List of Chancery Causes

Please note that the Library of Virginia has scanned the Chancery Causes for Louisa County and placed the images online (see LVA Chancery Search ). But you need to be aware of a significant difference between the data on the LVA site and the Louisa site!!

The LVA site does not list ALL surnames found in a Cause, so I suggest you check the index on the Louisa site if you can't find a surname on the LVA site. Also, the LVA site covers back to 1767 (or before) whereas the Louisa site only goes back to 1832

This data is arranged by Case File Number (starting in 1832). First Case on this page is: 109-1947-035

NOTE!! If you visit the LVA site to search (LVA Chancery Search ), you must remove the leading '109-'

Case File Number: 109-1947-035

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Michie, Herbert Michie, Alice  
Michie, John Michie, Lattim  
Michie, Walker Michie, Oscar  
Yancey, Mattie Michie Michie, Walker T.  

Case File Number: 109-1947-036

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Perkins, John Perkins, John  
Thacker, D. D. Perkins, Susan  

Case File Number: 109-1947-037

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Stanley, T. E., Dr White, C. L.  

Case File Number: 109-1947-038

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Bohlar, Benjamin Braxton, Marie  
Bohlar, James A. Carter, Aurilla  
Bohlar, Lottie V. Carter, James  
Mallory, Lucy Carter, Luther  
Thacker, D. D. Carter, Philip  
 Carter, Polly  
 Hicks, Mattie  
 Jackson, Sarah Payne  
 Jackson, Zelda  
 Johnson, Elizabeth  
 Johnson, Moses  
 Mahanes, Mozella  
 Mathews, Malinda  
 Rebecca, Kate  
 Tinsley, Maggie Carter  

Case File Number: 109-1947-039

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Alhiser, Ether L. Barkley, Edna L.  
Barkley, Edna L. Burnham, Florence E Trice  
Ford, Mary Burnham, R. F.  
Milhado, Fred, Jr Milhado, Ella T.  
Milhado, Fred, Mrs Milhado, Fred  
Milhado, H. W. Milhado, Wayne  
Noel, C. P., Jr Noel, Earle M., Mrs  
Noel, Edward Noel, Virginia  
Patton, Elizabeth Trice, Ida  
Shealor, Olive T. Trice, Mary  
Smith, Jacquelin P. Trice, Mercer  
Spicer, Effie L. Trice, Willie  
Trice, Bettie S.   
Trice, H. N.   

Case File Number: 109-1947-040

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Satterwhite, Herman P. Satterwhite, Susie Marian Wood  

Case File Number: 109-1947-041

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Bank Of Louisa Mcgehee, B. T.  
Barrett, J. S. Mcgehee, Pattie  
Mcgehee, B. T.   
Purcell, J. S.   

Case File Number: 109-1947-042

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Gilmer, George Stitcher, A. G.  

Case File Number: 109-1947-043

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Stanley, L. F. Stanley, Louise E Evans  

Case File Number: 109-1947-044

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Gordon, R. L., Jr Bank Of Louisa  
 Bibb, W. C.  
 Bickers, J. F.  
 Buck, Aubrey C.  
 Buck, Columbia W.  
 Buck, J. R.  
 Buck, J. R., Jr  
 Buck, Thelma V.  
 Buck, Theodore V.  
 Gordon, A. T.  
 Trainham, Louise Elizabeth  

Case File Number: 109-1947-045

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Goodwin, Virginia Clarice Lloyd Goodwin, William Allen  

Case File Number: 109-1947-046

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Mcclary, Littleton Mcclary, Stella Eva Hensley Hensley

Case File Number: 109-1947-047

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Gammon, Grace Thacker Gammon, James A.  

Case File Number: 109-1947-048

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Goodwin, William Allen Goodwin, Virginia Clarice Lloyd  

Case File Number: 109-1947-049

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Cobbs, H. P., Dr Bickers, J. F.  
 Fountaine, Nannie Tinsley  
 Kinney, Peggy  
 Marshall, Edmonia  
 Marshall, Nelson  
 Tinsley, James  
 Tinsley, John  

Case File Number: 109-1947-050

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Cosner, Arthur G. Cosner, Mary Morris  

Case File Number: 109-1947-051

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Brooks, Gladys P Oliver Brooks, Horace R.  

Case File Number: 109-1947-052

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Meredith Coffey, Claudia Tichardson
Meredith, Mary C. Coffey, E. R., Jr  
Meredith, Samuel Coffey, E. R., Sr  
 Coffey, Marion  
 Coffey, Rebecca  
 Cox, J. S.  
 Dillie, Elizabeth  
 Dillie, James  
 Edwards, Lucille  
 Edwards, Travis  
 Forrest, Anne Pendleton  
 Forrest, W. M.  
 Jackson, Elizabeth Meredith  
 Jackson, Lewis  
 Lindbergh, J. W.  
 Lindbergh, Virginia  
 Luck, Ellen M.  
 Meredith, Annie Laura  
 Meredith, Aubrey  
 Meredith, Carrie  
 Meredith, Charles G.  
 Meredith, Constance  
 Meredith, Edmund  
 Meredith, Estelle  
 Meredith, Fannie  
 Meredith, Ida  
 Meredith, John G.  
 Meredith, Lewis E., Jr  
 Meredith, Lottie P.  
 Meredith, Mabel  
 Meredith, Mary C.  
 Meredith, Mary M.  
 Meredith, Nancy  
 Meredith, Nanny  
 Meredith, Nell  
 Meredith, Ora  
 Meredith, Owen H.  
 Meredith, Reuben G., Sr  
 Meredith, Richard V.  
 Meredith, Rosa May  
 Meredith, Samuel G.  
 Meredith, Sue O.  
 Meredith, Susie V.  
 Meredith, Thomas G.  
 Meredith, Walton W.  
 Meredith, William  
 Meredith, William B.  
 Meredith, William B., Jr  
 Pendleton, Bettie B.  
 Pendleton, Christine F.  
 Pendleton, E. Barbour  
 Pendleton, Lewis S.  
 Pendleton, Virginia G.  
 Pugh, Luther  
 Pugh, Vance  
 Richardson, Sallie Clarke  
 Swift, A. C.  
 Talley, Effie G.  
 Talley, H. J.  
 Turner, D. H.  
 Turner, Elizabeth  
 Weaver, Mary Alfred  
 Westcott, Esther  
 Woodson, Odin  
 Woodson, Thelma  
 Wynn, Annie L.  

