List of Chancery Causes

Please note that the Library of Virginia has scanned the Chancery Causes for Louisa County and placed the images online (see LVA Chancery Search ). But you need to be aware of a significant difference between the data on the LVA site and the Louisa site!!

The LVA site does not list ALL surnames found in a Cause, so I suggest you check the index on the Louisa site if you can't find a surname on the LVA site. Also, the LVA site covers back to 1767 (or before) whereas the Louisa site only goes back to 1832

This data is arranged by Case File Number (starting in 1832). First Case on this page is: 109-1921-039

NOTE!! If you visit the LVA site to search (LVA Chancery Search ), you must remove the leading '109-'

Case File Number: 109-1921-039

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Fisher, Florence Cooper, Sarah  
Fisher, Lucy B Tinsley Fisher, Florence  
Fisher, Samuel Graves, Alice  
 Graves, C. L.  
 Graves, John R.  
 Graves, Lucy J.  
 Graves, Richard M.  
 Graves, W. M.  
 Graves, W. W.  
 Smith, Elizabeth  

Case File Number: 109-1921-040

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Littrell, R. B. Beahm, I N H.  
Littrell, Jossie  
 Peoples Bank Of Vinton  
 Ross, Anna G.  
 Thomas, C. C.  

Case File Number: 109-1921-041

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Butler, Ienza Robertson, Jennie  
Gunter, J. N.   
Gunter, Susie Robertson   
Lacy, Johnson   
Lacy, Maude   
Parrish, Ethel Robertson   
Parrish, W. C.   
Robertson, John   
Robertson, R. O.   
Robertson, Richard   
Robertson, W. O.   
Smith, Mattye Robertson   

Case File Number: 109-1921-042

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Bumpass, C. I. Bumpass, Nannie  
Bumpass, C. W. Bumpass, Walter L.  
Bumpass, C. W., Jr   
Bumpass, D. E.   
Bumpass, Earl B.   
Bumpass, Marion B.   
Bumpass, Mattie C.   
Currier, Maude E.   
Currier, T. C.   
Swift, Davis   
Swift, Irma H.   

Case File Number: 109-1921-043

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Folta, Andrew Folta, Susan  
Folta, Annie   
Folta, Catherine   
Folta, Jon   
Folta, Jon   
Folta, Mary   
Folta, Susan   

Case File Number: 109-1921-044

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Lee, Berry Lee, Annia Woodruff Woodruff

Case File Number: 109-1921-045

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Lewis, James, Sr Lewis, Charlotte Quarles  

Case File Number: 109-1921-046

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Allen, Charles L. Fender, Bettie P.  
Allen, Louise Lindsay Fender, Joshua  
Fleming, Ann Maria Lindsay, Ellen Catherine  
Fleming, Isabella B. Lindsay, George Robert  
Hoof, Georgie Lindsay Lindsay, James C.  
Hoof, W. H. Lindsay, John William  
Lindsay, Cornelia Lindsay, Marie  
Lindsay, George R. Lindsay, Martha Ann  
Lindsay, Harley B., Dr Lindsay, Rosalie W.  
Lindsay, Lucille Perkins, Martha Ann Lindsay  
Lindsay, William C.   
Lindsay, William C., Jr   
Lindsay, William S., Dr   
Remley, H. F.   
Remley, Isabella Lindsay   
Withers, John   
Withers, Pauline S Lindsay   

Case File Number: 109-1921-047

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Woolfolk, Alice E. Barret, Annie K.  
Woolfolk, Frank L., Dr Barret, R. L., Dr  
Woolfolk, Robert Kent Smith, W. O., Dr  
 Walker, Linda F.  
 Woolfolk, James H.  
 Woolfolk, Robert Kent  
 Woolfolk, T. L.  

Case File Number: 109-1922-003

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Jones, John T. Anderson, George R.  
 Anthony, Judith A.  
 Bane, Baldwin B.  
 Bane, Caroline H.  
 Bane, R. Frank  
 Bell, Essie B.  
 Bell, Jennie  
 Bell, Willie A.  
 Buckner, Baldwin  
 Buckner, G. B.  
 Buckner, K. G.  
 Buckner, L. C.  
 Buckner, Leigh, Dr  
 Buckner, R. A.  
 Buckner, Walter  
 Buckner, William M.  
 Buter, Ann S.  
 Butler, Ellett  
 Butler, Fanny  
 Butler, Frank  
 Butler, Garland A.  
 Butler, J. L.  
 Butler, John E.  
 Butler, Lucy A.  
 Butler, Minnie E.  
 Butler, Sally B.  
 Cruger, M. V.  
 Ely, Charles C.  
 Ely, Ella C.  
 Ely, Ellett  
 Ely, Florence  
 Ely, Lillie A.  
 Harper, L. T.  
 Harper, Rebecca  
 Kuper, Lillie  
 Kuper, M. L.  
 Madison, Annie M.  
 Madison, Russell  
 Rickey, Orland D.  
 Seay, Emma C.  
 Seay, Pat  
 Stanley, C. L.  
 Stanley, Fanny P.  
 Stanley, Todd  

Case File Number: 109-1922-004

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Timberlake, Floma Farrar Timberlake, George  

Case File Number: 109-1922-006

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Anthony, Lena A. Richardson, A. C. Rayborg
 Richardson, Mary L.  

