List of Chancery Causes

Please note that the Library of Virginia has scanned the Chancery Causes for Louisa County and placed the images online (see LVA Chancery Search ). But you need to be aware of a significant difference between the data on the LVA site and the Louisa site!!

The LVA site does not list ALL surnames found in a Cause, so I suggest you check the index on the Louisa site if you can't find a surname on the LVA site. Also, the LVA site covers back to 1767 (or before) whereas the Louisa site only goes back to 1832

This data is arranged by Case File Number (starting in 1832). First Case on this page is: 109-1957-003

NOTE!! If you visit the LVA site to search (LVA Chancery Search ), you must remove the leading '109-'

Case File Number: 109-1957-003

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Chowes, Mary Watt Watt, Kathleen  
Watt, Harry Edwin Watt, Richard  
Watt, Hugh   
Watt, Myrtle   
Watt, Sara E.   
Watt, Thomas D.   

Case File Number: 109-1958-001

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Hall, Eddie L., Mrs Bard, Rosa Hall  
Hall, John M. Hall, John M.  
 Hall, John M., Jr  
 Hall, Willie F.  
 Hall, Winfred A.  
 Kirsh, Ruth Hall  
 Neisz, Eloise Hall  
 Williams, Mary Hall  

Case File Number: 109-1959-001

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Riggs, Charles Fisher, Willard G.  
Riggs, Charles Riggs, J. J.  
Riggs, John Joseph   
Riggs, Mary Whitford   
Whitford, George F.   
Whitford, John Rudolph   
Whitford, John Thompson   
Whitford, John W.   
Whitford, Margaret H.   

Case File Number: 109-1959-002

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Perkins, E. W. Perkins, Anne E.  
Perkins, Hazel H. Perkins, Blanche P.  
Perkins, Janie L. Perkins, Frances E.  
Perkins, Linwood R. Perkins, James A.  
Perkins, M. N. Perkins, William E.  
Perkins, M. N., Mrs Ston, Cammie Perkins  
Perkins, Marion L.   
Perkins, Sally W.   
Perkins, Vivian O.   
Ramey, Pearl Perkins   
Sprouse, Virginia P.   

Case File Number: 109-1959-003

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Scott, Jack Deneal, John  
Scott, John Deneal, John L., Mrs  
Scott, Lou Scott, Walter  
Scott, Maria Washington, Dewey  
Scott, Willie Washington, Sadie Scott  
 White, Charles  
 White, Churchill  
 White, Ellen Scott  

Case File Number: 109-1959-004

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Vaughan, Henry T., Dr Vaughan, Edgar Lee  
Vaughan, Mayme B. Vaughan, Henry T., Dr  
 Vaughan, Henry T., Jr  
 Vaughan, James T.  

Case File Number: 109-1959-005

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Preddy, W. R. Gibson, Lilia  
 Sprouse, A. W.  
 Sprouse, August  
 Sprouse, Bessie  
 Sprouse, Harold  
 Sprouse, James  
 Sprouse, Mable  
 Sprouse, Martha  
 Sprouse, Mary  
 Sprouse, Oliver  
 Sprouse, Pearl  
 Sprouse, Philip  
 Sprouse, Willie  

Case File Number: 109-1959-006

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Carter, Dollie Locker, William  
Carter, Martha   
Fielding, John J.   
Ragland, Virginia   
Wood, Carrie   

Case File Number: 109-1959-007

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Allison, Elsie M Smith Smith, Frances  
Shelton, Katherine Smith   
Smith, Audrey   
Smith, Cammie T.   
Smith, John M.   
Wheat, Gladys Smith   

Case File Number: 109-1959-008

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Parrish, Mae Eliza Parrish, Quintus E.  

Case File Number: 109-1959-009

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Satterwhite, Barbara Anne Satterwhite, Barbara Anne  
Satterwhite, Gloria Jean Satterwhite, Gloria Jean  
Satterwhite, Herman P. Satterwhite, Herman Parker, Jr  
Satterwhite, Herman Parker, Jr Satterwhite, Richard Samuel  
Satterwhite, Richard Samuel   
Satterwhite, Susan W.   

Case File Number: 109-1959-010

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Hall, Gertrude Shifflett Shifflett, Henry P.  
Shifflett, Linda   
Shifflett, M. P.   
Shifflett, Vincent R.   
Taylor, Thelma Shifflett   

Case File Number: 109-1959-011

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Mahanes, Harry Mahanes, Ethel Ragland  

Case File Number: 109-1959-012

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Vawter, Estelle T. Vawter, Robert F.  

Case File Number: 109-1959-013

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Perkins, Blanche H. Perkins, Ann E.  
Perkins, E. W. Perkins, Blanche P.  
Perkins, Everett Perkins, Cammie B.  
Perkins, Hattie B. Perkins, Frances E.  
Perkins, Janie L. Perkins, Hazel  
Perkins, M. N. Perkins, James A.  
Perkins, Marion L. Perkins, Linwood R.  
Perkins, Sallie W. Perkins, Pearl H.  
Perkins, Virginia Estelle Perkins, William E.  
Perkins, Vivian O.   

Case File Number: 109-1959-014

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Perkins, Catherine Sprouse Perkins, Robert D.  

