Louisa County, Va. 1860 Census Index

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Name District Page
Tall, LucyFredericks Hall P.781
Talley, AndersonFredericks Hall P.813
Talley, Andrew W.Louisa Courthouse855
Talley, CaryFredericks Hall P.794
Talley, Cary J.Louisa Courthouse857
Talley, FrederickFredericks Hall P.803
Talley, FrederickAmblers Mill P.O.910
Talley, George B.Thompsons Crossroa913
Talley, James L.Jackson & Thompson912
Talley, JohnFredericks Hall P.791
Talley, Joseph C.Fredericks Hall P.820
Talley, LittletonFredericks Hall P.803
Talley, OvertonGumsprings P.O.917
Talley, Payton G.Fredericks Hall P.805
Talley, PrudenceFredericks Hall P.786
Talley, RichardFredericks Hall P.791
Talley, Richard A.Fredericks Hall P.772
Talley, SamuelFredericks Hall P.793
Talley, Samuel C.Fredericks Hall P.792
Talley, Samuel C.Fredericks Hall P.804
Talley, SarahArmblers Mill & Ja861
Talley, SarahFredericks Hall P.803
Talley, ThomasFredericks Hall P.793
Talley, Thomas C.Yancyville P.O.909
Tate, Adison L.Coockooville P.O.865
Tate, CavinFredericks Hall P.782
Tate, Charles T.Fredericks Hall P.783
Tate, Eliza R.Armblers Mill & Ja860
Tate, Flemin D.Jackson P.O.853
Tate, JamesGilboa P.O.859
Tate, James L.Fredericks Hall P.778
Tate, James P.Louisa Courthouse869
Tate, JaneFredericks Hall P.782
Tate, JohnLocust Creek P.O.852
Tate, Leonia K.Fredericks Hall P.783
Tate, LouisaFredericks Hall P.782
Tate, MargaretFredericks Hall P.835
Tate, MariettaFredericks Hall P.781
Tate, MildredLocust Creek P.O.851
Tate, Nathan G.Fredericks Hall P.783
Tate, Nathaniel W.Armblers Mill & Ja860
Tate, ReubenShanon Hill P.O.906
Tate, WaddyPoindexters Store893
Tate, William P.Armblers Mill & Ja860
Taylor, Alexander F.Fredericks Hall P.825
Taylor, HenryPerkins Store P.O.882
Terazzo, Elias B.Shanon Hill P.O.905
Terazzo, Thomas H.Perkins Store897
Terrel, Julian F.Louisa Courthouse857
Terrel, NicholasFredericks Hall P.838
Terrell, RichmondTravilian Depot P.928
Terrill, GeorgeYancyville P.O.921
Terry, JamesFredericks Hall P.835
Terry, MaryFredericks Hall P.835
Thacker, Elizabeth M.Yancyville P.O.907
Thacker, JohnGilboa P.O.859
Thacker, PatsyGilboa P.O.859
Thacker, RobertArmblers Mill & Ja860
Thacker, ThomasJackson P.O.853
Thacker, WilliamGilboa P.O.858
Tharp, William W.Gumsprings P.O.916
Thomas, Arabella S.Fredericks Hall P.798
Thomas, DavidGumsprings P.O.916
Thomas, ElishaGumsprings P.O.917
Thomas, Frances N.Fredericks Hall P.797
Thomas, GeorgeGumsprings P.O.917
Thomas, GeorgeLocust Creek P.O.846
Thomas, James A.Locust Creek P.O.847
Thomas, James M.Locust Creek P.O.847
Thomas, John M.Louisa Courthouse869
Thomas, Lucy W.Gilboa P.O.859
Thomas, SusanGumsprings P.O.917
Thomas, William C.Alto P.O.931
Thomason, ArchibaldFredericks Hall P.806
Thomasson, GarlandTrevillians P.O.880
Thomasson, HenriettaLouisa Courthouse869
Thomasson, James T.Trevillians P.O.880
Thomasson, MordecaFredericks Hall P.788
Thomasson, William O.Travillians Depot883
Thomasson, WyattLouisa Courthouse857
Thomison, DavidFredericks Hall P.799
Thompson, AlexanderFredericks Hall P.805
Thompson, CatherineLouisa Courthouse857
Thompson, Charles J.Coockooville P.O.901
Thompson, Frances E.Louisa Courthouse855
Thompson, John P.Louisa Courthouse855
Thompson, JosephJackson & Thompson912
Thompson, LewisFredericks Hall P.787
Thompson, Lipscomb P.Fredericks Hall P.781
Thompson, NathanielLouisa Courthouse869
Thompson, RichardYancyville P.O.908