Case File Number: 109-1922-007

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Sanner, Lenia Moore Stokes Sanner, James R.  

Case File Number: 109-1922-008

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Linthicum, Joseph W. Linthcium, Sadie Mekeel Lithicum

Case File Number: 109-1922-009

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Mays, E. L. Mays, Hildagrade M Egli Egli

Case File Number: 109-1922-010

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Dickinson, Alfred Abbey, Arthur G.  
Dickinson, Alice Abbey, Carl L.  
Dickinson, Beula Abbey, Fannie Dickinson  
Dickinson, Eugene Abbey, Fred  
Dickinson, Joseph Abbey, Lena M.  
Dickinson, Millie Abbey, Lester F.  
Dickinson, T. C. Abbey, Nora A.  
Dickinson, Thad Abbey, William W.  
Dickinson, Winnifred   
Herndon, Julian   
Herndon, Minnie Dickinson   

Case File Number: 109-1922-011

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Brooks, Reuben Brooks, Daisey Lewis  

Case File Number: 109-1922-012

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Boise Mercantile Co Magee, W. A.  
 Mcgehee, Mary B L.  

Case File Number: 109-1922-013

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Trice, R. E. Chandler, H. H.  
 Lane, Mary L.  
 Louisa Christian Church  
 Perkins, V. L.  
 Thomas, J. M.  

Case File Number: 109-1922-014

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Bibb, W. C. Jackson, Mary  
Mitchell, Luther James Jackson, William  
Mitchell, Martha A. Moss, Thomas O.  
Mitchell, Patrick   
Roach, Louisa   
Roach, Reginald Franklin   
Roach, William R.   
Roach, William R.   
Williams, Lizzie   
Williams, Robert   

Case File Number: 109-1922-015

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Gordon, Armistead C. Gordon, Edith Churchill Fordon
Gordon, Emily Adele Schlichter Lewis, Mary Lou Gordon  
Gordon, George L. Lewis, Nell Battle  
Gordon, James Lindsay Lewis, Richard H., Dr  
Gordon, Mary Long   

Case File Number: 109-1922-016

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Gordon, A M W.  []Flannery, Mary W.  
Gordon, R. L.  []Kennerly, Ann W.  
 Kennerly, Thomas  
 Pendleton, Ada W.  
 Pendleton, W. W.  
 Pinder, John B.  
 Pinder, Nellie  
 Sims, F. W.  
 Sims, Lucy P.  
 Winston, James O.  
 Winston, Lucy P.  
 Winston, Thomas S.  

Case File Number: 109-1922-017

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Binns, James W. Stanley, M. G.  
Wash, Dickinson Stanley, Sarah E Binns  
 Stanley, William C.  
 Stanley, William S.  
 Taylor, Henry M.  
 Taylor, Mabel  
 Taylor, Mattie Stanely  
 Taylor, Susie E.  
 Taylor, W. E.  
 Wash, Matilda  

Case File Number: 109-1922-018

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Bishop, Addoe Morris Bishop, John Mccoman
Bishop, George Bishop, Sarah A Bowles  

Case File Number: 109-1922-019

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Gooch, Caswell  []Gooch, Archie  
Gooch, Laura Gooch, Eddie  
Gooch, Ola Gooch, Mildred  

Case File Number: 109-1922-020

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Gordon, Estelle Johnson Carter, Colvin  
Johnson, Ellen Carter, Russell  
Johnson, Floyd Ganzee, Elizabeth  
Johnson, William Jackson, Andrew  
Johnson, William Johnson, Ellen  
 Johnson, Floyd  
 Johnson, Mary  
 Kyle, Chassie  
 Washington, Coren  
 Washington, Dorothy  
 Washington, Fannie  
 Washington, George  
 Washington, Juke  
 Washington, Lucille  
 Washington, Mable  
 Washington, Nathan  
 Washington, Robert  
 Washington, Robert  

Case File Number: 109-1922-021

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Brown, John Brown, Carrie  
Cary, Susie Brown Brown, Dorothy  
 Busby, Ollic C Brown  

Case File Number: 109-1922-022

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Foreman, Mary Waddy Foreman, William  

Case File Number: 109-1922-023

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Allen, Ollie Bullock Bullock, Army  
Bullock, Edmond Bullock, E. W.  
Bullock, Edmond Bullock, Ellis  
Bullock, Elizabeth Bullock, James  
Bullock, Ellis Bullock, John  
Bullock, Fanny Bullock, Lucy  
Bullock, Frances Bullock, Mercer  
Bullock, John Bullock, Mercer  
Bullock, Lucy Bullock, Olly  
Bullock, Thomas Bullock, Pleasant  
Lawrence, Ameretta Bullock Bullock, Thomas  
Shearion, Eserine Bullock Robinson, James  
 Robinson, Nora Bullock  
 Thompson, Queen  

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