Louisa County, Va. Deed Records - Book AA

Many thanks to Janice L. Abercrombie! She submitted over 2,500 Deed Abstracts, which produced almost 16,000 surname references!

Book: AA, Page: 403, Grantor: Charles Thompson and Sarah A. his wife, Grantee: Reuben Davis, Date: 10-Nov-1847
Charles Thompson and Sarah A. his wife of Hanover co. to Reuben Davis of Louisa co. $140.50 land lying and being in Louisa co. cont. 35 1/8 a. bounded by the lands of Stephen Durrington on the east by the lands of the Virginia and New England Mining Company on the North and by John Hunter on the south and West and on both sides of the Louisa Rail Road and on both sides of the County road leading from the residence of Col. William F. Toler to Louisa Court House and being a part of 50 a of land purchased by Charles Thompson for the taxes due thereon on the 13 Oct 1845 off a tract cont. 190 1/4 a. belonging to the said Virginia and New England Mining Co. with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging. DB Z p 540 541 1846 May 1 Robert T. Gooch and Martha his wife to Reuben Davis all of Louisa Co. $1,200 land on the head waters of Contrary Creek 60 1/2 a. adj. Joseph Grady, estate of William Talley, John Morrison. DB Y p 264 267 Deed of Trust 1843 Feb. 27 William C. Nelson 1st part, John Hunter and Clayton G. Coleman 2nd.part and Thomas Nelson, Samuel C. Nelson, William Mills, Sr., William J. Pendleton and Joseph K Pendleton Excors of Frederick Harris, dec'd, John T. Quarles and Robert M. Kent, merchants and partners trading at Louisa Court House under the firm of Quarles and Kent, Robert T. Gooch and Archibald D. Arnell, William Johnson, Wingfield Cosby, William Walton, Nathan A. Ware, William I Pendleton in his own right, Murwood Estes, William D. Mansfield, William Armstrong, Mildred Moss, Starke W. Morris and Reuben Davis of the county of Louisa, also David Tiner of the county of Spotsylvania, Nicholas Terrill of Hanover, William H. Andrews and Samuel Andrews of Spots., William Rennolds of Fluvanna and Alexander Garrett of Richmond of the 3rd part . Whereas Thomas Nelson is the security of the said William C. Nelson in sundry cases to 2 bonds to the estate of said Frederick Harris, decd., bond payable to Richard of Orange Co. for hire of Negor 1841,bond 1842 assigned to Quarles and Kent bonds to Wingfield Cosby, bond due to Nicholas Terrill, to Samuel Andrews, bond due to William Walton, bond due to William D. Mansfield, bond for guardianship of Joseph Trible, David Tinder is security on two bonds to John Claybrooke, Nathan A. Ware is security of bond executed to Iaquelin Gillum and William C. Nelson is indebted to Nathan A. Ware in his own right. to Samuel C. Nelson bond, bond Quarles p Kent, bond due Robert T. Gooch bond Archibald D. Arnett, due William Walton, due William I. Pendleton, bond due Merriwood Estes, bond due Wm. Rennolds, due William Armstrong indebted to Mildred Moss for hire of a Negro, to Starke W. Morris assignee of William Murphey, Alexander Garrett of Richmond by bond, due to Reuben Davis in suit in Louisa superior court. William C. Nelson in order to secure himself grants to John Hunter and Clayton G. Coleman, Jr. real and personal estate. land whereon the said William C. Nelson resides containing 704 a on Contrary Creek adj. Thomas Nelson, John Hancock the land belonging to the estate of the late Robert Goodwin of Philip B. Pendleton and others together with the water grist and saw mills . Slaves, horses, and other livestock, household furniture, crops in trust. DB W p 531 1839 Sep 23 George W. Davis and Susan his wife, of Hanover co., William Kennon and Nancy, and Mary Davis the wife of Abram Davis, dec'd of Louisa to William F. Toler $28 and for paying off a certain debt due Toler from Abram Davis $25.62 16 a on Little River adj. Col. Edmund Pendleton, Thomas Harris, John Middlebrook being same land Abram Davis bought of Frances Hogan.

Book: AA, Page: 405, Grantor: Nathan W. Smith and Susanna his wife, Grantee: Hugh G. Hiter, Date: 08-Jan-1848
Nathan W. Smith and Susanna his wife of Louisa co. To Hugh G. Hiter for $300 tract on Duckinghole Creek being part of tract where Smith now lives adjoining Old Office Rd., Ira Gillum, Hiter containing 60 acres.