Thompson, Richard A.Louisa Courthouse857
Thompson, SarahAmblers Mill P.O.910
Thompson, William C.Shanon Hill P.O.904
Thoms, Mary L.Fredericks Hall P.790
Thomson, DiannaLouisa Courthouse857
Thomson, MariaFredericks Hall P.813
Thomson, William Q.Fredericks Hall P.838
Thorp, John P.Amblers Mill P.O.911
Thorp, Thomas S., Jr.Amblers Mill P.O.911
Thorp, William S.Jackson & Thompson912
Thurstern, WilliamBills Crossroads P924
Tigne, JohnFredericks Hall P.792
Timberlake, CharlesFredericks Hall P.812
Timberlake, Col. H.Coockooville P.O.901
Timberlake, JamesFredericks Hall P.838
Timberlake, John M.Louisa Courthouse871
Timberlake, JosephFredericks Hall P.797
Timberlake, MaryGumsprings P.O.919
Timberlake, PhilipFredericks Hall P.806
Timberlake, PollyCoockooville P.O.901
Timberlake, Willie M.Perkins Store P.O.882
Timms, AliceFredericks Hall P.824
Tirie, MarthaFredericks Hall P.792
Tisdale, Charles H.Trevillians P.O.878
Tisdale, MariaTrevillians P.O.878
Tisdale, Samuel M.Fredericks Hall P.830
Tisdlae, Andrew J.Fredericks Hall P.812
Toliver, AnnPerkins Store P.O.899
Toombs, George W.Louisa Courthouse870
Towsey, Mary B.Fredericks Hall P.789
Towsey, Richard R.Fredericks Hall P.788
Trainham, AndrewFredericks Hall P.776
Trainham, David C.Fredericks Hall P.794
Trainham, Garland A.Fredericks Hall P.777
Trainham, MahalaFredericks Hall P.815
Trainham, MaryFredericks Hall P.794
Travillian, Charles G.Fredericks Hall P.820
Traynham, Archibold L.Locust Creek P.O.850
Traynham, CristopherYancyville P.O.909
Traynham, EmelyYancyville P.O.909
Traynham, FannyLocust Creek P.O.850
Traynham, JohnLocust Creek P.O.850
Traynham, Mary M.Trevillians P.O.880
Traynham, Robert L.Yancyville P.O.908
Tribble, ElizabethFredericks Hall P.801
Tribble, JosephFredericks Hall P.806
Tribble, Joseph L.Fredericks Hall P.804
Trice, Adelia H.Fredericks Hall P.801
Trice, Alfred W.Fredericks Hall P.808
Trice, Anderson M.Fredericks Hall P.800
Trice, Benjamin F.Fredericks Hall P.766
Trice, George W.Fredericks Hall P.839
Trice, James J.Fredericks Hall P.808
Trice, James M.Fredericks Hall P.776
Trice, Robert N.Fredericks Hall P.801
Trice, Robert W.Fredericks Hall P.767
Trice, T. G.Fredericks Hall P.765
Trice, Thomas N.Fredericks Hall P.769
Trice, TimolionCoockooville P.O.902
Trice, William A.Fredericks Hall P.787
Trice, William D.Fredericks Hall P.801
Tryton, HenryPerkins Store P.O.882
Tullah, John M.Fredericks Hall P.771
Tuller, Joseph L.Louisa Courthouse869
Tulloh, HenriettaFredericks Hall P.772
Tulloh, JamesFredericks Hall P.772
Tulloh, JosephFredericks Hall P.772
Turner, GeorgeLocust Creek P.O.851
Turner, HarrietLocust Creek P.O.851
Turner, JamesTrevillians P.O.878
Turner, John H.Locust Creek P.O.849
Turner, LewisLocust Creek P.O.849
Turner, NancyLocust Creek P.O.849
Turner, Nathaniel H.Locust Creek P.O.851
Turner, Nathaniel H.Locust Creek P.O.852
Turner, ThomasJackson & Thompson912
Turner, WilliamLocust Creek P.O.846
Turner, William G.Fredericks Hall P.819
Tyler, Fleming R.Perkins Store P.O.899
Tyler, FrederickShanon Hill P.O.905
Tyler, GeorgeFredericks Hall P.785
Tyler, HenryFredericks Hall P.776
Tyler, John H.Shanon Hill P.O.906
Umphrey, George P.Bills Crossroads P923
Vaiden, J. C.Fredericks Hall P.767
Valentine, ChristopherFredericks Hall P.821
Vaughan, Thomas A.Locust Creek P.O.844
Vawler, Agness E.Fredericks Hall P.812
Vawler, William T.Fredericks Hall P.811
Vena, JamesFredericks Hall P.806
Vena, MariaTrevillians P.O.880
Vest, ElizaPoindexters Store893
