List of Chancery Causes

Please note that the Library of Virginia has scanned the Chancery Causes for Louisa County and placed the images online (see LVA Chancery Search ). But you need to be aware of a significant difference between the data on the LVA site and the Louisa site!!

The LVA site does not list ALL surnames found in a Cause, so I suggest you check the index on the Louisa site if you can't find a surname on the LVA site. Also, the LVA site covers back to 1767 (or before) whereas the Louisa site only goes back to 1832

This data is arranged by Case File Number (starting in 1832). First Case on this page is: 109-1895-018

NOTE!! If you visit the LVA site to search (LVA Chancery Search ), you must remove the leading '109-'

Case File Number: 109-1895-018

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Gooch, W. S.  []Bibb, W. E. Flanagan Y Flanagan
Murray, H. W.  []Cammack, Addison H.  
 Cammack, Rice Emmet  
 Driscoll, A. D.  
 Flanagan & Flanagan  
 Flanagan, Ada  
 Flanagan, J. W.  
 Gordon, R. L.  
 Johnson, George H.  
 Tyler, Emma T.  
 Winston, N. W.  

Case File Number: 109-1895-019

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
U S Chemical Works Co Grove, F. S.  
 Nunn, J. W.  
 Nunn, M. W.  
 Nunn, Mercer A.  

Case File Number: 109-1895-020

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Lanford, Lucy M. Sanders, Edward  
Lanford, R. E. Sanders, Julia  
Sanders, W. T. Sanders, Martha C.  
 Sanders, W. T.  
 Sanders, William C.  
 Sanders, William C., Jr  
 Woolfolk, J. H.  

Case File Number: 109-1895-021

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Holland, John P. Brooking & Kean  
Tiffany, D. O. Brooking, W C B.  
Weisiger & Tiffany Crump, James D.  
Weisiger, O. G. Drewey & Co  
Weisiger, W. H. Drewey, Clay  
 Ellett, J. S.  
 Harris, Ann M.  
 Harrison, John S.  
 Holland, Edwin G.  
 Holland, Frank R.  
 Holland, John P.  
 Hughes, S. B.  
 Johnson, W. J.  
 Kean, William C.  
 Mcgraw, James  
 Parrish, Elizabeth  
 Parrish, Nelson J.  
 Parrish, Nelson J.  
 Parrish, Virgie  
 Providence Church  
 Shelton, J. B.  
 Thomas, John C.  
 W J Johnson & Co  
 Weisiger, H. E.  
 Wingo, C. E.  
 Wingo, Ellett & Crump Co  
 Winston, B. G., Mrs  
 Winston, J. B.  
 Winston, W. A.  

Case File Number: 109-1895-022

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Lee, Samuel Adams, William H. Bancroft
Man & Man Arminus Copper Mine Co  
Man, Henry H. Grasselli, Caesar A.  
Man, William Guiterman, Alexander  
Wolf, Louis S. Hexter, Solomon  

Case File Number: 109-1895-023

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Ellis, Robert S. Bibb, William E. Bulock
 Bullock, Virginia C.  
 Bullock, Walter S.  
 Frazier, W T B.  
 Mills, Charles T.  
 Mills, Frank C.  
 Mills, Isaac G.  
 Mills, J. G.  
 Mills, Julia S.  
 Mills, Nathaniel  
 Mills, Nathaniel  
 Mills, Thomas M.  
 Mills, Thomas M.  
 Mills, Thomas P.  
 Mills, William E.  
 Wood, Bettie M.  

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