Book: AA, Page: 414, Grantor: David S. Gillespie and Jane R., his wife, Grantee: Lafayette W. Riordan, Date: 03-Jun-1847
David S. Gillespie and Jane R., his wife, of Louisa to Lafayette W. Riordan of same; $1,000 for land in Louisa adjoining William Armstrong, Robert Goodwin and others being same land purchased by Jane R. Riordan from John Hancock, containing 200 acres. Sig. David S. Gillespie and Jane R. Gillespie. Rec. 10 Jan 1848

Book: AA, Page: 422, Grantor: W. Eggleston, Grantee: James L. Harris, Date:  
W. Eggleston to James L. Harris all of Louisa $1,350 for four tracts known as Hiter's Tract containing 71 1/4 acres; Houchin Tract containing 147 1/2 acres; Waldrops Tract cont. 7 acres and where E.W. Eggleston resides containing 45 1/2 acres. Total of 271 1/2 acres adjoining Joseph K. Pendleton, Francis Waldrop, Anderson Talley, north side of Louisa Road with appurtenances. Sig. E. W. Eggleston. Rec. 18 Jan 1848.

Book: AA, Page: 432, Grantor:  , Grantee:  , Date: 05-Feb-1827
Power of Attorney of William Burdit Overton, alias Massie of Madison County, Alabama appoints James Overton alias Massie of Orange to settle accounts. 18 Mar 1936. Rec. Orange Co. 18 Mar 1826. Rec. Spots. 5 Feb 1827.

Book: AA, Page: 478, Grantor: Hancock, Austin Jr. & wife, Grantee: Harris, Elias, Date: 25-Feb-1848
[no abstract]

Book: AA, Page: 486, Grantor: Dunn, Thomas R. Exor, Grantee: Harris, Elisha, Date: 01-Sep-1847
between Thomas R. Dunn executor of Martin Dunn dec'd and Elisha Harris of Louisa County, $73.75. 13 acres near the main county road and bounded as follows: beginning at a white oak in Kiblingers line running N 26 degrees E 35 1/2 poles to several saplings, thence S. 87 deg E. 63 poles to a chestnut oak and pointers in Painters line, thence S 1 1/2 deg W. 6 poles to a dead post oak in Mills line, thence on said Mills line S 30 deg W 30 poles to a pine corner with said Kiblingers line, N 82 deg W 55 poles to the beginning.

Book: AA, Page: 551, Grantor: Knighton, Mordecai, Grantee: Kiblinger, John L. N. , Date: 12-Aug-1848
Mordecai Knighton sold to John L. N. Kiblinger, stacks of oats, hay and my crop of corn....

Book: AA, Page: 590, Grantor: Bibb, James & Susan, Grantee: Trevillian, Charles G., Date: 09-Oct-1848
J[ames] Bibb and Susan Bibb his wife, Tandy Chewning and Lucy Chewning his wife of Louisa of the first part, and Charles G. Trevillian $800 for land on the North side of the main county road known as Trevillians old Tavern 33 acres being the dower and purchased by the said Susan and Lucy and also nine acres assigned to the said Susan and eleven acres and 37 poles to the said Lucy in the division of the land of James Trevilian dec'd, making an all fifty three acres adjoining the lands of James Porter and others....

Book: AA, Page: 598, Grantor: Hancock, William, Grantee: Dickinson, William, Date: 03-Nov-1848
[no abstract]

Book: AA, Page: 611, Grantor: Dunn, Thomas R. Exor, Grantee: Harris, Elisha, Date: 11-Dec-1848
between Thomas Dunn executor of Martin Dunn dec'd of the county of Albemarle Virginia of the first part, and Elisha Harris of Louisa County of the second part, $40 9 acres bounded as follows: beginning at several saplings Nancy Harris corner thence N 38 deg E 72 poles to a pine and white oak corner in Charles G. Trevilian line formerly Painters, thence S 1 1/2 deg W 48 poles to Elisha Harris's corner thence on his line N 82 deg W 63 poles to the beginning, containing nine acres.

Book: AA, Page: 612, Grantor: Terry, Champness & Nancy, Grantee: Toler, William T., Date: 11-Dec-1848
Champness Terry and Nancy Terry his wife of Monroe County Virginia thru their attorney Thomas R. Dunn of the first part, and William T. Toler of Goochland County of the second part, $88.88 for 400 acres being a tract of land coming to them and others from William Hughes dec'd which has also been coming to the said William Toler by XXX?