Vest, GeorgePoindexters Store893
Vest, JamesFredericks Hall P.822
Vest, LeticiaLouisa Courthouse872
Vest, William H.Bells Crossroads P892
Waddy, GarlandFredericks Hall P.765
Waddy, John A.Coockooville P.O.901
Waddy, John W.Gilboa P.O.858
Waddy, Judith T.Gilboa P.O.858
Waddy, MarshallGilboa P.O.858
Waddy, WilliamFredericks Hall P.779
Waddy, WilliamCoockooville P.O.901
Waldripe, Thomas J.Trevillians P.O.879
Waldrop, GeorgeFredericks Hall P.788
Waldrope, Benjamin T.Perkins Store896
Waldrope, ElizabethArmblers Mill & Ja860
Waldrope, JaneThompsons Crossroa913
Waldrope, JohnLouisa Courthouse871
Waldrope, ThomasLouisa Courthouse872
Waldrope, William G.Bells Crossroads P891
Walker, GarlandPerkins Store897
Walker, George E. M.Fredericks Hall P.796
Walker, JessiePerkins Store P.O.899
Walker, John A.Trevillians P.O.881
Walker, John S.Thompsons Roads P.900
Walker, John W.Fredericks Hall P.800
Walker, NancyShanon Hill P.O.929
Walker, Robert T.Locust Creek P.O.842
Walker, Susan A.Perkins Store897
Walker, WilliamFredericks Hall P.823
Walker, WilliamPerkins Store P.O.899
Walton, AndrewShanon Hill P.O.929
Walton, Andrew W.Fredericks Hall P.839
Walton, Benjamin J.Coockooville P.O.865
Walton, Clara C.Thompsons Crossroa930
Walton, JamesFredericks Hall P.837
Walton, JohnJackson P.O.862
Walton, Maria L.Fredericks Hall P.796
Walton, NelsonJackson P.O.854
Walton, SusanCoockooville P.O.902
Walton, WilliamThompsons Crossroa914
Walton, WilliamFredericks Hall P.839
Walton, William G.Louisa Courthouse870
Walton, William G.Jackson P.O.866
Walton, William J.Thompsons Crossroa863
Walton, William T.Armblers Mill & Ja860
Ware, NathanFredericks Hall P.792
Ware, Nicholas M.Trevillians P.O.876
Ware, Richard A. H.Locust Creek P.O.845
Warwick, CalebFredericks Hall P.805
Warwick, DanielFredericks Hall P.805
Warwick, JamesFredericks Hall P.805
Warwick, JohnFredericks Hall P.805
Warwick, RoseburnFredericks Hall P.805
Warwick, WashingtonFredericks Hall P.805
Wash, AtwouldJackson P.O.866
Wash, Edward S.Fredericks Hall P.827
Wash, Edwin C.Amblers Mill P.O.911
Wash, GracyJackson P.O.866
Wash, James M.Coockooville P.O.902
Wash, JosephusAmblers Mill P.O.910
Wash, Martha A.Jackson P.O.866
Wash, MatildaFredericks Hall P.826
Wash, NancyFredericks Hall P.827
Wash, Nancy H.Jackson P.O.866
Wash, RichardFredericks Hall P.827
Wash, Robert D.Coockooville P.O.902
Wash, ThomasJackson P.O.868
Watkins, AlbertCobham, Depot886
Watkins, FanniePoindexters Store893
Watkins, James G.Bills Crossroads P923
Watkins, Joel R.Travilian Depot P.927
Watkins, John J.Yancyville P.O.909
Watkins, Robert B.Travillians Depot883
Watkins, Samuel T.Bills Crossroads P923
Watkins, StephenTravilian Depot P.927
Watkins, WilliamBills Crossroads P923
Watson, DavidPerkins Store P.O.882
Watson, Susan D.Perkins Store P.O.882
Watson, Thomas N.Trevillians P.O.881
Watson, Thomas S.Perkins Store P.O.882
Webb, Farmer L.Shanon Hill P.O.903
Webb, GelfinBells Crossroads P891
Webb, JamesShanon Hill P.O.903
Weldy, ElizabethTravilian Depot P.927
West, Francis T.Travillians Depot883
West, James E.Locust Creek P.O.844
West, Thomas M.Travillians Depot883
Westhirner, HenryLouisa Courthouse855
Westman, Henry TaylorPerkins Store P.O.882
Wharton, RobertFredericks Hall P.789
Wheeler, JamesCobham Depot P.O.898
Wheeler, John H.Cobham Depot P.O.898
Wheeler, John H.Cobham, Depot889
Wheeler, MarthaGumsprings P.O.919
Wheeler, MaryCobham Depot P.O.898
Wheeler, William H.Cobham Depot P.O.898
