); Book/Page: M-92
Jones, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: D1/2-524
Jones, John; (Grantee); Book/Page: H-28
Jones, John B.; (); Book/Page: FF-110
Jones, John B.; (Grantee); Book/Page: M-293
Jones, John R.; (Grantee); Book/Page: N-400
Jones, John R.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: W-46
Jones, John R.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: W-19
Jones, John R.; (Witness); Book/Page: V-233
Jones, L. Z.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 15-45
Jones, Luther M.; (); Book/Page: BB-33
Jones, Mary; (); Book/Page: 41-65
Jones, Mary; (Grantor); Book/Page: 40-245
Jones, Mary; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-87
Jones, Mrs. Alice E.; (); Book/Page: 15-521
Jones, Norvell; (Neighbor); Book/Page: W-470
Jones, Orlander; (Witness); Book/Page: B-161
Jones, Orlander; (Neighbor); Book/Page: B-0
Jones, Orlander; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-161
Jones, Patrick H.; (Grantor); Book/Page: EE-138
Jones, Paul G. G.; (Grantee); Book/Page: I-602
Jones, Philip; (Grantor); Book/Page: CC-156
Jones, Philip; (Grantor); Book/Page: CC-152
Jones, Philip H.; (); Book/Page: X-97
Jones, Philip H.; (); Book/Page: CC-143
Jones, Phillip H.; (); Book/Page: Z-386
Jones, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: F-547
Jones, Richard; (Grantor); Book/Page: L-400
Jones, Richard; (Grantor); Book/Page: C1/2-68
Jones, Richard; (); Book/Page: L-507
Jones, Robert; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-87
Jones, Robert & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: FF-469
Jones, Robert L.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: BB-356
Jones, Robert L.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: AA-111
Jones, Rowland; (Witness); Book/Page: C-109
Jones, Sarah F.; (Grantor); Book/Page: EE-138
Jones, Simeon; (); Book/Page: 6-99
Jones, Susannah; (Neighbor); Book/Page: H-411
Jones, T. S.; (); Book/Page: 23-394
Jones, Thomas; (Grantee); Book/Page: N-403
Jones, Thomas; (Neighbor); Book/Page: O-57
Jones, Thomas; (Grantee); Book/Page: N-130
Jones, Thomas; (Grantee); Book/Page: C-66
Jones, Thomas; (Neighbor); Book/Page: N-5
Jones, Thornton S.; (); Book/Page: 20-302
Jones, Thos.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-314
Jones, Thos.; (); Book/Page: M-293
Jones, William t.; (); Book/Page: 30-501
Jordan, Ira F.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 3-210
Jordan, Ira F.; (Grantee); Book/Page: HH-2
Jordan, Ira F.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 3-212
Jordan, Samuel F.; (); Book/Page: 3-210
Jouet, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-29
Jouet, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-29
Jouet, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: B-266
Jouet, John; (); Book/Page: A-443
Jouet, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: D1/2-238
Jouet, Matthew; (); Book/Page: A-0
Jouet, Matthew; (); Book/Page: A-0
Jouet, Matthew; (); Book/Page: B-266
Jouett, James; (Grantee); Book/Page: B-29
Jouett, John; (); Book/Page: B-266
Jouett, John; (); Book/Page: A-443
Jouett, John; (); Book/Page: B-29
Jouett, Mathew; (Neighbor); Book/Page: C1/2-113
Jouett, Matthew; (); Book/Page: A-0
Jouett, Matthew; (); Book/Page: A-0
Jouett, Matthew; (); Book/Page: B-266
Jouett, Sarah; (); Book/Page: B-266
Judy, ; (Slave); Book/Page: B-284
Kahn, Marvin; (Grantor); Book/Page: 228-54
Kahn, Marvin; (Grantee); Book/Page: 201-165
Kannon, Wm.; (Grantee); Book/Page: F-367
Kannon, Wm.; (Grantee); Book/Page: F-367
Katherine Ernet, sister and heir at law; (Grantor); Book/Page: 26-73
Kean, Andrew; (); Book/Page: L-385
Kean, Andrew; (); Book/Page: L-61
Kean, Andrew; (); Book/Page: M-115
Kean, Andrew; (); Book/Page: L-385
Kean, Dr. Andrew; (); Book/Page: M-115