Book: AA, Page: 620, Grantor: Nathan Smith and Susanna D. his wife, Grantee: Jane Hiter, Date: 21-Dec-1848
Nathan Smith and Susanna D. his wife to Jane Hiter for $260 tract on old Gold Mine Creek adjoining James Timberlake, Jane Hiter, Old Office Rd. Containing 40 acres.

Book: BB, Page: 0, Grantor: Hancock, Austin Exor's, Grantee: Pendleton, William J., Date: 11-Nov-1850
[no abstract]

Book: BB, Page: 27, Grantor: Painter, Anderson & Mary, Grantee: Trevilian, Charles G., Date: 01-Mar-1849
Anderson Painter and wife Mary Painter first part and Charles G. Trevilian 2nd part, $25 5 3/4 acres. Beginning at several oaks on Painters corner to John Wood in Nathaniel Mills line then S 87 deg E 82 poles to pine and oak Painters corner to said wood and Mills; N 1/2 deg E 11 8/10 poles to corner to Mills and Charles Jones; N. 87 deg W 78 poles corner to Charles G. Trevilian on Mills then S 12 deg W 12 poles.

Book: BB, Page: 99, Grantor: Ulegate, Weston, Grantee: Hopkins, John R., Date: 14-Aug-1849
[no abstract]

Book: BB, Page: 109, Grantor: Kiblinger, Jacob, Grantee: Hunter, David, Date: 08-Sep-1849
Jacob Kiblinger of the first part, David Hunter of the second part, and Richard Omohundro of Orange and Elisha Melton of the third part (owes money) … two tracts of land in Louisa on main County road, about 3 or 4 miles above Louisa Courthouse, 272 acres where Kiblinger now resides … Purchased from Omohundro

Book: BB, Page: 147, Grantor: Sanner, Grantee: Trevilian, Charles G., Date: 01-Mar-1849
Sanner first part, David Hunter second part and William H. Poindexter and Charles G. Trevilian third part. Sanner is indebted to Poindexter $350; Charles G. Trevilian $200; to Hunter parcel 5 acres being the same and another tract lying near and adjoining the other about 63 acres called the Camp Ground tract, this tract was purchased by him of Martin Dunn.

Book: BB, Page: 169, Grantor: Vest, John, Grantee: Hughson, William J., Date: 24-Dec-1844
Indenture John Vest of the first part, William J. Hughson of the second part and Nancy Hughson of the third part, all of Louisa Co. .... Marriage to be had between said John Vest and Nancy Hughson and it being covented and agreed that John Vest shall settle upon and convey one third part of his whole estate both real and personal to William J. Hughson for benefit of said Nancy Hughson .....

Book: BB, Page: 304, Grantor: William F. Johnson and John Walton, Jesse W. Grubb, Grantee:  , Date: 06-Mar-1850
William F. Johnson and John Walton, Jesse W. Grubbs and John W. Loyall deed of release. Grubbs' debt to Loyall is satisfied.

Book: BB, Page: 306, Grantor: William F. Johnson had been trustee for Jesse W., Grantee: Samuel Lawrence, Date:  
Deed of release William F. Johnson had been trustee for Jesse W. Grubbs debt to Samuel Lawrence which is now satisfied.

Book: BB, Page: 317, Grantor: White, Nancy, Grantee: Hughson, John N., Date: 06-Dec-1847
Nancy White .... for the love and affection I have for John N. Hughson for $1.00, a negro man named Nelson...

Book: BB, Page: 334, Grantor: Dunn, Thomas R., Grantee: Dunn, William G, Date: 20-May-1850
Thomas R. Dunn first part and Benjamin F. Dunn second part and William G. Dunn third part, $5.00 paid by Benjamin Dunn sells 1 two-horse wagon, 1 curriate? and harness, 1 bay mare and colt, 1 black mare, 1 sorrel mare, and all his household and kitchen furniture in the estate of Martin Dunn his father, 1 cow and calf, plantation tools, the meaning and intention of this conveyance is Thomas R. Dunn is justly indebted to William G. Dunn in the sum of $1,327.42 due by bond bearing date 4 May 1850 and written on demand and where said Thomas R. Dunn is desirous to secure the payment of the debt. If Thomas R. Dunn will pay debt with cost, interest when William G. Dunn shall demand it, this indenture to be of no further use, force or effect, but in case Thomas R. Dunn fails in whole or part to satisfy said debt then said Benjamin F. Dunn shall on request or William G. Dunn proceed to advertise at some convenient place the aforenamed property and give ten days notice of sale and make sale on such terms as the Master may think best for the parties.