Case File Number: 109-1947-053

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Sprouse, C. T. Johnson, William Tandolph
 Martin, R D Sargeant, Mrs  
 Randloph, J C Sargeant, Mrs  
 Randolph, C. C., Mrs  
 Randolph, Edward  
 Randolph, Joseph  
 Randolph, Orville  
 Richardson, Girard Sargeant, Mrs  
 Sargeant, Arabella J.  
 Sargeant, J. A.  
 Sargeant, J. T.  
 Wright, H W Sargeant, Mrs  

Case File Number: 109-1947-054

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Perkins, Wallen  []Bank Of Louisa  
Woods, T. J.  []Bunch, H. P.  
 Crank, R. C.  
 Stillwood, C. H.  

Case File Number: 109-1947-055

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Martin, John Bernard Martin, Edna Rowe Grady  

Case File Number: 109-1947-056

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Mcdonald, Harold Mcdonald, Berkley C.  
Mcdonald, Lillian R. Mcdonald, Clinton  
Mcdonald, Porter Mcdonald, James  
Mcdonald, T. E. Mcdonald, Mary  
Mcdonald, W. S. Mcdonald, Raymond  
Mcdonald, Willie E.   

Case File Number: 109-1947-057

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Armentrout, Maggie Schelhorn, George A.  
Blake, Alise K.   
Dodd, Bella L.   
Hazelwood, Loise Morris   
Hite, Sophia G Schelhorn   
Mead, Katie G.   
Morris, George E.   
Morris, Gloria E.   
Schelhorn, Charles Henry   
Schelhorn, Griffith R.   
Schelhorn, John Antone   
Schelhorn, John Antone, Jr   
Schelhorn, Marie Louise Josephine   
Snead, Fred   
Vest, E. Gertrude   

Case File Number: 109-1947-058

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Powell, L. W. Baker, J. W.  

Case File Number: 109-1947-059

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Martin, John Bernard Martin, Edna Rowe Grady  

Case File Number: 109-1947-060

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Huggins, Bessie Mozee Huggins, Howard  

Case File Number: 109-1947-061

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Walker, Bessie Daniel Walker, William  

Case File Number: 109-1947-062

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Davidson, Eva Michie Green, Baxter  
Edwards, Reta Michie Green, Mary A Michie  
Green, John Green, Merle A.  
Lewis, Deliah Michie   
Michie, Hezikiah   
Michie, Massie   
Michie, Thomas Edison   
Michie, William   
Morris, James M.   

Case File Number: 109-1947-063

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Grimm, Cora Thacker Grimm, Claude R.  

Case File Number: 109-1947-064

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Mundell, Henry Mundell, Martha Powell  

Case File Number: 109-1947-065

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Ardery, Julia Spencer Spencer, Howard Gale  
Spencer, Howard Gale   
Spencer, Jesse P.   
Spencer, Louise Pendleton   

Case File Number: 109-1947-066

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Crank, W. Earle Hampton, Nora  
Talley, W. M. Hollins, J. C.  
 Hollins, Lizzie W.  
 Pleasants, John T.  
 Talley, Nora M.  

Case File Number: 109-1948-001

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Bank Of Louisa, Mineral Branch Clough, Luther, Mrs  
 Gammon, Ada  
 Gammon, Charlie  
 Gammon, Delly  
 Gammon, Eliza  
 Gammon, Ellis M.  
 Gammon, Jimmie  
 Gammon, Joel  
 Gammon, Mary  
 Gammon, N. A.  
 Gammon, N. L.  
 Gammon, Richard  
 Gammon, Ruth  
 Gammon, V. R.  
 Gammon, W. J.  
 Gammon, Wesley  
 Glass, J. T., Mrs  
 Ham, Irene Gammon  
 Self, L. L.  
 Sharp, Eva  
 Thacker, Lillian Gammon  

Case File Number: 109-1948-002

Plaintiffs Defendants Surnames
Albright, Annie Butler, Americus  
Butler, C. F. Butler, J. T., Mrs  
Butler, F. J. Butler, James  
Butler, J. T. Butler, Lois  
Butler, Nancy Butler, R. L.  
Butler, Waller E. Butler, Waller L.  
Butler, Walter L. Fox, Minnie  
Colaw, G. R., Mrs   
Jennings, Mary B.   
Poindexter, R. W., Mrs   
Sanford, P. B., Mrs   
Tate, G. M., Mrs   

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