Case File Number: 109-1959-015

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Minor, Chastine Minor, Clarence  

Case File Number: 109-1959-016

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Lewis, Bertha Jackson Lewis, William Oscar  

Case File Number: 109-1959-017

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Locker, James E. Locker, John  
Locker, Martha   

Case File Number: 109-1959-018

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Jackson, Frances R. Jackson, Charles  

Case File Number: 109-1959-019

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Lamb, William Henry Lamb, Nettie Pearl Shifflett  

Case File Number: 109-1959-020

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Armstong, John Robert Baker, T. S. Gordan
Armstrong, Mary E Baker Brock, Charles  
 Gordon, Susan Barker  
 Preddy, D. E.  
 Preddy, M Bell Baker  
 Stevens, Egbert  
 Stevens, Lucy Baker  

Case File Number: 109-1959-021

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Johnston, Robert Maury Johnston, Gretchen Nelson Trevillian  

Case File Number: 109-1959-022

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Brooks, Lucille Virginia Carter Brooks, William Henry  

Case File Number: 109-1959-023

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Commonwealth Of Virginia Desper, Carrie  

Case File Number: 109-1959-024

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Gammon, Gracie Thacker Gammon, Jimmie  

Case File Number: 109-1959-025

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Dickinson, Doris Dunnaway Dickinson, E. L.  

Case File Number: 109-1959-026

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Carneal, Gladys Virginia Brooks Carneal, Henry J.  

Case File Number: 109-1959-027

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Braxton, Alberta Braxton, Cora  
Braxton, Andrew Braxton, Hugie  
Braxton, Anne Braxton, James  
Braxton, Mary Braxton, Robert  
Henson, Lucy A Braxton Burrus, Julia A Braxton  
Johnson, Fannie Braxton   
Morris, Mary Braxton   
Tinsley, Gertiel Braxton   

Case File Number: 109-1959-028

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Spring Farm Carpenter, A. J.  
Via, A. E.   
Via, H. C.   

Case File Number: 109-1959-029

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Cooke, William A. Waddy, Charles  
Waddy, Charles   

Case File Number: 109-1959-030

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Coleman, James U. Coleman, Luvenie Moore  
Coleman, Walter U.   

Case File Number: 109-1959-031

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Ellis, Bernard Ellis, Eliabeth Lewis  

Case File Number: 109-1959-032

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Edwards, Julia A. Green, Manlous  
Green, Columbus   
Green, Erna B.   
Green, Graham   
Green, Joseph   
Green, Worthey   
Smith, Florence Green   

Case File Number: 109-1959-033

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Dejarnette, E. H., Jr Peoples Bank Of Charlottesville  
 Shifflett, Hattie E.  
 Shifflett, W. D.  

Case File Number: 109-1959-034

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Dejarnette, H. M. Taylor, Alice  
Ricks, Cod Taylor, Elizabeth  
Ricks, Mattie B. Taylor, Ida  
 Taylor, John  
 Taylor, Mary  

Case File Number: 109-1959-035

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Dejarnette, E. H., Jr Bank Of Louisa  
Michie, C. Rhodes, John Q., Jr  
Michie, Ethel Woolfrey, Raymond  
Michie, Russell   
Riner, Catherine   
Riner, Frank   
Riner, Hilton   
Riner, Margaret   
Woolfrey, Charles   
Woolfrey, Charles   
Woolfrey, Elmer   
Woolfrey, Harry   
Woolfrey, Jack   
Woolfrey, Louise   
Woolfrey, Mattie   
Woolfrey, Raymond   
Woolfrey, Susie   

Case File Number: 109-1959-036

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Bradshaw, Russell Bradshaw, Della Overton  

Case File Number: 109-1959-037

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Evans, Mabel Rickman Evans, William Rickman

Case File Number: 109-1959-038

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Crenshaw, Richard  []Brown, Leroy  
Daniel, Beatrice Harris, Hugh  
Granger, Ellen   
Granger, Spot   
Harris, Hugh   
Harris, Nicie   
Jackson, Florence A.   
Jackson, Judy   
Jackson, Mildred   
Kinney, Fredericka C.   
Kinney, John   
Kinney, John E.   
Kinney, Mary H.   
Kinney, Mary L.   

Case File Number: 109-1959-039

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Vaughan, Mayme B. Vaughan, Edgar Lee  
 Vaughan, H. T., Dr  
 Vaughan, Henry T., Jr  
 Vaughan, James T.  

Case File Number: 109-1959-040

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Poindexter, Emmett H. Brown, Willard E.  
Poindexter, Emmett H., Jr Davis, Maude Poindexter  
Poindexter, Martha Ann Poindexter, Edward H.  
Poindexter, Ruth M. Poindexter, Emmett H.  
 Poindexter, Martha Ann  

Case File Number: 109-1959-041

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Clark, Mary Alice Kinney Johnson, Leorora Kinney  
Kinney, George Kinney, Charles  
Kinney, Marie Kinney, Christopher  
Kinney, Sarah Kinney, Ethel  
Kinney, Sherman Kinney, Marie, Jr  
 Kinney, Shirley  
 Reeves, Edgar T., Jr  

Case File Number: 109-1959-042

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Dabney, W. H. Barnes, Ada  
Jackson, Charles, Sr Fontaine, Burton  
 Jackson, Charles  
 Jackson, Elizabeth  

Case File Number: 109-1959-043

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Hughson, Dorothy A Kennon Hughson, Cleon W.  

Case File Number: 109-1959-044

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
John E Hurst Co Curtis, Margaret S Dowell  
Mishawaka Rubber & Wooden Mfg Dowell, Rosalind C.  
Portage Shoe Co Dowell, Vergie D.  
Royal Tailors Corp Dowell, W. L.  
 Shackelford, V. R.  

Case File Number: 109-1959-045

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Klakow, Herman Weinberger, Leopold  

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