Book: BB, Page: 334, Grantor: Dunn, Thomas R., Grantee: Chapman, James E., Date: 28-May-1850
Whereas Thomas R. Dunn is indebted as follows: James W. Saunders $507.87, James Gentry $409, John Cochran $75, V. W. Southall $50, James L. Dunn $150, Elizabeth W. Salmon about $1,050 by bond of the 4th Oct 1848 to the same about $784 due by bond of the 15 Jany 1850 to Harrison J. Cave of Madison Courthouse about $130 due by bond; John L. Bancocke and John W. Gass? admx of Nicholas Hall dec'd about $760 due by bond subject to be credited by the interest purchased by said Thomas R. Dunn in the estate of the decedant from Jno A. Gardner and wife; to James W. Saunders an open account about $50 to ... Elliot $100; Thomas R. Bailey $30; to Rives & Watson $20; E. R. Watson $37.21, debts of the first class; and whereas the said Thomas R. Dunn is also indebted as follows: to Thomas Wood $1,300; to Farish, Jonas & Randolph $112, debts of the second class; and whereas Thomas R. Dunn is also indebted to Edward Hyer of New York $129.42; Hurst & Berry of Baltimore $163.83; Fisher Cushing & Co. of New York $402.25; to Compton & Turner of New York $375.77; Bayne and Co. of Baltimore $200.68; Royster Bats of Baltimore $39.10; Patton, Lane and Allen of New York $224.35; Doremore & Nixon $327.63, constituting the third class under this deed. And the said Thomas R. Dunn being desirous of securing the payment of all foregoing debts.... this indenture 14 May 1850 between said Thomas R. Dunn of the first part, James E. Chapman of the second part and the creditors aforesaid of the third part, witnesseth that for and in consideration of the premises and of the sum of $5.00 paid by said James E. Chapman to Thomas R. Dunn, Thomas R. Dunn hath giving, granted, ... sold unto Chapman the following property to wit: all the right, title and interest of the grantor in right of his wife Jane B. Dunn in and to the estate [made?] and personal of Thomas Salmon dec'd the said estate being now in the posession of Elizabeth W. Salmon widow and admx of Thomas Salmon dec'd also all the interest of the said Thomas R. Dunn in the assets of whatever description of the late firm of M. A. Dunn & Co. being any balance that may be coming to him in money or property real or personal after payment of the debts of said firm: To have and to hold the same unto the said James E. Chapman his heirs and assigns forever including of course the said Thomas R. Dunn's interest in the increase of the slaves of the estate of Thomas Salmon dec'd. In trust however that if the whole of the debts aforesaid with the cost of writing and recording this deed are not paid off in twelve months from this date, the said James E. Chapman shall immediately thereafter expose to sale at public auction the interest of the grantor in the estate of Thomas Salmon dec'd upon such terms as the trustee shall deem right at the time and just to all parties and having first given public notice ... newspaper published in Charlottesville ....Filed in Albemarle and Louisa Co.

Book: BB, Page: 352, Grantor: Humphrey, William, Grantee: Hughes, John, Date: 27-Jun-1850
[no abstract]

Book: BB, Page: 379, Grantor: Dunn, Thomas R. & James M., Grantee: Sanner, Josiah C., Date: 12-Aug-1850
This indenture made and entered into the 12 day of Aug 1850 between James M. Dunn, Martin A. Dunn, James Cosby and Sarah Cosby his wife, William G. Dunn and Thomas R. Dunn of the first part and Josiah C. Sanner of the second part all of Virginia, witnesseth that the said ... [Dunns] for $550 sells to Josiah C. Sanner lying in Louisa bounded by the land of [gap in deed book] Mills, Charles G. Trevilian, Thomas Ogg, Robert Dalton, Nancy Harris and Elisha Harris 101 1/2 acres subject to a deduction of 22 1/2 acres sold by Sanner to Elisha Harris leaving 79 acres, purchased by boundary and not by acre, gain or loss to Sanner ... being the same land sold by their father Martin Dunn dec'd in his lifetime but no right being conveyed by the said Martin Dunn in his lifetime and the said 22 1/2 acres sold to Elisha Harris...

