Louisa County, Va. 1860 Census Index

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Name District Page
Madison, GeorgeFredericks Hall P.816
Mahaner, JohnFredericks Hall P.824
Mallory, George W.Thompsons Crossroa863
Mallory, Joseph E.Fredericks Hall P.830
Mallory, Thomas H.Travilian Depot P.927
Manpin, ByronFredericks Hall P.800
Mansfield, Edward S.Fredericks Hall P.803
Mansfield, Evelina E.Fredericks Hall P.803
Mansfield, Mary G.Fredericks Hall P.803
Mansfield, Robert G.Fredericks Hall P.792
Mansfield, William D.Fredericks Hall P.803
Mapper, LewisBells Crossroads P891
Maring, George W.Fredericks Hall P.822
Marshal, John W.Fredericks Hall P.793
Martin, Julian C.Shanon Hill P.O.905
Martin, Thomas F.Bills Crossroads P925
Martin, WilliamFredericks Hall P.826
Mason, Andrew J.Fredericks Hall P.803
Mason, James H.Gilboa P.O.859
Mason, RichardFredericks Hall P.768
Mason, RichardYancyville P.O.909
Mason, SallyFredericks Hall P.768
Massie, BenjaminFredericks Hall P.831
Massie, JabezFredericks Hall P.807
Massie, William H.Fredericks Hall P.767
Mathies, John J.Shanon Hill P.O.904
Matthews, ClaytonFredericks Hall P.812
Matthews, WilliamFredericks Hall P.812
Maupin, Chapman W.Fredericks Hall P.801
Maury, George W.Fredericks Hall P.822
Maury, JosephFredericks Hall P.823
May, John S.Fredericks Hall P.831
May, Virginia R.Fredericks Hall P.832
Mayo, ElizabethGumsprings P.O.919
Mcalister, AlexanderFredericks Hall P.772
Mcalister, WilliamFredericks Hall P.773
Mccalister, NathanielLocust Creek P.O.852
Mcgehee, Albert G.Fredericks Hall P.802
Mcgehee, Alexander V.Fredericks Hall P.813
Mcgehee, Andrew J.Fredericks Hall P.804
Mcgehee, Garrett C.Fredericks Hall P.803
Mcgehee, George D.Fredericks Hall P.812
Mcgehee, Lewis C.Fredericks Hall P.793
Mcgehee, WilliamFredericks Hall P.805
Mcghee, Nathaniel M.Trevillians P.O.879
Mcghee, William W.Trevillians P.O.876
Mcmanis, WilliamMechanicksville P.885
Meeks, CharlesBills Crossroads P925
Meeks, Flemming J.Fredericks Hall P.824
Meeks, Garland M.Cobham, Depot889
Meeks, George W.Mechanicksville P.885
Meeks, HiramMechanicksville P.885
Meeks, JessieBills Crossroads P925
Meeks, John C.Fredericks Hall P.823
Meeks, MaryFredericks Hall P.824
Meeks, NancyFredericks Hall P.824
Meeks, SylvanusFredericks Hall P.824
Mellon, JeffersonFredericks Hall P.827
Melton, Ann T.Louisa Courthouse856
Melton, James H.Amblers Mill P.O.910
Melton, MargaretFredericks Hall P.835
Melton, Samuel H.Bills Crossroads P923
Melton, William W.Fredericks Hall P.829
Meredith, Charles D.Locust Creek P.O.850
Meredith, ElizabethThompsons Crossroa863
Meredith, Joseph S.Locust Creek P.O.847
Meredith, RobertThompsons Crossroa930
Meredith, SamuelJackson P.O.862
Meredith, WilliamJackson P.O.868
Meredith, William C.Jackson P.O.868
Meredith, William T.Thompsons Crossroa863
Michalls, LeaghtonFredericks Hall P.779
Michell, JohnAmblers Mill P.O.911
Michie, America C.Louisa Courthouse857
Michie, ElizabethYancyville P.O.909
Michie, James F.Mechanicksville P.884
Michie, James M.Cobham, Depot886
Michie, John W.Mechanicksville P.884
Michie, Reuben T.Fredericks Hall P.822
Michil, WalkerFredericks Hall P.822
Mickolls, Martha A.Fredericks Hall P.798
Mickolls, Patsey E.Fredericks Hall P.799
Miller, VirginiaThompsons Crossroa863
Mills, AndrewFredericks Hall P.798