Whellock, Charles N.Fredericks Hall P.792
Whilock, Mary A.Fredericks Hall P.792
White, ChapmanLouisa Courthouse872
White, Emerson M.Yancyville P.O.921
White, Harriet R.Louisa Courthouse875
White, Mary C.Bells Crossroads P891
White, Mary E.Louisa Courthouse874
White, Moses H.Louisa Courthouse890
White, NancyTrevillians P.O.876
White, Nancy T.Locust Creek P.O.851
White, RobertLocust Creek P.O.851
Whitlock, BartholomewFredericks Hall P.797
Whitlock, BetsyCoockooville P.O.902
Whitlock, Edward S.Fredericks Hall P.836
Whitlock, James G.Fredericks Hall P.775
Whitlock, Jesse C.Fredericks Hall P.797
Whitlock, JessieCoockooville P.O.901
Whitlock, John F.Fredericks Hall P.797
Whitlock, SarahCoockooville P.O.901
Whitlock, ThomasLouisa Courthouse870
Whitlock, Thomas H.Fredericks Hall P.792
Whitlodk, Andrew J.Fredericks Hall P.790
Whitten, JosephCoockooville P.O.902
Whorton, James A.Fredericks Hall P.789
Wiliams, Margaret M.Locust Creek P.O.844
Wilkerson, HannahShanon Hill P.O.906
Wilkerson, NedTravilian Depot P.928
Wilkerson, SimsShanon Hill P.O.929
Wilkinson, SusanYancyville P.O.909
Wilkison, MargaretYancyville P.O.909
Williams, AlicePerkins Store P.O.899
Williams, AryFredericks Hall P.817
Williams, Benjamin F.Cobham Depot P.O.898
Williams, HenryFredericks Hall P.795
Williams, Isaac M.Locust Creek P.O.847
Williams, JamesFredericks Hall P.827
Williams, JamesTravilian Depot P.928
Williams, John S.Perkins Store P.O.882
Williams, RobertCobham, Depot887
Williams, Sarah E.Cobham, Depot887
Williams, SusanFredericks Hall P.826
Williams, Virginia T.Travillians Depot883
Wills, James L.Trevillians P.O.881
Wiloby, John S.Yancyville P.O.907
Wilson, EmmaFredericks Hall P.768
Wiltshire, Alfred J.Locust Creek P.O.843
Wiltshire, RobertLocust Creek P.O.851
Winston, BrekertonPoindexters Store893
Winston, Frank V.Louisa Courthouse855
Winston, John J.Gumsprings P.O.915
Winston, Martha H.Amblers Mill P.O.910
Winston, Mary W.Yancyville P.O.908
Winston, Oliver P.Louisa Courthouse890
Winston, RebecaThompsons Crossroa864
Winston, RichardGumsprings P.O.915
Winston, William A.Thompsons Crossroa930
Winston, William J.Trevillians P.O.879
Wintson, P. B.Louisa Courthouse857
Wood, DruryTrevillians P.O.876
Wood, FrankyShanon Hill P.O.929
Woodfold, James H.Fredericks Hall P.813
Woodfolk, Clara W.Fredericks Hall P.813
Woodfolk, MariaFredericks Hall P.813
Woodfolk, William E.Fredericks Hall P.813
Woods, John H.Trevillians P.O.880
Woodson, Louisa M.Gumsprings P.O.917
Woodson, SarahThompsons Crossroa930
Woodson, Thomas M.Locust Creek P.O.848
Woodwing, NannieFredericks Hall P.786
Wren, EdwardFredericks Hall P.794
Wren, EmelineFredericks Hall P.794
Wright, Albert G.Bills Crossroads P923
Wright, Andrew J.Bills Crossroads P924
Wright, AnnBills Crossroads P923
Wright, George S.Fredericks Hall P.770
Wright, Granvil T.Bills Crossroads P924
Wright, James M.Gumsprings P.O.915
Wright, James M.Yancyville P.O.921
Wright, James T.Fredericks Hall P.810
Wright, JosephBills Crossroads P923
Wright, Lelina J.Yancyville P.O.922
Wright, Lucy A.Gumsprings P.O.916
Wright, Reuben F.Louisa Courthouse875
Wright, Sarah E.Yancyville P.O.922
Wright, William T.Bills Crossroads P923
Youmans, John W.Louisa Courthouse870
Young, John H.Fredericks Hall P.805
Young, LucindaFredericks Hall P.793
Young, NancyFredericks Hall P.793
Young, ThomasFredericks Hall P.792
Young, ThomasFredericks Hall P.794
Young, William H.Fredericks Hall P.840