Book: BB, Page: 383, Grantor: Sanner, Josiah C. & Rebecca, Grantee: Trevillian, Charles G., Date: 12-Aug-1850
Josiah C. Sanner and Rebecca Sanner his wife, and Charles G. Trevillian $90.84 for 19 1/8 acres bounded as follows: Beginning at pines on Charles G. Trevilian line, N84W; 57P; small red oak corner on the road in Daltons Line; N35E; 87P; small hickory; N5E; 22P; Lightwood stake, corner to Ogg; S2W; 94P; To Beginning

Book: BB, Page: 429, Grantor: Thomasson, John P. & wife, Grantee: Hancock, Austin Jr., Date:  
[no abstract]

Book: BB, Page: 430, Grantor: Hancock, John & wife, Grantee: Pendleton, William J., Date: 11-Nov-1850
[no abstract]

Book: BB, Page: 493, Grantor: Terry, Champness, Grantee: Harris, William, Date: 10-Mar-1851
Thomas R. Dunn attorney in fact for Champness Terry and Nancy Dunn Terry his wife, and William Harris $346.50 land in Louisa.… Corner to William Harris & James Mann; S78W; 130P; Corner to Nathaniel W. Harris; S80W; 32P; white oak in Nathaniel Harris line; S7W; 18P; two small white oak; s62E; 20P; red oak; N85E; 18P; marked tree; S63E; 24.5P; Black gum near a fallen poplar; S4.5E; 6P; large white oak; S49E; 10P; burnt pine stump; S65E; 136P; burnt pine stump corner to Philip; N21E; 79.5P; pointers; N43W; 86.5P; beginning

Book: BB, Page: 497, Grantor:  , Grantee: Lucian Minor and Hezekiah Sims, Date:  
[See 1845 p. 169 for deed of trust] William F. Johnson about 1844 made a trust deed conveying his tract called Pine Hill to Lucian Minor and Hezekiah Sims (who is now dec'd.) to secure $1,500. Debt has long since been satisfied. William F. Johnson now living on Pine Hill Tract on the South Anna River and Cub Creek. 14 March 1851.

Book: BB, Page: 519, Grantor: John C. G. Goodwin and Amanda F. his wife, Grantee: William Johnson, Date: 02-Oct-1844
John C. G. Goodwin and Amanda F. his wife, of Louisa to William Johnson of same for $4,942.20 to be paid or secured for tract on Fork Creek adjoining Charles Dickenson, Elizabeth Overton, John P. Smith and Joseph W. Pendleton containing 599? acres being tract on which said Goodwin now lives conveyed to him from John C. Goodwin and wife. Also another tract joining above tract and Charles Dickinson and Joseph W. Pendleton containing 330 acres being tract conveyed said Goodwin by deed from Francis Johnson, Jr. and wife.

Book: BB, Page: 577, Grantor: Ogg, Robert S., Grantee: Porter, Pulaski P. (Dr.), Date: 12-May-1851
Robert S. Ogg to Dr. Pulaski P. Porter parcel lying on the Orange Courthouse road, bounded by the land of Thomas Ogg, [?] Cowherd, E. Sumpter, John S. May, Oliver Humphrey and the said Orange Courthouse road, being one half of the 97 acres the whole tract included in the above boundary. Being the same sold by Robert E. Porter to Robert S. Ogg.

Book: CC, Page: 12, Grantor: Waldrop, Geo / Lev, Grantee: Payne, George A., Date: 10-Nov-1851
[no abstract]

Book: BB, Page: 28, Grantor: Samuel T. Pulliam and David Richardson, Grantee: Elisha Jackson, Date: 25-Nov-1848
Samuel T. Pulliam and David Richardson trustees on deed of trust James C. Guy and John C. Meredith indebted to Elisha Jackson. Justices of City of Richmond certify for Samuel T. Pulliam

Book: BB, Page: 32, Grantor: Bickerton T. Winston 1st, John Hunter 2nd, and Dav, Grantee: Philip B. Winston, Jr., Date: 13-Mar-1849
Deed of Release 13 Mar 1849 Bickerton T. Winston 1st, John Hunter 2nd, and David S. Gillespie 3rd, all of Louisa. Deed of Release on property David S. Gillespie had given in trust for debts owed Philip B. Winston, Jr. with John Hunter as trustee, debt having been paid.