Mills, BenjaminFredericks Hall P.839
Mills, CatharineFredericks Hall P.820
Mills, Charles M.Fredericks Hall P.774
Mills, Mrs. S.Fredericks Hall P.769
Mills, P. B.Fredericks Hall P.769
Mills, Robert O.Jackson P.O.854
Mills, Robert O.Fredericks Hall P.796
Mills, Sarah F.Fredericks Hall P.779
Mills, William H.Louisa Courthouse855
Mills, William J.Fredericks Hall P.778
Mintor, GeorgePerkins Store P.O.899
Modena, FrancisFredericks Hall P.810
Modina, BenjaminCobham, Depot887
Modina, Thomas H.Cobham, Depot887
Montague, Lucy M.Fredericks Hall P.821
Moosby, SahahFredericks Hall P.794
More, George E.Louisa Courthouse855
More, John W.Fredericks Hall P.796
Morris, AnnBells Crossroads P892
Morris, Edloe P.Cobham Depot P.O.898
Morris, GeorgePerkins Store P.O.899
Morris, James M.Perkins Store896
Morris, JohnCobham, Depot889
Morris, JohnTravilian Depot P.928
Morris, Joseph W.Travillians Depot883
Morris, Maria C.Perkins Store P.O.882
Morris, OscarCobham Depot P.O.898
Morris, RichardPerkins Store896
Morris, Richard R.Perkins Store896
Morris, Robert L.Locust Creek P.O.841
Morris, ThomasFredericks Hall P.811
Morris, Thomas M.Yancyville P.O.922
Morris, WilliamPerkins Store896
Morris, William T.Louisa Courthouse873
Morrison, RoxannaFredericks Hall P.787
Morton, Mrs. M. C.Fredericks Hall P.768
Mosby, ButlerFredericks Hall P.805
Mosby, ElizabethFredericks Hall P.806
Moss, Frances A.Fredericks Hall P.771
Moss, Francis O.Fredericks Hall P.770
Mossly, AmandaFredericks Hall P.794
Mullin, William A.Locust Creek P.O.852
Murphy, SarahGumsprings P.O.916
Murray, Ann M.Louisa Courthouse855
Murray, Henry W.Louisa Courthouse855
Nelson, Adam S.Louisa Courthouse890
Nelson, Andrew J.Fredericks Hall P.767
Nelson, KatieLouisa Courthouse875
Nelson, KittieLouisa Courthouse890
Nelson, ThomasFredericks Hall P.791
Nelson, ThomasTrevillians P.O.879
Nelson, WilliamFredericks Hall P.820
Nelson, William G. T.Fredericks Hall P.819
Netherland, AlexisFredericks Hall P.820
Netherland, LidiaFredericks Hall P.820
Newhalls, John L.Fredericks Hall P.779
Newman, LaviniaYancyville P.O.908
Newman, Robert J.Yancyville P.O.909
Ney, NannieLouisa Courthouse874
Nicholls, James K.Fredericks Hall P.766
Nighten, ThomasFredericks Hall P.794
Nighton, MordicaFredericks Hall P.816
Noel, Warner M.Gilboa P.O.859
Noil, Caroline M.Gilboa P.O.859
Nolan, AlexanderFredericks Hall P.815
Nolan, Zachary L.Fredericks Hall P.794
Norford, James M.Fredericks Hall P.817
Nuckolls, Adelia H.Fredericks Hall P.780
Nuckolls, James W.Fredericks Hall P.779
Nuckols, Adison L.Thompsons Crossroa914
Nuckols, CharlesThompsons Crossroa914
Nuckols, ElizabethThompsons Crossroa914
Nuckols, G. N.Louisa Courthouse856
Nuckols, James D.Amblers Mill P.O.910
Nuckols, James P.Amblers Mill P.O.910
Nuckols, W. L.Louisa Courthouse856
Nuckols, William T.Thompsons Crossroa914
Nunn, JohnFredericks Hall P.838
Nunn, Joseph A.Fredericks Hall P.838
Ogg, Andrew J.Fredericks Hall P.804
Ogg, BenjaminFredericks Hall P.830
Ogg, Elisha T.Bells Crossroads P891
Ogg, GenettaFredericks Hall P.820
Ogg, JamesFredericks Hall P.813
Ogg, RichardFredericks Hall P.815
Ogg, SamuelFredericks Hall P.833
Ogg, ThomasFredericks Hall P.820
Oliver, WilliamCobham, Depot887
Overton, Sally A.Fredericks Hall P.837
Overton, WilliamPerkins Store896

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