Kean, William; (); Book/Page: 20-363
Kean, Wm.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: K-134
Keesaer, Simeon; (Witness); Book/Page: T-322
Keesaer, Simeon & wife; (Grantor); Book/Page: EE-599
Kellar, L. A.; (Grantor); Book/Page: 17-482
Kellar, L. A.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 17-394
Keller, L. A.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 18-252
Keller, L. A.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 19-322
Kendrick, John; (); Book/Page: A-368
Kendrick, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-368
Kendrick, John & Marylin; (Grantor); Book/Page: A-368
Kendrick, Mary; (); Book/Page: A-368
Kendrick, William; (); Book/Page: A-368
Kendrick, William; (); Book/Page: E-349
Kendricks, William; (Witness); Book/Page: A-368
Kennady, Henry; (Grantor); Book/Page: GG-791
Kennady, Henry; (); Book/Page: CC-0
Kennady, Henry; (Neighbor); Book/Page: GG-551
Kennady, Sarah; (Grantor); Book/Page: GG-791
Kennedy, Croshea; (Neighbor); Book/Page: L-461
Kennedy, Croshea; (Neighbor); Book/Page: I-57
Kennedy, John H.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 13-443
Kennedy, John H.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 10-412
Kennedy, Wm.; (); Book/Page: J-512
Kennon, Absalom; (Grantor); Book/Page: R-277
Kennon, George; (Grantor); Book/Page: U-418
Kennon, George; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Y-167
Kennon, George; (); Book/Page: 5-68
Kennon, George; (Neighbor); Book/Page: HH-250
Kennon, J. S.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 47-243
Kennon, Jo.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: Q-464
Kennon, John; (Exor.); Book/Page: M-471
Kennon, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: K-316
Kennon, John; (Mentioned); Book/Page: N -276
Kennon, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: W-476
Kennon, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-91
Kennon, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: N-46
Kennon, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-266
Kennon, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: T-107
Kennon, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: M-100
Kennon, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: N-403
Kennon, John; (); Book/Page: M-494
Kennon, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: W-67
Kennon, John; (Neighbor); Book/Page: P-425
Kennon, Joseph; (Grantor); Book/Page: O-171
Kennon, Joseph; (Grantee); Book/Page: O-170
Kennon, Joseph; (); Book/Page: R-277
Kennon, Joseph; (); Book/Page: T-334
Kennon, McCalley; (); Book/Page: Y-69
Kennon, Mrs.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-606
Kennon, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: FF-432
Kennon, Richard; (Grantor); Book/Page: AA-395
Kennon, Richard; (Grantee); Book/Page: U-223
Kennon, Richard; (Grantee); Book/Page: V-8
Kennon, Richard; (Neighbor); Book/Page: W-414
Kennon, Richard; (); Book/Page: T-334
Kennon, W. J.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 6-298
Kennon, William; (Grantee); Book/Page: F-368
Kennon, William; (); Book/Page: W-531
Kennon, William; (Neighbor); Book/Page: AA-403
Kennon, William; (Grantor); Book/Page: DD-472
Kennon, William M. and Camila R.; (Grantor); Book/Page: HH-250
Kenny, John; (Grantor); Book/Page: Y-251
Kent, George M.; (Grantee); Book/Page: 3-686
Kent, James M.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 3-686
Kent, R. M.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 16-12
Kent, R. M.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 16-12
Kent, R. M.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: U-91
Kent, R. M.; (Neighbor); Book/Page: 6-320
Kent, R. M.; (); Book/Page: 4-13
Kent, Robert M; (Grantor); Book/Page: 5-530

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