Book: BB, Page: 33, Grantor: William F. Toler, Grantee:  , Date: 19-Mar-1849
William F. Toler late of Louisa departed this life intestate, leaving only one child, Martha . who married Robert T. Gooch and at the time of his death William F. Toler was entitled to an equity of redemption in land lying in Louisa being part of the tract known as Tolersville containing 17 acres he had through making deeds of trust in order to secure debts owed to him on record. One deed conveyed the land together with other property to David M. Hunter and Luther M. Jones in order to secure a debt of Johnathan T. Cowhere, one conveyed the same land to Nelson A. Burruss and the last conveyed the land together with other property to Joseph K. Pendleton to secure a debt in deed mentioned to Robert T. Gooch and to same Gooch harmless and endemify him against any loss as Toler's security. All agree for Robert T. Gooch to sell the said land of William Toler and personal property at public auction on 20 Sep 1848 when Reuben Davis became the purchaser for $102. Robert T. Gooch, and wife, David M. Hunter, Luther M. Jones, Joseph K. Pendleton, Jonathan T. Cowherd and Nelson A. Burrus sell to Reuben David the 17 acres bounded with John Morrison on the Louisa Rail Road.

Book: BB, Page: 46, Grantor: Robert D. Chewning and Mary E. his wife, Grantee: Reuben T. Chewning, Date: 30-Mar-1849
Robert D. Chewning and Mary E. his wife of Louisa to Reuben T. Chewning of same $1496 for tract on main county road and Peter's Creek adjoining Henry Chewning, mill dam, Valentine, Col. Crawford containing 220 acres. Be it understood that in a previous deed of a tract adjoining this one Robert D. Chewning sold to Christopher Valentine, Valentine was allowed privilege to raising mill dam 5' higher and Reuben T. Chewning allows the same. Sig. Robert D. Chewning and Mary E. Chewning. Rec. 9 Apr 1849.

Book: CC, Page: 63, Grantor: Dunn, Thomas R. Atty, Grantee: Gentry, Robert H., Date: 26-Jun-1852
[no abstract]

Book: BB, Page: 65, Grantor: Chiles Barker and Mary L. Barker, Grantee: Samuel Groom, Date:  
Chiles Barker and Mary L. Barker $8/acre to Samuel Groom tract adjoining Byrd Mill, John Caroll, Ralph Dickinson, Elijah, butler said Barker, E. D. Hickman, George Hunter, R. Dickinson, Drury Wood. containing 198 acres.

Book: CC, Page: 143, Grantor: Thomas Loyall and Frances, Grantee: William James Walton, Date: 07-Jan-1852
Thomas Loyall and Frances who was a daughter of John Walton, Sr., James M. Turner and Mary B. daughter of John Walton, Sr., James Sims and Elizabeth his wife daughter of John Walton, Sr., James Tate and Amelia D., daughter of John Walton, Sr.; Martha A. Johnston daughter of John Walton, Sr., Agzad Cosby and Nancy S. daughter of John Walton Sr. to William James Walton son of John Walton Sr.

Book: BB, Page: 145, Grantor: James L. Gunter, Grantee: William A. Peacher, Date: 08-Oct-1849
James L. Gunter of Louisa to William A. Peacher of same. Road as it now runs shall be permanent line between Gunter and Peacher and for $165 and about 1/2 acre land lying east of said road James L. Gunter sells to William A. Peacher all right and interest to said Gunter land lying east of the aforesaid road supposed to be 5 acres. Sig. James L. Gunter and William A. Peacher. Rec. 8 Oct 1849

Book: CC, Page: 147, Grantor: Hancock, Austin Jr. & wife, Grantee: Comwth of Va., Date: 14-Jun-1852
[no abstract]

Book: CC, Page: 149, Grantor: Hughson, John N., Grantee: Comwth of Virginia, Date: 14-Jun-1852
[no abstract]

Book: BB, Page: 169, Grantor: John Vest, Grantee: Nancy Hughson with William J. Hughson, Date: 24-Dec-1849
John Vest to Nancy Hughson with William J. Hughson trustee whereas a marriage is intended between John Vest and Nancy Hughson, John Vest settles on Nancy 1/3 part of his whole estate real and personal. Nancy can dispose of property if desired.

Book: BB, Page: 178, Grantor: William N. Waldrop, Grantee: James L. Harris, Date: 15-Jan-1850
Whereas James L. Harris did some several years ago purchase of William N. Waldrop 88 acres near main Louisa Road secured with deed of trust with me Parson Barrett as trustee said deed in DB 1841 p 357 has been satisfied. Wit: Jos. K. Pendlton .Wit: Elias T. Harris and Joseph Sims.

Book: BB, Page: 189, Grantor: John Smith, Grantee:  , Date: 16-Jan-1849
John Smith late of Louisa bequeathed to heirs of his sister Polly Terry of Jefferson Co. Ky. John Terry, Wm. Terry, Samuel Hutcheson and Louisa Hutcheson his wife nee Louisa Terry, Mahalda McCowley nee Mahalda Terry, James Pharis and Elizabeth Pharis his wife nee Elizabeth Terry children of Polly Terry and Wm. McCawley who is guardian of children of Stephen Terry dec'd. to wit John Terry, Joseph Terry, Catharine Terry and Zachariah Terry who was also a child of Polly Terry and John Phares and Mary Ann his wife nee Terry one of the children of James Terry dec'd. who was also a child of Polly Terry all of Jefferson Co. Ky ..... 16 Jan 1849.

Book: BB, Page: 198, Grantor: Thomas B. Harris, Grantee: George W. Fisher, George Fisher, Sr., Bu, Date: 22-Jan-1850
Whereas Thomas B. Harris of Louisa by 1 Dec.1847 leased to George W. Fisher, George Fisher, Sr., Buford Kirtley, James Fisher, and Dunlap Fisher 35 acres and whereas Anderson Talley did likewise on 6 Nov 1848 but not recorded, Harris and Talley agreed to rent and lease to Fishers and Kirtley for 20 years. Fisher sells to George H. Thomson of Philadelphia both said leases for $6,000. Sig. George W. Fisher, George Fisher, Sr., Buford Kirtley, James Fisher and Dunlap Fisher. Wit: Robert t. Bibb and Francis E. Brooke, Justices of Louisa that Fishers and Kirtley appeared before them. Re. 22 Jan 1850.

Book: BB, Page: 200, Grantor: Anderson Talley and Maria Louisa his wife, Grantee: George H. Thomson, Date: 22-Jan-1850
Anderson Talley and Maria Louisa his wife of Louisa to George H. Thomson of Philadelphia, Pa $5,000 of U. S. money, two certain tracts on branches of North East Creek adjoining James L. Harris, Thomas B. Harris and others and adjoining each other. One Tract called by Talley as his Waddy tract contains 104 acres, the other called by Talley his Waldrop tract containing 131 1/8 acres. Sig. Anderson Talley and Maria L. Talley., Wit: Bibb and Brook, justices. DB BB p 199 Thomas B. Harris and Ann S., his wife, of Louisa Co. to George H. Thomson of Philadelphia, Pa. $5,000 land in Louisa adjoining Anderson Talley, Mordecai Thomasson and others containing 52 acres. Sig. Thomas B. Harris and Ann s. Harris Wit: Robert T. Bibb and Francis E. Brooke, justices of Louisa co.

Book: CC, Page: 202, Grantor: Peter T. Johnson, Thomas T. Johnson and M. E. his , Grantee: Edward P. Hawkins and William S. Carter, Date:  
Deed 3 June 1842 Peter T. Johnson, Thomas T. Johnson and M. E. his wife, William G. Johnson and Evelina B. his wife and Samuel C. Greenhow ad Mary T. his wife to Edward P. Hawkins and William S. Carter $250 95 acres being their part of the Godderd tract which was sold by wm. D. Taylor the tax collector for direct taxes to David Johnson which said Godderd Tract adj. Jno. R. Ragland, on the hill of Lawrence's Creek, being same tract that was conveyed on 15 April 1807 by John Davison to John ?Ewig agent for sd Godderd by deed Louisa in 1807 p. 274 with appurtenances. Delve to Edward P. Hawkins. Sig. Peter T. Johnson, Thos. T. Johnson, Mary e. Johnson, William G. Johnson, Evelina B. Johnson, Saml. C. Greenhow, Mary T. Greenhow. Justice Richard M. Chapman of Orange certify for Peter T. Johnson and wife, Mary T. Greenhow , NP of Richmond certify for Thomas Johnson and William G. Johnson. and Mary e. wife of Thomas T. Johnson and Evelina B. wife of William g. Johnson. and Samuel C. Greenhow.

Book: BB, Page: 252, Grantor: Thomas M. Howard, Grantee: John G. Snelson and Peter Guerant, Date: 08-Feb-1849
Thomas M. Howard of Goochland to John G. Snelson and Peter Guerant of Goochland. Howard indebted to Thomas J. Perkins and puts personal property in trust

Book: BB, Page: 256, Grantor: George W. Fisher, George Fisher, Sr., Buford Kritl, Grantee: David C. Skerrett and Isaac Budd, Date: 14-Feb-1850
George W. Fisher, George Fisher, Sr., Buford Kritley, James Fisher, Dunlop Fisher to David C. Skerrett and Isaac Budd of Phildelphia, Pa for $500.; 50 acres of land leased for mining purposes from Richard Talley by lease contract 14 Aug 1848 being part of the same land Talley and wife, Sarah, sold 14 Feb 1850 to said Skerrett and Budd. Authority is given to pay our share over to George W. Fisher and purchase money to George W. Fisher as in the bargain with Talley. Rec. 26 Mar 1850

Book: BB, Page: 257, Grantor: Richard Talley and Sarah his wife, Grantee: David C. Skerrett and Isaac D. Budd, Date: 14-Feb-1850
Richard Talley and Sarah, his wife, of Spotsylvania to David C. Skerrett and Isaac D. Budd of Phildelphia, Pa. for $5,000 to be secured; tract near branches of East North East Creek containing 81 1/4 acres adjoining Robert Andrews, Richard Talley, Anderson Talley and Mr. Charles Harris with all mineral rights and appurtenances. Sig. Richard Talley and Sarah Talley (x) The land being sold being the same land sold by the executors of Richard Sandidge to my father, William Talley, Dec'd., by mistake was described in their deed to William Talley as containing 200 acres. The quantity was only 100 acres of which the land herein sold is a part. For mistake refer to deed from Sandidge, Exor. 9 Jan 1832 on page 296. Sig. Richard Talley.

Book: BB, Page: 315, Grantor: Charles A. Amos, Grantee: D. W. K. Bowles, Date: 19-Apr-1850
Deed of trust 19 Apr 1850 Charles A. Amos of Louisa indebted to D. W. K. Bowles $10.29, N. H. Payne $16.96, B. F. Mills $6.25, A. Parrish $40, Nancy T. Amos $50 admr. of Daniel R. Amos. J. S. Bowles and T. B. Walker are trustees in trust horse, cow, calf, hogs, plantation tools, etc. If default made then public auction.

Book: BB, Page: 317, Grantor: Polly Timberlake and Elizabeth Timberlake, Grantee: Joseph H. Mallory and Lucy D. Seay, Date: 08-May-1850
Polly Timberlake and Elizabeth Timberlake for $5. and for services given in their old age, sell to Joseph H. Mallory and Lucy D. Seay ( since their brother Henry Timberlake's death and they have no close relatives) in equal shares the tract of land we reside containing 4 or 5 hundred acres, all slaves, personal estate, etc. and interest in estate of brother Henry Timberlake. Reserve a life time estate for themselves. ( Margin Note) delivered to Jessee H. Mallory admor of Joseph H. Mallory Dec'd.) Rec. 8 May 1850

Book: BB, Page: 356, Grantor: Matthew G. Grubbs and Ann R. his wife, Grantee: William P. Perkins, Date: 22-Dec-1848
Matthew G. Grubbs and Ann R. his wife of Louisa to William P. Perkins $200; land adjoining Robert L. Jones, Melton, R.H. Gentry, 50 acres. Sig. Matthew Grubbs X and Ann R. Grubbs X. Rec. 8 Jul 1850

Book: BB, Page: 357, Grantor: William H. Mansfield, Grantee: Joseph C. Boxley, Date: 27-Jun-1850
William H. Mansfield 27 Jun 1850 to Joseph C. Boxley dower land of Mary b. Mansfield 166 2/3 acres also 150 1/2 acres > In trust to secure bonds to Hugh M. Dickinson and Susan c. his wife, to Joseph M. Baker and Louisa M. his wife, Henry M Hansbough and Mary T. his wife, Waller T. Holloday and Emily M. his wife, and to John C. Meredith.

Book: BB, Page: 377, Grantor: John c. Mansfield, Grantee: William H. Mansfield, Date: 08-Aug-1850
John c. Mansfield of Frederick co, Va. appoints Mrs. Mary B. Mansfiled attorney in fact to convey unto William H. Mansfield land left by his father John G. Mansfield which is 1/9of two thirds of 452 acres.

Book: CC, Page: 379, Grantor: Hancock, John & wife, Grantee: Pendleton, Philip B., Date: 13-Feb-1854
[no abstract]

Book: CC, Page: 396, Grantor: Jones, Basil, Grantee: Hughson, John, Date: 20-May-1853
[no abstract]

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